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1 Click Email Marketing

1 Click Email Marketing

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  • 1 Click Email Marketing is a revolution for email marketing
  • It’s completely changing the way people use email, and the conversations they have.
  • Produce both types of email – sales and content
  • Get maximum results with the minimum effort.
  • Do it faster and easier by investing in yourself.

1 Click Email Marketing is a revolution for email marketing. It’s completely changing the way people use email, and the conversations they have.

1 Click Email Marketing Overview

What is 1 Click Email Marketing?

1 Click Email Marketing is a revolution for email marketing. It’s completely changing the way people use email, and the conversations they have.

It isn’t available quite yet – the launch will start soon. But you can pop over to their landing page and get a copy of What is Email Marketing for an inside peak at how these guys think.

When I first looked at it, I thought “Really? How much can anyone change email marketing?”

Was I ever wrong! Conrad’s knowledge and experience with local and online business owners is a game changer. He is teaching things other email marketing gurus haven’t even considered.

Let me give you a quick introduction to Conrad Hall, Russ Crowley, and 1 Click Email Marketing.

Conrad is an author (8 books) and direct response copywriter. His first mentors were Dan Kennedy, Bob Bly and Mark Ford (you might not recognize the names, but these guys are powerhouse copywriters). His focus is getting better marketing results for local and online business owners. He doesn’t work with Fortune 500 companies because what they do is completely different from what small business owners need to do.

This is the first time Conrad has ever made his knowledge and experience available in a product or course.

Russ Crowley is an author (10 books) and Microsoft Word EXPERT! He makes all the software magic happen inside 1 Click Email Marketing.  Russ is a business analyst and technical author helping businesses improve their processes and documentation.

Russ is also the creator of 1 Click Book Creation and 1 Click Thesis.

Now for 1 Click Email Marketing. This just blows my mind.

Everybody talks about building an auto responder sequence, right? And they tell you to mix content emails with sales emails. But what if there’s a way to produce both types of email – sales and content – so they go out at the same time?

Well, there is a way to do it and Conrad explains it in 1 Click Email Marketing. What’s more, he shows you how to do it so you get maximum results with the minimum effort.

I seriously suggest you get over there today so you’re first on the launch list, and get your copy of What is Email Marketing.

1 Click Email Marketing Review and Bonus - 1 Click Email Marketing

How Does 1 Click Email Marketing Work?

Special Features of 1 Click Email Marketing:

Russ and Conrad asked me to share three of their tips driving the 1 Click Email Marketing revolution:

Tip #1 – Talk to One

Conrad says he thinks of one person he wants to talk to with each email. Then he writes like he’s having a conversation with that person. It’s a simple technique that makes a remarkable difference.

Tip #2 – Be the Brand

It’s amazing how much people want to know more about you. If you like pets, play in a band, or have kids – your readers want to know about it. Share a little about your life, and watch the response rates go up.

Tip #3 – Build Reputation (This is the BIG one!)

What do people think when they hear your name? Are you “the guy” who solves their problems? Are you “the girl” who makes everything run smooth?

In Conrad’s case, people think of Cranium Ex Rectum. That’s his motto, and he’s known for being blunt. Whether it’s from the stage or talking with a client, he’s entirely comfortable telling folks to pull their head out of their arse.  His honesty breaks through people’s barriers and scepticism.

Russ and Conrad go into a lot more depth on these techniques, and a whole lot more in 1 Click Email Marketing. They go into depth on autoresponder and broadcast emails, subject lines that work, and how to make your email marketing more effective.

Conrad has even gotten Aweber to rethink how they make email work.

Join the 1 Click Email Marketing revolution today.

How it works:

Ever notice how these emails always go the same boring, predictable way? That’s what’s different with Conrad’s approach to email marketing. He takes the things we all see and points up the craziness of it all.

  • The first option for getting started is usually meant to rub on your paint point. It says something like “Keep doing the same thing while hoping for different results.” Well, unless you’re a dunderhead, you’re not going to choose that one.
  • Then because this is about writing emails, the second option is something like “Spend thousands on a professional copywriter hoping to get it right.” Well, a lot of local and online business owners really don’t have the cash on hand to do that sort of thing.
  • So Russ and Conrad want everyone to go straight for the third option.

