Bonus Pack 3 – Email Marketing


Bonus #1: Instant Swipe File – Amplified


A massive collection of 4,203 profit-producing, click getting emails you can adapt, tweak and alter for your own email or even email followup sequences.

This mammoth email swipe file will give you more winning ideas than you can ever use in just one business.

These emails have collectively generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales.

Bonus #2: 2017 Funnel Hacking Live Notes

Over a dozen other successful marketers spilling their guts and giving away some of their best methods for making money with funnels.

Multiple high-profit funnels were dissected into simple, actionable steps, and they got to see how to build and make money with each one.

  • Email/ List-Building Funnels
  • Membership Funnels
  • Ecommerce Funnels
  • Amazon Funnels
  • Supplement Funnels
  • Event Funnels
  • Social Webinar Funnels
  • The Podcast Funnel

Bonus #3: Consultant Funnel

You will get:

Lead-Gen Site: WordPress, HTML5, OptimizePress and ClickFunnels. Generate leads for your business by using this pre-made lead-gen site! This is a simple layout. That’s probably why it works so well.

Conversion Videos: You can use these videos on your lead-gen site – instead of the ecover image – on your YouTube channel or on your primary website.

Lead-Magnet Report – 6,900+ Words: You also get a powerful, professionally written 6,900+ word lead-gen report, “Website Design Secrets for the Local Business!”.

Lead-Magnet Checklist – 2-Pages: Checklists are a great way to keep you on track and gives you the ability to make sure you do everything needed without forgetting important tasks or steps.

Bonus #4: The Secret To Writing Profitable Emails

Here’s what you’re getting:

  • Imagine turning your email list into raving fans who spend.
  • What if you could write addictive emails anytime you like.
  • Picture being able to profit without being salesy or weird.
  • How quickly will you start with his ‘done for you‘ templates.
  • Discover the most profitable way to communicate.
  • Learn how often you should email.
  • Know the right time to start pitching.

Bonus #5: The Email Alchemist

The Email Alchemist is the ultimate guide to profitable email marketing. It also serves as a step-by-step road map for selling anything online.

No Hollywood video crew or fancy-pants graphic designer required.

If you want to understand how to use email marketing to attract, build rapport, and compel readers to consume your offerings, then this book is a must read.

Bonus #6: Email Riches Blueprint

This is a complete system that enables you to understand what your subscriber expects, likes, hates, wants, needs, can’t resist, and fears when he/she decides to join your list… regardless of the niche.

It’s a system that is based on deep understanding of sales psychology and human behavior. It gives you an understanding of how they respond to specific psychological triggers. And, it speeds up the sales process, and automates recurring sales. It truly is chock-full of time-tested, proven email marketing secrets you won’t find anywhere else

Bonus #7: Email Templates for Freelancers

Here’s what’s in it for you:

  • Save time with proven templates
  • Maintain a tone that garners respect from clients
  • Keep your projects on track with effective communication
  • Close more deals
  • Get shit done.

Bonus #8: 101 Red Hot Email Subject Lines

Over 100, high-converting, fill-in-the-blank email subject lines you can use to ignite your open rates and sales!

You can skip all the hard work and just get emailing.

Whether you’re selling web site services, online courses, sales copy, real estate services, pet services, or hair cuts, these prewritten, fill-in-the-blanks templates are perfect for you.

All of the 101 red-hot email subject lines are evergreen, so you can use them today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Bonus #9: Easy Funnel Profits

Here’s What You Get From The “Easy Funnel Profits” training:

  • 35 pages of solid content where we reveal the easiest method the author use on a daily base to make $210.92 per day
  • All you need to know to get tons of buyer leads: This is important because everyone needs BUYER traffic and no one wants to pay for it… This is the way to do it
  • PLR License: Includes the “Easy Funnel Profits” re-editable document
  • Sales Swipes: Needless to tell you that if you want to sell a product, you need to use e-mail swipes (messages) to convince your audience to buy from you… These “Done For You” swipes are all you need to sell this product
  • … ALL The PDS Image Files you need to make a complete product transformation or even a product launch if you want
  • And much more

Bonus #10: Copy Paste Send

Preview the email sample that we have personally hand-written to make us over $583 in commission as shown in the video.

