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Auto Emulate Live

Auto Emulate Live

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  • Set a number of viewers to appear when you want them
  • Call To Action Headline
  • Custom Images
  • Set amounts of likes/hearts
  • Exports in MP4 format

Auto Emulate Live is designed for you to pre-record video in your own time, then drop it into the software and add all the features and viewer count.

Auto Emulate Live Overview

What Is Auto Emulate Live?

Facebook live video is incredibly growing as the best way to be noticed on Facebook and of course get more opportunities to generate leads. Despite its value, a lot of people are in terror of doing FB live video. Some found live video difficult and scary because they’re afraid of forgetting lines and making mistakes while getting into streaming. Or maybe they haven’t realized that live video will get massive online attention.

Do not worry! I’m here giving you a product that helps reducing your fear of getting on live camera. It’s named Auto Emulate Live.

Auto Emulate Live is a FB live auto simulation tool that dramatically increases your viewer count into the 1,000’s using pre-recorded video. With a few minutes to upload video, configure settings, you’ve already had outstanding “simulated live” video!

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How Does Auto Emulate Live Work?

Special Features of Auto Emulate Live:

Once being set up, Auto Emulate Live will help you:

Set a number of viewers to appear when you want them

You can make videos and as you engage with the audience i.e. “What do you think of this, guys?” The viewer count can significant increase to simulate real world responses.

Call To Action Headline

Headlines are super powerful on videos and help constantly reinforce your video message. Imagine how much your videos will stand out from the crowd with this feature!

Custom Images

Need to add images to help bring your video to life? With this feature you can ‘drag and drop’ and place images wherever you want them on your videos.

Set amounts of likes/hearts

You will be able to set the time you want the likes and hearts to appear. You also have total control and flexiblity.

Exports in MP4 format

Fully compatible to upload directly to Facebook.

Also, you will get all these incredible benefits using this tool:

Give away methods

These incredible methods will pave the way for you to increase engagement and make your videos stand out. You can build a database of red hot lead to market by offering a FREE incentive then ask them to leave their email via a survey link.

Coupon Code

Auto Emulate Live provides with a 20% discount coupon code to encourage you to share your video. Generate a red hot buyer list or just build some great brand awareness for your business.

E-Com Store – Perfect For Amazon, Shopify or general physical products

Ecom based selling is majorly based on social proof. When people see your video has 10,000 or even 100,000s of views, likes and shares your conversion rates are proven to shoot through the roof!

Free Membership

If you operate a digital membership website, an offline gym, any sort of membership option based business then try this style of video out – it rocks.

How It Works:

Step #1 – Choose the pre-made video you’ve created

Step #2 – Set up your settings, you can set how many likes/hearts you want

Step #3 – Click the “Upload” button and your video is ready in just minutes.

For more information, you can check out this quick demo video:

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Why Should You Get Auto Emulate Live Now?

Using this software, tons of viewers will be attracted by your content as they see all these simulated likes and 1000’s of viewers on your video.

You don’t have to be afraid of live streaming then making mistakes anymore.

Auto Emulate Live lets you get more likes, shares and clicks to any website you want. What you need to do is just sitting back and relaxing as your video is “simulated live.”

Even more, take a look at the below picture:

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This man is Auto Emulate Live’s client promoting an eCom product called “pen pal”. His daily sales went from $100/day to nearly $400 per day after using Auto Emulate Live software.

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According to what Whally Carpets Studio – England local carpet business said, they had a Facebook fan page of 406 people and their videos usually get 200-220 views. Guess what? By using Auto Emulate Live, they first got 3700 views on their video!!

So, give it a shot with Auto Emulate Live and it enables you to make $400 per day and tons of viewers as well. You can do it the easy way those men did it!

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