Bonus Pack 4 – CPA Marketing


Bonus #1: Millionaire Mafia

Benefits Of Millionaire Mafia That You’ll Learn Inside:

  • Reach More Potential Clients: Instagram allows you 80% more engagement, this results in more people seeing your updates which creates more leads and sales for your business.
  • Attraction Marketing: Learn how to use High Quality Photos to attract very targeted followers who you can influence, turn them into leads and sales on AutoPilot for your business.
  • Viral Engagement Formula: Get the underground Instagram Marketing Secret allowing normal people like you to become an Influencer. Get Hundreds of thousands of followers using this method.
  • FREE TRAFFIC THAT CONVERTS: Did you know that leads can convert as high as 7.21% on Instagram? Millionaire Mafia teaches how to get hundreds of targeteted, high-converting FREE LEADS each day.

Bonus #2: Nuts & Bolts of Running A Successful Copywriting Business

Here is just some of what Nuts & Bolts of Running A Successful Copywriting Business covers:

  • The Anatomy of Big Money Copywriting Projects and Client Relationships. Actual examples…where they came from, how they developed, work done, results – in cases where fees plus royalties exceed $100,000.00 per job.
  • The author shares key items all copywriters should include in their contracts.
  • Secrets to Prolific Output. Most copywriters are way, way, way too s-l-o-w to make any real money!
  • Avoid the “Work for Free” Trap. Dan shows you how to stop getting beat up and abused, going to prospecting lunches, spending hours on the phone, doing free critiques, cold calling and getting your brain sucked dry for free.

Bonus #3: $0 to $100,000 on Amazon

During this premium live online workshop you will learn:

  • How to find the hottest product opportunities on Amazon right now. Product selection is absolutely critical and you’ll learn the latest strategies for making sure you choose the right product the first time.
  • The exact process use to source any product in any market at the best possible prices. Getting good prices, especially when sourcing from China, is incredibly simple when you know what you’re doing. After this live workshop, you’ll be able to source any product like a seasoned expert.
  • Advanced Amazon product listing optimization strategies to produce sales for your new product FAST as soon as it’s live on Amazon. Optimizing your Amazon product’s keyword targeting, images, bullet points, and description are all critical to your success.

Bonus #4: Profit Whirlwind

Inside Profit Whirlwind, You’ll Discover:

  • How to get started with the Profit Whirlwind method right away, even if you’ve never made a penny before online and you’re a total newbie…
  • Why you don’t need a big list to make thousands of dollars per month… you’ll discover how to start banking daily pay days with TINY lists that anyone can build in just a few short days
  • How to take your tiny list and make easy $100-$200+ daily payments with just 30 minutes of very simple work

Bonus #5: Article Cash

Here’s just a few things you’ll discover…

  • How to create written content today and get paid for it over and over again. – Believe me, if you can write 500 words on a popular topic you’ll have buyers falling over themselves to buy it.
  • How to know if the article topics you’re writing about today will still be relevant in 6 months from now. – Make this mistake and you could be throwing away future pay days.
  • What type of articles affiliate marketers and website builders are looking for. – Write the wrong type and you’ll never be able to sell them.
  • Two dead easy ways to turn your articles into an irresistible package for buyers. – It only takes a few minutes to do and you won’t even have to write any new content.

Bonus #6: Affiliate Marketing Masters

In this course, Ryan Hildreth and Tanner J. Fox teach you:

  • How to market products and services in order to earn commissions.
  • How to sign-up and be accepted by the top affiliate networks.
  • How to make use of 100% free traffic on social media to generate sales.
  • How to create websites and landing pages.
  • How to choose a niche, and effectively advertise products and services to maximize your earnings.

Bonus #7: $250 Online Every Day

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The $250 Online Every Day System…

  • How you can get started TODAY without an email list, product, service or idea
  • The simple process to ethically ‘stealing’ other people’s funnels for profit
  • How to get 100% commission on the funnels you promote
  • The ‘Anyone Can Do It’ way to build a list strategy that costs nothing to do

Bonus #8: Smackdown Profits

Here’s What’s Inside This PROVEN & Tested $100/day “Smackdown” System…

  • Full A to Z overview of the method, so you can get started as soon as TODAY
  • We also show you the SIMPLE core steps you need to take in an over-the-shoulder video course to ensure you hit $100+/day online quickly with this proven system
  • Step-by-step PDF guide to make sure that you stay on track and don’t get lost
  • DFY tools to make the entire process 10x easier for you.

Bonus #9: Social CPA Academy

Inside Social CPA Academy, You’ll Discover:

  • How to start up a campaign in a niche you know nothing about from scratch and follow along with the producers.
  • Effortless CPA Commissions: Make hands-free CPA cash within minutes of setting up your first campaign using our formula
  • Copy-Paste Traffic: Easily drive targeted visitors to your offers by copying proven ads.
  • Why they can give you a 110% guarantee that all you have to do is take action to get some of the most insane results of your life. Nothing else is so proven and so fast.

Bonus #10: CPA Cruise Control

Here is some of what is included inside of CPA Cruise Control:

  • $100 per day CPA strategies using Bing.
  • A live look inside the actual CPA network AND Bing accounts, the producers use for campaigns.
  • How to separate yourself from the regular CPA marketers to become a super CPA marketer.
  • Simple and advanced tracking to maximize profits.

Bonus #11: Rapid Flips Profits

Let’s check what you can learn in this super-course:

  • 4 secret resources to learn hot selling products.
  • The product selection case study.
  • How to check your profit margins.
  • 3 hidden ways to get the perfect domain name at 40% discount.

Bonus #12: Easy PD Profits

With Easy PD Profits you’ll discover:

  • How to quickly setup 5 easy income streams…with 100% free content!
  • How to utilize Public Domain content properly to create your own copyrighted content!
  • How to use free software to find public domain images fast!
  • Real-life examples, case studies and strategies!

Bonus #13: CPA Instant Trigger

Just Some Of What You Will Discover With CPA Instant Trigger:

  • Step By Step detailed videos (Over 1 Hour of valuable content).
  • How to Get accepted in ANY CPA network.
  • How to choose profitable offers.
  • How to get FREE LASER Targeted Traffic.
  • How to use more than 1 sources of Quality FREE Traffic.

Bonus #14: Get In Their Heads

Why you’re getting:


Learn what Google means by “relevant content” and why it’s so critically important for your posts. See how necessary it is to pull keywords apart in order to get the clues you need in order to write highly relevant content.


Discover the five sources I use for learning what products are going to be the most popular for any holiday. How to look for new niches when doing hot product research.

Bonus #15: Amazon Seller Mastery

The author will go over:

  • Product Research
  • Product Criteria
  • The tools I use to find products that make over $10,000 profit a month, each
  • How to find, contact, and work with international suppliers
  • Exactly what to ask for and negotiate with suppliers
  • Creating an Amazon Listing that sells
  • How to get reviews on your Amazon listing

Bonus #16: Elite Commission Machines

Here’s what you will be learning:

  • How to pick high converting offers from our favorite commission earning platforms
  • The powerful secrets we use to get high quality penny clicks using Bing ads in any niche
  • How to earn up to a 10,800% ROI using the power of our system
  • The small tweaks that we use to increase our return on investment

Bonus #17: The Awakening

Here’s What You’ll Discover Inside The Awakening:

  • Why you don’t need a big list to make money online, and how to get going today even if you’re a total newbie.
  • An overview of how Shahin is making thousands of dollars with a tiny list of less than 200 people… and how you can do the same.
  • How to get started right now even if you don’t have a list of your own… The producer will give you a simple method for getting started for FREE and making money right away.
  • How to use the method inside The Awakening to start making money right away.

Bonus #18: Offers Into Cash

  • Fill In The Blanks Offer Maker

You get a short “Offer Maker” PDF you print out  with questions and blank lines on it. Those blank lines are where YOU will assemble your very own EPIC offer within 30 minutes.

  • EPIC Offer Cheat Sheet

You also receive the EPIC Offer Super Shortcuts Cheat Sheet. On one nifty Cheat Sheet you get step-by-step instructions in paing-by-number fasion on how to assemble your EPIC OFFER out with questions and blank lines on it.

  • Epic Offer Promotion Guide

Once you create your IPIC offer, you need to promote that bad boy so affiliates know about it and can get their greedy little hands on it and send big, fat chunks of money your way.

