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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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  • Multiple Click-to-Action Hotspots
  • Facebook Tab Integration
  • 600+ Hotspot Animated Icons
  • YouZign and DesignoPro2 Integrated
  • Branding Customization

ClickKosh – Future ready visual content that brings more engagement and sales in just 52 seconds of work.

ProductName Overview

  • Homepage: ClickKosh Official Site
  • Product Name: ClickKosh
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: Roshni Dhal
  • Target niche: ClickKosh is a brand new cutting-edge tool that allows you to create hotspots right on your images. With this, your viewers will easily click to a link to see the product site, send you an email, click to call you or whatever action you want to take.
  • Official Price: $27
  • Bonuses: [EXCLUSIVE] You will get any of the bonus packs in below:

What Is ClickKosh?

You must have known that visual content is an important key that enables you to sells more. The fact is that:

The content that included relevant images will get 94% more views and engagement than the content of only text.

Visual content is one of the most accepted forms of content offline and online.

More than 53% of internet users use photo or video they found online and repost them.

And nearly 99% of online business owners and marketers utilize images as a strategy to get more sales.

All of these indicate that as an online entrepreneur, you have to take advantages of this method to enhance your business. There are such a lot of vendors selling out there, and that is why you should do something outstanding. However, the question “how can you get more customers in the competition” is still a hard question.

Do you agree with me that the visitors have seen tons of pages before they make a final decision? So that, they can have an in-depth overview of what they are considering. For that reason, they will not have that much time to go through all of your only text content. Hence, you, now, should use more images and utilities on your site to capture them.

As a result, Roshni Dhal has launched a brand new powerful tool that you can utilize for working all these jobs out.

Introducing: ClickKosh

ClickKosh is a brand new cutting-edge tool that allows you to create hotspots right on your images. With this, your viewers will easily click to a link to see the product site, send you an email, click to call you or whatever action you want to take. You can even have multiple choices in the same image. Moreover, you can click dashboard and make it super easy to create magical campaigns for any product or service that you sell.

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How Does ClickKosh Work?

Special Features of ClickKosh:

As far as I think, ClickKosh is one of the most powerful product that online marketers need to have to boost demand as well as sales. Using this product, you will easily get benefits from remarkable features:

Visual Campaign Creator

Advanced and super easy to use point and drop technology makes it completely user-friendly. You just need to upload any image and pick up the icon from a large library with simple and animated presets.

Unlimited Hotspot campaigns

No more limits based on the size of your business and amount of campaigns you need to run. With ClickKosh you can create unlimited magic links for unlimited images with more ease.

Multiple Click-to-Action Hotspots

Don’t limit your campaigns just to show and redirect. The creators have included multiple click actions. Inside the ClickKosh dashboard, you can simply add click to call, click to email campaigns.

Adobe Image Editor –Inbuilt

With this feature, you no need to waste tons of money outsourcing or to hire a designer. Because “Adobe Image Editor” is included inside without any extra charge. So that, you can create from scratch or edit an existing image with complete freedom and state of the tools.

Facebook Tab Integration

All you have to do is to create a campaign inside the ClickKosh dashboard, and you can embed that visual hotspot images right inside Facebook Tab

600+ Hotspot Animated Icons

You can effortlessly create professional and highly engaging visual campaigns from a huge library of 600+ animated icons. Just click and select the style that suits your brand and theme.

Seamless Integration

You can use it with any page builder, e-commerce platform, blog or any CMS ClickKosh works great everywhere.

YouZign and DesignoPro2 Integrated

The creators have integrated the best of graphic designing tools right inside ClickKosh and make it super easy for you to design and excel your campaigns.

Clickable Banners

Get over the old school banners that hardly get any click or traffic. Transform them into visual storytelling style hotspot banners and Create standard size banners to monetize your site on the next level.

Branding Customization

There are annoying watermarks added on logos in the images, so you are free to customize your campaigns according to your theme and brand style.

Stock Image Integrated

The producers have also integrated Pixabay inside the dashboard so you can quickly select and use. Just have to find the image or mockup that suits your niche, brand, market or campaign.

In addition to these outstanding features, you will be satisfied with the others such as Click to Redirect, Click to call, Click to email, FB Tab Integration, Inbuilt Editor, Mobile Optimized, Unlimited campaigns, Unlimited hotspots and much more.

How It Works:

You can set up and use it without meeting any difficulty. All you need is to follow easy steps and a demo in action video below:

Step 1: Upload any image for your visual sales campaign

Step 2: Simply click anywhere, add hotspot and select style and icon from library

Step 3: Promote and sell your products anywhere

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Who Should Use ClickKosh?

ClickKosh has been producing amazing results for beta users regardless of your niche, market, brand or business size. Furthermore, it will also harness the power of visual content and storytelling method that makes it impossible to ignore and skyrocket your profits however you want to use it.

