Bonus Pack 5 – FB – Social Marketing


Bonus #1: Viral FB Madness

Inside, you get everything you need to get tons of traffic and make money fast…

Step-By-Step Video Training: Some people are able to learn better and get faster results with video training…that’s why they’re including easy-to-follow video modules that go hand-in-hand with everything you’ll learn in the main guide.

This makes it even easier for you to get going with the Viral FB Madness method today… and make money by tomorrow!

Bonus #2: Facebook Ultimate Marketing Video Training

These Professional Facebook Marketing Training videos will make you an instant expert in Facebook marketing, so you can really start to profit from Facebook in the simplest and fastest way possible.

  • Learn how to brand your company so you stay in people’s minds.
  • Learn how to use Facebook as your ultimate marketing tool.
  • And learn how to create the right content for your Facebook fan page at rapid speed.

Bonus #3: Twitter Ads Masterclass

It’s a 90 minute long, no-fluff, digital training for small business owners who want to increase their leads or sales.

What makes this training different from other courses is the heavy focus on increasing conversions. This is not a course about just getting a lot of clicks. It’s a course about sniper-level targeting the best customers on Twitter in any market.

Bonus #4: Offline Revolution 2017 – FB Agency

How to make $2500 per day by running Facebook ads with other people’s money.

You charge $500 per month

You contact 100 people

20 say yes

5 turn into paying clients

$2500 per month in income

The author is actually going to follow the steps and start a brand new business with you.

Bonus #5: The Newbie Four-Step Guide

Hers is all you’ll ever need to start earning at least $100 within 7 days or less.

  • The author has created this guide to help you master Pinterest and leverage it to your advantage like he has as an affiliate marketer.
  • You can easily generate large amounts of high-quality traffic with minimal effort on your part.
  • This traffic method does not require any investment! and it’s 100% newbie-friendly.

Bonus #6: 2 Cent FB Traffic

A powerful formula he used to generate 2 cent clicks in extremely competitive and profitable niche using FB ads.

You are going to discover highly effective technique to generate cheap and targeted traffic.

The formula he used to generate highly targeted and cheap traffic with FB ads.

Bonus #7: Instagram Top Rated Post Dominator

Well cover them all in this guide, so that when you start you’ll know exactly what to do.

Video 1 – This will show you the three things that you’ll be using on your phone, one is the instagram app, one is a website and the other is the notes app with your hashtag list loaded.

Video 2 – In this video we will be posting a sample image and adding the hashtags, they will then click the hashtags under this post an verify that our video is not there.

Video 3 – In this video they will run through the system in real time using the new account and some highly competitive hashtags including hot and fitness and you’ll see their video ranking in the top rated posts in a matter of minutes.

Bonus #8: Facebook Local Raider

Inside you will discover:

  • How to leapfrog any business to the top of Fakebook’s local directory
  • Flood your inbox with biz owners who already want to hire you
  • Why being a ‘Facebook Local’ consultant is easier than an ‘SEO consultant’
  • Be the first consultant to offer Facebook local services to hungry biz owners
  • How to send Facebook notifications when a potential customer walks by your client’s place
  • How to land Facebook check-ins for your clients using a simple flyer
  • The hidden lead source of clients who are already spending money on Facebook marketing
  • And much more…

Bonus #9: Facebook Perfect Audience Circle

With this new clever twist, you will be able to build unlimited, on demand, super targeted audiences, literally in any niche.

It will enable you to build:

  • Unlimited
  • On demand
  • Highly targeted custom audiences
  • Who ready to buy your products
  • Literally in any niche
  • Without spending a single dime on Facebook ads

Bonus #10: FaceBOOM Ads Academy

What you’ll receive during the Faceboom ad academy courses:

How To Build Your Marketing Profile, WITHOUT Breaking Your Budget: You don’t have to invest huge, thousand-dollar sums into plans that might not work.

How To Establish A Brand And Build Your Own Audience: It’s the marketer’s dream come true – well, sort-of. They will show you how to create a brand beyond just the products you’re selling, and build an audience for your products so every click is warm traffic.

A Constant Stream Of Case Studies: They are not just about showing you what they have done that works, they are dedicated to showing you why. These vetted case studies will provide up-to-date information on everything that’s working in the industry right now – and everything that isn’t.