Bonus #19: Attorney Marketing Confidential

This course соvеrѕ absolutely еvеrуthing, from ѕtаrt to finish. When you’re ԁоnе with this course уоu will bе ready to ѕtаrt finding prospects аnԁ generating leads tһаt pay. Үоu will be аn attorney marketing ехреrt.

It ԁоеѕn’t take a rосkеt scientist to ԁо this, іt takes a mоtіvаtеԁ individual who іѕ willing to рut in the nесеѕѕаrу work. Іn no time, you can bе helping attorneys ѕаvе money while making а fortune.

Іn this course they left no ѕtоnе unturned to mаkе is as еаѕу to understand аѕ possible. То make it а step-by-step, сору/раѕtе type thing уоu will have nо problem doing аnу of it.

Bonus #20: $100 a Day

What you’ll find inside:

  • An EASY to Follow System, which is completely Newbie Friendly.
  • He has Not Written Stories in this course..but Shared his EXACT system…His EXACT squeeze pages, EXACT mails in autoresponder, EXACT Thank-you pages…His EXACT Back-end promoted products which converted like crazy for him.
  • All you need to do is COPY-PASTE his “EXACT” System.
  • 3 Awesome Traffic Sources which brings ‘HIGHLY TARGETED’ Subscribers.

Bonus #21: $100 a Day Food Frenzy

What’s Included:

  • Step By Step Guide: How to get your own $100 a day with food?
  • No Experience Online? It’s about food as long as you know how to eat.
  • Template: Screenshots showing exactly how.
  • No one has ever shown this method 100%.
  • Passive, watch the author get this down to 30 minutes a week.

Bonus #22: $100 A Day With CPA

Here is What You Get Inside:

  • Part 1 – Get the ONE offer the producer use for this method and why it works. They show you out of the 14 banners you only need 2 and the sizes. Plus you get the exact CPA network.
  • Part 2 – See the exact landing page they use to pump conversions. You will be shocked at how simple it is.
  • Part 3 – The real secret and magic behind this method. There is a hidden code you must have on your landing page for this all to work. We explain the location to get this and what to do with it. Without this code nothing will work.

Bonus #23: $200K Hold Message Consultant System

You reach out to local businesses and offer them a service that is often ignored, but can have a huge impact on their business.

You’ll receive access to my tried and tested sources where the author get my prospect lists from.

You will find out where the author can get information on millions of business in North America so that you can focus on selling to business that make a lot of money, see how much they spend on advertising, see who is the exact person you will need to talk to, and exactly how to reach them, all for free.

Bonus #24: $22 Into $3k Method

The owner going to show you a method that allowed take $22 and turn it into a whopping $3,000 in less than 3 days.

You’ll simply follow these three steps:

  • Step 1: Find an offer.
  • Step 2: Implement my secret sauce and traffic campaign.
  • Step 3: Sit back and make huge profits.

Bonus #25: $2k Pay Days

My definite high ticket diagram that you can duplicate to make $1000-$5000 per deal.

In the event that you anticipate constructing any significant wage or business online then if there is one thing you have to ace and that is offering higher estimated items.

You should do nothing more than experience this preparation, do precisely what I instruct you to do and I promise you will begin seeing those expensive deals as well.

Bonus #26: $450k in 90 Days

Imagine results like this… The producers have generated over $450k in sales just in the last 90 days alone… They’ve won a combined 27 Deal of the Day and Product of the Day awards… They’ve sold tens of thousands of online products. And stephen alone has grossed over $2 million dollars online. All in 10 hour work weeks.

This is your chance to copy exactly what they do. All you need to do is register for this exclusive no-pitch webinar where they will give away their whole business model to you. Step by step.

Bonus #27: $5K Per Month Sales System Formula

You will get:

  • 7 in depth training modules that walk your clients through the $5K per month sales system from A-Z.
  • This includes automated step by step instructions for them to follow that teach them the actual model, including action steps at the end of each module.
  • Professional sales page template you can use to sell the $5K sales system as your own.
  • And much more…

Bonus #28: $280.27 With Clickbank

$280.27 With Clickbank guide you how you can make at least $250-$500 extra money any time you want. It actually show you a way that you can use cheap banner ads using Clickbank products, or any affiliate products. You can start implementing this in an hour or less and watch the money start rolling in.

Bonus #29: $5435 in 50 Days

Here’s what the author share in the $5435 in 50 days:

  • The one thing you must do right now in order to turn the energies around.
  • How to release the negative energies stifling you.
  • The essential feeling that governs your prosperity level.
  • Two powerful ways to speed up manifestation.
  • Drawing the money to you and much more.

Bonus #30: 39 Second Profits

Inside of 39 Second Profits:

  • Learn how to get highly targeted leads into your business every day and it’s easier than Facebook.
  • And then you will learn how to create the right 39 second video that will force people to click on your offers.
  • After that, you will have the automatic way of getting in front of your desired targeted audience.
  • And then you will have the do’s and don’ts to this method and it’s very important you get his right because you don’t want to waste time doing things wrong.

Bonus #31: Affiliate Edge

You will learn:

  • Explanation of this Amazon weakness that leaves consumers scrambling to find the products they want.
  • The specific kinds of words you have to use to find these opportunities.
  • Why you’ll be able to find the products consumers can’t find.
  • Why you can even build an entire site around this method.
  • Why this method is evergreen and can be used all year long.
  • And much more

Bonus #32: Affiliate Wealth Domination PLR

You Will Get Inside:

  • Professionally designed squeeze page & graphics.
  • Ready to go thank you page & download page.
  • Guru created video training.
  • 7 ready to go follow up email sequences.

Bonus #33: Affiliates Mania

Discover secret method how to made 5 figure using this one simple string.

You are talking about super laser targeted visitors.

The author will show you how to get targeted client’s into any niche by using one secret String into Google and target laser clients through Facebook.

Bonus #34: Max Solo Ads Profits

You’ll learn:

  • The One “Trick” that Massively Boost My Clients Results Like CRAZY. This is one of the Golden nuggets in this guide here.
  • The Type Of Emails You Should Be Sending Out – The owner will show you the type of emails you should be writing to get people to respond to you.
  • The number of emails, you should be sending daily for optimum results. Many people starting out get this wrong.
  • The type of offers that do best with Solo Ads.

Bonus #35: Stunning Simple Profits

Discover simple step-by-step method that brings you 3 figures in commissions per day.

You are getting a step by step video training that will take you hand by hand to set up your online profitable business.

This is a basic 3-step method for getting results and making money .. this week or even sooner.

Bonus #36: Blogging for Profit PLR

This course covers:

  • How to get Started with Blogging Step by step?
  • Best strategies for Creating and managing a successful Business Blog.
  • What are the essentials for blogging success in 2017?
  • How to write a good blog post?
  • What are the latest blog Content Ideas to drive more traffic to your blog?

Bonus #37: CPA Fast Lane

You will learn:

  • How to find and choose which CPA email submit offers to promote.
  • How to run sky high converting traffic for ridiculously low costs with Bing ads.
  • Set yourself up for major profits before you even begin your campaign.
  • Scale up quickly and efficiently with easy profit boosting tactics.

Bonus #38: Daily List Profits

Inside Daily List Profits, You’ll Discover:

  • How to get started with the Daily List Profits method today, even if you’re a total newbie and have no list right now, no skills, and no experience.
  • The simple steps to getting everything setup in a couple of hours, even if you’re not a “techie”.
  • The simple process for finding the best offers out there that will pay you instantly into your PayPal account day after day.
  • The little-known trick to build your list for FREE while you’re making money… In many cases, you can even get PAID to build your list.

Bonus #39: Daily Profits Setup

This guide walks you through the entire method and gives you everything you need to get started making money right away, and then continue to get paid day after day. You will get:

  • Essential IM Tips
  • 3 Ways to Make $10 an Hour
  • Internet Marketing Metrics

Bonus #40: Digital Profits Pack

You get 5 course plus a bonus:

  • Sales triggers.
  • Your secret salesman.
  • Perception profits guide.
  • The D.E.A.L.S system.
  • The affiliate system.
  • Bonus – The ultimate business planners kit.

Bonus #41: Profit Instantly Today

Profit Instantly Today is a complete video training course on how your customers can leverage Instagram to get massive traffic, leads and sales.

