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Arthritis PLR Pack

Arthritis PLR Pack

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  • 5 Arthritis Product Reviews
  • 11 Brand New Articles about Arthritis
  • 1 Infographic
  • 27 PowerPoint Slides
  • 5 Arthritis Product Reviews

Arthritis PLR Pack is created to help people with arthritis. It briefly covers what arthritis is, and then gets into specific techniques and practical tips on how to manage one’s arthritis.

What Is Arthritis PLR Pack?

Arthritis is a health concern that has an effect on more than 350 million people worldwide. Arthritis PLR can be an excellent method to take over this niche. This is a great niche to be a part of as you have millions of people throughout the globe who are in search of products that can give them some help from Arthritis. The people suffering from this health condition is growing quickly which means this niche is expanding and offering a big profit potential. It is the right decision to build your blog or website around the Arthritis niche. You can purchase Arthritis PLR to obtain high-quality content for your blog or website.

Arthritis PLR Pack is created to help people with arthritis. It briefly covers what arthritis is, and then gets into specific techniques and practical tips on how to manage one’s arthritis. You can be the one to give people some very specific pointers, that they will love you for.

Kim Phoenix, the person who is behind the product, loves creating content that can educate people so that they can make a difference in their lives.

This works out to your advantage, because you can feel good knowing that what you are buying is accurate and well-done. You then get to put your name on this content, and it makes you look really good.

Arthritis PLR Pack review and bonus - Arthritis PLR Pack

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How Does Arthritis PLR Pack Work?

What Will You Get With Arthritis PLR Pack:

9343-word “Living Better with Arthritis: Practical Tips to Protect Your Joints & Save Your Energy” Ebook

Arthritis PLR Pack review and bonus - Arthritis PLR Pack

This PLR ebook that has been professionally written, and includes many practical tips on how people with arthritis can live better lives, simply by learning how to protect their joints and how to save their energy every day.

This brand new ebook includes the following contents:

  • Introduction
  • How to Protect Your Arthritic Hand Joints
  • How to Protect the Joints in Your Legs
  • Assistive Devices, Gadgets, & More Tips to Make Living with Arthritis Better
  • Home Modifications to Consider for Arthritics
  • Energy Conservation & Work Simplification Tips & Techniques for People with Arthritis
  • Conclusion

11 Brand New Articles about Arthritis

  • Arthritis is Not Just Physical – 8 Tips for Managing the Emotional Aspects of the Disease
  • Arthritis Doesn’t Have to Ruin Your Sex Life
  • The Best Sexual Positions for People With Arthritis
  • 5 Helpful Tips for Gardening with Arthriti
  • Hip Replacement Surgery – Important Precautions to Follow
  • Tips for Applying Cosmetics When You Have Arthritis
  • 7 Tips to Deal with the Morning Stiffness Associated with Arthritis
  • Tips for Managing Pain with Medications and Natural Supplements
  • 6 Tips To Help Children Living with Arthritis
  • How to Set up Your Office Workspace When You Have Arthritis
  • The Connection Between Stress and Your Arthritis

1 Infographic

Arthritis PLR Pack review and bonus - Arthritis PLR Pack

  • Above is a low-resolution view of the infographic, “Arthritic Hands? 5 Ways to Care for Your Joints”
  • The infographic is editable in Powerpoint, and you also get the PNG and PDF files.
  • Size of PNG is 816 x 1056 px.
  • PDF file can even be printed out as an informational handout, if you like, as it’s 8.5″ X 11″
  • You can brand it with your name, website, and/or business information, if you’d like.

27 PowerPoint Slides

Arthritis PLR Pack review and bonus - Arthritis PLR Pack

  • You get 27 Powerpoint Slides all ready to go. You can use them to create your own video or as part of your own webinar.
  • The points on these slides are adapted from the ebook.
  • All images used in the slides are in the public domain.

5 Arthritis Product Reviews

The products Kim Phoenix has chosen are on Amazon, but there are other affiliate programs where you can find these or similar products.

The product reviews include:

  • Tub Transfer Bench
  • Long-Handled Razor Holder for Women
  • Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser
  • Hip Replacement Kit of Tools
  • Kettle Tipper

List of Arthritis Affiliate Programs

  • Amazon has many products suitable for people with arthritis.
  • However, you may live in a State where you are unable to promote Amazon products. If that is the case, she has included a list of some other affiliate programs that you can promote.

5 Related Social Media Images

Arthritis PLR Pack review and bonus - Arthritis PLR Pack

  • You get 5 social media images, each 400 px X 400 px (PNG format). All you have to do is brand them with your business name, and then make them go viral on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
  • The social media images are related to the content in the Ebook and/or the articles.
  • All images used in the slides are in the public domain and/or royalty-free.

How It Works:

This is your new text content. You can modify this text, add more paragraph, change font style or add images by clicking the edit button.

Arthritis PLR is the ideal solution for all your content needs and build an authority site in this niche. The best part is that this niche is full of obsessive audience who are ready to spend money. This would mean that you can rake in some profitable paydays once you build and grow your website.

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Why Should You Get Arthritis PLR Pack Now?

Let’s take a look at what you can do with the PLR License

  • Can edit, add to, or remove pieces of content to make it your own
  • Can declare you are the creator, but you are recommended to make some adjusts to the cover and written content first
  • Can sell parts of the content as author with personal rights only, but never as a whole product. For instance, it would be against the license terms to sell this product in its entirety on any other site or somewhere else
  • Can be added as a bonus for another product
  • Can be included with other products
  • Can be used for ecourses, webinars, or in hard copy
  • Can be added to paid membership websites
  • Can alter ecover graphics, and other graphics, as well as brand them with your own information and logos
  • Can be published on your sites and blogs
  • Any of the parts of this product can be used to make opt-in giveaways for building your list, as long as the whole product is not used in its entirety.

However, you cannot…

  • Sell or give away Resale Rights
  • Sell or give away Master Resale Rights (MRR)
  • Sell or give away Private Label Rights (PLR)
  • Add any of the content to Resale, MRR, or PLR membership sites or stores.
  • Add the content to article marketing sites unless you make significant changes to the content so that it is not recognizable.
  • Use the content on auction websites

Now let’s hear what others have to say about Arthritis PLR Pack

“Kim’s content is excellent. She pays close attention to the little details and offers a variety of content in really useful formats, especially the PowerPoints, which are perfect for YouTube videos and webinars. I highly recommend you buy Kim’s content while you can… she’s the next rising star in the PLR world!”

Ronnie Nijmeh

“I just purchased your Migraine, Stress, and School Stress PLR packs. I learned about you from Ruth Pound.  I knew I could trust you to have quality products when I saw you recommend PLR by Ronnie Nijmeh, Tiffany Lambert, and Nicole Dean. I have purchased from all three of them. I can easily see you as becoming one of the go-to PLR people who have quality PLR.

Thank you for doing the webinar with Kelly McCausey. I have a time set up to talk with her in order to get my podcast launch going. I owe it all to you!!”

Gwen Dempsey

“I bought Kim’s Migraine PLR Pack. Her PLR is gorgeous, suitable for handouts or opt-in offers with no editing required. Her checklists and charts are practical and raise the bar for what to include in PLR offerings. And to prove Kim’s understanding of her buyers, her books come as broken-up chapters, SO convenient for repurposing and for serializing in autoresponders.”

Anita Hampl

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