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  • No Domain, No Website Needed
  • No Experience Needed, Training included!
  • NO Video Creation, Use other's Videos LEGALLY
  • BigWigVideo Software Automate it and Its FUN
  • Well suited for MMO, Video and Software Lists

BigWigVideo is a software that able to drive traffic hands-free on ANY affiliate offer in ANY niche and make commissions like crazy by tomorrow morning.

BigWigVideo Overview

What is BigWigVideo?

Traffic is the heartbeat on any online business as if there will be no visitors on your website then there will be no sales, no leads & no profits.

So, to solve this common problem that almost everyone who is trying to make some profits online is facing..

My friend Dr. Amit Pareek with his team of Professional Designers & Developers has

Created a Brand New System using which you can drive unlimited traffic to any site you want!

Click here to have a look at this “BigWigVideo” Software that Drives Targeted Traffic with the help of Videos created by others (Legally!)

Using this Software Not only can Drive Traffic on your page or website but also can Sell Affiliate Products without creating a website to Make $300/day by Just following these 3 Simple Steps:


Choose a high paying product to promote and choose a top quality Ready-to-use video from YouTube legally.


Put the YouTube URL and your Affiliate link In this software to make it commission machine.


BigWIGVideo will make it a SEO, Social & Viral traffic machine and watch your affiliate commissions start growing.

And for this, you’ll get:

  • A super simple system to make $300 a day from others’ videos by doing just minutes of work
  • A step-by-step training to explain everything to make the process very easy and hassle free and
  • A cloud based video marketing and advertising software that automates everything and gives you an affiliate commission machine to achieve your financial goals.

BigWigVideo is a software that able to drive traffic hands-free on ANY affiliate offer in ANY niche and make commissions like crazy by tomorrow morning.

Their DEAD SIMPLE, Video marketing and advertising software takes any YouTube video, follow their Powerful SYSTEM to make it a SEO, Social & Viral TRAFFIC MACHINE that makes hands-free affiliate sales and customers see money rolling in their bank account and it’s a great FUN.

The software, follows a proven and tested system which is responsible for $11697 in commissions for me in last month that is$378 a DAY with just 15 minutes/day work.

It’s the first of its kind cloud based software that requires NO complicated Installation, No hosting and NO domain name registration.

Just create an account, add a new project by putting your affiliate link and YouTube video URL in it and let this monster build a TRAFFIC & COMMISSION MACHINE for you.

BigWigVideo review and bonus - BigWigVideo

How Does BigWigVideo Work?

What Will You Get With BigWigVideo?

It’s a complete package on silver platter that comprises of…

A $300 a Day SYSTEM – work less than an hour a day

  • No Domain, No Website Needed
  • No Experience Needed, Training included!
  • NO Video Creation, Use other’s Videos LEGALLY
  • BigWigVideo Software Automate it and Its FUN
  • Well suited for MMO, Video and Software Lists

A step-by-step training to explain everything to make the process very easy and hassle free and

A Cloud based Video marketing and Advertising software that automates everything and make you Affiliate Commission machine to achieve your financial goals.

Let me showcase to you some of its Special features:

Cloud Based Software – No Download or Install
They Host it – You Just Enjoy It

BigWig Video is a cloud based software that means there is no need to download or install anything.

Even they host it on their BIG dedicated servers and pay $2,000/month fee to run this application for you. You don’t need to pay anything for it and also don’t need to buy any domain name or hosting. I have told 5 times on this page about how easy it is to use this TINY tool. Just create an account and start enjoying the cool features.

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Get MAXIMUM ENGAGEMENT and make EVERY visitor click on your affiliate Link

Inbuilt Video Advertising System

Videos are PROVEN engaging in online world. We used the power of videos and went even further and designed our Video display page in a way that it grab visitor’s 100% attention.
Checkout Crisp Video Display Page for Maximum Visitor Engagement

Imagine a particular time when your visitor is watching a video and is most engaged -> video is blocked & your affiliate PROMO comes in!! How many of them will see it?

100% visitors – right?