  • OTO 1: They’ll get access to the EXACT campaign we ran to make a profit online.
  • OTO 2: They’ll get access to 10 profitable campaigns that they can use right away to get profiting fast online.
  • OTO 3: They’ll get access to one of our software’s that we use to streamline the entire process.
  • OTO 4: They’ll get 4 weeks of 1-1 coaching from Billy showing them how they can earn a guaranteed $100 per day + a series of high quality step-by-step coaching video’s.

Bonus #42: 100 Ways To Make $100 A Day

In this guide, you’re going to discover how to work from the comfort of your own home and realistically earn $100 or more each day with just a laptop and internet connection regardless of your age, background, location or experience.

Bonus #43: 2 Day Profits

Inside, you get everything you need to make money today, including:

  • Step-By-Step Video Training: Inside the video training, you’ll see EXACTLY how this method works, how to get traffic flowing quickly, and how to make money TODAY.
  • ‘Fast-Cash’ Cheat Sheets: We want to make things as simple as possible. That’s why you’ll also get “cheat sheets” that go along with the video training. These are great for following along with the videos, or even for quickly referencing back if you have a quick question.
  • Over-The-Shoulder Real World Case Study: So many methods make big promises, but they don’t seem to ever back them up.

Bonus #44: 3 Figures Writing Profits

The author will show you:

  • What niches are most profitable?
  • Where to find high paying gigs?
  • How to land those gigs?
  • How to write articles that land more gigs

Bonus #45: Instant Profit Explosion

Discover a new underground method that is generating $100-$200+ days using 100% newbie friendly free methods.

The method is put together in detail with photos and text explaining how to get going quickly. This is a walk through the step by step videos.

The owner consistently make $50-$100 every time he use this method… there’s no risk of saturation, and you can repeat as often as you like.

Bonus #46: Instant Profit Jacker

You’ll get:

  • Marketing Strategies .
  • Affiliate Marketing Kickstart .
  • Clickbank’s DataBank.
  • 7 Ways To Success While You Sleep.
  • Essential IM Tips.
  • Internet Marketing Metrics.
  • Jump Page Script.

Bonus #47: Recurring Profit Machine

You Will Learn:

  • How to scale your income past $200 per day, $300 per day or more without working any harder.
  • The simple steps to get everything running smoothly so you can make you as much money as possible with the ‘done for you’ recurring income funnel that you get inside.
  • How to quickly get traffic flowing fast using and start building your passive income stream today.
  • How to get to a consistent $100 per day income stream quickly.

Bonus #48: Easy Affiliate System



You Will Learn:

  • How to find irresistible affiliate offers you can promote starting today
  • How to set and forget this system so you can make a passive income online
  • How to leverage other peoples work and get paid for it
  • How to take something you already do and turn it into a source of income

Bonus #49: 1000 Month Blueprint

Step-by-step blueprint shows you exactly what you need to know to get your business off the ground.

There’s a total of over 22 hours worth of intensive training in this program that will piece every part of the puzzle for you.

The $1000/m Blueprint is the quickest way for you to start a successful online business. It will give you the game plan to make money quickly. And, it will allow you to build the right foundation for a successful business for years to come.

Bonus #50: 5 Days to 12K

You will learn:

  • Single buying criteria that brings in even more sales.
  • How to choose which products to promote?
  • Use email with a light touch.
  • Fundamental affiliate marketing strategies lead the way.
  • How to create a winning strategy.
  • And much more…

Bonus #51: 2017 Cash Flow Calendar

A 10 year proven formula for attracting new buyers and growing your business.

Perfect for email marketing campaigns, blog articles, Pinterest ideas, Instagram themes, Product launches, Seminar themes, Twitter, Facebook, direct mail, contests, websites, and press releases.

This is the ultimate guide for cash flow creation for serious minded entrepreneurs and business builders.

Bonus #52: 6 Figure List Hacks

You’ll discover inside:

  • The only 3 fool-proof methods that builds a buyers list worth 6 figures in sales from scratch right now. To-the-point, 37 page report ‘6 Figure List Launch Action Plan’.
  • HATE SELLING?? Learn how to write emails that build instant trust and get you a flood of sales, even from your first email…..even if you hate selling!
  • Send this one ‘shortcut’ email to read your subscribers’ minds and find out what they want from you, and what they will spend money on.
  • This hack, discovered by a neurologist, turns even newbies into email marketing pros, capable of creating an avalanche of sales.

Bonus #53: Affiliate Blogging Ninja

Here’s What You Will Learn Inside The Members Area:

  • Which blogging platform should you use?
  • How to get the right domain name?
  • How to install your blog?
  • How to add advanced features to your blog?
  • Which plugins to use and how to install them?

Bonus #54: 7 Day Cash System

Your going to learn a system that has been secretly perfected over the years by just a handful of top marketers online.

You will learn how to start making $100+ days using 100% free online methods.

The method is put together in detail with photos and text explaining how to get going quickly. This is a walk through with step by step videos.

Bonus #55: AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp

You will get:

  • Module 1: Introduction to AMZ Affiliate Bootcamp
  • Module 2: Niche & Keyword Research
  • Module 3: Content Generation
  • Module 4: Setting Up Your Website
  • Module 5: Drive Targeted Traffic
  • Module 6: Making Money
  • Module 7: Growth & Scale Up
  • Module 8: Buying & Selling

Bonus #56: Arbitrage High Roller

Yоu’ll bе аblе tо gain ассеѕѕ tо wіtһіn tһіѕ video соurѕе:

  • Rеаl-lіfе case ѕtuԁу: With Arbitrage High Roller, there іѕ nо tһеоrу. Instead, all the trаіnіng knоwlеԁgе іѕ рrеѕеntеԁ іn а һіgһlу асtіоnаblе mаnnеr. Аѕ а rеѕult, Arbitrage High Roller ѕееmѕ tо knоw the ехасt rеѕultѕ and the wау tо get tһеm.
  • Соmрlеtе trаіnіng: Ѕресіfісаllу, іt рrоvіԁеѕ соmрrеһеnѕіvе trаіnіng оn how tо ԁuрlісаtе Nіѕһ’ѕ $1252/wееk раусһесkѕ. Also, wһаt mаkеѕ іt rеаllу different from аnуtһіng еlѕе іѕ that іt ѕһоwѕ you еvеrу ѕіnglе ѕtер оf the wау. With Arbitrage High Roller, there ѕееmѕ tо bе nо рuzzlе, nо һаѕѕlе, and nо mіѕѕіng ріесе.
  • Full ѕуѕtеm: Arbitrage High Roller іѕ а соmрlеtе расkаgе іnсluԁіng the case ѕtuԁу, trаіnіng, and bluерrіnt. Іt іѕ аn роwеrful product that аnу marketer саn bеnеfіt frоm. Аn аvеrаgе реrѕоn саn nоrmаllу ехресt tо earn the раѕѕіvе profit wіtһіn јuѕt а wееk.

Bonus #57: Avalanche List Building 2.0

Included in the course:

  • 7 Core Modules of High Quality Training
  • Bonus Module #1 – How I Pulled in $3,000 Using This Secret Hack
  • Bonus Module #2 – Tracking for Profits in 2017

Bonus #58: Blog Income Boost

In this ebook, you’ll learn easier ways to make money:

A strategy for sending qualified traffic to high converting content

  • How to use your monthly income results to decide what to work on next?
  • The mindset shift you must go through to start making more sales on your blog.
  • How to create INCOME PATHWAYS so you can make money even if you don’t have a large email list?
  • How to get in your reader’s mind + serve them so you can make MORE MONEY with LESS TRAFFIC?

Bonus #59: Cash In With Bing

What Does Cash in with Bing Contain?

  • Step-by-step blueprint that shows you everything you need to do.
  • Detailed checklist to make sure you follow each step every time you do this method.
  • Visual roadmap which breaks down the whole course into a visual reference.
  • Audio course – this is the same as the written guide but in audio form.
  • Membership access to get help when you need it.
  • Tools and resources to make the system work.

Bonus #60: Insider Secrets To Making Money With Udemy

Here’s what you’ll get in this power-packed training:

  • Discover how to easily create “How To” tutorials by simply recording your computer screen – no face-to-camera videos required!
  • Create & publish Udemy courses FAST, while also maintaining high quality.
  • Create a complete, multi-media course, including screencast video, downloadable PDFs and downloadable presentation documents.
  • Discover 5 different ways you can make money with Udemy.

Bonus #61: Live Power Affiliate

But what are these extra products:

  • A case study showing behind the scenes of Riley’s own promotional campaigns.
  • Live Power Affiliate Masterclass Series, giving you additional training via several live workshops.
  • Resale rights, giving you the right to sell this product as if it was your own.

