Alpha Networks – “Low Cost” Solution For Building & Managing PBN’s With Super Simple Posting And Lifetime FREE Hosting


Alpha Networks

Alpha Networks

Easy to use - Easy to optimize

8.8 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.0 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

8.9 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

8.7 /10

Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

9.5 /10


  • Add up to 30 domains
  • Free lifetime hosting!
  • Future payments only for posting!
  • Super Simple 3 Step System To Build, Host & Manage PBN's With One Time Cost For Lifetime Access
  • And Much More...

Alpha Networks is the Low Cost” Solution For Building & Managing PBN’s (private blog networks) With Super Simple Posting And Lifetime FREE Hosting.

What Is Alpha Networks?

Recently we have seen a lot of discussion on whether SEO is dead, and digging deeper the questions were often coming round to whether PBN’s (private blog networks) were dead too now.

The answer to both questions is emphatically NO!

SEO is still the best way to get free targeted traffic, but the goal posts have been moved several times and some new factors come into play for 2017.

Quality backlinks is still at the heart of SEO, and the quality of backlinks is determined by several factors…

  • Relevancy
  • Authority Of The Domain
  • The Number of Links Vs Number Of Referring Domains
  • Contextual Links
  • Homepage or Deep Links

Having your own private networks gives you control over ALL of these ranking factors.

But Here’s The Problem:
Building out PBNs or private networks has always been a challenge with so many things to take care of from purchasing aged or expired domains, adding different registration details for each, getting class C hosting, adding unqiue themes and templates redirecting the old backlinks from the domain to the home page or recreating those pages that had backlinks before and it was time consuming, painful and very, very expensive!

Even worse was that after you built your PBN network it wasnt am easy task to manage the network or to post into the sites easily. In fact many people got to this stage and gave up or spent a fortune hiring VA’s to take care of the network management and posting.

That come the solutions – Alpha Networks:

Alpha Networks is the Low Cost” Solution For Building & Managing PBN’s (private blog networks) With Super Simple Posting And Lifetime FREE Hosting.

Alpha Networks Review and Bonus - Alpha Networks

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How Does Alpha Networks Work?

Special Features of Alpha Networks:

Add Real Power To Your SEO With ALPHA NETWORKS!

  • Buy Low Cost Expired Domains (We Show How & Where To Get At Cost Price!)
  • Create Your OWN Video Sharing Site Networks
  • Create Your OWN Blog Sites That ONLY YOU Have Access To & Control!
  • Super Simple Tiered Linking Posting With Instant Pinging & Indexing
  • Add Up To 30 Domains With FREE Lifetime Hosting!
  • You Only Pay For Posting Credits, Not The Hosting… BUT ONLY If You Buy TODAY!
  • YOU Control The Quality Of Your Networks & Links
  • NEW!…Web 2.0 Expired Account Creator

Here is what you get inside Alpha Networks:

Add up to 30 domains 

  • You can build quality networks with 30 domains!
  • You can purchase extra domains at same pricing as you purchase today

Free lifetime hosting!

  • This is the lowest cost private networks solution ever!
  • Cloudflare minimizes our costs. (ip4 class c options available later)

Future payments only for posting!

  • One post is one credit. (if you run 500 posts in tiered link campaigns thats 500 credits)
  • Buy credits at current pricing as long as you don’t cancel

How It Works:

Super Simple 3 Step System To Build, Host & Manage PBN’s With One Time Cost For Lifetime Access!

Step 1: Add Your Own Domains 

  • Buy expired domains at low cost (They will show you how)
  • Set namecheap api one time

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Site Type 

  • Choose site type (choice of blogs for pbn’s or video sharing sites)
  • Set cloudflare api one time

Step 3: Post With Desktop Posting Tool

  • Super simple posting tool with instant indexing, pinging
  • Tiered linking & scheduling

They Have Built A System That Allows You To:

  • Add Expired Domains In Seconds
  • By Simply Adding The Domain URL, Title, Description & Meta Tags
  • Choose The Type Of Site You Want Blogs Or Video Sharing Sites
  • Hosted On Our Servers
  • Random Templates & Themes Are Created On The Fly By The Alpha Networks System
  • Web App To Manage Sites
  • Desktop Tool To Post Into The Sites

With A Super Simple Posting Solution

  • Check If The Sites Are Still Indexed Or Deindexed In One Click
  • Instantly Index And Ping New Posts
  • Bulk Posting With Scheduler
  • Work With A Tiered Linking System
  • Add Up To 30 Domains With Lifetime Free Hosting (More With OTO’s)
  • Local SEO Strategies & Google Maps Built In
  • One Time Cost For Lifetime Access

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Who Should Use Alpha Networks?