Phenomenal advertisement system makes the elite-Level Conversion Strategies Easy for You! And if you create your campaign relevant, BigWig Video will turn Your Visitors into Sales for you automatically…

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Simple & PROVEN System which is responsible for $378/day using other’s Videos and products.

this software having an affiliate marketer’s requirements in mind. So made it as simple as counting 1, 2, 3…


Find a Video on YouTube so NO need to create any video or content ever. Just use others hard work.


Put this Youtube URL and Affiliate link in software

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Let BigWigVideo work to make a High converting video display page to start converting visitors into affiliate sales for you.
You can create a BIgWig video campaign in less than 15 minutes. Create as many videos as you want – scale it to add multiple revenue streams in your income.
It automates everything and makes SEO Optimized, Social and VIRAL traffic generating video pages to promote your affiliate products HANDS FREE.

Your BIGWig Videos Can Appear In Google TODAY Get 1st Page ranking & FREE Traffic on Autopilot

As soon as you add a video and Basic SEO details, BigWig Video start working in background for you to get it indexed on very first day.
They built this feature for themselves to get SEO traffic and Google rankings. Now, the entire power is yours to unleash as you wish.

Checkout some of the 1st page Rankings

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Their automated back-linking, Related Videos and Visitor Engagement Technology… Instantly make every BigWigVideo an authority post that Google absolutely loves!

Whenever you add a video, they create an Xml sitemap and submit it to google and also spread your post to tons of news aggregators and websites using inbuilt RSS creation. So automated backlinks for your videos.

With BigWigVideo… you’ve got everything you need in one place – and its just a click away!

Get More Social Sharing for Even MORE Targeted Viral Traffic

They used our 10+ year of online marketing experience and incorporated all the required features to motivate social sharing and make it viral To Increase Your Audience Reach and Get You Even MORE Targeted Traffic

All the video pages will automatically optimized with Social sharing icons, related videos and comments. You just give it an initial push and it will handle the rest.

With this system, you can build your own Traffic Sucking, highly PROFITABLE and beautiful viral video pages like this…

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

We’ve Barely Tapped Into The Powers of This Viral Video Marketing Monster

So, Here Are A Few More Features…

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Comes with an Inbuilt & Very Sleek HD Video Player…

HD Ready & Beautiful Video Display exclusively for BigWigVideo owners. You’ll get an Ultra-Light weight, SEO Optimized Player that is based on Next Gen Conversion & Sales Technology.

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

100% Mobile Responsive Viral Video Pages and Player

Today, more than half of users are on mobile and if you are not targeting them, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

So They have used latest – HTML5 & CSS3 technology to make the system 100% mobiles responsive and ultralight which Allows You to encash Millions of Mobile Users.

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Very Easy and Intuitive Dashboard to Manage Everything:

  • You can manage your campaigns within projects & its 2 click process to add, delete or edit a project.
  • A sleek and beautiful interface with a focus on providing more space to work.
  • Easy campaign adding, editing that even grandma can use it.
  • Much Much more is waiting inside…You need to feel It for yourself.

How It Works:

So how does it work and how you too can make money with it now?

It’s a SIMPLE 3 step method that takes less than 15 minutes to create a profitable video campaign and the process goes like this:

Step 1

Grab a Top quality YouTube Video URL and almost steal it – 100% legal

Dr. Amit will give you his unique method of choosing a Stunning Video created by someone else in ANY niche to use for your promotions with BigWigVideo.

He’ll also share his method of choosing an affiliate products which is best fit and pays FAT Commissions per sale

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Step 2

Put the YouTube Video URL and Your Affiliate link in their software to sell the products right Inside the Video

All you need to do is fill SEO details and a strong call to action with your affiliate link and your Promo is ready to go

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

Step 3

Software Convert it into a TRAFFIC & COMMISSION machine

Their Software convert this YouTube video into a BIGWIGVIDEO that is a SEO, Social & Viral Traffic Machine and you watch your affiliate accounts to see the commissions rolling in.

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

This method is Brand New and never released before. Feeling tempted, Right…

Who should use this BigWigVideo:

Create your first Profitable Bigwig For 100% FREE

  • Make Profits Hands FREE
  • No Video Creation
  • No Website Needed
  • No Experience Needed, It’s FUN
  • FREE Training!

That right! You don’t have to be a skilled programmer to use this product. Even newbie can use this with just 3 simple steps.