The 33 ‘no-pitch style’ email series that generated $33,777 sales and over $18,000+ net profit in under 40 days.

Bonus #11: CBS Formula

This system is as simple as…

  • Create a product
  • Build an email list
  • Sell the product to the email list

But it works so well that absolutely nobody who copied them have ever failed with it.

Inside CBS Formula, they’re going to show you step by step how you can do this too and we’ll give you everything you need to make $500 – $1,000/Day within your first week.

Bonus #12: Dropshipping Dreams

You will get:

  • Step By Step Guide: How to dropship passively and profitable every day.
  • Revealed: Screenshots showing exactly how I did it, Everything Revealed
  • Method: Never before Seen, Anywhere
  • Works anywhere in the world
  • 100% White -hat stuff, this is not some trick or loop hole that will close in a day
  • Written by myself, a Traveler, NOT an Internet Marketer
  • Tools I Use, Copy them exactly
  • Business in a box, how to get to few hours a week only to maintain this
  • Never before released, You will LOVE this simple Method

Bonus #13: Compelling ClickBank Lead Magnets

Grab exclusive lead magnets to 8 of the hottest and most profitable niches on clickbank

Build your list and earn huge commissions easier and faster than ever before.

You’re going to get:

  • Pre-sells leads and turns them into buyers
  • Proven squeeze pages to build your list fast.
  • Attractive ecovers To Boost Sign Ups
  • High quality content that will make you look like an authority in your niche.
  • Effective and all done for you

Bonus #14: Laptop Lifestyle

Use this simple easy to follow formula to build massive, profitable lists in lucrative niches.

What you’ll learn inside:

  • Module #1 – targeting lucrative niches with the proper strategy set up for big profits
  • Module #2 – step-by-step set up guide
  • Module #3 – how to mine for gold – find the right offers on the right marketplaces so you cash in big
  • Module #4 – the real laptop lifestyle – automation done right

Bonus #15: Offline Marketing Lab

Offline Marketing Lab

  • The Complete Breakdown of the Thumbtack Method including the Template that Kills it!
  • Several additional methods that you can use to get clients coming to you, ready to buy
  • How to build a massive referral network that brings you business like clockwork
  • How to setup your services to make the most profit from each client, while providing them with constant value.
  • And much, much more!

Bonus #16: The Newsletter Academy

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in this training:

  • How you can get started Today with just a simple 2-page website and have your first 100 newsletter subscribers before you go to bed – heck you might even make a few quick bucks too!
  • Immediate upgrade strategy: how to immediately “upgrade” your free subscribers to premium subscribers without being pushy or salesy and produce an immediate ROI!
  • You’ll learn how to validate niches for your email newsletter business to be sure you’re not wasting any of your time or hard-earned money – get this wrong and you’re doomed from the start!
  • Discover the simple “low-tech” solution for building, growing and managing your email newsletter – so many people overcomplicate this stuff, it’s really not that hard folks!
  • And much more.

Bonus #17: Personal Improvement Strategies

Psychologists Eve Ash and Peter Quarry share strategies and skills to help you develop and improve yourself and your chances of success in your career.

The six video chapters are:

  • Personal goal setting: 13 minutes Learn the five most common mistakes people make in setting goals and how to overcome them to achieve success.
  • Successful thinking habits: 14 minutes Learn eight ways to overcome blocks and achieve in work and personal life through successful thinking habits.
  • Preparing for your appraisal: 15 minutes Evaluate your performance to ensure you get what you want out of the interview.
  • Learning from mistakes: 14 minutes Discover a simple three-step process for learning from mistakes and how to embed it into the culture of your organization.
  • Getting the most out of training: 13 minutes Learn to take more personal responsibility for maximized learning. Motivates those about to engage in a training activity.
  • Be careful with email: 15 minutes Avoid legal and other dangers, and increase email professionalism. Learn the main ’email sins’.

