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  • Simple Setup
  • Stay 100% Secure
  • Save Time + $$$
  • Quick & Easy
  • Training Included

1ClickWP is a WordPress installation, backup & clone tool + a digital repository for all themes & plugins which can be deployed instantly in just 1 click (SUPER convenient tool for all types of online marketers who work with WordPress, which is just about everyone!)

1ClickWP Overview

What is 1ClickWP?

A full 35% of all new websites that go up online every day are built with WordPress.

Business owners and startups spend a TON of cash on WordPress products, and they  need a place to manage them all.

Themes.. Plugins..

You pay money for these things, yet you often lose them on your hard drive, or worse yet, never even download & install on your site!

But it’s such a pain in the butt to set up a new WordPress site!!

If you’ve ever done it from start to finish, you already know this.

There’s just no 1 way to conveniently store all your WordPress stuff so that it can be easily deployed on any installation in just seconds.

Usually, here’s what I have to do for my VPS hosting to set up a new website:

  1. Buy domain
  2. Point nameservers
  3. Log into WHM
  4. Add domain
  5. Log in as user and set up MySQL user
  6. Set up MySQL DB
  7. Assign user rights (permissions) to allow the user the access
  8. Upload WordPress
  9. Enter the details
  10. Run the install

That’s TEN steps. Ugh!

It takes too long. And that’s TEN ways how I can mess up (I don’t always pay 100% full attention, I’m a normal human being just like everyone else.. I, too, screw this up a LOT!)

But that’s only the beginning. Then, you still have to add your themes & plugins!

This 10-step setup can quickly bloat into a long project that takes hours.

Many biz owners will struggle for WEEKS trying to get their site to look ‘just right’

And STILL, they fail to achieve that final ‘polished’ look & feel.

Now.. What if there was a way for you to do all of this in just 3 steps?

That’s 70% faster!!

And what if you could make every WP site you ever put up on the web look sharp, every single time?

Well, now you can.

This 1 tool will save you a ton of time and work for the rest of your life.

Introducing: 1ClickWP

1ClickWP is a WordPress installation, backup & clone tool + a digital repository for all themes & plugins which can be deployed instantly in just 1 click (SUPER convenient tool for all types of online marketers who work with WordPress, which is just about everyone!)

1ClickWP review and bonus-1ClickWP

How Does 1ClickWP Work?

Special Features of 1ClickWP:

Simple Setup

Just enter your hosting info and the rest is done for you by the magical web app. THE FILES, the databases… Everything is seamless.

Stay 100% Secure

Download your site backup anytime to your local PC or Mac. Store a copy on your hard drive for maximum security. SETit & forget it!

Save Time + $$$

Never pay another developer ever again for mundane installation/backup/clone tasks. Do it yourself in just seconds, with no tech skills or DEVELOPMENT experience required.

Quick & Easy

1ClickWP is a miracle cure for all your WordPress pains:

Their goal was to make WP MANAGEMENT so easy that our own Grandmas could do it. They did it! Now, people LOVE 1ClickWP!

Training Included

Step-by-step videos will be inside your members area. You can’t mess up with this web app. Everything is point-and-click simple.

Instant Savings Available

If the training video doesn’t cover something… Their support is standing by 24/7 to answer any questions you may have (take advantage of the discount while there’s still time AVAILABLE).

How it works:

1ClickWP is a miracle cure for all your WordPress pains:

Step 1 – Enter your hosting information (login & password)

Step 2 – Install New WP Site OR Add Existing WP Site

Step 3 – Upload All Your Themes & Plugins

Step 4 – Backup

Step 5 – Migrate / Clone Your WordPress

If you use automated cPanel tools, you can set up a WordPress site. But then, for setting plugins/themes, it’ll still take a really long time.

Thanks to 1ClickWP, this will be done in 1 minute.

Check the video above to see how it works.

After you set up a WordPress site, you can download instantly as a backup any time.

You can also can create copy (clone) & install additional themes / plugins any time.

Why should you Get 1ClickWP Now?

If you work with offline business customers, you’ve probably noticed that many of them don’t know the first thing about hosting, domain names, web design, programming, backups, plugins / themes, or any of that ‘consultant’ stuff.

That’s where you come in and scoop up massive cash earnings (because they can count on you to do all this work for them).

As long as you remain a reliable provider, you can make money every day just by selling clients on simple WordPress sites!

Usually.. Offline biz owners simply want a  nice lead generation website. Or a sales page.

They want to grow their business, but they don’t know any of that techy stuff.

Want to get offline biz owners up online FAST?

With 1ClickWP, you can get an offline client set up with their own website in just 3 clicks (1 min) –

This video shows you exactly how.

