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Easy to use - Easy to optimize

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Customer Support - Turn Around Time

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User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • Carry Messages to Customers
  • Deliver Constant Intelligence
  • Look for Open Opportunities
  • Watch Your Enemies Like a Hawk
  • Training Academy Gives You the Best Business Tactics & Sales Strategies

Blackbird is brand new technology designed to help you run your Amazon business quickly and easily in one place.

BlackBird Overview

What Is BlackBird?

If you are Amazon retailers who are looking for the “push” to take your business to the next level, you would better grab a chance to reach your goal with the powerful software called BlackBird.

BlackBird is claimed to be one of the best cloud based technology which is extra secure. This product allows you to access it from anywhere with total flexibility. Using BlackBird, you can:

  • Email your customers to generate five-star review
  • Track your products, sales, reviews, pricing, and ranking
  • Search the Amazon marketplace for the best new opportunities
  • Alert you to negative reviews on your listings.
  • Spy on your competitors to gain Intel on their results
  • Analyze on-page performance of your product page titles, bullets, images.BlackBird review and bonus - BlackBird

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How Does BlackBird Work?

Special Features of BlackBird:

BlackBird Carries Messages to Customers

BlackBird knows when your orders are confirmed, shipped, and delivered. It automatically sends emails to your customers with the mission to secure as many positive reviews for your products as possible.

Included with your account are email templates designed by the creators of BlackBird (each one of whom earns over a million dollars in yearly revenue on Amazon) and these are the same emails they use to get feedback so you can literally copy what’s working for them.

BlackBird Delivers Constant Intelligence

BlackBird will track the performance of your entire Amazon account and at-a-glance you can see intel on…

  • Sales results for your products
  • How you rank for your keywords
  • Where your competition is weak
  • BSR performance over time
  • Price points and revenue impact

BlackBird Looks for Open Opportunities

Selling on Amazon brings up lots of questions:

  • What products are selling right now?
  • How fast are they being sold?
  • What is the potential revenue?
  • How strong is the competition?
  • Should you move forward with your new idea?

To answer your questions, consult BlackBird by clicking on the Opportunity Finder.

BlackBird review and bonus - BlackBird

BlackBird Watches Your Enemies Like a Hawk

You can spy on your competitors—BlackBird will monitor the performance of their products in almost every way, including identifying why they may rank better than you for certain keywords.

With BlackBird, your competition can’t have a leg-up on you because you’ll know what’s working for them as soon as they do.

BlackBird review and bonus - BlackBird

BlackBird Training Academy Gives You the Best Business Tactics & Sales Strategies

One click on the Academy button gives you access to world-classtraining for selling on Amazon—updated regularly—created by their team of multi-million dollar Amazon sellers. You get instant access to a library of videos, PDFs, and webinars to educate yourself on how to sell successfully on Amazon

You also get access to private mastermind webinars with their coaches so you can ask questions, interact with them live, and stay informed on the latest Amazon updates. You’ll find out all the new things they discover every month.

Why Should You Get BlackBird Now?

With the click of a button you can message the BlackBird coaching staff and ask your Amazon marketing questions.

They are here to make sure you succeed on Amazon, and to help do this they have created a direct link for you within BlackBird to their team. This is not basic support staff, this is access to people who generate millions of dollars selling on Amazon, true experts, so you’re in good hands.

BlackBird review and bonus - BlackBird


BlackBird makes managing your business easier than ever before. For the first time, you can oversee virtually all your Amazon operations from one place with one monthly charge

  • Track 500 keywords
  • Analyze 100 products
  • Keep tabs on your competitors
  • Unlimited negative notifications
  • Unlimited access to the academy
  • Unlimited market research

With BlackBird, you can increase your customer feedback. In fact, people who are unsatisfied and unhappy are more likely to leave feedback than the ones who are satisfied. By sending gentle and friendly reminders to your buyers, you significantly increase your chances of getting positive feedback.

What sets BlackBird apart from other Amazon seller tools is they don’t just provide software to their members but also high-quality training videos to help users become successful in their Amazon business. BlackBird was founded by successful Amazon sellers who have made millions selling on Amazon. These videos are designed to help Amazon sellers who are just starting and the more seasoned ones who are looking for that “push” to take their business to the next level. In addition to training videos, the members will also have direct access to BlackBird’s experts via their Grab a Guru chat box. You can ask any questions you have and they’ll be there to answer.

Let’s hear Stuart Carter – BlackBird’s user who earned over a million of dollars in his very first year, saying about his experience using this technology.

“In my first year on Amazon I generated over a million dollars and the coaches at Blackbird helped me tremendously in all aspects of selling on Amazon, especially finding high quality products that sell well on Amazon!”

BlackBird review and bonus - BlackBird

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In short, BlackBird will give you the power to be successful in your Amazon business – So, go for it today!

All in all, I hope that you can get more understanding about this product and make a wise decision prior to purchasing it. Thanks for reading my BlackBird review. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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