Do it faster and easier by investing in yourself.

This is why they created 1 Click Email Marketing, and why it’s causing an email marketing revolution. Everybody is slapping their forehead wondering “Why didn’t I think of this?”

1 Click Email Marketing breaks it down into tiny bits so it’s easy. You build your email campaigns a bit at a time, and get better results because you’re engaging your readers in conversation instead of always selling to them.

Conrad calls the approach Content, Conversation, Conversion. It’s cool the way he makes it work.

Pop over to the landing page now and get your copy of What is Email Marketing. It sets the stage for 1 Click Email Marketing. You won’t believe how much information they packed into this discussion – and they’re giving it away free!

Why should you Get 1 Click Email Marketing Now?

We are copying big business rather than focusing on personal relationships. We’ve lost the art of relationship marketing in a world of mass media and mass marketing. We think relationship marketing is some grand thing instead of a handshake and a conversation.

We tend to follow the examples media provides, right? I recently read an interview with Jay Deutsch, CEO of BDA. (BDA is a #300 million+ business working with Major League Baseball, Bank of America and Coca Cola.) The basic premise of the article is good: Relationship marketing involves making an emotional connection with prospects and customers.

That’s a great premise, but BDA is a branded merchandise agency. They’re purpose is getting people to connect emotionally with merchandise from Fortune 500 companies. They’re talking to millions of people at a time. Local and online business owners need to change the focus slightly because they typically deal with smaller audiences.

Here are three secrets for keeping the focus on the relationship in relationship marketing.

Personalize Your Content

You are your brand. You are the heart and soul of your business, so let it show.

It’s a good thing to talk about a conversation you had with a specific customer. That we have direct, personal contact with customers is something big business wishes it could reproduce. In fact, they invest billions every year trying to persuade people that it’s happening.

Always include your experiences when writing about your topic. Include photos of you and your customers. It’s okay if some readers feel a little left out. That feeling causes them to draw closer in the hope of being included in the future.

Prefer Conversation over Campaigns

Fortune 500 companies are trying to win market share. You and I are attracting people.

The most popular tool we have for conversation with our prospects and customers is email. Yet we’re far more inclined to talk about an email campaign than an email conversation.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? The Fortune 500’s work hard at connecting with people because they know it’s hard to connect with a corporate face. They crave the connection we have with people as independent business owners. Yet we tend to neglect that connection because we want a professional distance.

It’s a little kooky, don’t you think?

When you write an email (or blog post, social media update, etc.), talk about everyday things you know are important to your customers. Mention your kids, pets, hobbies and passions because these are the things that drive an emotional connection. If someone asks you a question, share the conversation you have about the answer. Show folks how someone has already put your advice to work and the results they achieved.

Reputation Leads to Conversion

The content you share and the conversations you have work toward building a reputation.

Jay Deutsch from BDA is stuck doing that with merchandise for Fortune 500’s. He says his company wants to “help brands own the bedroom, office, home, car and consumer lifestyle.”  This means they want to see their branded merchandise in those locations.

Where the Fortune 500’s build reputation using celebrities and sports stars, local and online business owners need to take a different approach. You’re the brand, right? So you need to be building a reputation for honesty, dependability and trustworthiness. You do that by providing useful, relevant content, building conversations through email and social media, and always fulfilling your promises.

You have a lot closer contact with your prospects and customers than any Fortune 500 ever will.  Where they’re after customers, you’re able to develop raving fans: People who purchase everything you offer or recommend because they trust you.

Conrad Hall is an international bestselling author of 8 books, and a direct response copywriter. He specializes in working with local and online business owners who recognize the value of relationship marketing. Discover more about his approach to combining social media, email and direct mail here!


Do I take the leap and get 1 Click Email Marketing? Will it really make a difference for my results?

Good questions. Natural to ask them. So let me take all the risk away and make it easy to give 1 Click Email Marketing a shot. See if it works for you, right?

It’s easy. There’s a no risk, 30-day guarantee with 1 Click Email Marketing. You don’t like it? Just ask for a refund.

Russ and Conrad stand by their work. They’re happy to give you a full month to try 1 Click Email Marketing. If there’s any reason you don’t like it, just let ‘em know.

They’re taking all the risk so you don’t have to.



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