This System is designed and built to Work in ANY Niche and for ANY Market of your choice.

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

And You are FREE to choose your Favorite affiliate Network to Promote Products in Those Niches. Their system seamlessly work for you.

BigWigVideo Review and Bonus - BigWigVideo

It doesn’t matter what product, what niche and which affiliate network you use, Their system is FOR YOU.

It will do a whole lot of things you haven’t even thought was possible yet… All with ZERO Skills, ZERO Headaches and with Other’s Videos…

It’s created to automate the complete system for Me, You and any ordinary person who is willing to make money online and it’s so easy that even a NEWBIE can use it without any hassle.

Create Multiple PASSIVE Income Streams Today For a Special Discounted Price

Here’s What Industry Experts & Smart Marketers Are Saying About BigWig Video

“Wow Dr. Amit, you get me amazed everytime. I have been promoting your products and leme tell you, your products are of SUPREME VALUE.

My list just loves your products. I am sure that this BigWig Video software will take the INDUSTRY BY THE STORM and enable customers to make $378 a DAY in commissions Hands free.

Guys, get this ULTIMATE PROFIT MACHINE from Dr. Amit before he raises the prices. Good Luck for massive success Doc.”

  • John Delavera

“ I have been a proud promoter of Dr. Amit Pareek products for almost 2 years. In the beginning, I literally spent weeks researching all various traffic generating software available, being careful not to make a decision I would later regret. After narrowing down the choices, I chose his product and I am happy to state my choice is surely justified. All the Best for BigWigVideo and I know it will be a great hit and my list will grab it immediately. Thank you Dr. Amit Pareek for creating such great products that help us in plenty”

  • Ian del Carmen

“I am writing this testimonial just to say thanks to Dr. Amit for creating this revolutionary software.

Completely decisive software that forced me to say wow. Bingo Dr Amit, I just loved what you have created. After a long time, I come to see this kind of video marketing innovation.

Hats off to your efforts and intelligence. This actually works as a commission machine and helps to create recurring income with practically no efforts.

No false claims! No big Dialogs! You made the perfect product for what I was looking to give it to my customers. Keep moving like this and good luck ahead”

  • Mosh Bari

“I have been into the Video Marketing arena for quite sometime now, and I must say that BigWigVideo will take the industry by a storm.

I have checked the software myself, and lemme tell you, I am satisfied with its amazing features.

Go for it guys, before Dr. Amit raises the price.

Good luck and wish you all success ahead”

  • Ankit Mehta

Why you should use this BigWigVideo:

Just think about it for a second:

  • NO NEED to compete with 1000s of other marketers –
    you STAND OUT and take the lion’s share of the profit
  • NO NEED to waste your time and money creating product or video-
    everything has been done by someone else
  • NO NEED to invest a lot of money to test a system before seeing any profit –
    it’s incredibly easy to start without ever spending a dime!
  • NO NEED to worry for those complicated and time consuming techniques –
    our system is DEAD SIMPLE to use.
  • NO NEED to think twice before taking your family out for dinner at the month’s end-
    your bank account will be taken care of by this system.

So don’t delay, go ahead and hit the buy button below to get immediate access now.

You’ll be glad you did.


Their SYSTEM & Software Has Never Been Seen Before and the best part is: Anyone Can Do This – Even Newbies with ease.

In layman terms, this is the ULTIMATE CHANCE for your buyers to run a profitable business online and become a success story.

This is really it! It can’t get easier than that my friend. Now you have the opportunity of having Right tools in your hand. An opportunity to chuck the monotonous 9-5 job and work on something that you LOVE so, Stop thinking and take action NOW.

You DON’T NEED any PRODUCT, VIDEO, HOSTING, WEBSITE, TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE… or anything complicated to get the benefits. Now is the time to start making REAL money instead of spending it so get your hands on this ultimate package and earn what you always desired to.
I am sure you will be HAPPY that you took ACTION to give financial FREEDOM to your family.
But, you need to be a little fast to reap the fruits of someone else’s hard work as the doors to BIGWIGVIDEO are open for a very limited time and closing soon.
This is the right opportunity at right time, If you miss it now, chances are you will never find it again.




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