Bonus #62: Micro Membership Profits

Here’s what’s included:

  • VIDEO 1: Step 1 – What To Offer – Content and Topic

This video will guide you on what you can offer in your micro membership site.

  • VIDEO 2: Step 2 – Web Hosting And Domain Name

The owner will show you a couple of options to choosing a web host and what to look for.

  • VIDEO 3: Step 3 – Installing WordPress

Your micro membership content will be based around a WordPress blog so that you can password protect your content. In this video, The  owner will show you how to install WordPress using a few clicks of the mouse button.

  • VIDEO 4: Step 4 – Modifying Your WordPress Theme For A Sales Page

A few modifications are necessary to make your theme ready for a sales page.

Bonus #63: Mobile CPA Boot Camp

10 More Things You’ll Learn in this course:

  • The exact step-by-step process you can follow to steal profitable campaigns from your competitors.
  • How to create EPIC landing pages that convert?
  • How to get yourself in the right mindset?
  • The best way to source offers that work.
  • How to wisely use your Affiliate Manager like a business partner?

Bonus #64: One Week Income

Here’s what you’ll find inside

  • Day 1: Setting Up An Online Business: In this module you are going to lay the ground work. If you are going to run an online business you are going to need to establish yourself a home base.
  • Day 2: Online Success Formula: In this module, the producer are going to teach you the most important formula you need to know.
  • Day 3: Building Your List: In this video, the producer will walk you through building your most valueable asset, your list, without any product or previous experience.
  • Day 4: Creating Niche Blogs: In this module, the producer will teach you how to make money on demand with Niche Blogs. Create your own blog network and earn big with this method.

Bonus #65: Overnight Cash Hack

These are some great key features of Overnight Cash Hack

  • A real Case Study based system.
  • You can make money with this virtually overnight.
  • Takes only 27 minutes to set up.
  • 99% of people don’t use this HACK and they’re leaving a lot money on the table just for you.
  • You can start with NO BUDGET at all.

Bonus #66: Passive Cash Profits

Let’s Review What ALL You Get With “Passive Cash Profits”:

  • You’ll see the EXACT proven steps that the owner take everytime he create a new product.
  • The 5 things you MUST have in place to start creating product that people WANT TO BUY.
  • How to create simple products that won’t take much time, but your customers will LOVE!
  • Implement a proven, step-by-step system for creating your online business quickly.
  • He’ll show you how to find ideas for topics, how to create your WSO, write your sales letter, and launch your first product!

Bonus #67: Passive Income Ninja

You will learn:

  • Learn how to drive free traffic the RIGHT way, instead of with some fly by night methods that “MIGHT” work and only in the i.m. niche.
  • See exact case study results so you’re not marketing blind- save the stress, see the EXACT trail these guys took to make profits and get traffic in different niches.
  • Finally know how to drive traffic in any niche to make 2017 your most traffic and profit filled year so far!
  • There’s no limit to this: Scale in one niche or expand to many! The sky is the limit.

Bonus #68: Quick Affiliate Sniper

If you are struggling to get traffic, conversions, affiliate commissions or even making a website then this course is for you as we remedy all these things in the course and the best part is that you don’t even need a website to make this a success for you.

This method is so quick and easy to make work that you don’t even have to own a web site or domain to make this work and see huge results for yourself. This method is so quick and easy that a child could do it yet to get it works first time, every time and you will starting an online income faster than with any other internet marketing method.

Bonus #69: Wake Up Millionaire

The WakeUp Millionaire is a powerful ebook revealing the secrets to wealth from someone who has done it – and living it. It reveals the 3 core components to becoming a WakeUp Millionaire: Mindset, Psychology and Opportunity.

If you are serious about your future and breaking free from working for others, you should read this book.        

Bonus #70: Dropshipping 101

Here’s What You Get With The Your Dropshipping 101 PLR Package:

  • Module 1 – High Quality Dropshipping 101 Guide
  • Module 2 – Cheat Sheet
  • Module 3 – Mind Map
  • Module 4 – Resource Report
  • Module 5 – Ready-Made Sales-letter & Thank You Page
  • Module 6 – Hypnotic Sales Video Promo

Bonus #71: Fiverr Isn’t Dead

There are 4 video modules in Fiverr Isn’t Dead:

  • Module 1: The Basics: In this module the basics are covered including setting up a Fiverr account and what you need to do before setting up your first gig.
  • Module 2: Gig Creation and Ranking:This module covers everything you need to know about creating successful gigs on Fiverr as well as ranking considerations so you  make more sales from your gigs and higher profits per sale (not just the $5 a lot of sellers are making).
  • Module 3: Growing Away From Fiverr: Delivering your gig when someone orders it and how you can get more customers including how you can use Fiverr to make way more money without you having to do any extra work.
  • Module 4: Making More Money: Fiverr takes a 20% cut so if you sell a $100 gig they will take a $20 cut and you will make $80.

Bonus #72: Commission Attractor

This is what you are going to discover in Commission Attractor:

  • How to leverage the power of CPA marketing and easily transform mobile traffic into $1500 over and over again.
  • A very unique system that I personally tested and tweaked for maximum profitability that allowed me to quit my dreadful 9-5 job (and you can do the same if you follow the steps)
  • How to exploit CPA marketing so you can generate profits 24/7 even while you sleep.
  • A no BS, no fluff step by step system where I literally take you by the hand and tell you exactly how to put my unique, profitable method into practice… so that you can start making money as soon as possible!

Bonus #73: Commission Blueprint

Here’s everything you’re going to learn when you get your hands on the Commission Blueprint:

  • Discover the exact traffic source that I use inside my highly profitable business.
  • How to generate thousands of dollars in pure profit every single day.
  • How to pick the highest converting offers that will make you rich.
  • How to get accepted into any CPA network online.

Bonus #74: Commission Control

What You Will Get Inside “Commission Control”:

  • MODULE 1: Getting It Right: Inside module one he walk you over the entire process showing what they’ll be doing, what you can expect along the way and how to get it done fast.
  • MODULE 2: The How Proof Video: Over the shoulder you’re going to see him create the whole thing. You’ll be right beside him as he do it and you’ll see the results in real time in their Private Facebook group. Then he is going to show you how you can set it all up yourself.
  • MODULE 3: Making It All Happen: By this point you’ll have seen him do it, you know it works, you’ve seen the proof. All you have to do is follow the step by step video putting it all together for you. And then Take action!

Bonus #75: Commission Magnet

Inside the course you’re about to find out:

  • How you can start to earn a minimum of $50-$100 starting today.
  • How to profit without spending a dime on traffic.
  • How to outsource the whole process so you can spend more time with friends and family.
  • Be amazed that you don’t need any technical skills to generate thousands of dollars every single month.

Bonus #76: Fiverr Profitable Plan

Inside Fiverr Profitable Plan you will learn:

  • What the gig is and why the demand is constantly growing…
  • How to setup your gig for maximum exposure…
  • How to provide the service within just 3 minutes…
  • How you can finally get paid to build your list…
  • And much more…

Bonus #77: Football Dutching Systems

As usual, the owner have produced a series of videos that explain in step-by-step detail how Method 1 works; how you select matches & place the bets. You are also shown actual matches on which he place real bets using his own Betfair account.

  • Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 1

In this video, he explain how the Football Dutching System was developed & the reasoning behind the technique.

  • Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 2

In this video you will be shown in detail how to select matches & work out the stakes for the dutched bets.

  • Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 3

This video covers the range of options that you have about cashing-out for a profit. It also details what steps you should take if it looks as if the bet might result in a loss.

  • Football Dutching System – Method 1 Video 4

This video details a more Advanced version of Method 1 that will increase your profitability.

Bonus #78: Free Commission Explosion

Here Is What You Will Get Inside:

  • 30-page ebook which covers the step-by-step process that use to make a ton of easy affiliate commissions by giving away something for free.
  • How to find a free resource that is worth $100+ and give it away for free to people who need it.
  • How you can create multiple streams of income with this one simple trick that takes seconds to implement.
  • How to outsource the whole method so you don’t have to lift a finger.
  • How to get your free offer in front of thousands of targeted visitors for free.

