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CPA Marketing Genius

CPA Marketing Genius

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.2 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.0 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

9.1 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.1 /10

Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • Top-Shelf Content
  • Complete All-In-One Package
  • Simplified Set Up
  • Evergreen, Easy-To-Tap, In-Demand Market
  • Profit-Generating Sales Material

CPA Marketing Genius is not just another fly-by-night product but a complete all-in-one business in a box packed with a guidebook, a cheat sheet, a mind map, a resources report and so much more! This in-demand course focuses on a wildly popular affiliate marketing model called CPA Marketing. It’s a proven, money-making industry with millions of potential buyers and new coming every single day.

CPA Marketing Genius Overview

What is CPA Marketing Genius?

Still struggling to come up with your own product?

What if you could copy a brand-new, optimized business in a box and profit 100% from each sale?

Without worrying about product creation…

Without doing any technical non-sense…

Without writing a sales copy…

Without creating graphics…

Imagine all of this stuff DONE-FOR-YOU!

So you can sit back, relax, and count the money!

Now it’s all possible with CPA Marketing Genius PLR Bundle that takes all the hassle away, so you can focus on making money.

It’s truly a one-of-a-kind package that you’ve never seen before.

CPA Marketing Genius is not just another fly-by-night product but a complete all-in-one business in a box packed with a guidebook, a cheat sheet, a mind map, a resources report and so much more!

This in-demand course focuses on a wildly popular affiliate marketing model called CPA Marketing. It’s a proven, money-making industry with millions of potential buyers and new coming every single day.

CPA Marketing Genius review and bonus - CPA Marketing Genius

How Does CPA Marketing Genius Work?

What Will You Get With CPA Marketing Genius?

Here’s what you’ll get inside:

Module #1 – Top-Shelf Guide

CPA Marketing Genius review and bonus - CPA Marketing Genius

CPA Marketing Genius is an up-to-date, unique product with no-fluff, high-grade content. It includes valuable information about affiliate marketing, traffic generation & CPA marketing.

The book was written by a professional writer who did an in-depth research to bring you the top quality content! On top of that, a Native American speaker have proofread the book to correct grammar and spelling.

The product comes in Microsoft Word and PDF formats so you can easily change it and rebrand it.

Here Is What Makes It A Truly 5-Star Quality Guide:

  • 90+ Pages / 18,000+ words of high-quality, original content you can be thrilled about
  • Fresh & current CPA marketing strategies making it very valuable for your readers
  • Direct access links to the sources mentioned in the training to help your customers get the results faster
  • Attractive images and illustrations that make reading more fun & engaging
  • High-quality screenshots to give more clarity for your customers
  • Well-formatted text with a clean table of contents and chapters adding more authority to your name
  • Actionable steps explained in a simple way (not just dry theory)


Module #2 – Studio-Quality Audio Files

CPA Marketing Genius review and bonus - CPA Marketing Genius

You’ll also get an audio version of the guide. You can allow people to download MP3 version so they can listen it on their phone, tablet or mp3 player wherever they want.

Adding audio voiceover as a bonus will increase your product’s perceived value giving you an opportunity to increase price and boost your profits!

Again, you can edit and customize these audio files however you like. You can even use them for your Youtube videos to get traffic or other marketing efforts!


Module #3 – Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet will be a major time-saver for your customers. It breaks down the content to pure essentials with juicy “golden nuggets”. It will keep your customers more satisfied with your product, and give them better results.

Better customer’s experience can result in more testimonials, lower refund rates and free referral traffic!

The cheat sheet includes the summary for:

  • CPA marketing tracking tools
  • Tools to create landing pages
  • Tips on getting accepted to CPA networks
  • Paid traffic
  • And so much more!


Module #4 – Checklist

The checklist is as excellent “refresher” with actionable steps your customers need to take to achieve desired results. Just follow each step and check it. It’s as simple as that.

It will help your customers to take action faster with a clarity of mind.

The checklist can be also easily printed to make it more convenient.


Module #5 – Mind Map

This Mind map is a visual representation of all the key points covered in the guide. It will bring more clarity & understanding for your customers. They will thank you for it later!

This is a great bonus idea to increase the value of your product, improve conversions and consequently sales!

It’s also provided in a high resolution format perfect for print.