Bonus #18: Snap on Subscriptions

Here’s just a little of what you get access to inside:

  • An Uncensored Look at a Real $100K Generating Subscription Program.
  • The “10,000 ft View” of the Subscription Model I Use and how it works.
  • The Real Reason Why You Don’t Need Membership Site Software.
  • The Shocking Reason why you Should Only Create a Defined of Content for your Membership Site and then Stop… and Never Start Again.
  • How to Build a Subscription on the “Psychology of Collecting”.
  • The EXACT Audiences that you Should Sell a Subscription To.
  • The 2 Types of Content that Get Subscribers (and keeps them)
  • How to Create the Special Content that Makes it Work.
  • A Full overview of how to create the Pages that Power it.
  • A Full overview of how to Power it all with an Email Autoresponder and Cart.

Bonus #19: ActiveCampaign – Email Marketing

ActiveCampaign delivers amazing marketing possibilities but with lots of GOTCHAs.

Learn from his experience and mistakes… enrol now and start a new world of intelligent email marketing with ActiveCampaign.

This course takes you rapidly from beginner to advanced user of the Active Campaign.

In just 2 hours you should be able to design and create interactive automation marketing systems with ActiveCampaign.

Bonus #20: Email Millionaires System

First ever, 100% complete, step by step email system that will have you writing winning and profitable emails in no time.

  • Module 1 – 18 Winning Themes
  • Module 2 – The Art Of The Tease
  • Module 3 – Email Body Copy That Keeps Them Reading
  • Module 4 – Believability Breakthroughs
  • Module 5 – Email Power Principles
  • Module 6 – Big Picture Strategy
  • Module 7 – Compelling Calls To Action

Bonus #21: Funnel Vision – The Trial Formula

What’s inside:

  • Session 1: The Trial Game Changer
  • Session 2: Trial Timing Secrets
  • Session 3: Trial Pricing Strategies
  • Session 4: Trial Funnels and Traffic Explained
  • Session 5: Trial Onboarding (Retention and Happiness)

By the time you’re through with this part of the course you’ll have the exact formula to build out processes and be ready to actually hire an employee (this is how our employees make money for us almost right out of the gate).

Bonus #22: Sales Funnels Rebuilt

100% new way of building sales funnels that’s easy to implement. The secret to their success is the “micro funnel.”

How to use the two types of micro funnels as the buliding blocks for any marketing campaign or funnel you create from now on. And explain it all in plain English!

13 Modules and Private Coaching Included!

You get all the videos, transcripts, audios, worksheets, bonus trainings, campaign worksheets, plus a next level coaching session with LeadPages’ master coach… all to help you get more leads and generate more sales!


Bonus #23: Agora Email Marketing

World-class email specialist reveals how even raw & wriggling newbies can bang out money-making emails on demand and in just minutes per day.

You will learn:

  • The Las Vegas stripper secret for extracting the maximum amount of sales out of customers using nothing but email.
  • How to write emails that make sales even if you don’t mention a single benefit.
  • The “haunted” subject line technique that immediately stands out in overcrowded inboxes.
  • 7 newbie-proof ways to write profitable emails in just 15-minutes or less.
  • The never-talked-about reason why people ignore emails with lots of content and value.
  • And much more

Bonus #24: Profit Sucking Emails

Discover how to create emails that enrich your open rates, click-throughs, and monies generated from your list.

You will learn:

  • Exactly how many massages to send before asking for the sale
  • How to write emails for mobile application?
  • 14 reasons why your email campaigns might stink.
  • How to write amazing emails in as little as 20 minute.
  • Which part of your email is the most important to test.
  • The best time of day for sending emails.
  • And much, much more

Bonus #25: Email Maestro

How to massively boost your open rates for your email campaigns – and massively boost your income.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to create compelling content that gets your subcribers to open your emails.
  • How to skyrocket your open-rates and start to see the $$$ roll in!
  • How to craft copy that converts.
  • How to create a relationship with your subscribers that gets them to crave your content.

