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Article Buddy

Article Buddy

Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

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Customer Support – Turn Around Time

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User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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  • Re-write any piece of content.
  • Converts Youtube videos article.
  • Passes Copyscape with 100%.
  • Easy to use.
  • It can be used on both Mac and PC

Free unique content for life – the holy grail of content marketing, at the push of a button.

Article Buddy review and bonus


  • Homepage: Article Buddy 3.0 Official Site
  • Product Name: Article Buddy 3.0
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: Shannon Murphy & Radu Hanaianu & Todd Gross
  • Target niche: Content Marketing, Create Unlimited Unique Content for any niches.
  • Official Price: $37
  • Special Discount: 50%-OFF (Expired very soon!)
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You have been struggled to create a unique content that affiliate search engines will be interested in and you will be able to get a higher rank.

The more unique content is, the more money you get.

But you has tried so many ways to create that unique content but it not work out:

  • You write by yourself but it wastes too much time.
  • You hire content writers but it spends a lot of money that you can’t purchase in longterm.
  • Buy a software that can spinning article but the complete product is useless and unreadable.

What’s happen if I say that there is a FANTASTIC software that can solve your problem easily?

Let’s me introduce to you the Exact Article Re-writing Tool that wil Skyrocket Your search engine rankings!

ARTICLE BUDDY – 100% Unique Content, At The Click Of A Button!<

Check out demo video of Article Buddy:

>>> <<<

This software allows you to turn ANY Youtube video into a unique piece of content.

Article Buddy also invisibly rewrites articles with the push of a button and turns them into 100% unique content.

Finally, it curates videos & articles, making them all unique before posting them on any WordPress site.

Free unique content for life – the holy grail of content marketing, at the push of a button.


Article Buddy review and bonus

1. Powerful and intelligent soft ware that will re-write any piece of content

This will be human-readable, make-sense content!

Article Buddy review and bonus

2. Converts Youtube videos into articles!

3. Invisibly rewrites content into 100% unique articles.

4. Passes Copyscape with 100%

Article Buddy will chose words in your article and will alter them.

The text will look the same for us, but search engine and Copyscape will see them differently, which make your content has 100% unique.


5. SEO friendly content that RANKS

SEO Optimized

We’ve built Article Buddy from the ground up with the best SEO practices in mind. So our software is 100% SEO friendly and we’ve got PROOF that articles generated rank easily in Google.

6. Video & article curator

7. Easy to use:

It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’re doing, you can be a:

  • Website owners
  • Internet Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • People who want unlimited re- write content
  • SEO marketers who want to higher ranking, even newbies can use it.
  • Or anyone who wants to save money from hiring another ones to write.

8. It can be used on both Mac & PC!

Everyone online needs written and video content all the time. Article Buddy is the solution!

9. Complete Training

From using the software, to maximizing its potential, you will have a premium training & support!

Article Buddy review and bonus

10. Go above and beyond for you

Article Buddy review and bonus

Once you enters, you’ll get the BEST of the BEST support to make sure you’re 100% happy with your purchase

11. 100% Safe:

You won’t get into trouble if you use it

But you shouldn’t create the whole website with articles re-written with Article Buddy because it won’t be effective.

You should add both unique article and article re-written with this tool and wait for incredible result in short time.



Article Buddy review and bonus

Article Buddy review and bonus

Article Buddy review and bonus

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