BNB Formula Review – The 7 Figure Airbnb Entrepreneur (And How You Join This BNB Gold Rush)


BNB Formula

BNB Formula

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  • Using Templates, Fillable Forms, and Downloadable Tools to build your business
  • Access to a global online community of other BNB business owners - via the private forum
  • Using custom profitability software with the BNB Property Profits Calculator
  • 14 On-site videos showing you the best tips and tricks for listings
  • Deep Dive lessons for in depth training on a variety of useful BNB skills

BNB Formula is a labor of love intended to help others get on the fast track to success with Airbnb and become a part of the amazing window of opportunity available right now in short term rentals hosting!

BNB Formula Review – BNB Formula Overview

BNB Formula Review – What is BNB Formula?

BNB Formula Review and Bonus - BNB Formula

These Jokers Figured Out How To Make $1M/Year on Airbnb!

2020. That’s the year Airbnb is projected to become 10 TIMES LARGER than it is today, according to Forbes Magazine. And there are a few people in the know who’ve figured out the secret to earning HUGE six and seven figure incomes on Airbnb. One of them is Brian Page.

So today I came across this guy, Brian Page, who says he’s making multiple six figures per year on Airbnb even though he owns no property.

And he says he’s just small potatoes compared to the 75 people Forbes recently uncovered who are making over a MILLION per year on the site!

Seems this guy has also figured out how to outsource his entire business so he only works a few hours per week to manage all his listings. I could go on, but really, just see for yourself this is really intriguing.

Brian has a set of free videos which he is releasing in which he shares the system he is using!

The best thing is that Brian has created an efficient system where he is earning a full time income and just works a few hours each week managing it. Sounds pretty good to me!

This is really an interesting opportunity and as you’ll learn in the first video that you do NOT need to own the properties yourself! In the video Brian explains how he has a system where he finds property owners that are happy to work with him.

Well, I could tell you more, but the videos Brian is offering for free are amazing! Go check them out before he takes them down on April 26th.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll be as excited as I am about this great new opportunity after watching the videos!

Brian Page, an entrepreneur, author, and expert Airbnb host has completed an 8 week interactive training course teaching students how to build a profitable Airbnb business. Utilizing multiple properties, this comprehensive video training and mentorship program trains students in the 7 steps of his BNB Formula. Brian used this formula to earn over $100,000 in his first six months and over $300,000 his first year with Airbnb, without owning any properties. He is an expert in automation and outsourcing, spending only a few hours a week to manage his BNB business.

BNB Formula is a labor of love intended to help others get on the fast track to success with Airbnb and become a part of the amazing window of opportunity available right now in short term rentals hosting!

BNB Formula provides strategies, tips and resources to those interested in the life changing business opportunities available in the new sharing economy phenomenon of “short term rentals”.

Airbnb is the leader in the home-sharing, short-term rental and home sharing industry. According to the Wall Street Journal, Airbnb is projected to grow from $1.5 billion in revenue today to $10 Billion by 2020. Currently Airbnb makes up less than 1% of the hospitality industry with exponential growth expected in the near future as
consumers become aware of and choose “sharing hospitality” and short term stays over traditional hotels.

BNB Formula Review – Special Features of BNB Formula?

BNB Formula Review and Bonus - BNB Formula

The BNB Formula training goes into depth on such topics as:

What Brian says about the course:

“My goal is for students not only to watch and learn but to take direct and specific action towards building their BNB business. I truly want results for my students so I’m limiting the number of those who are accepted into the training on April 26. This business can be done almost anywhere in the world Airbnb operates, in 192 countries. With the projected growth of the industry, I really believe we are still very early in this industry. For those who have the ability to recognize a real opportunity, this is it.”

“As far as I know there is no program available anywhere, let alone this comprehensive, that teaches students how to build a portfolio of profitable BNB listings. The BNB Formula took over 6 months to write, produce and record and is everything an aspiring business owner needs to start from scratch and within a few months have a profitable, nearly fully automated business up and running.”

BNB Formula Review – Why should you get BNB Formula Now?


We had a huge number of people commenting about the free video from the guy who scaled up his AirBNB business.

It seems a lot of people think it’s too good to be true.

Here’s what you may have missed:

1) Airbnb is now becoming a BIG business for those who learn how to SCALE it up.

2) There are 75 people making over $1 Million a year listing on airbnb and many more earning 6 figures.

3) You don’t need to own any property to build a big Airbnb business

4) Airbnb is still less than 1% of the hospitality industry’s size, but is projected to EXPLODE in market share in just the next 4 years.

Sound like something that could be a good opportunity to look into?

A recent Forbes article states that 75 people are making over $1 Million per year on the platform. It’s also estimated that thousands are earning well over six figures annually using just Airbnb. Making money with Airbnb is now becoming a legitimate business for those who desire to build one.

BNB Formula Review – How Does BNB Formula Work?

BNB Formula allows students to acquire and manage multiple listings without having to invest huge sums of money or buy property. Brian’s system shows step by step how to find willing property owners, set up the listings so they’re profitable in less than 60 days, and then repeat the process. Course registration opens April
26 and will only accepting registrations for 10 days.

The BNB Formula is part online educational video training and part direct live mentorship. Students will watch videos each week, complete real world tasks and join a live weekly coaching call where they work to implement what they’ve learned. The course walks through how to go from zero properties and no experience to expert status and multiple income earning listings by the completion of the 8 week training.

BNB Formula Review – Conclusion/Bottom Line:

Summary: This work at home opportunity requires very few hours to make full time income in the booming short term rentals hosting business. BNB Formula provides Airbnb training to help students get up and running quickly. Training provided by Airbnb expert, Brian Page.


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