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Conversion Gorilla

Conversion Gorilla

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  • Regular Height Message & Traffic Bars
  • Full Feature and Hero Sized Bars
  • Smart Bar Positioning & Behaviors
  • Creat A New Bar In Less Than 2 Minutes
  • Can be used to boost conversions & clicks on any kind of sites

Conversion Gorilla is a fully cloud-based web builder that drives and directs traffic to your affiliate promotions and time sensitive deals.

Conversion Gorilla Overview

What Is Conversion Gorilla?

One of the biggest problems of online business today is that almost their website visitors will look around and then leave without taking any action. So that keeping them on your site and showing them relevant content is getting more and more difficult.

And it’s almost impossible to drive your visitors to off-site affiliate offers or even to your own checkout pages. In short, these problems are plaguing every online business today and if you don’t find a way to fix them they’re going take a huge toll on your engagement, your traffic control, and ultimately on your profits.

So, imagine if there is a tool that allows you to take control of your visitors and drive massive traffic and boost sales, engagement in just a few clicks, it would be great!

Well, NOW there IS!

Introducing: Conversion Gorilla

Conversion Gorilla is a new revolutionary tool that enables you to capture visitors’ attention and drive traffic to your affiliate promotions by using customizable eye-catching message and traffic bars. This software comes loaded with a lot of wonderful features that help you sell more products and boost conversions using the proven power of scarcity.

Conversion Gorilla review and bonus - Conversion Gorilla

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How Does Conversion Gorilla Work?

Special Features of Conversion Gorilla:

Regular Height Message & Traffic Bars

Conversion Gorilla review and bonus - Conversion Gorilla

Regular height bars are great for single text lines, simple messages such as welcome messages, delivering coupon codes or highlighting deadlines.

These simple and unobtrusive bars work great to get your message across but without overshadowing your page’s content.

Full Feature and Hero Sized Bars

Conversion Gorilla review and bonus - Conversion Gorilla

You can command even more attention and display additional messages/info with these extended height bars.
You can include a headline or message along with a secondary call to action text line making them a great option for Traffic Bars, promoting affiliate offers and much more.

Smart Bar Positioning & Behaviors

Conversion Gorilla review and bonus - Conversion Gorilla

Position bars at either the top or bottom of your pages. Choose if your bars should sit at the top of your page and push down the page content or have it float/scroll above your page’s content staying in the visitor’s eyeline at all times.
Flexible bar “triggering” (when the bar appears) also ensures your visitor only sees the bar at exactly the right time (without it being intrusive).

Creat A New Bar In Less Than 2 Minutes

Bars can be configured to appear at the top of your pages or at the bottom; their appearance can be triggered based on any of these “triggering” options:

  • Immediately on page load
  • After x seconds of time on page
  • After x percentage of screen scroll
  • Only if visitor has come from a specific site or URL
  • If visitor is about to leave your page (exit intent).Conversion Gorilla review and bonus - Conversion Gorilla

Bars are not locked to specific sites or pages; that means you can add the same bar across multiple page and/or different websites. Once added to a page, you can then update or edit them from within your dashboard, and the changes on the site will be reflected immediately.

Conversion Gorilla comes with a lot of powerful features that will give you the ability to control traffic.

Awesome Attention Bars: Beautiful, fully customizable bars to match the look and feel of your site.

Click-Getting Traffic Bars: Proven to deliver 700% more clicks than regular on page links/buttons.

Evergreen Countdown Timers: Hands-free ‘set and forget’ scarcity to create consistently, higher conversion.

Fixed Date Countdown Timers: Perfect for planned product launches or fixed date expiring special offers.

Smart Triggering Options: Display bars at exactly the right time for maximum effectiveness.

Clever Visitor Targeting: Makes controlling who sees your bars and when they see them easy!

Exit Intent Technology: Squeeze the maximum ROI from your traffic and save sales with exit offers.

Fully Customizable: Control everything from the visual bar building wizard in your dashboard.

This product can be used to boost conversions & clicks on any kind of sites: OptimizePress, LeadPages, Click Funnels, InfusionSoft, Blogger, InstaBuilder 2.0,, Weebly, Squarespace, Duda,, Strikingly, Shopify, WordPress, Profit Builder.

How It Works:

Check out this quick demo video to figure out how easy it is using Conversion Gorilla!

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Why Should You Get Conversion Gorilla Now?

Let’s discover some key benefits will be given once using Conversion Gorilla:

Grab Attention & Engage Your Visitors

Create your first Conversion Gorilla bar in just 2 minutes with their easy to use visual customization tool. Use the standard Message Bars for attention grabbing announcements, site news, product updates and much more.
You can then easily add the bar to your page by just adding a single snippet of code.

Drive Traffic Anywhere And Get The Clicks

Choose Conversion Gorilla’s Traffic Bars and add a fully customizable button to your bars. Drive visitors to new offers, other pages on your site, landing pages, affiliate offers and much more.
These can also be combined with countdown timers for maximum click through rates and you’ll be able to see your bar impressions and button clicks at a glance for all your bars right inside your dashboard.

Boost Opt-Ins and Sales With Countdowns

You can add fixed date or evergreen countdown timers to your bars to create visual scarcity. Great for boosting conversions to time sensitive offers, landing page opt-ins and giving your new/launching products that extra push to ramp up profits.
Each timer can be customized further and you’ll have a wealth of extra features “under the hood” to maximize your timer’s impact.

There are some reasons that will encourage you to take action right now:

  • Fully Hosted Platform – Nothing To Install…
  • Easy To Use Wizard – Build In 2 Minutes!
  • Add Once – Edit Anytime
  • Lifetime Access – Secure Your Account Now
  • Free Platform Updates For Life Guaranteed
  • Countdowns, Exit Intent Plus+ Smart Triggers
  • 30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Explode Your Click-Thru Rates
  • Convert More Visitors Into Customers
  • SAVE 50% During Their Launch

There are zero limitations; you can use Conversion Gorilla on an unlimited number of your personal sites. Each bar can be placed on multiple sites/pages at the same time.

Their friendly support team will be happy to help you via their support desk or email anytime you need to get in touch. They also have detailed, product and set up Q&A area with training you can refer to at any time.

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Exclusive Bonuses From Conversion Gorilla


Inside this bonus, you can learn how to get targeted traffic in front of your offers, your blog posts, and lead pages.

Conversion Gorilla review and bonus - Conversion Gorilla


Conversion Gorilla review and bonus - Conversion Gorilla


All in all, Conversion Gorilla is designed to boost your conversion, leads, and sales, upgrading the brand image for the business.

In this review, I hope you can find useful information about this product. It’s worth every penny you put on for this. Don’t hesitate for such an amazing product! Thanks for reading my Conversion Gorilla!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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