Module #6 – Infographic

Imagine tapping into an endless source of free viral traffic from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter. Now it’s possible with your very own, professionally-designed infographic.

Just post it on your favorite social media site to engage your fans, get shares, likes, and more clicks to your website. It can become your secret traffic-getting magnet to kick-start your new, exciting business in a box!


Module #7 – Resources Report

This Resources Report is a useful collection of handy links in the CPA marketing niche. All in one place saving your customer’s time & hassle.

Inside your customers will get lists of:

  • 5 Best resources for tools
  • 5 Best resources for trainings
  • 5 Best resources for blogs
  • 5 Best resources for forums
  • 5 Best resources for affiliate programs
  • 5 Best resources for demographics
  • 5 Best resources for webinars
  • And even case studies!


Module #8 – High-Impact Sales Page

You’ll get a professionally written, persuasive sales copy to help you turn visitors into buyers. Just hiring a copywriter to write this kind of a sales page could easily cost you $200, $500 or even $1,000!

All you have to do is just change your name on the sales page, add your buy button and start seeing “payment notifications” from Paypal!


Module #9 – Professional Minisite

Look like the real deal with a professionally crafted minisite by our dedicated designers! You’ll get a carefully formatted sales page and a download page.

Additionally they hired a lawyer to write proper legal pages for you. They are all done-for-you:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Earnings Disclaimer
  • FTC Compliance

No need to pay a hefty fee for a lawyer – they covered it! Just fill up the blanks and it’s done.

Plus, you’ll get jaw-dropping minisite graphics! It will help make your offer more engaging and attractive.


Module #10 – Doodle-Style Sales Video

Doodle style videos are one of the recent phenomenons online. Why is that? They can have sky-rocket conversions!

Unfortunately outsourcing them is quite expensive. Yet, now you can get a full-blown, animated doodle video to sell your product for pennies. And keep 100% profits from each and every sale!


Module #11 – Professional Product Graphics

You’ll get carefully crafted product graphics for your main guide, resource report, mind map, and cheat sheet. Plus, all the source files (PSD Photoshop files) so you can edit & customize them however you like.

That means you’ll be able to rebrand the whole product if you want and make it totally unique. Or just add your name, change images and so on.

Additionally it comes with a 3D mockup files that will allow you to turn your 2D flat designs into stellar 3D ecovers. No need to buy anything extra. You’ll need Photoshop to use it.


Module #12 – 10 Unique Articles

Use these 10 top-notch articles to promote your product. Here are some ideas:

  • Create videos out of these articles
  • Turn them into press releases
  • Add the articles to your blog
  • Give them away to your affiliates and let them do all the hard work!
  • Use them as a part of your autoresponder email series to build a stronger relationship with your subscribers

As you see, there are PLENTY of thrilling ways how you can start using these fresh articles!

  • Each article contains 400 words or more
  • Well-researched packed with relevant, up-to-date content
  • Provided in DOC and TXT format for easy editing
  • Comes with private label rights


Module #13 – 10 Animated Banners

Forget about wasting your hard-earned money on expensive graphic designers. Just swipe these professionally designed banners to start your advertising campaign. Or let affiliates use them on their sites & blogs to bring you free traffic!


Module #14 – 6 Persuasive Email Swipes

You’ll receive 6 money-getting promotional emails that you can send to your subscribers in mere minutes. Or use it in your next solo ad.

Just copy – paste – send. And watch the sales coming!

 CPA Marketing Genius review and bonus - CPA Marketing Genius

Module #15 – Extra Product Graphics

Get additional product covers to differentiate yourself from others.


Module #16 – License Rights

You’ll receive resell rights, master resell rights and private label rights licenses giving you even more freedom what you can do with this amazing PLR!

Now with master resell rights you will be able to also sell resell rights to your customers. That means that your buyers will be able to resell this course giving them more value.

Special Features of CPA Marketing Genius:

Top-Shelf Content

You’ll receive a well-researched, fully original content that was verified from plagiarism (checked on Plus, it’s been proofread by a Native American speaker to hold one of the highest standards.


Complete All-In-One Package

Additionally to the well-written guide, you’ll receive a mind map, a resources report and a checklist. Making it an exceptionally valuable bundle offer that you could charge higher prices for (and make more money!).