Bonus #79: Instant Blogging Money Solution

You’ll get:

  • Video 1: How to start a Blog On
  • Video 2: How to install WordPress on Your Own Site – Part 1.
  • Video 3: How to install WordPress on Your Own Site – Part 2.
  • Video 4: installing New Themes on WordPress.
  • Video 5: Designing Your Own WordPress Theme Using Lubith.

Bonus #80: Kindle DNA

You’ll get:

  • Full Kindle Publishing System: From A-Z everything that you need to know. You will find out how this system works.
  • PDF on Choosing the Niche: Find out how to choose the correct niche to start in and start seeing massive sales.
  • 2 Over the Shoulder Videos: On the secret methods that Kindle DNA using to publish ebooks without writing.
  • Kindle DNA PDF: That you will use to ease your process and start making money almost instantly.

Bonus #81: Launch Jacking Domination

How to make an extra $2,000 – $3,000 a month using my tried and proven launch jacking methods.

In this in-depth 38 page eBook the author is going to teach you step-by-step process of ranking and banking very quickly.

You can use this guide however you want. Whether you simply want to earn income on the side or quit your job and make a full-time income online.

Bonus #82: Madsense Reborn

You’ll get:

  • Step #1 – Quick Secret File Setup.
  • Step #2 – Shortcuts To HQ Content.
  • Step #3 – Adsense Setup.
  • Step #4 – Simple Traffic.
  • Step #5 – “Stairway Scaling” – NO RISK AT ALL.

Bonus #83: Make 4.97 Over & Over

Make 4.97 Over & Over Features:

  • Make 4.97 Over & Over & Over works every single time.
  • It shows you five unique and genuine methods to make $4.97 over and over for an unlimited period of time.
  • These methods do not get over-saturated.
  • Best for beginners and absolute newbies since it doesn’t require any experience or skills or investment.
  • Available in the form of videos as well as PDF.

Bonus #84: MFA Live Notes 2016

These Notes Make It Easy To “Be There, Without Being There”

  • How to stop struggling with methods that just don’t work… Let’s face it… most of the stuff out there is rehashed garbage… These notes reveal BRAND NEW methods that NOBODY’s using right now that will make you money quickly…
  • Discover how to create marketing funnels that turn $1 into $4, or more… over and over again… Most people fear paid traffic… You’ll discover how to create your own ATM that spits out as much money as you want using this simple paid traffic conversion method…

Bonus #85: Niche Post Conversion Strategies

13 easy strategies to double or triple your affiliate sales.

  • Learn “Money Link” Strategy.
  • Learn T.I.C. Niche Post Technique.
  • Learn Title Tag “trick”.
  • Learn Niche Post Keyword Strategy.
  • Learn Google Click-Thru Booster Tactic.

Bonus #86: Powerful Offline Business

You will get:

  • Learn the Mindset that you need to be Successful.
  • The simple trick to Finding Quality Products with Excellent Conversion Rates.
  • My Secrets Offline Traffic Method that is so Powerful and so Effective and it will cost you absolutely no money.
  • Advanced Offline Traffic Generation Methods that you can use once your budget increases.
  • Powerful Marketing Techniques that can lift your conversion rate as much as 50%.

Bonus #87: Pimpr

Special Features of Pimpr:

  • Turn Cheap & Nasty PLR Into Real Income.
  • 100% Newbie Friendly.
  • A formula that guides you Step by Step.
  • Can Sell the Pimped product repeatedly – I sold mine over 600 times.
  • Additionally Generate Extra Income Daily.

Bonus #88: Simple Laptop Profits

What will you find inside Simple Laptop Profits:

  • How he make an average of $123.71 every single day working only 20 minutes in a day.
  • His secret free traffic method to kickstart your business as a beginner.
  • A simplified and understandable course which is designed for complete newbies to understand, take action and get results with.
  • How any newbie can apply his system and get their fisrt profitable system set up and make money in their first month.

Bonus #89: Snap Money Method

You’ll get:

  • Full Snap Money Method PDF: Full Snap Money Method PDF Guide that you can study from and improve your traffic skills.
  • PDF on Choosing the Offer: Get Full PDF on how to find the high converting offer that you can start making money on TODAY!
  • 5 Over the Shoulder Videos: You will get everything in Over the Shoulder manner so you can follow what he is doing to start driving insane traffic of hungry buyers.
  • Access to Private Webinar: Where the owner will discuss and teach methods that he charge over $2000. Use this exact methods and triple your profits.
  • $1200 Worth of Bonuses: Get every single method, system, he published in the last 360 days and apply them to create more revenue streams.

Bonus #90: Ultimate Passive Income PLR

What Is Included?

  • The latest and most up-to-date information on Ultimate Passive Income.
  • Over 10,000 words, 100% brand new and unique.
  • 100% PLR will be given to you in Text, PDF and word format so you can edit it however you like.
  • Professionally and beautifully formatted and styled.
  • You’ll probably enjoy the information quite a bit yourself.

Bonus #91: What Works Now 2.0 for Amazon Affiliates

This 120+ page guide is a basically a “brain dump” of the most successful techniques that helped the author to increase his Amazon affiliate earnings by 36.3% in 2016 vs 2015.

This All New What Works Now 2.0 will help you get the edge over all the “other” Amazon affiliates out there who are still doing things the same ol’ way – yet expecting (and hoping for) different results.

In What Works Now 2.0, he will talk about effective ways to be creative with your Amazon promotional content, about ways to up your sales AND stay relevant, how to wow your readers and be HELPFUL (all while increasing your clicks and sales)…

Bonus #92: Shopify Cash Momentum

Here Is What You Will Learn Inside:

  • You’ll learn how to go from beginner to solid eCom earner…
  • You’ll learn how to scale to become a top eCom earner…
  • How to automate your eCom earnings to turn them into a passive income.
  • Learn our genuine system that helps you build a sustainible living online with eCommerce and Shopify, the simplified way.
  • Get our proven, simplified steps for scaling to BIG numbers.

Bonus #93: The Niche Rolodex

The niche rolodex includes powerful buyer data for 19 of his most profitable niches.
Each niche listed has been proven to be profitable, this cuts through a lot of guess work.
This data is buyer- focused as to provide you with an instant roadmap for each niche you get into.

Bonus #94: List Profit Legends

What You’ll Learn on the Inside:

  • Discover the different types of traffic and how to target only profitable traffic!
  • The methods for achieving highest conversions to maximize profits!
  • The Simple Tools To Get You Started to Creating $1,000’s in Profit Today!
  • How to achieve all of the above very, very simply and quickly!

Bonus #95: 7-Minute Income

A true no-excuse method to help anyone finally start creating income online fast and eliminate all excuses.

You’ll go through the entire new system, step-by-step, in real-time. By the end of the training, you’ll be able to start generating profits.

This new system creates income with:

No web site, existing list, programming, blogging, plugins, membership software, web hosting, email system, merchant account, previous product, connections, expertise.

Bonus #96: Make Money as a WebHosting Reseller

In the book, the author will tell you:

  • Why you MUST have your own website? (especially if your Reseller Program provides you with a pre-made web site!)
  • How to Choose a Great Domain Name?
  • How to Avoid Registering a “Problem” Domain that could get you into Legal Trouble?
  • The Seven Do’s and Don’ts of Building a Web Site.
  • The Biggest Mistake Most New Resellers Make.

Bonus #97: Affiliate Marketing 101

My #1 secret tool and method for generating huge affiliate sales while building an email list you can milk for eternity.

This step-by-step Affiliate Marketing Training System is going to take you by the hand and show you the quickest and easiest methods for generating solid affiliate commissions in 2015 and beyond.

Bonus #98: Software Arbitrage Profits

Inside Software Arbitrage Profits will Discover:

  • The exact trategy that can used to park paid by literally selling all the people software to local business.
  • The Little known website that is a virtual goldmine of software and plugins you can resell.
  • How you can grow a staggering recurring ravenue with this model almost overnight.
  • How we use business owner competitors against them.
  • The simple email we send to potential buyers that generate masses of responses and Hot Lead.
  • Ultimate how you can grow a multi 6 figure a year business.

Bonus #99: Amazon Selling Secrets

Create your own automated Amazon business that will pay you for years to come. Working with Amazon and their FBA program is the perfect home business for making money from home.

This course will teach you everything that you need to know. It is jam-packed with the exact steps that you need to easily follow to create your own Amazon make money from home business.

