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FB Video Ads Mastery

FB Video Ads Mastery

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  • Module 1: System Overview & The “Private Members-Only” Formula
  • Module 2: Lead Generation & Listbuilding Real World Case Study
  • Module 3: Affiliate Marketing & 500% Return Of Investment Case Study
  • Module 4: Product Launch & Affiliate Attraction Case Study
  • Module 5: His Exact Best Converting Landing Pages & Tracking

FB Video Ads Mastery is a training course where Mario includes full on case studies that you can copy and start dominating in Facebook ads.

FB Video Ads Mastery Overview

What Is FB Video Ads Mastery?

As you already know, Video is big these days and Facebook just recently announced that they’re getting 8 billion video views per day.

That’s just crazy, have you ever thought about the amount of traffic you can get for your affiliate marketing business, your eCommerce store, your information marketing products, or local marketing agency?

Catching the trend, Mario Brown released a new product called FB Video Ads Mastery which is created to leverage FB video ads. Moreover, with this case study, he’s now giving you everything that is working now when it comes to Facebook Ads and specifically Video Ads.

FB Video Ads Mastery is brand new Facebook marketing techniques that facilitate you to get unlimited number of targeted traffic from Facebook. From this mastery, you can get the basic and advanced information about video ads. Mario’s going to share everything with you, from the ad, to the results and why it’s working so well.

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

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How Does FB Video Ads Mastery Work?

What Will You Learn From FB Video Ads Mastery?

Module 1: System Overview & The “Private Members-Only” Formula

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

You’ll get the proven, income generating formula in the first module. You’ll discover the reason behind the popularity of using video in online business. Moreover, Mario’ll also give you his Mental Toughness Hacks allowing you to implement every lesson in this course to gain more profit and growth.

Module 2: Lead Generation & Listbuilding Real World Case Study

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

In this case study, Mario will reveal his landing pages, targeting and video ad that he used to make a targeted list of prospects.

Module 3: Affiliate Marketing & 500% Return Of Investment Case Study

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

It’s a good thing that the producer includes a case study showing his followers how he’s make a 500% Return Of Investment promoting a product as Affiliate. So if you’d love to drive traffic to your offer or to an Affiliate offer, this module is created for you.

Module 4: Product Launch & Affiliate Attraction Case Study

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

Mario will teach you how he’s using a 10-second short Video Ad to attract a flood of highly qualified Affiliates to promote his offers and launches.

Inside the module, the product’s owner will show you the video he used, his ‘Bridge-Page’ and you can take a look at his Landing Pages and strategy to attract Top affiliates to his launches and offers using simple Facebook Ads.

Module 5: His Exact Best Converting Landing Pages & Tracking

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

Fortunately, Mario will walk you through the course and show you how to create highly converting landing pages. He also reveals to you the exact landing pages he used during this case study to get a 53% conversion rate with cold traffic. You’ll also learn how to set up your tracking correctly in a newbie friendly way anyone can understand and implement immediately.

Module 6: Campaign Secrets & Creating The Perfect Ad

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

In this module, you will have a chance to watch every step of his campaign set up. He will break down his video ads and shows you how to get your video ad up and the method to target your ideal customer easily.

Module 7: The Retargeting Revolution

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

Get ready because Mario will give you the exact ads that he used and show you how to set this up step by step quickly as well as how to be perceived as the TOP Authority in your niche thanks to the extremely powerful and low cost marketing strategy.

Module 8: CRITICAL: Keeping Your Account Safe & Happy

FB Video Ads Mastery review and bonus - FB Video Ads Mastery

Do you know that the secret to running highly profitable, amazing and money making Facebook Ads is to be able to run Facebook Ads. It’s important that you keep your FB Account safe and sound and there are 3 siginificant steps you must implement instantly to do that.

In this training, Mario will show you exactly how he and his students run massive traffic in any niche without any problem. If you give Facebook what it wants, it will love you and instead of getting your account shut down, they will help you run better and cheaper ads. However, you have to know what you are doing. If you ignore these 3 steps or this module, then sooner or later you will be in trouble.