Bonus #11: Insta Tsunami

How to harness the power of Instagram to explode your business.

Increase your followers by 5000 real targeted people in less than 30 days.

You can do all this in less than 30 minutes a day.

Bonus #12: InstaGlory

How to increase your Instagram following and make money while doing so.

He has decided to release his deepest secrets in this course of how he built a 6 figure Instagram business from scratch and gained millions of followers on his accounts. and how you can do it too.

Bonus #13: Pinterest Profit Machine

What are you going to get from this course?

  • How to build a presence on Pinterest from scratch
  • How to drive MASSIVE traffic with your account in no-time
  • How to find and engage with the right audience that’s likely to buy from you
  • How to build a strong profile the right way (saving yourself a lot of mistakes down the road)
  • The essentials you need to get started, and advanced tips and hacks not revealed anywhere else
  • Simple tricks to get your content to go viral
  • And much, much more…

Bonus #14: Pinteresting Strategies

This book is not the ONLY Pinterest training in the  Genius Blogger’s Toolkit this year. It also comes with:

  • Group Board Master: Unlock the Key to Massive Pinterest Growth! By Caroline Vencil
  • How to Master Tailwind by Kate Ahl
  • Pageviews from Pinterest: The 7-Step System to Skyrocket Your Blog Traffic (& Income!) in the Next 30 Days by Krista Dickson
  • Pinterest Boost: How to Optimize and Automate your Pinterest Account using BoardBooster by MaryEllen Bream
  • Pinterest Group Boards Masterlist by Jenny Blesdel

Bonus #15: Social Ads Domination

Dynamic Training Modules Designed To Supercharge Your Social Advertising Campaigns!

  • Module 1: Social Ads Domination 101
  • Module 2: How to write compelling text/copy for your ads
  • Module 3: Branding like a boss
  • Module 4: How to create & upload ads to Facebook

Bonus #16: The Pinterest Product Method

What You’re Getting Inside:

  • The “Desperate for Your Product Niche Finder” Technique
  • Pinterest Method #1: The Infographic Rework Method
  • Pinterest Method #2: The Repin Shakedown Method
  • Our “Create it Fast” Digital Product Template
  • “Map to Product Technique” Explained (how to map your products in advance so you can write it fast)
  • [BONUS] The Creating a “Best Seller Live Experience” with Ben Adkins
  • [Advanced Package Only] The Fearless Sales Templates (our High Converting Sales Funnel and VSL Templates that you can use to increase your sales).

Bonus #17: Tumblr Traffic Machine

Unlimited free traffic from Tumblr on autopilot.

This guide shows you how you can use the site to drive unlimited traffic to your website on virtual autopilot, increasing your conversions and sales automatically.

Learn how to leverage Tumblr to build and grow your business.

Bonus #18: LinkedIn Business In a Box

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with LinkedIn Business-In-A-Box:

  • The main training is a webinar that Gloria and he just did. This webinar has never, ever before been seen by anyone.
  • In addition, you’re getting a complete transcription of that webinar.
  • And, you’re getting Gloria’s own profile template and her own “client slayer” message that she sends out.
  • Finally, you’ll watch another recording where Gloria’s partner, Mike Jones, implements Gloria’s system in real time and gets a prospect…in real time, right before your very eyes!

Bonus #19: Linkedin Lead Generation Workshop

Here’s What You’ll Learn and Master with this Workshop…

  • Craft a Profile headline that makes people choose you first
  • Select a picture that makes prospects see you as a “cool outsider” who is still “in the game” enough to be viable
  • Write a Summary that creates a subconscious alignment with the prospects immediate needs and wants
  • Select Specialties that appeal to the problems and desires of the niche markets you are after
  • Organize and write your Experience so it reinforces your new, elevated Linkedin Persona
  • Elicit recommendations that actually overcome a Prospect’s objections and make them want to contact you
  • Choose the Apps that will effectively enhance your profile and position and avoid the ones that detract from it
  • Use the Skills & Expertise Endorsements to increase the amount of viable prospects that find you in a search
  • And much more…

Bonus #20: LinkedInception

Get instant access to the videos and membership site it takes you only 30 minutes to get started.