Simplified Set Up

With “beginners in mind” Lucas designed a simple guide how to go from downloading your product, to customizing and uploading on your server. It also comes with behind-the-shoulder video trainings and clear screenshots so you’ll never get lost.


Evergreen, Easy-To-Tap, In-Demand Market

The affiliate marketing industry is growing rapidly with new marketers joining every day giving you more opportunities to excel with this product!


Profit-Generating Sales Material

YES! You’ll also get a ready-to-go sales page, sales video, email swipes and banners so you can start the promotion right away (and experience sales rushing into your Paypal account in a snap!).


Keep 100% Profits In Your Pocket

Forget affiliate marketing and making tiny commissions. Set your own price and make 100% from each and every sale! Now you have the full control!


Forget About Royalty Fees

Get your lifetime license to this first-class business in a box for just a one-time payment. No recurring fees. No funny business. You get the full rights. Sell unlimited copies forever and ever!


Build Your Buyer’s List

Generate a lucrative buyer’s list that you can monetize for years to come. Having an email list can be ridiculously profitable! It’s a long-term business asset that you can rely on in the future.


Penny-Wise & Time-Wise Opportunity

Save dozens of hours or thousands of dollars trying to do everything yourself or outsourcing. Experience a peace of mind knowing that all the hard work is done for you. All you have to do is start making your first sales! Ka-Ching!

How it works:

CPA Marketing Genius review and bonus - CPA Marketing Genius

Who Should Use CPA Marketing Genius?


Looking to create an additional income stream online.


Looking to expand their business and find new sources for leads and sales.


Looking to offer marketing services for offline clients.


Looking for new, quality content to create webinar presentations, training videos, book chapters and coaching programs.


Looking for a way to quit their job and start making money online.

Why should you Get CPA Marketing Genius Now?

Here Are 19 Brilliant Money-Getting Ideas On How You Can Quickly Start Monetizing Your New PLR

  1. Give it to your outsourcer team and let them do all the hard work
  2. Use it as a bait to attract high-end offline clients
  3. Use it yourself to discover more about CPA marketing and traffic generation
  4. Re-purpose the content into a video training to create a higher perceived value and charge more money
  5. Translate the content into any other language and tap into an unsaturated, profit-generating market
  6. Add it as an upsell to your funnel. Save yourself time & hassle and instantly boost your profits per each new customer
  7. Create a follow up email series to gain more trust with your subscribers
  8. Use it as a bonus for your existing product to stack on value and boost your conversions
  9. Use parts of the content on your blog to build your following and authority in your space
  10. Post the content on social media to engage you followers, gain shares, likes and more traffic to your site
  11. Set up a membership site and create an additional recurring income stream for yourself
  12. Give it away as a bonus while promoting an affiliate offer. It’s a proven tactic to get more sales & create a goodwill with your subscribers
  13. Sell this course as it is for $17, $27 or even $47 and keep 100% of the profits
  14. Create a coaching program based on the PLR content saving you time
  15. Split the main guide into 3-5 shorter reports and use as a giveaway to build your list
  16. Customize the guide however you want merge with other content, re-brand and create a brand-new, unique product
  17. Resell it to offline clients for a higher price tag
  18. Use it to create a webinar presentation helping you save time on research
  19. Create a viral report by using parts of the content from the product

Let’s hear what others said about CPA Marketing Genius

“Abinadi Suarez with Lucas Adamski and his team produce supreme quality business in a box. I know the pain of making high quality products and funnels and it’s really expensive.

What I love the most about his packages is they are complete with everything you need to start selling and profiting. They think of everything from graphics to emails swipes, to squeeze page and give away product for your subscribers, and much more!

The most important one, the price… The value you get for your money is insane which is affordable by the majority. Their high quality Business In A Box truly saves you time, money and solve the product creation headache.”

Sajan Elanthoor –


Think about it. For just $97 you’d be able to resell this product as your own and make 100% of the profits.

Without worrying about market research, creating a product, writing sales page, creating sales materials, minisite, or anything else!

This entire course could cost thousands of dollars to outsource or tens of hours to create it yourself.

But now it’s all delivered for you on a silver platter. All you’ve got to do is to make small tweaks, send traffic and profit (for years to come).

No more frustration. No more late nights. No hassle.

You save time, you save money, YOU WIN!




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