BlankPager V3 – 6 Simple Steps To Turn Your Simple WordPress Page Into Professional Websites


BlankPager V3

BlankPager V3

Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.6 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.1 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

9.3 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.7 /10

Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

9.1 /10


  • Integrated with Elementor Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin
  • Live Editor and Preview
  • Fully Responsive
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Lots of Cool Widgets


  • You must have wordpress site self hosting, with your own domain

BlankPager V3 is a WordPress plugin that works with Elementor Free Page Builder plugin. By using Blankpager and Elementor, you can build unlimited layout of web page inside your WP site.

BlankPager V3 Overview

  • Homepage: BlankPager V3 Official Site
  • Product Name: BlankPager V3
  • Type of Product: WP Plugin
  • Authors:  Yoedi Wahyudi
  • Target niche: This wordpress plugin allows you to create unlimited web layouts quickly and easily. Even if you’re a newbie in wordpress, now you can create cool and elegant websites in minutes. You don’t need to have coding or design skills. It is as easy as copy and paste.
  • Official Price: 

What Is BlankPager V3?

After 4 months since his first BlankPager released, Yoedi Wahyudi has now returned with the third version of BlankPager that comes with even more unique features and beautiful templates.

BlankPager V3 plugin is a briliant plugin that will help you transform Free Elementor Page Builder into Premium Plugin. By using this Elementor with BlankPager, you will be able to build unlimited web pages inside your WP websites. The product allows you to turn your simple WordPress page into professional sites.

By getting this WP plugin, you will have a chance to lay your hands on Elementor templates as well as 150 premium BlankPager templates which are perfect for whatever kind of web pages you want to create including: sales pages, service sites, business sites, jv pages, bonus pages, shop pages, optin pages, etc.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

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How Does BlankPager V3 Work?

Special Features of BlankPager V3:

Integrated with Elementor Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugin

By using BlankPager and Elementor, you can create unlimited web layouts inside your wordpress site. That is because you can use all features in Elementor plugin, including drag and drop feature. Elementor is the best free Page Builder plugin I have ever seen because it comes with many premium features.

Live Editor and Preview

You can also use this feature of Elementor in BlankPager. You can watch directly all of your activity in editing the page.

150 Premium Templates (50 New)

There are 150 premium templates inside this plugin. You can use it to create whatever type of web pages such as business, optin, sales page, jv page, bonus page, and more.

You just need to insert it into your editor page and then click on the content you want to edit.

100 Sections Templates (20 new)

There are 80 sections and elements templates here including icon box, heading, footer, pricing table, image boxes, text css effect, buy button, mobile buttons, etc. And you can use them to quickly create some sections.

Mobile Buttons Templates

By making use of these templates, you can easily place mobile buttons including SMS, call, Facebook Messenger, WA, BBM, and Line. Once visitors tap on the button from their mobile phone, it will open the app. All you have to do is to change the phone number, FB profile, line id, etc.

Fully Responsive

All of the templates which are included in this plugin is fully responsive. It will adjust user’s devices: from PC, notebook, tablet, to mobile phone. Moreover, you can see the responsive preview directly on editor page.

Woocommerce Integration

BlankPager has many widgets for your woocommerce plugin. The system will show your woocommerce products so you can build your shop page with it.

Contact Form Widget

BlankPager is also integrated with Contact Form 7 WP plugin. This is by far one of the best free plugin to create contact form, that has been used by more than 1 million users. All you have to do is to paste Contact form 7 shortcode on into the widget.

Lots of Cool Widgets

There are over 30 widgets available like columns, heading, image, tabs, text editor, accordion, image box, icon box, video, buttons, Google maps, etc.

Responsive Menu Widget

The product is integrated with all SEO wordpress plugin including Yoast SEO and All in one SEO Pack. You can easily enter your meta tag for SEO like title, slug, descriptions, and keywords.

Optin Form Widget

Just paste your optin form code into this widget and this plugin will automatically do styling for the subsciption form for you.

Twitter Embed Widget

You are allowed to embed your Twitter timeline here only by entering your Twitter ID. The creator also give you the ability to add Twitter timeline from other users.

Recent Post Widgets

This widget is not free on Elementor and it requires you to purchase the PRO version of it. However, you can use it with Blankpager plugin without paying any extra fee. This widget can also be used to create Blog page. You can configure number of posts and also the columns.