E-commerce Store Owners: You can showcase lots of products at the same time, as well as allow your visitors a visual and more indepth view to shop whatever they want. And not to mention it makes cross-selling super easy for you just like Amazon.

Local Businesses: Let the customers take action by encouraging them to have a detailed overview of your items online.

Website Owners: Get over those boring call to action and marketing techniques. Show your call to action in a fresh and unique way. Whether it’s about lead generation or selling your ebook or anything

Affiliate Marketer: You can showcase your affiliate items in a new method and promote them at once. With this highly engaging method, you can also inspire the visitors to take action.

Social Media Marketers: Create and embed hotspot images right inside the facebook tab is easy. This is the cutting edge tool to encash your social media following.

Bloggers: Easily to draw the visitors’ attention and make them want to click and take action on the product that you are promoting.

Why Should You Get ClickKosh Now?

There are some reasons why you should have ClickKosh for your next sales campaigns:

Show your offer without redirecting in 1 click: Don’t lose your traffic by redirecting to another page. With hotspot images, you can simply show your offer, product details in a very interactive & compelling storytelling manner.

More actions from a single image: Don’t limit yourself by just getting clickthroughs. With hotspot images, you can add click to call, click to mail in the super interactive way. Also, you can customize your hotspot icons and boxes that match your branding.

3X More Engaging Than Tradition Marketing: Visual and animated content grabs the attention within 1/10th of the second that is impossible to ignore.

Best Design for Most Profit: No need to hire an expensive designer as well as waste lots of money outsourcing the work to those freelancers. Best and simplest designing tools integrated inside for you to create stunning designs to grab more attention of visitors without any technical skill needed.

Integrate with your favorite platform: You can utilize these hotspot images with your favourite platform effortlessly and easily insert them into your blog, any page builder and even Shopify with complete control.

Discovery and visual driven sales: You can let your visitors shop what they see from a single image.

5X more leads and sales: It’s hard to get action on the regular campaign because people have developed an immunity towards those optin boxes and buy buttons. With hotspot images you can show the details in a storytelling style and take an unfair advantage by getting more sales and leads

Use anywhere: Use any campaign to drive traffic and sales on your blog, e-commerce site, and partner sites. Integrate with your favorite platform

Mobile Friendly: Shoppable images are laser-focused on converting mobile visitors while maintaining the look and feel of the platform.

Simple to use: Do not need to possessing coding skill, all you have to do is to point and click interface to curate compelling, profitable images in less than a minute. Just kick back and watch the clicks roll in.

Totally Customizable: Add hotspot that suits your campaign, edit the images with best and easiest designing tools inbuilt.

No Experience required: Whether you are an experienced marketer or a newbie, this untapped market is ready for you.

Now, let’s have a look at what top marketers talked about the product and figure out why they love it:

ClickKosh is a New Dimension in Visual World. After testing ClickKosh on our Funnels, we were able to enhance the Conversions with our existing traffic. ClickKosh is the next level of Visual Marketing and adds another way of adding more revenue to our company.” Vipul, Team LetX

“A Proven Business Builder on Steroids. ClickKosh has been great so far. I have used this on my several review blogs and ecom store. The best part about ClickKosh is making more profit by promoting several products simultaneously. Kudos to you guys. Keep the good work up.”Ankit Mehta, Mindbugg

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Exclusive Bonuses From ClickKosh

Earlybird Bonus #1: Advance ClickKosh Training

The creators are hosting a Special Webinar for all ClickKosh customers on 5th of January. In this webinar, they are going to show you exactly how to turn your boring pictures into a new sales channel.

Earlybird Bonus #2: 7 Figures Facebook VIP Group

Get in touch with masters of traffic & conversions, experts in the area who will share their knowledge, current trends, secrets to boost results only in VIP mastermind group.
You can get personal support from ClickKosh team, request for new features, take consultation with team or fellow group members.


There is no doubt that ClickKosh is a must-have product that online marketers should have to increase their sales. Now, let’s recap what you will profit from this product.

  • Visually entice visitors to take action
  • Nothing to install or host, all done in the cloud
  • Compelling and easy to implement hotspot in any image on your favorite platform
  • Remove the extra step and sell right through the image
  • No restrictions, create unlimited campaigns without any technical experience
  • No previous experience needed

All in all, I do hope that you can gain more understanding of this product and make a wise decision to buy it. Thanks for reading my review.

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

If you are interested in the product, please click the link below. In case it is not working, it means we are updating it, and we will make it function as soon as possible for you, so please, check it constantly in your most convenient time.

By checking and purchasing the product through our link, you don’t have to spend any extra fee or anything, and we will have some commission to build our review site to provide you more and more honest reviews. Moreover, we will be glad to give you a huge bonus package (free of charge) with every product buying from our link.