Bonus #100: Project 10K

Project 10K features:

  • View up to ten years of 10-K annual reports
  • Access the most recent quarterly 10-Q company reports
  • Read 8-K results of operations and financial condition
  • Save SEC filings as PDF and Excel files
  • Review stock market data including price ratios

Bonus #101: Six Figure Business Credit

Discover the new secret to getting business credit even if your bank won’t lend you $1 today.

Get as much as $100,000 in business credit in the next 12 months. In fact, I guarantee when you apply my simple “copy and paste” step-by-step formula, you can get at least $10,000 business credit within the next few weeks.

Bonus #102: CPA $100/Day Formula 2.0

CPA $100/Day Formula – 2.0 Feature:

  • Exactly how CPA Works ­ Including the meaning of buzzwords such as ‘Vertical’, ‘EPC’, ‘Incentive Offers’ and many more…
  • The exact steps to take to ​ get accepted by any CPA Network​, regardless of our knowledge, experience or geographical location…
  • The CPA Networks that pay on time, every time​ and those that don’t…
  • How to select​ unsaturated, red hot offers​ in proven niches…

Bonus #103: Deadbeat Super Affiliate

When you join Deadbeat Super Affilaite you get 23 videos (5 hours of material). This is the best part of Deadbeat Super Affiliate. These are good quality videos, and here is a breakdown of them…Deadbeat Super Affiliate training.

  • Video #1: Register for an Affiliate Network – This can be Amazon, Walmart, or any website that has an affiliate program. Just make sure the products you sell are related to your niche.
  • Video #2: Choosing a Market – This is where you decide what you are passionate about and what you want to start selling on the internet.
  • Video #3: More Niche Research – You have to choose a specific niche.

Bonus #104: Instagram CPA Explosion

Great Features Inside Instagram CPA Explosion:

  • Features #1 – Instagram CPA Explosion

This e-course is a unique a complete updated 37 pages (5,000+ words) training guide.

  • Feature #2 – Cheat Sheet

The Instagram “cheat-sheet” is a must have handbook to build your business around instagram. It allows you to understand which steps you need to take first.

  • Feature #3 – Maindmap

The Instagram “Mind map” is a visual roadmap you need to use to help your audience understand what they need to do to build their business with Instagram.

Bonus #105: Instant Passive Profits

Instant Passive Profits
  • Teaches you how to build a small micro membership site.
  • A fast-start guide to setting up your own system.
  • I illustrate everything you need to know to quickly and easily set up your system.
  • The author include both a video and transcripts that walk you step-by-step through my entire process of setting up a Micro Passive Membership system.

Bonus #106: Record Profits Tycoon

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to source high demand vinyl records on day one, from home
  • How to select the hot sellers that bring the biggest profits
  • And how to determine how much your record will sell for BEFORE you buy !

Bonus #107: Bitcoin Madness

How to make money online with Bitcoin arbitrage.

You can easily get %20-%60 profit on top of your investment.

You will need to invest a minimum of $100 for this method to work. But the returns will more than make up for it.

Bonus #108: The Viral Value Formula

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • How To Get Massive Amounts of Targeted Traffic
  • How to Find a Hungry and Starving Niche!
  • Create Content, Products & Services That People LOVE & Will EAGERLY Share with Their Friends!
  • How to Explode Your Conversion Rate

Bonus #109: 1k Leads A Day From Scratch

Generate 1K MMO niche leads a day from scratch.
A very simple system for putting lots of dirt cheap leads on his list day-by-day.
Spending as low as 1 cent per website visitor.

Bonus #110: Breakout List Profits

Learn how to:

  • Turn free traffic into subscribers and exactly how to monetize them.
  • Join the best PPL programs that are very rewarding with high payout rates.
  • Set up your high converting sales funnel in which you will be sending traffic.
  • How to create an email follow-up series that will allow you to monetize your list even further.

Bonus #111: Real CPA Method 2015

This is a 22-page guide covering:

  • A working profitable campaign to get you started.
  • An indepth look at how to optimize different aspects of our campaigns.
  • How and when to scale your campaigns.
  • Common mistakes to avoid.
  • Resources that have been tested and returned profits.
  • Cheap traffic sources, like $0.007 real visits.

Bonus #112: Showcase App Profit Formula

The Showcase App Profit Formula features:

  • 29 page PDF on how to profit using this product.
  • Over the shoulder instructional video on how to profit using the new Showcase feature in Google Hangouts.
  • You’ll learn various different ways of how you can use this product in your business to start earning ultiple streams of income.
  • You’ll discover exactly how to use this brand new powerful Google hangouts feature.

Bonus #113: Smart Fiverr Profits

Inside smart fiverr profits you will learn:

  • What the gig is and why the demand is constantly growing.
  • How to setup your gig for maximum exposure.
  • How to provide the service within just 3 minutes.
  • How you can finally get paid to build your list.
  • And much more.

Bonus #114: Stealth Profits

The author is going to show you how to legally hack anyone’s traffic and grab that traffic for yourself. Without them knowing about it.

Now have access to the highly targeted traffic you need, with very little work on your part. And it’s all perfectly ethical and legal.

You’ll be able to monetize your offers with stolen traffic (and it’s all perfectly legal and white hat.)

Bonus #115: Amazon Kindle Profits

In this guide you will discover:

  • 6 easy to follow steps on how you can effortlessly make money on Amazon.
  • An easy method to find the Amazon niches that are absolute gold mines.
  • How to weed out all the tire kickers and ONLY build a list of high quality buyers?
  • How to get worldwide customers to MAXIMIZE your profits?
  • How to outsource your work for peanuts and let those peanuts work FOR you?

Bonus #116: Cash Cow Ugly Sites

Here are just a few things you will discover:

  • The reason why most people fail with mini-sites. Almost know body understands, including so called “Super Affiliates”.
  • Totally kill off any more rumors that small one page mini-sites with duplicate content cannot work today.
  • How to outsource the entire system to put this whole system on auto-pilot, so you can concentrate on watching your next episode of breaking bad.
  • How to use this clever system to Flip each winning site into 10-12 times their proven value.
  • How to use these sites to build a massive email list and triple the value on the back-end!

Bonus #117: CPA Cash Storm

Here’s What Your Getting

  • The best CPA networks to sign up with and how you can get approved to promote in the fastest time possible.
  • How to pick the best offers to promote from niches that are in high demand.
  • How to properly do market research simply by following the free trends offered by Google.
  • A free tool that will allow you to easily find the best possible keywords to target for a campaign.
  • Both free and paid methods that will allow you to effortlessly drive HOARDS of targeted traffic to your offers.

Bonus #118: Ebay Cash Cow

You will discover:

  • How to find high-end brand items with low or no bids.
  • What 2 big mistakes sellers do that will actually help you make good money.
  • How to tap into the unsearchable listings for big profits.

Bonus #119: Fiverr Cash Cow

Fiverr Cash Cow Features:

  • The 16 page ebook with no fluff using step by step instructions which concise report and discover the easiest gig you could sell everyday to rake in big cash with unlimited one on one email coaching free.
  • Learn lest than 10 minutes and you will make tons of big cash only 7 minutes working each time selling an untapped gig.
  • The easiest way to consistent and almost autopilot income that fiverr is the way to go.
  • The quickest and most simple method for banking huge with fiverr.

Bonus #120: 4 Step CPA Profits

You will discover:

  • The 1st and crucial step that’s responsible for putting the entire system into place.
  • What not to say when applying to networks.
  • The golden-goose offers that will easily pay you day after day.
  • Sneaky little profit secrets that the gurus never ever tell you about.
  • The 1 crucial aspect for creating consistent conversions.
  • The secret and proven strategy for scaling to 4 figure days.

Bonus #121: Affiliate Commission Authority

What’s Inside:

  • How to Jump Start your success with ONLY the resources you’ll need to crush it as an affiliate.
  • How to find the BEST products to promote – so you make amazing conversions and sales every time.
  • How to write EASY reviews that will have your audience EAGER to follow your advice.
  • How to build a list of buyers – so you’ll always have your very own source of traffic that makes you money on demand.

Bonus #122: Affiliate Hacks For Beginners

Affiliate Hacks For Beginners features:

  • This product will teach you step by step just how to set up your campaign. This will also help you to set up the extra campaigns budget over $16000.
  • This product will also teach you how you can generate autopilot responsive leads who are interested to buy your product.
  • This product will also show you just how to drive unlimited free traffic in complete autopilot system.
  • You will also gain additional training videos which will help to get proper knowledge and drive your earning as per your expectation.