Guaranteed Media placement on NBC, ABC, CBS, & Fox that positions you as a top recommended expert.

Bonus #21: Pinterest Case Study

A walk through on how he used Pinterest to drive a staggering 234,307 pins (and consistently gaining) to 45 posts on a personal site that he own.

The PDF contains specific data about the site, strategies employed, and results achieved.

The Pinterest account for this site has about 5,600 followers. To date, Pinterest has driven 146,967 new users to the site.

Bonus #22: Pinterest Advertising Workshop

How he made 520 eCommece sales that generated $41,254.34 in revenue from $775.50 in ad spend with Pinterest Advertising.

This funnel is not just for Pinterest ads. We are using it on Facebook and Google as well. It’s the best funnel we’ve ever created for direct response advertising to an eCommerce store.

Bonus #23: Reputation Management Confidential

This System Is So Simple To The Core…

  • Get your first client as easy as copy and paste
  • Repair a reputation using only simple, no
  • “black hat” techniques.
  • Increase, or decrease, any sites ranking on Google without any dirty tricks or shady dealings involved.
  • Outsource 99% of the work so your time is freed up
  • Price your services for maximum profits
  • Increase your customers online presence
  • Create Facebook pages that get results
  • Manage your clients’ social media presence

Bonus #24: Textbook Arbitrage

How to tap into a hidden super-niche of 30.5 million frenzied buyers who spend over $36.6 billion each year… generate $451/sale day after day with no website, no Facebook ads, no inventory and no importing.

Bonus #25: FB Traffic Genius

Use Facebook to flood any offer with laser targeted traffic with little effort and just a small investment.

Increase the ROI of your campaigns with any traffic source.

Take the maximum out of your traffic and make more money with your visitors.

Get laser targeted traffic from Facebook and pay literally just pennies per click.

Flood your offers with hungry buyers in a matter of hours.

Scale your campaigns fast and go from $10/day to $100/day and then $1,000/day.

Bonus #26: Instagram Domination

Let’s break down exactly what you’ll receive when you join:

  • 7 easy-to-follow modules, with video lessons and downloadable assignments that cover everything from the inner-workings of a successful landing page, to advanced growth strategies and techniques.
  • TOOLS: The ultimate ninja tools we use for Instagram growth, analytics and automation (and detailed instructions on how to use them!)
  • SPECIFICS: Foundr’s ultimate step-by-step Instagram strategy. The very same actionable process our company (and success stories) use to attract followers quickly, and how to harness your Instagram following to take your business to the next level.
  • RESULTS: Converting followers into dollars. Learn how to not only generate a large community on Instagram, but understand how to drive traffic and generate a large amount of customers.
  • And SO much more!

Bonus #27: The Social Blueprint

Step by step guide to an autopilot online business fuelled entirely by freshly made social accounts.

How to execute a new and practically unknown method that will generate profit within hours.

Bonus #28: Broad Targeting Formula 2.0

Here’s what else you’ll learn inside of BTF 2.0

  • The special way certain interests yield certain ACTIONS… if you want to sell physical products, you should target a different interest than if you want list sign-ups…
  • His free resource to find the most DIEHARD fans in any niche in literally 10 seconds or less. As soon as you incorporate this into your targeting your old ads will CRY with the beating they take…
  • How to manipulate the “AND” framework to get the most passionate fans. We’ll show you how to go deeper than anyone else in your niche – yielding the most successful ads you’ve ever seen.
  • How to double qualify your Facebook prospects so that you know they are hot. It’s easy to waste money with impressions that aren’t very hot prospects – this ELIMINATES that forever.
  • The BEST and most underground way to target buyers in your niche that you will ever see. And it is so easy: all you have to do is type 3 words, and you’ll get targeting of the highest ROI potential.
  • And much more.

Bonus #29: Local FB Blueprint

The absolute latest FB client acquisition and fulfilment methods that are working right now.

