Audio Boss-Increase Your Conversions With High Quality Audio!


Audio Boss

Audio Boss


  • Work Less. Spend Less
  • Increase viewer focus, retention rates, & recall
  • Get High Quality on a Low Budget
  • Create Stunning Videos & Podcasts
  • All Materials Viewable On Any Device


Audio Boss

Audio Boss is revolutionizing the way that marketers think about (and take advantage of) audio in their marketing content and media!


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  • Product Name: Audio Boss
  • Type of Product: Training Course
  • Authors: Andrei Vasilev
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Audio Boss is an online video training course that teaches internet marketers how to get the absolute most out of the audio in their marketing media; so as to increase conversion, improve product and brand appeal, and remove all the guesswork related to creating high quality audio/video content.


  • Over 100 Simplified Training Videos

The Audio Boss step by step video tutorials will teach you all of the processes that will enhance the audio in your marketing to the highest level possible; quickly, easily, and regardless of your previous knowledge, technical knowhow, or budget.

  • 7 Marketing Focused Modules

Audio Boss is focused on marketing, not simply teaching you about audio. Through the course of 7 modules, you’ll learn how toenhance product & brand appeal, emotionally captivateyour audience, and ultimately increase conversions all through the proper use of high quality audio in your marketing media.

  • 25+ Handouts, Checklists, & Process Maps

You’ll have access to over 25 downloadable handouts, checklists, and process maps that will help you understand and implement the powerful Audio Boss processes that much quicker, that much more effectively, and with that much more precision.

  • All Materials Viewable On Any Device

The Audio Boss course website is fully responsive, meaning you can access all of the course videos and view all of the handouts from any device you may have. You can learn at home on your desktop or learn on the go using a laptop, iPad, Tablet, or smartphone. No matter what you’re doing, or where you’re going, the course materials will always be right at your fingertips.

  • Everything You Need To Know, And More!

Audio Boss will teach you everything you need to know in order to take full advantage of audio, and all of its amazing benefits, within your marketing content.  From gear, to recording, to editing, to music…we’ve got you covered.   Not only is the course material extremely easy to understand, but the tactics you will learn are designed to be quickly implemented, whether it be to pre-existing content or content that you are currently creating.  You’ll be up and running as quickly as possible and begin to see that amazing benefits of your new and improved content in no time flat.

Even more amazing features:

  • Create Stunning Videos & Podcasts
  • Learn What Is Worth Investing In
  • Writing a Good Script
  • Audio For Video
  • Outdoor Recording Solutions
  • Voice Over Audio
  • Noise Reduction, Compression, EQ…
  • Get High Quality on a Low Budget

………..and many more!!


  1. More appealing products means more money.
  2. Emotionally captivate your customers into sales
  3. Skyrocket your reputation, credibility, & trustworthiness
  4. Increase viewer focus, retention rates, & recall.
  5. No more complexity, confusion, or guesswork.
  6. Work Less. Spend Less                     
  7. Stand out & above your competition


  • The Audio Boss Course (1997)

-5 Step Marketing System

-7 Marketing Focused Modules

-100+ Simplifired Video Tutorials

-25+ Process maps& Handouts

  • Pro Software & Training ($197)

-Install on 4 Computers (Mac/PC)

-Includes Bonus Training Module

-Full Support Included

Audio Boss

  • 5 Pro Audio Plugins ($60)

-Install On 4 Computers (Mac/PC)

-Install In Multiple Software

-Complete Training Included

Audio Boss

  • Script Writing Training ($197)

-10 Script Templates

-2 Hours of Video Training

-Insights From A 7 Figure Marketer

Audio Boss

  • 50 Audio Branding Clips($297)

-50 Music Branding Audio Files

-Choose From 9 Different Styles

-High Quality WAV Format Files

Audio Boss

  • The AB Facebook group

-Audio Boss Members Only

-Network With Fellow Marketer

-Ask Questions and Share Knowledge

Audio Boss

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