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  • Bring you more traffic, leads and sales.
  • Quickly creates.
  • You can get a video directly from your Youtube Channel.
  • Turn your easy-to-ignore videos into essential viewing.
  • Add a high quality photo style filter to your video thumbnail.

What if I told you there’s 1 simple thing that can STOP people in their tracks and magnetically draws their finger to the play button?

If your videos aren’t getting the plays and views they deserve, you deserve to know about this:

InstaThumbnail review and bonus


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  • Product Name: InstaThumbnail
  • Type of Product: Cloudbased Software/App
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Let’s face it…

Video is EVERYWHERE these days, and chances are, you’re already using video to get more traffic and sales.

But there’s a problem.

Just like everything else,

Video is becoming saturated and it’s getting harder and harder to get views.

Facebook video ads are getting lost in the newsfeed.

YouTube videos are getting buried under the competition.

Video blog posts are getting put in the “watch later” pile.

It’s not your fault.

We have less time and lower attention spans than ever before. We’re more sceptical too.

And that means, we’re all looking for any excuse to ignore your video and move onto the next flashy distraction or task on our “to do” lists.

It’s a harsh world and tough times for marketers.

And it’s easy to think that video is dying out.

But it’s not.

In fact, do it right, and video can bring you More traffic, Leads and Sales than anything you’ve ever known…

… and it’s easier than you think.

Joey Xoto has found a way to turn your easily ignored videos into “irresistible viewing” in less than 60 seconds and with zero technical or design skills

… and finally get the flood of views, leads and sales that your videos deserve.

If you’re doing video, you don’t want to miss this simple little trick.

The trick I’m talking about is INSTATHUMBNAIL

InstaThumbnail is a powerful new application that quickly creates “click worthy” video thumbnails, aimed to boost clicks & views on your web video content!

Seriously, if your current videos aren’t getting clicks, this could be the missing ingredient that finally turns things around for you.

InstaThumbnail review and bonus


First, Import A Video…

InstaThumbnail review and bonus

To get started, simply import a video into InstaThumbnail.

You can get a video DIRECTLY from your YouTube Channel, or even do a YouTube wide search based on a keyword!


Scrub Your Video & Take A Screenshot!

Once you’ve chosen your video, simply scrub through the video inside of InstaThumbnail and take a high quality screenshot with the built-in image capture feature!

Check the image & hit “confirm”…

InstaThumbnail review and bonus


… Then, Choose From A Wide Selection Of Quality Insta Filters!

InstaThumbnail review and bonus

With just a click of a button, InstaThumbnail will add a high quality photo style filter to your video thumbnail.

Get a cinematic, grunge or even noir style look to your thumbnail is just seconds!

ESPECIALLYNew Filters Being Added Regularly.


With The Powerful Built-In ‘Drag & Drop’ Graphics Editor

InstaThumbnail review and bonus

InstaThumbnail has An Awesome Fully Functional Drag & Drop Graphics Editor.

Once you’ve chosen your screenshot for your thumbnail, you’ll be able to customize it however you want!


FINALLY, Use The Built-In Image Search Feature To Further Customize Your Insta Thumbnail!

InstaThumbnail review and bonus

Use Iconfinder / import your own images from your computer into InstaThumbnail’s drag & drop editor!


Seems like everyone is in love with videos these days, but as your potential customers flock to YouTube, so does your competition.

And these days, YouTube is crammed full of videos from your biggest competitors.

Are you too late to the party?

Or just worried about being drowned out in the noise?

Well, if you want to beat the competition and get your videos watched, I guess you’ve got 4 choices

1. The HARD way…

Keep cranking out more videos, and driving more traffic,

…hoping that something will finally click for you…

2. The SLEAZY way…

Create overhyped video titles that trick people into watching,

…hopingthat people don’t label you as a spammer or a fraud…

3. The ANNOYING way…

With annoying video pop ups to interrupt people and bully them into watching your video,

…with one finger on the “X” button…


4. The SMART way…

By using InstaThumbnail that turns your “easy-to-ignore” videos into “essential viewing…”

… and finally get the views your existing videos deserve!

You can practically double your search traffic by having an awesome video thumbnail.

Makes sense I guess…

… after all, video thumbails are way more eyecatching than plain old text, right?

BESIDE, If you’re into Facebook advertising, just imagine all the extra clicks and views you’ll get with awesome video thumbnails in your ads!




InstaThumbnail review and bonus

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InstaThumbnail review and bonus


InstaThumbnail review and bonus

Problem is, how do you create awesome thumbnails that

truly stand out without all that nasty coding, design work, or outsourcing fees?



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