IMPORTANT: You’ll want to grab this software +  the developer rights  (available as a One Time Offer) so you can help your offline clients get more leads & sales from their website, w/o burdening you with all that hard work!

You can have all your themes & plugins up and running with this 1ClickWP app, and any time you need to deploy a certain theme, you won’t have to dig through your hard drive or email account to  find it; because it’s already gonna be in your 1ClickWP account.

Just select which theme or plugin you want to deploy, and choose your destination site. Click Go and you’re done.

  • Imagine installing your WordPress sites without uploading any files
  • Imagine NEVER having to mess with MySQL usernames & passwords or databases
  • Imagine spending 60 seconds per SITE that you want to put up online
  • What would it feel like to backup all your sites & know that they’re stored safely
  • Think of how protected you’d feel if someone attacked your sites but you had BACKUPS
  • Imagine cloning your WordPress sites in just 1 click
  • What would it feel like to store all your themes & plugins in a single spot that allows you to deploy them on ANY of your WORDPRESS SITES
Never struggle with your WordPress ever again!
  • No more paying for WP-related gigs to FIVERR, Freelancer, Upwork & other freelance sites
  • No need to spend money on “specialists” to consult you on installation, backups & cloning
  • Never again will you have to pay a dime to install a theme or a plugin on your site(s)
  • No more losing expensive plugins & themes on your hard drive
  • No need to INVEST huge sums of money or time to master important WordPress mechanics
  • No tech skills or blogging experience necessary to USE 1ClickWP
  • No more than 60 seconds per site required to use 1ClickWP
Let’s hear what others said about 1ClickWP

“1ClickWP is awesome. Truthfully, it took me a couple of minutes to “get it.” This is absolutely a “must have” plugin for every Word Press user. See, not only can you instantly back up your own sites, or clone them and DOWNLOADthem to your desktop but this plugin is a VAULT where you can keep all your themes and plugins in one place and ‘ever-ready.’  Now, THAT’S innovative! Get this now, without even thinking twice. I also bought the developer’s rights and white label upgrades. Once I STARTED using 1ClickWP, I saved so much time that I was able to build 2 more sites for my clients and make even more money. Try 1ClickWP now and thank me later.”

David Whitfield


“I just got my hands on 1ClickWP and got it going! It was fast and easy to activate and setup, and a new WordPress install was performed in 80 seconds with all of my chosen plugins!

The cloning feature was flawless as well.

Very intuitive for simple user experience, and I’ll be telling my readers to grab it the moment it goes live! Thank you!”

Ken Reno


“The interface is simple to use and hooks up to a central repository and control panel. Instead of installing WordPress and then going around installing 20 or 30 plugins, 1ClickWP will do it all in one step.

Security will be a major concern but because 1ClickWP is on an https site, it’s 100% secure. Keep all the logins in one place, all your themes in one place, all your plugins in one place and all ready to install whenever you need them. You can download them back to your computer whenever you need to as well.”

Steven Lucas


“As an affiliate site builder, I must say I’m EXTREMELY excited about this app!

When building sites, SPEED is of the essence. Some sites will work and others won’t.. This software helps you get more work done because it lets you build as many sites as you wish, clone the best producing ones, edit them or simply flip them for profit.

Thanks to Girithara, my life has become a lot easier. Keep up the great work!”

Kevin Byrne

And now after revealing all the features inside 1ClickWP, they are not about to stop there. They are including a very valuable bonus, designed to enhance your result with 1ClickWP.

Special Bonuses from 1ClickWP:


Ultimate Sales Page WordPress Plugin

1ClickWP review and bonus-1ClickWP

Use built-in flash graphic creators to create custom graphics & to build professional sales pages instantly with ease in wordpress!



WP Pop Box WordPress Plugin

1ClickWP review and bonus-1ClickWP

Stop messing around with old popups that don’t work!

Here, you get: video pop box, social pop box, local pop box. Three-in-one power, works on every site.



WP SOCIAL Locker WordPress Plugin

1ClickWP review and bonus-1ClickWP

Unleash the power of viral traffic to your blog and watch in amazement how with one single WP hack you can drive hordes of traffic quickly and easily.



Amazon S3 Video WordPress Plugin

1ClickWP review and bonus-1ClickWP

This point & click WP plugin makes it super fast and easy to get your videos to show up on your blog pages & posts!



Comment Promo WP Plugin

1ClickWP review and bonus-1ClickWP

Capture your readers attention and guide them into your sales funnel by making use of the most ignored and overlooked real estate on your blog.


This WP web app is already being used by 1,000+ online marketers and you should give it a no-risk try for 30 days today! Before you decide if you want to get started, watch this video –

The front-end offer  is only for personal sites  so grab OTO #1 (the Developer Rights) to get the business license which allows you to install 1ClickWP on your  clients’ domains / sites!




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