Bonus #30: Pinterest Marketing Genius

You will learn:

  • Examples that reveal exactly how some of the world’s biggest brands are using Pinterest to generate traffic and sales with no investment in paid traffic.
  • The shortcut for creating content and getting it live quickly to begin generating traffic as quickly as possible.
  • The insider secret for getting tons of followers, traffic, leads, and sales using images.
  • How to legally “hack” the system and get users following your boards more quickly.
  • And much more

Bonus #31: Five Dollar Posts

You will get:

  • The 3 simple steps to successful implementation of any online marketing program. Get these right and you’re off to the right start.
  • How to legally “steal” the advertising secrets from some of the most effective Facebook advertisers. Why waste money in guessing your way to success when others have done the heavy lifting for you?
  • Why it is critical to know your “numbers”. And this has nothing to do with expensive mattresses, but can help you buy any mattress you want.
  • The two most important factors (these are the only two that really matters) to getting the most bang for your bucks out of your Facebook marketing strategy.
  • How to create a marketing SYSTEM for profitable list building so you’ll never have to worry about money again.
  • A sneaky way to monetize your list without killing your open rates and response level. Hardly anybody is doing this.
  • Case Study: How he made $2,813 by sending out one little email.
  • Why there is no such thing as a “traffic problem” online and how to quickly get out of that mindset. You’ll be surprised what this mind shift do for your business.
  • And much more.

Bonus #32: Social Media Profitz

Here’s How The “Social Media Profitz” Will Benefit You:

  • An In-Depth Guide to the Social Media Marketing Platform: This is good for you because it will familiarize you with the system so you know how to effectively drive Traffic to your offer page.
  • It is packed full of all the data that is crucial to begin moving down the path to success in Social Media Marketing:This is important because you will be taught exactly what you must do and the right way to go about it. However This is much more than just a book of simple basics discussing how to drive traffic. It also focuses on specific tried and proven methods, tips and strategies which is essential for Social Media Marketing.
  • A proven method to succeed with Social Media Marketing:This is big because he reveal the most closely guarded secrets for the very first time. He explains everything in great detail to ensure you learn exactly how to take your action plan forward..
  • …and much, much more..

Bonus #33: Facebook Advertising Secrets

  • How to use Facebook ads the right way.
  • The information in this book will save you thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.
  • Introduction to Facebook advertisement.
  • Registering & learning tools for creation.
  • What niches you should look for and niches to avoid.
  • Creating the ad copy write.
  • Choosing the targeting settings for your campaign.
  • Bid options and publishing the campaign.

Bonus #34: FB Post Engagement Profits

A proven 150+ killer Posts / Status Formula Anthology that gets you unprecedented engagement & your page’s reach better, faster and easier than anything else.

This guide solves the rampant issue of decaying engagement and throttling Facebook reach by enticing your community to engage with you.

These status formulae are crafted after over years of research & studies of understanding the foundation of Social media and what matters the most in this platform.

Bonus #35: 7 Day FB Commission Formula

You’ll be taken to the Affiliate Marketing finish line, here’s just a snap shot of what you’ll learn:

  • Module #1 – System Overview & The “Private Members-Only” Formula
  • Module #2 – Finding Promising Launches
  • Module #3 – Picking Winning Launches
  • Module #4 – Creating Your Page & Package
  • Module #5 – Facebook Advertising Crash Course

Bonus #36: Effortless FB Profits

Effortless FB Profits is a complete Facebook Marketing course. You will learn:

  • How to drive laser targeted traffic to any offer in any niche.
  • Get around Facebook’s desire to stop people driving traffic for free.
  • Innovate methods to increase image click throughs, likes and shares.
  • Generate traffic even quicker by using Facebook ads to send visitors to your website for as little as a penny each.
  • Identifying and accessing your perfect customer.

Bonus #37: Facebook Advertising Formula

Discover his proven Facebook advertising formula to dominate Facebook and crush your competitors.

Let him show you how building your list with Facebook advertising can set you apart from your competitors and establish you as an industry leader.

The author breaks down more than a decade of studying, trial-and-error, research and coaching into 1 simple formula that even a newbie can apply.

Bonus #38: Pseudo Live Stream

The easiest way to get in front of people for free in the most effective manner right now.

Within seconds you can be live streaming from your desktop to a group, fan page or news feed.

You also get our custom splash screen graphics which put the icing on the cake.