Facebook Pixel

This product also works with Facebook Pixel plugin. You can put Facebook pixel code on this page on the metabox with ease. It uses free Facebook Pixel plugin that you can install from WP dashboard.

Unique CSS Text Effect

There are 10 unique text effects which you will not find in Elementor Free. You only have to enter the class for the text.

SEO Ready

This WP plugin is integrated with all SEO WP plugin and you can easily enter your meta tag for SEO like title, slug, descriptions, and keywords. It uses Yoast SEO Plugin.

Not only that, Blankpager plugin also includes many beautiful templates

Niche 1. Business and Company (30 Templates)

You are able to utilize this template to build business landing pages such as company websites, company profile websites, travel agency websites, hospital websites, restaurant websites, etc.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 2. Product Landing Pages and Sales Page Template (20 Templates)

This template allows you to create sales page for your next product with ease. All you have to do is just insert the template you like and then edit the content.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 3. Online Service Website (15 Templates)

By using these templates, you can easily create online service landing pages like web hosting service, backlink service, seo service, web design services, etc.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 4. JV Page (10 Templates)

In case you wish to launch your product, you will need to create JV page first. That is why the producer also provides templates for it.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 5. Bonus Page (10 Templates)

You can create bonus pages by using this template to increase your affiliate earning.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 6. Coming Soon and Under Construction Page (15 Templates)

The product includes beautiful templates to build coming soon page when your site is under construction or more.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 7. Contact Us Page (10 Templates)

You can use these cool templates to create app download landing pages.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 8. App Landing Page (10 Templates)

You’re also receive this template to build app landing page, free or paid appas.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 9. Optin Pages (10 Templates)

You can use these templates to create subscription form. This will help you grow your lists.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 10. Welcome Page (5 Templates)

The producer allows you to use these templates to create simple blog pages.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 11. Welcome Pages (10 Templates)

You are enabled to take advantage of these templates for creating your homepage.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

Niche 12. Woocommerce Online Store (5 Templates)

These templates can also be used to create cool shop pages. It’s integrated with woocommerce plugin.

BlankPager V3 review and bonus - BlankPager V3

How It Works:

Step 1: Install BlankPager plugin

Step 2: Add your new web page inside your WP site

Step 3: Edit with Elementor plugin that was integrated with BlankPager

Step 4: Select page template

Step 5: Insert selected templates

Step 6: Edit the content and replace it with your own

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Who Should Use BlankPager V3?

BlankPager V3 was designed to work for all marketers. This WP plugin allows you to create unlimited web layouts easily and quickly.

Even if you are new to WordPress, now you have the power to create elegant websites in just a few minutes. There is no need for you to have coding or designing skills.

Why Should You Get BlankPager V3 Now?

This time I don’t want to go into detail of why you should get BlankPager now because the product speaks for itself.

Let’s take a recap at the full list of features when you purchase BlankPager V3 plugin.

  • Integrated with Elementor Page Builder
  • Live Editor and Preview
  • 150 Landing Page Templates
  • 100 Section Templates
  • One Click Insert Template
  • Works with All WordPress Themes
  • Shape Devider
  • Contact form Widget
  • Optin form widget
  • Responsive Menu Widget
  • Columns Widget
  • Heading Widget
  • Columns Widget
  • Image Widget
  • Text Editor Widget
  • Button Widget
  • Video Widget
  • Lightbox Video Player
  • Hundreds Google Fonts
  • Unlimited Possibilities Layouts
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Devider Widget
  • Spacer Widget
  • Google Map Widget
  • Icon Widget
  • Counter Widget
  • Progress Bar Widget
  • Testimonial Widget
  • Recent Post Widget
  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Twitter Embed Widget
  • Fully Responsive
  • SMS Button Template
  • Call Template Button
  • FB Messeger Button Template
  • BBM Button Template
  • Line Button Template
  • Mail Button Template
  • Gradient Color Background
  • Video Background
  • Accordion Widget
  • Tabs Widget
  • Counter Widget
  • Alert Widget
  • Social Widget
  • Shortcode Widget
  • HTML Widget
  • Whatsapp Button Template
  • 10 Unique Text Effects
  • Floating Content
  • 6 Unique Shadow Effets
  • 20+ Content Unique Hover Animation
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Unlimited License
  • One Click Update
  • Free Update forever
  • Video Manual Guide

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