Bonus #26: Solo Funnel Breakthrough

Straight information on how to put together a funnel that is going to help you make your money back from solo ad purchases.

It takes you by the hand and shows you why this type of funnel works so well and how to set one up for yourself.

The methods you are going to learn in this guide work…simple as that.

Bonus #27: Authority Funnel Profits

This is a step-by-step, actionable sales-funnel training that will teach you how to:

  • Craft addictive funnel pages like thank-you page and download pages that hook your subscribers hard.
  • Addict your subscribers to your funnel, even those ‘grab-and-run’ freebie-seekers!
  • Inject authority into your funnel so people will keep coming back to you, and buy your stuffs!
  • Create the perfect freebie that makes your subscribers trust you and slams money into your bank account!
  • Create the ONE type of bonus that make subscribers absolutely love you and buy your stuffs all day long!
  • Get your subscribers ‘itching’ to open your emails every time you send them.
  • And much more.

Bonus #28: Instant Agency Funnel

This is exactly what you get:

  • Why an Online Marketing Agency: You’re going to learn why this is by far one of the most lucrative business models out there you can tap right now.
  • The Million Dollar mistake: Most people are not prepared to have a millionaire business and you’re going to be. This alone is worth the price of this in Gold!
  • A Insider Look to my Company! An insider overview to my real-world funnel that is working TODAY: I’m going to show you my exact funnel and why it makes people to BEG me to become my clients!
  • The Traffic on Demand System: You’re going to learn how I split my campaigns to have main street traffic on demand that will NEVER get saturated at a ridiculous cost!
  • The Instant Profit Map! You’re going to learn exactly how you can launch your company and land your first high ticket client in less than 12 hours!

Bonus #29: Back To Basics Bundle

A done for you list building guide that also teaches you everything you need to know to build a list.

You will get:

  • A complete guide detailing exactly how to build a successful mailing list.
  • A freebie that an be given away to speed up your list building endeavour.
  • Three squeeze pages that are ready to go right out of the box.
  • A done for you email campaign.

Bonus #30: Email Launch Mastery

Here’s What You’ll See In Email Launch Mastery:

  1. Show you a special formula for creating powerful emails that get results.
  2. Demonstrate a proven way to create high-converting emails that will get your visitors to start taking ACTION..
  3. Structure your emails in a unique way so that they get maximum conversions for your offer.
  4. Implement a proven, step-by-step system that converts passive subscribers into link-clicking buyers.
  5. Learn to give people a reason to click through to your offer.
  6. Set up several of these email cash machines each week.
  7. How to send your emails in a certain order so that people will want to click on your links and start taking action.
  8. Discover the simple system that I use to create emails fast that lead to multiple sales.

And much more.

Bonus #31: DFY Solo Profit Funnel

Learn the true secrets to making over $10K per month with ease.

The author is going to show you the exact and only plan you ever need to make over $10,000 per month on the internet.

This guide is for those who want a life of freedom and are willing to work for it, but they need a little guidance to help get them there.

Bonus #32: Fiverr Funnel Kraze

Simple step by step system shows you how to crush it with fiverr sales and build a responsive buyers list at the same time…

  • Module 1 — The Plan.
  • Module 2 — The Money.
  • Module 3 — The Shopping List.
  • Module 4 — Your Autoresponder.
  • Module 5 — Private: Only For Buyers
  • Module 6 –- Keyword Research.
  • Module 7– Fiverr Funnel Setup.
  • Module 8 — Creating Your Gig Product.
  • Module 9 — Building Your Buyers List.

Bonus #33: Zap Funnel

Get 8 Ready-To-Go Lead Generating Funnels And Start Building Your List And Make Massive Sales.

