Audience Social review – Simple Retargeting App Increases Your Profits On Anything You Sell Online!


Audience Social

Audience Social

Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

9.5 /10

Customer Support – Turn Around Time

9.7 /10

User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

9.4 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.8 /10

Flexible – Powerful Potential – Monetize abilities

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  • Promote two or more products on the same campaign and Split Test the results.
  • Advanced Geo-Targeting for CPA Marketers.
  • Tier Traffic Detector for Solo Ads.
  • Supports 5 major Retargeting Platform on same dashboard.
  • Cloaked Links for Social Sharing.

Audience Social is a retargeting software suite that leaves little to your imagination and does the heavy lifting for you.

Audience Social Review – Audience Social Overview

Audience Social Review – What is Audience Social?

Audience social review and bonus-audience social

Imagine that you’re the owner of an online retail shop.

Hundreds of potential customers who visit ECOM/Shopify store shop each day and look at your products.

Some buy – yay!

But some don’t buy

They close your store and go home. Lost business right?

Maybe not.

What if you could remind each of those potential customers of their interest in your products by showing them targeted ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram  that they pass throughout their day?

That would be a pretty powerful campaign, wouldn’t it?

Just Imagine if you could reach that visitor anywhere on the Internet and remind them about your product… so they would complete their purchase. Imagine how many lost sales you could recover…

It’s reality. And it’s called retargeting.


Audience Social!!!

Audience Social is a retargeting software suite that leaves little to your imagination and does the heavy lifting for you.

Audience Social Review – Special Features of Audience Social?

Goodbye to the days when you were leaving money on the table.

With Audience social you can”:

Here’re some more awesome features of this Audience Social

Audience Social Review – Why should you get Audience Social Now?

If you do retargeting the old way, you retarget a web page that you own and place your pixel code on it.

Using Audience Social, you retarget anyone who visits a page that you do not own.

Now, if you’re an affiliate marketer, and you sent if you send 2,000 clicks on an offer and get 300 sales, then 1700 people still haven’t bought the offer.

Using Audience Social, you can retarget them on any website or bridge page, even if you don’t have the access to the source code because Audience social doesn’t need an iframe and hence the retargeting can be made on any website, including Twitter.

Audience Social will only target the most interested and relevant people out of all the people and if FB is the traffic source, then people who only click your ad, will be added to the retargeted list.

So, you’re not targeting 2,000 people who saw your ad but only 200 people who clicked on it meaning, lesser ad spend and more money.

If people have come onto your site the first time, they were already interested in whatever it is you offer. Now you get to keep the conversation going.

Audience Social makes it so easy…

Audience Social Works  for all industries

Audience Social Review – How Does Audience Social Work?

Using Audience Social is as easy as 1-2-3-4…

All you need do is:

Step 1: Create New Campaign

Step 2: Select your retargeting platform

Step 3: Run High Efficient Low Spend Ads

Step 4: Re-engage visitor & bump up your Profits

And boom!

You’re finally on your way to creating profitable ad campaigns!

Audience Social Review – Conclusion/Bottom Line:

With Audience Social, it doesn’t only help you retargeting your visitors on Facebook, but Bing, and many other social networks.

You could target past customers and notify them of a new product launch… and they’ll see your ads while browsing the latest news on Huffington Post, Mashable, or watching a video on Youtube.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and the ROI potential is huge!


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