Bonus #123: Affiliate Supremacy

You will learn:

  • Learn how to set up a site in less than a day that can rake in $283 in hands free residual income month after month.
  • Learn how to experts really identify profitable highly niches without endless hours of painful keywords research.
  • Having the dead simple 4 step formula for creating giveaways that have your prospect practically begging to give you their Email address.
  • Learn how social media really fits into the affiliate marketing equation.
  • Having the most effortless methods of driving laser targeted free traffic to your offers.

Bonus #124: Azon Affiliate Fitness Nutrition Riches

What you are getting in this package:

  • 50 Mp4 video reviews of Amazon products.
  • The direct links to the Amazon products that are being reviewed.
  • Detailed Keyword Research.
  • 1000s of available exact-match domains.
  • 1000+ PLR articles in the fitness niche.
  • Five special reports to give away: The names of the reports are “Ripped With Cardio”, “Lose The Belly Fat”, “Plyometrics Fitness Adrenaline”, “Spartan’s Routine”, and “Whole Health.”

Bonus #125: Big Money In Big Chunks

Here’s some of the topics the author covered:

  • How to find the high end houses, get them to call your answering system then have your VA call them to screen before you get involved.
  • How to prescreen quickly and deal only with the best prospects and get them to commit to terms before your visit the house.
  • How to talk to the sellers, what to say, scripts the author have proved to work to overcome a lot of sellers resistance to terms. In fact, he’ll be practicing this a lot in class because he know this is the biggest hang up for his clients to overcome…You’ll leave confident in your ability to make these calls.

Bonus #126: CPA Click Profits

Here’s what you will discover inside the CPA Click Profits course:

  • The most powerful and inovative traffic source.
  • Optimal campaign set up for maximum CPA Conversion.
  • Powerful short and simple copy strategy.
  • 30 seconds tracking set up.
  • Hot niches for esasy conversions.

Bonus #127: CPA List Cash Surge

Learn the secret system the owner used to get paid while building a list of highly highly responsive, targeted subscribers.

Combine two proven marketing methods to get paid to build a list of responsive, targeted subscribers when you add our secret sauce to the recipe. Earn cash passively with the push of a button using a system so simple that anyone can set it up and start earning with.

Become a list building and CPA master that flawlessly builds his/her list while the competition is still stranded at square one. Start finally earning the income online you deserve with a secret system that actually delivered on its promises.

Bonus #128: CPA Profits Crusher

You will learn:

  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to select the right cpa offers that pay out big commissions fast.
  • The importance of landing pages and which type of landing pages convert highest.
  • The secret recipe that allows you to earn as much $568 per day like clockwork.
  • A secret underhand tactic that allows you to effortlessly build a monster list super quick.

Bonus #129: CPA Supremacy

You’ll discover:

  • The 4 simple but powerful steps used to magically create jaw-dropping ROI…
  • Start seeing CPA results even if you have completely no idea how to start!
  • The single most powerful traffic source in the affiliate marketing game.
  • How to send UNSTOPPABLE laser-targeted traffic to your affiliate links.
  • After you are finished setting up an automated campaign…

Bonus #130: How To Blog For Profit – Without Selling Your Soul

You will:

  • Discover the secrets to creating amazing, compelling blog content that brings readers back again and again.
  • Learn how to increase your blog traffic and build solid platform through field-tested strategies.
  • Develop a solid social media strategy for capturing viral growth through Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Dramatically boost your revenue through diversified income streams.
  • Improve your productivity, learning to work smarter not harder, and take concrete steps to transform your blog into a business.

Bonus #131: Lead Profit Mantra


Bonus #132: Passive Cash Profits 2.0

You will Discover:

  • 7 Step to Results: A complete and step-by-step guide that trained you with 7 precious video parts.
  • Tracking Options: You can monitor all of your working and working pathways properly. So that easily you can take proper steps to the right section.
  • Support Staff: You will get 24/7 support community and can interact with successful members.
  • Mastermind Closed Facebook Group: From where you will get all information of update marketing strategy and many more.

Bonus #133: Surefire Profit System

You are about to discover the exact strategies used to build a million dollar internet business.

If you follow the author step-by-step plan, you could have your product ready, your website up, and your affiliate program ready to launch in the next 30 days.

This could be the most intense and ultimately profitable four weeks of your life.

Bonus #134: Ultimate CPA Mastery

Ultimate CPA Mastery Package:

  • Get 3 Full Proof Methods of how to earn with CPA Networks by harnessing the power of Bing ads.
  • Learn how to zero in on the best CPA offers that have the highest conversions and will earn you commissions like crazy.
  • Having complete quick and to the point keyword research to ensure you have massive clicks to your high converting offers.

Bonus #135: BitCoin Income Kit

You’ll learn:

  • The Secrets Of How BitCoin Works So You Can Gain The Extra Edge and Make Money Fast.
  • Find Out How A BitCoin is Made And What You Need to In Order To Get a Ton Of Them Easily and Quickly.
  • Why The $20 Bill in Your Pocket Right Now Is Worthless and What You Should Be Focused On Instead.
  • How To Create Your Very On Virtual Wallet and Fill It With Fast As Soon As Today!

Bonus #136: 101 Evergreen and Profitable Niches

List of 101 profitable evergreen niches that will make you money daily in 2015 and beyond.

Each handpicked niche is filled with happy buyers who spend money on products and services.

The niches handpicked for you, have lots of people with money to spend.

Bonus #137: 24/7 ATM Cash System

Copy the owner exact drop dead simple but extremely effective system that make $100 – $300 per day online like clockwork.

These smaller multiple autopilot incomes all add up to one big monthly income source.

Within this full blown no stone left unturned training system you’ll get to see my 7 hottest income weapons.

Bonus #138: 997 Method

  • This is a brand new way to make money online.
  • This is the easiest way the author have found online to start making money.
  • The author is not talking about $10 or $100.
  • The author is talking about $1000+ per sale.

Bonus #139: Breakthrough Adsense Profits

Get our step by step system for crushing adsense and profiting $100, $200 and $300 a day without SEO or paid traffic.

Start creating that elusive passive income of $300+ a day by following our step by step process.

You drive traffic to any adsense post you have whenever you want to.

Bonus #140: Cash Flow Crusher

The auhtor is going to share with you “secret weapon” strategy for backlinking which is unbelievably powerful, and works nearly EVERY single time to get sites insane rankings extremely quickly.

  • Bonus # 1 – Internal Link Builder Plugin – This plugin helps you to optimize on site SEO by easily creating internal linking structure in wordpress.
  • Bonus # 2 – Cheat Sheet – The cheat sheet is an excellent tool for you. It simply and effectively breaks down each and every aspect of the training for you to take easily actionable steps.
  • Bonus # 3 – Mind Map – Everybody likes a quick overview of the process and steps they should be taking. You are going to absolutely love the mind map we have included.

Bonus #141: Classified Commissions

  • 19 year old kid discovers a hidden free traffic goldmine and makes $195 on his very first day.
  • A newbie-friendly blueprint on driving floods of free traffic using traffic goldmines to your very own cash-sucking machine.
  • This is an extremely powerful system, because the cash-sucking machines are completely. automated and will convert every visitor that you send from the traffic goldmines into sales.

Bonus #142: Click for More

You’re about to discover include:

  • How to create a cliffhanger-laden lead capture and autoresponder follow-up system?
  • How to spread your message all over the internet?
  • How to make money all day, every day… even while you sleep!
  • How to drive hordes of traffic into your funnel… for free!

Bonus #143: Domain Investing 101

Domain Investing 101 will show you the rudiments of domain investing like no other ebook or course has before.

You will learn from the very beginning, and you’ll learn what you need to do in order to be a successful domain investor.

The author will show you the tools and websites you will need to use in order to succeed.

The author will show you exactly how to sell your domain names as well as negotiation tips.

Bonus #144: Dropship Madness

How the owner made 474 sales in 2 weeks from dropshipping.

With such a huge and hungry crowd of buyers, it takes little effort to make a killer profit.

You don’t have to pay a single cent for this crowd of buyer traffic.

Bonus #145: Easy Kindle Cash Eruption

Learn the autopilot passive income system the author use to get paid month after month without lifting a finger.

Easy Kindle Cash Eruption is an in depth, step by step, A-Z guide that anyone, whether you are a complete newbie or a successful online business owner, can use to easily get paid on autopilot.

