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Affiliate Trax

Affiliate Trax

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            • Add your customers' email addresses DIRECTLY to your autoresponder
            • Get refund rates for the products you've sold
            • Get detailed information about your customers
            • Get real-time statistics right at your fingertips
            • This software is compatible with ANY JVZoo affiliate offer in ANY niche...


              Affiliate Trax is the most complete system for making money promoting other people’s products that you’ve ever seen…

              What Is Affiliate Trax?

              Affiliate marketing is a great way for anyone to make money online…

              • You don’t have to worry about creating a product of your own
              • You don’t have to stress out about putting together a product launch, writing sales copy, and making sure you have a converting sales funnel
              • There’s no recruiting JVs or affiliates required
              • You can literally start making money from Day #1
              • Getting started is as easy as choosing a product to promote
              • Many affiliate programs pay high commissions…50% – 100% commissions in most cases
              • And you can build your income to SIX FIGURES very quickly

              However, there’s a big problem with affiliate marketing that makes it hard to grow your business as quickly as you could…

              That problem has always been that you can’t build your own buyers list when you send traffic to someone else’s product…

              That makes it tough…

              But what if there was a way to build a buyers list and make money selling other people’s products at the same time?

              Introducing: Affiliate Trax

              Affiliate Trax is the most complete system for making money promoting other people’s products that you’ve ever seen…

              It solve the BIG problem that almost all affiliate marketers face…

              …building a list WHILE you promote other peoples’ products.

              This software gives you full visibility of things like…

              • Which offers are converting the best for you, so you can choose the best offers to promote
              • How much profit per customer you’re making on every offer, so you know how much money you can spend on ads (if you want to go that route) and still make money
              • Your refund rates for the products you’re promoting… Knowing which offers YOUR traffic responds to the best can help you choose the best offers in the future… (and avoid the ones your traffic doesn’t like)

              But, the Affiliate Trax software is just the beginning. You’ll also get step-by-step training that will take you by the hand and give you everything you need to start making money today…

              Affiliate Trax review and bonus - Affiliate Trax

              How Does Affiliate Trax Work?

              What Will You Get With Affiliate Trax:

              Money-Maker #1 – AFFILIATE TRAX SOFTWARE

              Affiliate Trax review and bonus - Affiliate Trax


              • Add your customers’ email addresses DIRECTLY to your autoresponder…in the past, when you promoted affiliate products, this was NOT possible… Now you can get paid to build your buyers list
              • This software is compatible with ANY JVZoo affiliate offer in ANY niche…
              • Know how much you’re making per customer so you know how much you can afford to spend to get a customer… This opens up the ability to use paid traffic because you know exactly what a new customer is worth to you!
              • Get refund rates for the products you’ve sold, so you always know with the “click of mouse,” which vendors you want to continue promoting and which vendors you should drop
              • Get detailed information about your customers, so you know WHO your best customers are and how to find more customers just like them…
              • Get real-time statistics right at your fingertips, so you can always see what’s working and what’s not… this is CRUCIAL if you want to build a successful affiliate marketing business

              Money-Maker #2 – STEP-BY-STEP TRAINING

              Affiliate Trax review and bonus - Affiliate Trax


              • How to use the Affiliate Trax software to start making money and building your buyers list today…
              • Not tech-savvy? No problem… They’ll show you how to setup your affiliate marketing business in just a few simple steps… if you can point and click your mouse, you’re good to go!
              • The fastest way to quickly scale your affiliate marketing business to $100 per day…
              • How to choose the offers that will put the most money in your pocket… many of them will pay you INSTANTLY into your PayPal account
              • How Brett gets hordes of FREE traffic flowing to his affiliate offers, and how you can do the same using this little-known method
              • If you want to use paid traffic, discover the simple way to start with a tiny marketing budget and quickly scale up to a SEVEN FIGURE online income…
              • How Mike has built a SEVEN FIGURE online business that stuffs $20,000-$30,000+ into his pocket month after month, and how you can do the exact same thing…
              • 2 case studies that show you exactly how to make money as an affiliate from A to Z…
              • Plus, a whole lot more…

              How It Works:

              Affiliate Trax would completely level the playing field and make affiliate marketing a no-brainer for ANYONE… Think about how much money you would be able to make if you could…

              1. Choose an affiliate product with great commissions to promote
              2. Send traffic to the offer (paid traffic, email traffic… whatever!)
              3. Automatically add the buyers to a buyers list, building your business!

              Who Should Use Affiliate Trax?

              Regardless if you’re a newbie to Internet and Offline marketing, a seasoned veteran or anywhere in between, you will be given the RARE chance to use this new and truly revolutionary software that NO ONE has used before today! With Affiliate Trax, you can start making money today, even with…

              • No product
              • No affiliate or jv connections
              • No prior experience
              • No list
              • No expensive developers to pay
              • Little to no marketing budget

              Why Should You Get Affiliate Trax Now?

              Here’s Why You Need To Get Affiliate Trax Right Now…

              • It’s simple to get started… No special tech skills or prior experience is required
              • Track every key detail about the products you’re selling… everything from profit per customer to refund rates, and more with just a click of your mouse
              • “Over the shoulder” video training that shows you how to build a SIX FIGURE online business using other peoples’ products is included
              • Build your buyers list WHILE you promote other peoples’ products


              Brett’s proof:

              Affiliate Trax review and bonus - Affiliate Trax

              Mike’s proof:

              Affiliate Trax review and bonus - Affiliate Trax


              Today, you get EVERYTHING you need to finally make a solid income online.

              In the past, the BIG problem with affiliate marketing is that there’s never been a way to build a buyers list AND make affiliate sales…

              Affiliate Trax changes EVERYTHING.

              This software takes away all of the “bad” things about affiliate marketing…

              Now, you can build YOUR list while selling other people’s PRODUCTS…

              And one more thing, when you get instant access to Affiliate Trax today, you’ll get in for the a discounted, ONE-TIME investment…

              So hurry up and click the button below to get Affiliate Trax right now!



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