Bonus #39: FB Cash Formula

A real, proven and step-by-step system to build a profit-generating, sustainable online business that exclusively uses Facebook.

Why if you want to generate thousands of dollars per month you have to build a list and monetize the FB traffic — Facebook traffic can be the best targeted traffic that you’ll ever need. In addition, the owner will show you how to lower your cost per click.

Bonus #40: Facebook Case Study

How to reach 1.5 million people and build an email list of 917 people whilst spending only $42 on Facebook ads.

It’s like a Facebook advertising loophole that very few people are aware of. This secret loophole is something you can use to run exceptionally successful campaigns, because you will literally force Facebook to show your offer to enormous number of people.

Bonus #41: FB Retargeting Formula

In FB Retargeting Formula, you will discover:

  • Why you should NEVER start a website without doing this one thing.
  • How to easily create high converting ads that stand out from the competition.
  • How Retargeting can turn a losing campaign or website into a Cash Cow.
  • How to “Buy Brain Cells” so that you are always on your customers mind.

Bonus #42: Local Income Lab

Information: The author going to show you step-by-step how to use Facebook advertisements to sell products and find customers in any niche.

He is also going to teach you the methods he used to get over 200 clients and charge up to $30,000 a month.

You will have the most sought after skill-set on the planet in 2016, the ability to turn clicks into customers.

Bonus #43: FB Video Ad Control

In this 6 module video course, the author will show you:

  • Write Attention-Getting Video Ad Copy That Forces People To Click.
  • Create Video Ads That Convert Like Crazy (No Designer Needed).
  • Drive Thousands Of Cheap Targeted Clicks Everyday On Autopilot.
  • Create The Perfect Video Ad Thumbnail Template (Works In Any Niche).
  • Launch Video Ads From Start To Finish in Under 1 Minute (And Save Weeks Of Time).

Bonus #44: FB Ads Mastery Formula


The new laser targeted system that generates new cases with less marketing dollars, while keeping you ahead of the competitive curve. The producer will cover everything from advanced Facebook Advertising Formulas to Q&A sessions that you can instantly apply to your practice.

Bonus #45: Instagram Hydra


Here Is what you will learn:

  • How to tap into over 85 million readers.
  • Within your target audience, each month!
  • How to bring BIG brand awareness and separate yourself from the masses!
  • How to SKYROCKET your authority and sales with the help of CNN, FOX, ABC and many other major news sites!
  • How to get ahead of the majority of your competition and allow you to BOOST your traffic by a minimum, whopping 12%!

Bonus #46: Start Your Viral Self Growing Instagram Empire

The author will show you how to create your own Instagram viral self growing empire of accounts that have large ever-growing followings in your niche.

Set up an Instagram account and it would start to grow on it’s own and attract massive amounts of targeted followers you can promote your products and services to.

Most of the followers are targeted and are interested in your offer.

Bonus #47: Offline Social Lead Machine

You will learn here:

  • Secret Loophole Techniques that draw in Hundreds Of Phone Calls Per Week from Targeted Local Businesses, looking to Buy Your Services. Use this secret to keep an endless flow of money pouring into your pockets.
  • Effortlessly Multiply Your Income using a little know FREE Facebook feature that allows you to easily outsource the the entire Facebook Marketing process
  • Establish Instant Credibility using a simple Fiverr method that places you in front of thousands of people looking to pay for the services you offer. Generate Immediate Cash Flow while only communicating with people who have already shown an interest in paying for your services.
  • Discover a simple technique to Attract An Endless Flow Of Clients that can be repeated over and over without ever having to solicit other businesses again.

Bonus #48: Viral Buyers System

Discover how you can get tons of free traffic from Facebook without paying a dime.

You can also run a $10 optional ad.

You can run simple ads to get fans in the beginning, then enjoy the ongoing traffic.

This can be replicated over and over again.

Bonus #49: Guaranteed Subscribers

50+ subscribers a day on complete autopilot.

Each subscriber is worth $1 per month on average.

What if you got 50 guaranteed subscribers a day, every day for one month.

50 subs a day x 30 days = 1,500 subscribers.

= $1,500 a month (conservatively)

$18,000 a year!

Guaranteed Subscribers is really a perfect choice if you want to increase your subscribers for your channels or your list building.