Easily setup your very own passive income business using the same exact tactics and strategies the author use to earn passive income online

Bonus #146: Easy Kindle Cookbook Profits

You will discover:

  • How to easily create your first Kindle recipe book.
  • How to profit from your Kindle book as soon as you publish it.
  • How to legally use free recipes on the internet the way Kindle loves.
  • How to create beautiful Kindle covers using free resources on the Internet.

Bonus #147: Non Stop Money

Here’s exactly what you will get:

  • The exact System Rahim uses to make $152 per day and $4,330 per month with.
  • Just Copy, Paste and Earn!
  • Make money on your first day.
  • Earn a recurring income.
  • Uses 100% Free Traffic.

Bonus #148: Bing PPC Breakthrough Formula

You’ll get:

  • 100% Newbie Friendly.
  • Full Bing Ads Platform Walk-through (Learn Things You Never Knew About Bing).
  • Advanced Strategies & Techniques.
  • How to Properly Track & Scale Winning Keywords.

Bonus #149: Influencer Marketing Academy

You’ll get:

Section 1 – Intro to influencers & marketing today, influencer types & how they work, finding influencers and contact info, budgeting, finding engaging influencers, instagram updates.

Section 2 – Building via instagram, social media 101, instagram growth hack, curating social media content, social media examples, going live and creating engagement, organic traffic.

Section 3 – Initial steps to using influencers, reaching out to influencers, ad copy and visuals, creating influencer promotions, influencer search engines, keeping records, ideal influencer ads.

Section 4 – Incentivize your customer, case study, end goals.

Bonus #150: Offline Affiliate Empire

Discover the exact same method that I used to build an offline empire in just 7 days with only $20.

The Offline Affiliate Empire is a complete business model that will teach you how to build a successful business by selling affiliate offers to the offline world.

The real power is the clever technique that you will learn which will allow you to tap into an endless source of traffic that will never become saturated.

Bonus #151: Passive Commissions Avalanche

Inside Passive Commissions Avalanche you will learn:

  • How Gavin wasted thousands of dollars doing “something” before Gavin is really cracked the code of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Why “something” is the king of traffic and why the majority of marketers are failing to milk the site for quality traffic.
  • The “something” mathematical formula that enables you to guarantee that every penny you invest in your marketing business translates into cold hard profit.
  • Why you should never “something” when starting an affiliate marketing business.

Bonus #152: 3 Step Results

Inside 3 Step Results:

  • The 3 simple steps for making money by tomorrow and how to get started even if you’re a total newbie or you’re struggling to make money online right now.
  • How to use this 3 step method to scale up to $100-$300 and beyond per day with less than 25 minutes of simple “work” each day.
  • Want to make more money? No problem… You’ll discover how to “Ramp up your profits” and get paid even while you sleep!
  • Forget complicated traffic methods… This training includes a 100% FREE traffic method that gets traffic flowing super fast.

Bonus #153: Magic Niche Profits

You’ll discover:

  • The common factors separating success from failure.
  • The 4 Simple Steps to identify where your success is hiding.
  • Unique tool to ensure accurate results every time.
  • Over the shoulder video walkthrough.

Bonus #154: 3 Step Profit Machines

You’ll Discover Inside:

  • The 3 simple steps for making money by tomorrow and how to get started even if you’re a total newbie or you’re struggling to make money online right now.
  • How to use this 3 step method to scale up to $100-$300+ per day with less than 60 minute of simple “work” each day.
  • Want to make more money? No problem… You’ll discover how to make new “profit machines” quickly that will even pay you while you sleep!
  • Forget complicated traffic methods… This training includes a 100% FREE traffic method that gets traffic flowing within minutes.

Bonus #155: Commission Juggernaut

Commission Juggernaut Features:

  • How to create super simple videos that churn out cash on autopilot.
  • At last! Find thousands of profitable offers to promote in any niche you can think of.
  • PLUS: Secrets to getting more clicks on your money link (more clicks = more cash in your pocket!).
  • 7 unique ways to dominate YouTube (are you missing out on these?).

Bonus #156: Slam Dunk Profit Jacker Bing Edition

How the author have made over $20,000 from Clickbank on complete autopilot.

If you do take action, follow the instructions and make your campaigns as the author show you how to do, your chances of success will be extremely high.

Others are doing this right now as you’re reading this and cashing in daily.

You don’t need your own product or service, this method takes advantage of the most powerful buyer behavior and turns it into pure profit.

Bonus #157: Affiliate Income Overload

You’ll get:

  • Affiliate Income Overload.
  • The Ability to Drive High Quality Traffic.
  • Copy & Paste – 7 Step System.
  • Going Viral to Overload Commission.
  • Step-By-Step Video Tutorial.

Bonus #158: The CPA Society

What will you get in this training?

  • How To Get Into Major CPA Networks(Cash Network,Maxbounty Etc.)
  • Step By Step Guide To Getting Started With CPA Marketing.
  • How To Building Landing Pages.
  • How To Pick CPA Offers.
  • Email Marketing Training.

Bonus #159: How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software

Ugly 1-page websites earned $1,242,708.62 last year by reselling software.

The owner broke his system down into a formula that allows him to put these campaigns together quickly, and get them out and earning money fast.

The information in this guide is the result of years of trial and error as well as a million dollars’ worth of spilt tests to find the best combination of things that work.

Bonus #160: 20k Profits Whistleblower

What You’ll Get Inside This Step-By-Step Guide:

  • Get started today even if you have no prior experience.
  • Make money THIS week and scale up to a SIX FIGURE online income.
  • No “tech” skills are required – Everything is covered inside.
  • You don’t need an existing email list to do this.

Bonus #161: The 20 Minute Work Day

The features of The 20 Minute Work Day:

  • Creating Fiverr and Stripe or PayPal account.
  • Procedure to get a flood of customers with 2 simple Gigs.
  • Inmail service to send linkedIn messages.
  • Learn the best business niches to target on linkedIn.
  • How to sell your fees in your first messages.

Bonus #162: Anatomy of $4000 Per Month Passive Income

How to use the power of micro-sub niches to convert sky-high and earn money easier than ever before.

In this jam-loaded video course, you will discover the point-by-point system for earning up to $4000 (or more) per month with simple Internet Marketing strategies.

You’ll discover the “how to” and the strategies and methods for making big money (the steps)… but you’ll also realize that the real barriers are much bigger and need to be addressed.

Bonus #163: 7 Minute Riches

You’ll also discover:

  • How to boost your sales.
  • How to irresistibly answer the #1 question… “What’s In It For Me”… by painting a compelling, overpoweringly attractive visual picture in the reader’s mind.
  • How to instantly increase your sales by putting into action the 5 key emotions people say they were motivated by when making a purchase.
  • How to use a combination of “The 9 Basic Needs of People in the 21st Century” to sell your product or service in a snap.

Bonus #164: 8 Minute Profits

You’ll Discover Inside 8 Minute Profits:

  • The simple steps to take to build an online cash machine that pays you with the click of your mouse…
  • The fastest way to take this traffic and quickly turn it into a job-replacing online income.
  • Insider techniques the producer have personally been using to make easy $100+ pay days that they have never revealed before…
  • Why THIS method is for you if you’re not already making at least $100+ per day online…

Bonus #165: The Affiliate Challenge

The only 7 steps you need to become a super affiliate even if you currently have zero experience:

  • Step 1: You need to have the right mindset.
  • Step 2: You need to have the right niche.
  • Step 3: You need to be promoting high converting product.
  • Step 4: You need to build you own email list.
  • Step 5: You need to understand traffic regeneration.
  • Step 6: You need to master email marketing.
  • Step 7: You need to know how to scale your campaigns.

Bonus #166: Affiliate Marketing Excellence

Here’s What You Get Today:

  • Module 1: High Quality Training Guide
  • Module 2: Cheat Sheet
  • Module 3: Mindmap
  • Module 4: Resource Report
  • Module 5: Ready-made Sales-letter & Thank You Page
  • Module 6: Hypnotic Sales Video Promo …

Bonus #167: Authorpreneur Profits

Blank box. Ready to use in your designs

You’ll learn:

  • How to publish in-demand books that build a business?
  • How to easily create a product that builds off your book?
  • The trick to building a responsive list of subscribers and buyers who love your content.
  • How experts multiply income streams by recommending products and services.

Bonus #168: Cash Crunch

A simple and easy way to make a few hundred bucks cash fast.

This is the simplest most profitable method to make some money fast. You can literally drop everything and do this method and have some money this very day.