  • Zap Funnel #1: Email Marketing Cheatsheet.
  • Zap Funnel #2: Killer Copy Secrets.
  • Zap Funnel #3: FB Authority Secrets.
  • Zap Funnel #4: Forum List Building.
  • Zap Funnel #5: Amazon Affiliate Blueprint.
  • Zap Funnel #6: Launch Checklist.
  • Zap Funnel #7: Online MLM Blueprint.
  • Zap Funnel #8: FB Ads Blueprint.

Bonus #34: Email Inception

Ben Adkins gives an unprecedented look behind the scenes at his unorthodox email campaign creation process that he’s used to generate millions of dollars online.

You will get:

  • How to write an inception email sequence.
  • The pattern interrupt generator.
  • How to warm up a cold email signup so that they realize they matter.
  • The secret to subject lines (that get opened).
  • How to incorporate a really good story into your emails.
  • How to write a cliffhanger that gets your next email opened.
  • The stupid trick that doubles your response rate and sales.

Bonus #35: 4 Hour List Building

You will get:

  1. 10 Minute Affiliate Funnel: Only way to build funnel within 10 minutes. It doesn’t require you to have your own product. You can make even more money selling other peoples products. It converts like bonkers! And, doesn’t require you to be a writer, programmer, or marketing skills of any sort.
  2. The List Building Cheat Codes: How To optimize your list-building to its maximum potential…with minimum effort. This is the secret weapon that will allow you to beat competitors from day 1.

3. Top 2 Ultra Profitable Traffic Sources: Here you’ll discover how you can start building profitable traffic for FREE. Or, you can choose to fast paid traffic. Anyways, when you try this new list building system, remember that you don’t pay for traffic.

Bonus #36: Small List Email Maestro

Inside “Small List Email Maestro” the author is going to walk you through the five steps he personally uses to obtain mindblowing results, even from a small list.

  • Get the first step wrong, and you can wave goodbye to sales. Almost nobody teaches you how to do this right.
  • The tiny detail I got wrong myself and which probably have cost me thousands of dollars and how you can easily get it right.
  • Most newbies and even experienced marketers get step 2 wrong, because they are afraid of losing subscribers, and how it can actually lead to unsubscribes.
  • The things you MUST write to your list to get them to open your mail and keep reading.
  • Make a fatal mistake here, and you’re doomed.
  • The “Small List Email Maestro” technique and why it works — also with big lists.
  • Step 5 — most newbies and even advanced marketers skip this step and leave so much money on the table that it is close to tipping over.

Bonus #37: Email Traffic Academy

What you will discover…

  • How to use high-volume email marketing, even if you don’t have your own list.
  • Which niches and vertical markets work best for email marketing.
  • Why visitors from email marketing are more responsive than search, PPC, PPV, or any other traffic source.
  • Real-life results from Email Traffic Campaigns.
  • How to find totally untapped lists, regardless of your niche.

Bonus #38: Grow Your Email List Like a Freakin Weed

Here is what you will learn with the “Grow Your Email List Like A Freakin’ Weed” training:

  • How to construct the perfect lead magnet + landing page
  • How to use Amazon to grow your list (for free)
  • How to get featured on the top blogs in your niche and get those readers onto your mailing list
  • How to use Giveaways to explode your mailing list
  • How to use private Facebook groups to build buzz and engagement
  • Whirlwind tour of Facebook ads – how to get profitable leads and scale
  • The Proven Strategic Content Blueprint

Bonus #39: List Building Kickstart

Here’s exactly what’s covered in this workshop…

  • Learn the super easy technique for creating a free offer anyone in your niche would want.
  • Examples of free offers in different niches. He learns best by hearing about or seeing examples, so he has given several different niche examples in this workshop to help you get ideas for your free offer.
  • The techy side of list building… How to create your download page so your subscribers can actually download your free offer and the key things your download page needs to start making you money instantly.
  • How to use a simple blog to start building your list quickly! No one is teaching this technique and it’s truly going to blow your mind how easy it is!
  • How to get instant traffic so you can start building your list on day one! The author is giving you three of his best traffic sources and showing you how to use them!
  • And so so so much more!