Bonus #50: Magnetic FB Marketing

What’s Inside The Facebook Marketing Training Guide:

  • Important SEO traffic generation tips you should know about.
  • How to get traffic from social media sites?
  • Essential tips on getting traffic using article marketing.
  • Fast tips on generating traffic using PPC.
  • How to get free traffic from blogs?

Bonus #51: SnapMillions

Here are the video modules you will get:

  • Module 1: Introduction To Snapchat.
  • Module 2: The Value Of Snapchat + A Few Snapchat Secret Weapons.
  • Module 3: How To Gain Massive Followings On Snapchat.
  • Module 4: How To Monetise Your SnapChat.
  • Module 5: What To Post On Snapchat.
  • Module 6 (Bonus): Bonus Tips For Using Snapchat Effectively.

Bonus #52: PinTrender

Learn the hottest niches on Pinterest based on a combination of data points.

Get the list of 30 beginner affiliate programs that should work extremely well on Pinteret.

Use these 3 quick tricks to increase engagement on your affiliate links pins and with your overall Pinterest profile.

Learn the steps you need to take to use Amazon affiliate links on Pinterest. And much more…

Bonus #53: Instafy Gold

An easy, step by step method, to generate cheap quality traffic with Instagram, and a step by step method for creating a highly converting Shopify store, and find the relevant products that will match lnstagram traffic, to build a super profitable business in weeks.

You will also learn how to build a 5-6 Figure revenue stream without a Shopify Store by finding and promoting 3rd party offers.

Bonus #54: InstaOptins

InstaOptins Benefits:

  • InstaOptins is a must have course! Not only does Ella break down her simple an effective strategies, she also over delivers with insight and details you wouldn’t expect most people to share.
  • No fluff about this course! In fact, People refreshingly was caught off guard by just how straight forward, to-the-point, step-by-step and detailed Ella is in sharing her knowledge, suggestions, and tools. Strategic, elegant in its simplicity, laser focused, easy to follow, application and execution oriented, InstaOptins is truly savvy traffic generation.
  • InstaOptins is by far the best and easiest step-by-step proven system to get laser targeted leads you’ve been looking for regardless of the niche.
  • InstaOptins is awesome! It is arguably one of the BEST trainings People have come across in the online space. What’s so amazing about this course is that – by the time you’re finished you have all the knowledge, tools and strategies to go onto generate laser-targeted traffic”

Bonus #55: PinPlosion

You will learn:

  • Build up targeted followers in just minutes.
  • Set up your Pinterest profile for maximum exposure.
  • Make your site Pinterest-ready.
  • Get followers to go from Pinterest to your site.
  • Use your browser to find other items to add to all of your boards in just a few minutes a day.

Bonus #56: Visual Marketing on Twitter

This crazy simple tactic turns social media into a powerful, free traffic engine.

This report lists the exact methods and strategies the author used to grow his following to several million people.

Effortless tactics to manage dozens of money-making Twitter accounts in less than 2 hours per day.

Advanced strategies used by super elite 1% of Twitter marketers to turn their Twitter followers into media powerhouses.

Bonus #57: Instagram Marketing Magic

Instagram Marketing Magic is the business marketing kit that will show you how to use Instagram for unprecedented business growth.

  • Use it to grow your business.
  • Sell it and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Share it with your clients.
  • Use it to develop a training program.
  • Turn it into a paid webinar.
  • Build your list by giving it away.

Bonus #58: Instalist

Once you purchase, you’ll gain access to a 3 page PDF containing links to 9 different videos.  These 9 videos will guide you through the entire process of gaining hyper-targeted followers and sending that traffic wherever you wish for it to go.

Jeremy even shows you how he’s monetizing his account and where he gets his products he’s selling.

Bonus #59: Audience Explosion 2.0

Here’s what you get:

  • Module 1: Getting To Know Instagram.
  • Module 2: Creating an Optimized Instagram Account.
  • Module 3: Flooding Your Account With Content.
  • Module 4: Calls to Action That Achieve Your Goals.
  • Module 5: Posting to Instagram Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Module 6: Instagram Growth Hacks Revealed.
  • Module 7: Monetizing Your Instagram Traffic.