Fresh Mascot 2.0 – Created  Mascot Character In Seconds!


Fresh Mascot 2.0

Fresh Mascot 2.0

Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

8.8 /10

Customer Support – Turn Around Time

9.0 /10

User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

9.0 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible – Powerful Potential – Monetize abilities

8.9 /10


  • 217+ collections of unique layers
  • You can get the master of exclusive photoshop file on HD resolution and GIMP – XCF file.
  • It includes a special training to teach your subscibers how to using Fresh Mascot 2.0.
  • Awesome Background on Front End .
  • Developer license is available in back end offer.

This is how thousands of top marketers create a mascot character in 10 seconds!

Fresh Mascot 2.0 review and bonus


  • Homepage: Fresh Mascot Vol2 Official Site
  • Product Name: Fresh Mascot Vol 2.0
  • Type of Product: Premade Mascot/Graphics Pack
  • Authors: Agus Sakti
  •  Target niche: Video Marketing, Ultimate Graphics For Video Explantion.
  • Official Price: $27
  • Special Discount: 50%-OFF here! (It’s just $14! Limited Only)
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Do you know that marketing video can increase sale conversion up to 150%.

And if you watch it accurately almost 90% marketing video is made of simple animation and illustrations.

That’s why video maker software always completes its feature with mascot and character collection

The problem is hundreds of thousands video maker software users use the same tool.

As the consequence, too many marketing videos look the same.

There are no uniqueness

And there are boring

So what solution are you looking for?

You need a software that can create huge amount of mascots to attract viewers and turn them into buyers…

But it has to be lively and unique…

Have you ever wonder all these top marketers out there use which software that can help them create a mascot character in seconds

And based on statistic sales in JVZoo, mascot creator bundle have been used by more than thousands of top marketers.

They need only few minutes to create the mascot using this one.

To slove your problem and answer for your wonder

Agus Sakti just launched a mascot creator bundle that possibly makes you in the same level as those top marketers who create their own mascot in 30 seconds!

Not every top marketer is given an expert design skill but they can create a unique, cool, and interesting character mascot.

This Mascot creator bundle that has been sold by thousands copies is their secret weapon.

Here is:

>>> Fresh Mascot 2.0 <<<


Fresh Mascot 2.0 provide hundreds of unique layers, models of hairstyles, heads, face expressions, hand shapes, feets, footwears, and body poses.

You need only point and click here and there, and your own mascot will be created in 30 seconds.


The features you will get are:

  • 217+ brand new layers, unique, and done for you graphic.

    All you have to do just point and click. It’s so easy, right?

  • Exclusive PSD Photoshop file on HD resolution

    You just have to export to get the best picture quality.

  • Gimp XCF file on HD Resolution

    Agus Sakti has provided special format (Gimp XCF) just in case your PC didn’t support Adobe Photoshop.

  • 2 Awesome Background on Front End and 8 Top Background with HD resolution

    on back offer (PSD file). This is the secret why top marketers are able to increase their sales conversion by making the marketing video.

  • Transparent PNG on 100%, 30% and 15% in resolution.

    It will helps you to create a mascot character in every design software.

  • Tutorial video:

    You will be guided by Agus Sakti how to create a mascot character in 30 seconds using Fresh Mascot 2.0.

  • Developer license is available in back end offer.


Fresh Mascot 2.0 present with the new face and featured by hundreds of unique layers ready to be used.

You can use Fresh Mascot 2.0:

  • To create more unique your marketing video.
  • Make Your Video more Engaging.
  • Create COOL mascot that can use as website/corporation logo, also create the STUNNING avatar of a social media and banner ads.
  • Fresh Mascot 2.0 will makes your stationary project more appealing.
  • You can make a unique presentation and steal all of audiences’ attention.
  • For Mobile Apps, printed project, etc.

Libraries Unique Mascot Character = Engaging Video = More Profit

SNEAK PEEK some mascot characters you can get…

Fresh Mascot 2.0 review and bonus

Fresh Mascot 2.0 review and bonus

Fresh Mascot 2.0 review and bonus

Fresh Mascot 2.0 review and bonus

Fresh Mascot 2.0 review and bonus

Fresh Mascot 2.0 review and bonus


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