Bonus #40: Local List Formula

Local List Formula is everything you need to not only become an expert on email marketing and deliver amazing results, but we are going to show you Exactly how to get clients in the first place.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Module 1 – Client Acquisition. In Module 1, the author will show you his secret fact based strategy for finding out who he will be able to get results for.
  • Module 2 – Email Super Funnel. The Email Super Funnel is designed to get you as many clients as possible for email marketing and to build recurring income.
  • Module 3 – List Building. In this module they show you exactly how to build a list for your business and for your clients.
  • Module 4 – Email Structure 101. There is a very specific way you need to structure the emails you send out for yourself and for your clients if you want to get results.
  • Module 5 – Effective Campaign Creation. In this module the author will teach you all the important parts you need to have an effective email marketing campaign.

Bonus #41: Open Rate Solved

What you get in “open rate solved”:

  • 73 pages of high quality content, divided on 5 PDFs
  • The 5 Methods to use daily to guarantee an increase in your inboxing through Gmail, Outlook (And others)
  • Completely illustrated to make it easy to follow
  • 100% evergreen methods
  • 30 day money-back guarantee

Bonus #42: ABC eMail Marketing

The “ABC eMail Marketing” video course available for those of you who take action and get the help you need.

  • Start dominating email marketing with the exact same method that the top 5% of internet marketers use.
  • Stop looking for the latest list building gimmick or wonder-tool because all you are doing is wasting your money.. Email marketing is easy! Don’t try to over complicate things!
  • Build your email list into the 10,000’s range for free with our unique traffic methods.
  • See the money coming in almost instantly as the authors show you unique upsell and OTO method.
  • Discover that making money online is not just a myth! Anyone can do it, even the most novice of computer user.

Bonus #43: Email Marketing Kickstart

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find inside:

4 X special live webinars with recordings: watch the author make money live using the strategy he outline.

40 page step by step guide to making money with email

  1. Core principals of email marketing.
  2. Setting yourself up to succeed with email marketing.
  3. Identifying your subscriber.
  4. How to find offers your subscribers want.
  5. How to construct your offers effectively.
  6. How to write an effective email that encourages your subscribers to buy.
  7. Effective methods of adding value
  8. How to scale your success into 6 figure business.

Bonus #44: List Building Holy Grail

How to make money with every single subscriber. In the list building holy grail, it is all about building a buyers list that actually wants to be on your list.

You will learn:

  • How the author craft an affiliate promo email.
  • How to minimise your email marketing costs.
  • The proper email sending format.
  • Finding products to promote even to weird niches.
  • Simple tricks to increase open rates.
  • Simple tricks to increase click-through rates.
  • And much more

Bonus #45: Effective Emails

This report was designed to teach people how to craft effective & engaging emails. It includes five 3D eCovers with editable flat images included.

Topic List:

  • An Intro to Email
  • Email Etiquette
  • The Subject
  • The Body
  • The Call to Action
  • Mistakes to Avoid

Bonus #46: Instant Swipe File Reload

This mammoth email swipe file will give you more winning ideas than you can ever use in just one business.

You’ll want to have this instant email swipe file right at your fingertips. You want something you can access at a moment’s notice… so you can easily create a stellar, moneymaking email — on demand.

You get more than 3,830 cash-generating emails.

You’ll love the ideas you will get (or can legally steal) here… and it’s easier to come up with your own variation of a surefire winner — in just minutes! Killer email writing or swiping doesn’t get any easier than this!

Bonus #47: Agora 6 Figures 1 Email

How to clear 6 figures per year writing one email per day.

There is no fluff in this video. It’s pure content.

Bonus #48: E-Power 1.0

In less than 1 months time the author made myself $1762.

