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  • Create a unique username and password
  • Add your local-area or toll-free phone number(s)
  • Upload your audio greeting(s) to your Library
  • Configure your calling tree & desired actions (voice mail? call forwarding?)
  • Access inbound call recordings 24/7 from inside DialCaller

DialCaller is the simplest way to getting fresh new leads for your business.

DialCaller Overview

What Is DialCaller?

Want a 1-800 number that spells out your company name?

If you’re looking to build a solid monthly income, nothing can help you quite like your own “1-800” number.

It’s like this:

When I see a business that has a number I can call whenever I want…I can’t help but trust it right away.

Since I know that “fly-by-night” companies don’t have 1-800 numbers, when I see one, I automatically assume it must be a “serious” business.

I’m sure you’ve experienced this yourself: you want to call to ask a question, but there’s just no number available!

Emailing support is good, but there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned phone call.

What if you could have your own toll number?

What would you do with all that power?

No matter what business you run, SEO, marketing, design, copywriting, programming, content creation, video creation, literally anything, I bet you would make more money if you had a no-toll #.

Luckily, on Monday, there is going to be a launch of a new 1-800 “toll” phone number app that lets you host unlimited phone extensions, and even have your own calling tree!

When people call, they will either get transferred to a landline or mobile number, or they can leave a voice message that will get emailed to you. You can also have options such as “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support.”

This app is called DialCaller and it is coming out on.

Introducing: DialCaller

DialCaller is a mobile- and tablet-friendly web app (works on PCs and Macs) that uses third party servers to link your toll-free number to your business.

This platform will:

  • Support 40 languages
  • Work in 100 countries
  • Have 24/7 voicemail access
  • Route calls to landlines & mobile
  • Accept voice mail recordings

DialCaller - review and bonus - DialCaller

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How Does DialCaller Work?

Once using this software, you can reserve your local or toll-free phone number for $1-$2 per month via Twilio (instructions are inside). The process of integration with DialCaller only takes 30 seconds.

When people ring your line, they will hear a custom greeting. You can upload your own audio file. You can also use our built-in text-to-speech functionality to have the digital attendant speak the messages that you put inside the multi-tiered call routing prompts.

Calls of DialCaller get routed. They can go to a live representative; or, a voice message can be recorded and emailed to the most appropriate email address according to how you set it up.

Special Features of DialCaller:

Here is exactly what you’ll get inside DialCaller:

Create a unique username and password

DialCaller - review and bonus - DialCaller

Add your local-area or toll-free phone number(s)

DialCaller - review and bonus - DialCaller

Upload your audio greeting(s) to your Library

DialCaller - review and bonus - DialCaller

Configure your calling tree & desired actions (voice mail? call forwarding?)

DialCaller - review and bonus - DialCaller

Access inbound call recordings 24/7 from inside DialCaller

DialCaller - review and bonus - DialCaller

How It Works:

Step 1: Get access to DialCaller and watch a simple video training

They have 2 convenient price options available, plus a risk-free 30 day guarantee

Step 2: Follow the instructions in the training to set up your toll-free number

Just sit back and hit Play – everything will be shown inside (5 minute setup)

Step 3: Update your website, social media, business cards, email signature, flyers etc.

As your business grows, more and more people will call in and use your toll-free number

In short, the DialCaller web app is so simple, even the least tech-savvy people can use it.

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Why Should You Get DialCaller Now?

With DialCaller, your phone is your ATM machine.

If you’re still struggling with making a serious income for yourself, this could be “the secret tool” that you’re missing.

A toll-free number “ethically forces” people to have a lot more respect for you.

If you already have a business: Assuming your business receives a significant amount of traffic already, you may get an extra 2-5 hot leads per day, just by adding a toll-free number on your website / social media / business cards / flyers / etc.

But even if you are getting 0 traffic because you’re just getting started. You can use the draw of the toll-free number to make $$$.

If you’re starting a business: Imagine what a difference it will make in your business as you start to ramp up, if you have a “1-800” phone number vs. if you don’t have one.

But even if you’ve never made a penny before in your life, DialCaller will get you callers, opportunities, and sales.

Inside the members area, they will show you how to monetize inbound calls even if you have no product or service to sell.

More specifically, here is exactly what it does:

Custom Greetings, Call Forwarding & Voicemail – handle call flow however you like.

Text-To-Speech –don’t want to upload your own custom greeting audio? Just type it in.

Call Recording Functionality – can be enabled or disabled.

Unlimited Extensions – you can have a corporate tree as big as you can imagine.

Unlimited Mailboxes – have as many users as your business can handle.

Unlimited Analytics – track call flow data and see which times are your busiest.

1-Year or 3-Year Hosting & Support – you’re fully covered by our trained staff team.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – no questions asked (details below).

Listen some of their users say about DialCaller

“I’m not used to having so many inbound leads. After I got DialCaller, I started getting at least 3 calls a day from prospective clients asking if I’m available for hire. On a good day, I’ll get 7 or 8 calls so now I get to be very picky about who I choose to work with.” – Amber J.

“Our sales team is very excited to work new prospects that come from our Contact Us page. But up until now, we didn’t have a toll-free phone number. We’ve used DialCaller for almost 3 months now and it’s worked flawlessly. We actually had our very first inbound lead within 45 minutes of adding our new DialCaller number to our home page.” – Bill A.

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Exclusive Bonuses From DialCaller

As a gift, you will also receive a full manual on how to make money with DialCaller, even if you don’t have a business.

Inside, you will discover 7 specific strategies on how to resell the toll-free phone number opportunity to other business owners.

You can flip toll-free numbers to established businesses, charge any amount of money you want, and keep the difference.

They will show you exactly how to do this, inside this free bonus.

For example, you can get a list of local lawyers who do not have a toll-free number, and set one up for them for $50 / mo.

Another example is you can find out how much radio ads and billboards cost in your area, then add a toll-free number & re-sell them at a higher price to local restaurants / service providers / stores.

Especially, all of these bonus will be available in PDF, DOC and MP3 formats.


If you’re still struggling with building a profit stream, maybe this is exactly why up until now, people couldn’t reach you by phone, so they didn’t take you seriously. Now, they will be forced to take you seriously, because a “1-866-company” number is impossible to ignore.

There’s a timer on the page so make sure you get the rock bottom low price by buying now – don’t delay and miss out on the best deal later on!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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