Alpha networks gives you a super fast way to build prive networks easily, at speed and at low cost. With our system you can have your sites created and hosted in seconds and use our desktop posting tool to post your content.

A Quick glance on Fiverr will show you that people are making a fortune selling PBN links and others are charging a fortune to build networks at a massive profit. You can jump in and offer the same services and make money with very little effort.

They have built in some local SEO elements too with Google Maps, Long Tail Geo Targeting Keyword Generator & more local strategies will be built in too.

If you want to do quick, fast content we have integrated with other services and have multi media content search tools for images and videos. Its NEVER been so EASY to build private networks, manage them or post into them!

3rd Party Integration With Popular Services

  • Article Builder
  • Big Content Search
  • Indexers
  • Spin Rewriter
  • The Best Spinner
  • Word AI

Why Should You Get Alpha Networks Now?

Alpha Networks In A Nutshell…

  “Taking Control Of Your SEO Has NEVER Been So Easy Or Low Cost!”


How Do I Post Into Alpha Networks?

  • You Can Post Into Your Networks From Video Synd Alpha,  Live Stream Alpha Or The Specially Built Alpha Networks Desktop Tool
  • Using Our Familiar Desktop Posting Tools Also Gives us Easy Checkbox Options For Tiered Linking, Instant Indexing & Pinging
  • We Also Included Local SEO Elements Added With Google Maps For Those That Like To GEO Target For Local Businesses.
  • We Have A Simple But Highly Effective Long Tail Keyword Generator (Which Can Also Be Used For Local & Geo Targeting)

How Do I Control My Network Domains From The Web App?

  • You Can Add Domains From The Web App
  • You Can Choose What Type Of Site You Want Created In The Web App With Choice Of Blogs, Social Bookmark Sites or Video Sharing Sites
  • Random Templates/Themes Used To Create & Build Sites
  • It Takes 30 Seconds To Add Domains & Create Sites
  • We Control All Previous URLS (Broken Links) Automatically With 301 Redirect To Home Page

How Do I Control My Network Domains From The Desktop Tool?

  • From The Desktop Tool You Can Refresh Your Domains To Pull In New Sites Added To The Web App
  • You Can Check Your Posting Credits Status From The Desktop Tools With One Click
  • You Can Check Indexed Status In Seconds From The Desktop Tools To Make Sure Your Sites Are Still Indexing In Google
  • If Any Site Gets De-indexed You Can Simply Delete The Site From The Web App To Replace It With A New One!

What About Strategies & Training?

  • There Is Full Training In The Members Area
  • We Have A Skype Group
  • Tutorials On Setting Up Namecheap & Goddady Api, Cloudflare Api & For Adding Sites To Your Networks & Basic Posting
  • Step By Step Google Docs Are Available
  • Weekly Strategy Webinars With Over The Shoulder Training
  • Minimum Of 10 Strategy Webinars Scheduled
  • Domain Registration Best Practices Included

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Exclusive Bonuses From Alpha Networks

Namecheap Account Creator!

I Personally use this one a lot as it adds some extra security, in fact it gives me a 100% guaranteed safety net for every Alpha Networks campaign with a simple little tweak.

The Traffic Redirect tool creates cloaked links with a destination URL, the trick is to add a url from page 2 or 3 in Google search results and run your campaign as aggressively as you like then when you see rank increases for that url you simply switch the destination URL to your own. The tool will 301 redirect the cloaked URL to whatever destination you choose and your rankings increase

Expired Web 2.0 Re-Creator Tool!

This tool will search multiple sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Youtube for broken links and instantly check namecheap & godaddy to see if they are available by adding unlimited keywords to search.

This is a super fast and efficient way to find quality expired domains but we also spotted another bonus benefit while using the tool, it also finds expired web 2.0 accounts that you can register!

Weekly Training Webinars!

This helps build diversity into your tiered linking. The tool works with 15 URL shortner services and can take your targeted links, shorten them to make unique urls for posting into your video sharing site networks and social bookmark networks. Simple but powerful diversity!


Finally!… A “Low Cost” Solution For Building & Managing PBN’s With Super Simple Posting And Lifetime FREE Hosting! Let’s build your private network sites in seconds for big results in less time & rank on demand with Alpha Networks today!!!

Thanks for reading my review, hope some information in here will help you get a general view of this product.