These are very simple techniques that just about anyone can do, but more importantly they are powerful when it comes to having a responsive email list and building an online business.

You will learn about the email/affiliate marketing as well as the outsourcing industry and how it could help you achieve greatness.

Bonus #49: Lazy List Profits

Here is what you get when you grab Lazy List Profits:

  • Fully Monetized, Relationship Building, Trust Boosting Emails
  • Multiple Finely Crafted Email Series Designed To Whip Your Subscribers Into A Buying FRENZY
  • Every Type Of Email You Could Need
  • You Get A Total Of 40 High-Converting, Profit-Pumping, Expertly Written Emails…Ready To Drop Into Your Auto-Responder For Copy and Paste Profits

Bonus #50: List Building Legends

Generate $300/Day on complete autopilot.

List Building tactics and methods from the very mouths of Internet Marketing Legends.

They just know what they’re doing and have proven strategies for building ridiculously, stupidly massive email lists.

You can use their knowledge to build your lists which you can adapt for any business, online or offline.


Bonus #51: DFY Profit Funnel

A complete and proven business model that will build you a responsive list of customers and line your pockets with cash right out the gate.

A proven, business model that will build you a responsive list of buyers in record time and put cash in your pocket, simultaneously.

Bonus #52: 1-Page Funnels

What if you could ditch all the complex rewiring of pages and messages… ditch the complex copy…and just use one page for a quick cash injection… now you can.

Discover how the ‘1-Page Funnel’ system works, why it will help you generate more sales in a weekend than you did last month, and how to apply it to your own business and products.

Discover the tricks big brands like Apple and Amazon use to get people lined up waiting to buy your products before you ever make it available to purchase.

And much more.

Bonus #53: Profit Lead Funnels

What you’re getting your hands on:

7 DFY Profit-Pulling Lead Funnels: You’re getting 7 Ready-To-Go IM Niche Lead Funnels that you can deploy and make profit, from today. No more hassle creating them on your own!

High Quality Giveaway Reports: Use these irresistible, professionally-written reports as ‘bribes’ to get people subscribing to your list in frenzy!

Lead Sucking Squeeze Pages: No more ‘tech frustration’. Just plug your autoresponder code into these converting squeeze pages and get an avalanche of fresh HOT subscribers!

Engaging Follow-Up Presell Emails: Simply copy & paste these 49 pre-written follow-up emails and you can literally make $$$ while you ZZZ…!

Quick & Easy to Set-Up: You can literally take ONE lead funnel and have it set up within 30 minutes or less.

Instant Cashflows! You can now build a MASSIVE list with a SNAP and generate autopilot profits!

Bonus #54: Local Funnel Formula

You’ll get:

  • The Million Dollar Funnel Sales Process — The script, proposal and agreement that has generated millions of dollars in sales for funnels in businesses around the world
  • Automatic Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Machine
  • Complete Funnel Strategy for Local Businesses
  • 5 Proven Funnel Maps
  • The Ultimate Business Card; Gain instant credibility with your very own book!
  • Step-by-step Instructions for publishing your book within 24 hours
  • The Ultimate Lead magnet — Local Marketing Success PDF
  • Done-for-You Pre-Recorded Local Marketing Webinar
  • Ultimate Webinar Success Formula
  • Video Sales Letter Pro Pack
  • Proven Mobile Responsive Funnel Pages for Lead Capture, Upsells and Downsells
  • Local Market Domination for your Local Marketing Business

Bonus #55: Lead Generation Wizardry 2.0


How to use this 3 step system to create impressive leads from scratch and start generating profits without losing any potential customers.

You will discover:

  • How to create high converting Landing Pages, so you can generate more income.
  • Learn to create highly enticing free offers to get more visitors sign up to your list.
  • The exact techniques I use to come up with landing pages that converts massive amounts of visitors into subscribers.
  • An effective method of generating a huge amount of traffic to build your list on steroids.