Who Should Use FB Video Ads Mastery?

FB Video Ads Mastery is built for beginners. You can use it for any nich, no technical skill is needed.

It’s perfect for online marketers, Facebook and YouTube traffic fanatics, ecommerce, coaching and consulting, and of course video marketers as well.

Why Should You Get FB Video Ads Mastery Now?

By getting FB Video Ads Mastery, you can utilize the following benefits:

  • Don’t suffer from overwhelm
  • You can start without experience
  • You don’t need a list
  • You don’t need a big budget whatsoever
  • You don’t have to do it alone You don’t have to start from scratch

Moreover, this is a case study which means everything is real world data that the producer collected from the video ads he’s been running the last 4 weeks for this case study.

This funnel has led to a 3000% Return Of Investment and you get every step of the funnel today as soon as you invest in ‘FB Video Ads Mastery.

You will get to see and swipe his Opt-In Page, his exact Thank-You page where he built massive likeability/trust/authority and Webinar Registration Page and all his best performing ads and campaigns.

And here is the best part, everything is 100% newbie friendly meaning you can easily implement them.

Now let’s see what others have to say about FB Video Ads Mastery

“Mario’s Video Ads Mastery course is awesome!!! It’s definitely newbies friendly. It teaches step-by-step in creating Facebook ad and landing page, how to set up Facebook pixel. I’m amazed with how to put value to your pixel! It’s definitely a value-added course for people who are interested in affiliate marketing.”

Vanessa Choi

“Video Ads Mastery covers everything needed to create, track and run Facebook video ads in no time flat. The technique about how to keep your ad account safe is “must know” and worth the cost of the course alone. Mario overdelivers once again.”

Shane Crawford

“Hey, Mario. Wow! Thank you for this amazing hands on and step by step Facebook Video Ads training. Loved your real and recent Case Studies as well as your way of guiding me through the whole Video Ad Creation process step by step from Beginning to the End. Now I really feel comfortable to start my first campaign with massive imperfect action! I definitely recommend your training to everyone who’s thinking about doing Facebook Video Ads. This is a surefire way to succeed.”

Bernd Wiest

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Now you’ve seen what you will get with this course and what it can do for you. They’re not about to stop there. Buy them now to get exclusive bonuses from producer and don’t hesitate to get in touch with me to receive my reviews and some pieces of advice.

Exclusive Bonuses From FB Video Ads Mastery:

Fast Action Bonus 1 – Hands On Bonus Workshop July 17th

Live Coaching With Mario: How To Get Paid 100% Commission & Guaranteed Approval as Affiliate

This is a LIVE session where Mario will directly teach you advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies.

He is going to show you how to get paid 100% Commission for products you promote and how to get guaranteed approval to be an Affiliate.

You might not know this but a lot of Affiliates starting out actually do not get approved when they try to promote a great looking product or launch.

With his resource here, you’ll be guaranteed to be Approved. Moreover, he shows you how to earn 100% Commission, meaning you can keep all the profits.

This is definitely a live training you don’t want to miss.

Fast Action Bonus 2 – Hands On Bonus Workshop July 18th

Live Coaching With Mario: How To Build Your Own List FAST!

You might be thinking that this will be hard because you don’t have a list yet, right?

Well, during this coaching session, Mario’ll teach you step by step how to build your list from scratch the fastest way possible.

The perfect lead magnet, exactly what to give away and most importantly how to drive a flood of excited leads and prospects to your offer.

With your list now in place Affiliate Marketing becomes even more powerful.

You want to generate revenue? Mail your subscribers an amazing offer.

During this call you’ll master Listbuilding so that you can start monetizing right away using great affiliate offers and all the strategies and tactics inside ‘Video Ads Mastery’


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my FB Video Ads Mastery Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. However, in case you are in need of any advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you for reading my FB Video Ads Mastery Review.

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