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CreaVideo V2

CreaVideo V2

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            • Amazing Video Template, It has many designs, animations, and transition.
            • In Creating Engaging Videos, no photoshop, design skill, expensive software.
            • Using PowerPoint, no wasting money in hiring video designers.
            • Step by step to edit in minutes.
            • Developer License at no cost.


              Video Marketing service provider’s secret has been revealed: Creavideo V2. You can manage this tool in just 3 quick way: Pick, Edit and Done! Very simple!!!

              CreaVideo V2 review bonus


              CREAVIDEO V2 – WHAT IS IT?

              Are you struggling make your own marketing video?

              Forget about using an expensive and hard to use software!

              My friend, Miftahul Fuad just found you a solution with his brand new product: CreaVideo V2.

              Now you can create a promotion video by yourself like a pro or making a great presentation only by using Powerpoint that you will not believe.

              Creavideo V2 is a great Powerpoint Template for your Business promotion. Using it, you can easily create stunning animated explainer video just in minutes. CreaVideo fit to your business, consist of various nich that fit in with your business and your conversion will be boosted up to 150%.

              CREAVIDEO V2 – FEATURE

              What’s inside the Creavideo V2‘s package?

              + A bunch of Animated Explainer video powerpoint template collection (seriously, it doesn’t look like it’s created using powerpoint!)

              + Animation ready, all animation are ready to use without editing.

              + All Mascot Characters used in explainer video.

              + All – royalty free – music used in video.

              + All assets (background, graphics, etc) so you can mix and match to make your video more unique!

              + Step by step video training.

              + BONUS : Ton of music background for Marketing Video.

              + and a lot more bonuses inside.

              Here is the key feature of CreaVideo V2:
              • Easy Editable tool
                Powerpoint is used to make this template. You can edit it as you want.
              • HD Video Ready
                Your slide is ready to export as full HD (720 dpi) video! We will show you how to export the files into video using powerpoint.
              • Animation ready
                All animations are ready to used without editing. All – royalty free – music used in video.
              • Save your money
                Stop paying highpriced video presentation. CreaVideo V2 come with more reasonable price. Developer license at no cost!!!
              CreaVideo V2 will help you to:
              • Boost your conversion rate
              • Explain your products and services better with video marketing, and customer love that.
              • Catch attention your audience! Video are more approachable, entertaining, and engaging! They make your customers much more confident about your product.
              • Integrate with any tools: Video Maker Pro, Sketch Pro, Camtasia to create killer video for your business.

              Click play to watch the videos sample created using CreaVideo V2:

              CREAVIDEO V2 – CLUB


              CREAVIDEO V2 – COFFEE


              CREAVIDEO V2 – COMPANY


              CREAVIDEO V2 – FASHION


              CREAVIDEO V2 – HOTEL


              CREAVIDEO V2 – INSURANCE


              CREAVIDEO V2 – SCHOOL


              CREAVIDEO V2 – SPA




              CREAVIDEO V2 – WEDDING


              I’m sure with all these creative items will make your easier to make a marketing video and this will increase your conversion.

              You can always compare the result with any expensive software, and CreaVideo V2 still BETTER!


              The reason is thats creating an attractive Promotion Video is not easy!

              It isn’t a secret if video which is used to promote a product can increase conversion and profit.

              An attractive video will make us more confident and our product will look more impressive.

              As we know, promoting our product through video significantly increase our conversion and sale.

              The problem is creating an impressive video isn’t as easy as you think.

              You need a good preparation, an interesting design, and an attractive animation and layout.

              You also need a special skill to create a video. It can get you confused and frustated!

              If you have more money you can hire a designer to create your video as you want!

              You can also design them by yourself. Certainly to create a video which looks attractive and perfect will take a long time . . .

              So… is there any solution to solve this problem?

              Yeah! Of course now you can create a promotion video by yourself just in minutes without having a special skill.

              No one can deliver your message well except yourself.

              Forget all!! Fire your designer, save your time and money, what you have to do are PICK, EDIT, and DONE.

              CREAVIDEO V2 – SUM IT UP

              • CreaVideo V2 is a BRAND NEW – Amazing Video Template, It has many designs, animations, and transition
              • CreaVideo V2 Saves a Lot Time – in Creating Engaging Videos, no photoshop, design skill, expensive software
              • With CreaVideo V2 you can Create Your Own Video – Using PowerPoint, no wasting money in hiring video designers
              • CreaVideo V2 has Tutorial Video – step by step to edit in minutes
              • CreaVideo V2‘s Developer License at NO COST!

              The early bird discount price is available for 4 days!

              I really recommend you to check this marketing tool today before the discount is gone forever.

              The time is now for you to stop hiring a designer that can spend your money only to create promotion video.

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