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GrapVidTY MX

GrapVidTY MX

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  • Poster/Flyer Design Templates
  • Infographic Animate Templates
  • Facebook Cover Video Templates
  • Instagram Banner Templates
  • Desktop Mockup Photo

GrapVidTY MX Overview

What Is GrapVidTY MX?

Graphic design and animated video are a big part of your life every day, of course of your business too. Clearly, we all need graphic design and animated video; we need it to deliver the message effectively.

But the problems are:

A lot of people are tired of trying to create a professional graphic design and animated video that convert.

They have to spend tons of money on hiring a designer to create only one graphic or video design for their business.

Imagine if there is a revolutionary way to create high-quality graphics and videos in minutes, it will be GrapVidTY MX!

GrapVidTY MX is all-in-one graphics and video solution that helps you create high-converting graphics and video for your business. This brand new product has been developed with the goal of assisting people in solving marketing content creation problems. With step-by-step tutorials included, you can create attention-grabbing graphics and video in a few minutes.GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

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How Does GrapVidTY MX Work?

Special Features of GrapVidTY MX:

MODULE 1: Poster/Flyer Design Templates

Their templates can assist you in creating posters/flyers for your business promotions needs.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 2: Infographic Animate Templates

All elements in Infographic have elegant colors and interesting animations.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 3: Facebook Cover Video Templates

Video Templates they prepared specifically for your Facebook Cover Page with the appropriate size and easy to customize. This video templates already have a cool animation, you just edit using PowerPoint and upload it on your Facebook Cover Page.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 4: Promotional Video Templates

This is a promotional video template for both online and offline businesses. To be sure, this template has high quality and can improve your BOST and your sales conversions.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 5: Instagram Banner Templates

This is a banner template for Instagram, which they design with square size. Have an artistic design color, make your banner more compelling and increase conversions.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 6: Roll Up Banner Templates

These templates are colored and elegant, look like the professional design for roll-up banner. They are suitable to improve the branding of your company or business.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 7: Desktop Mockup Photo

It’s simple desktop MockUp photo. You just need Drag and Drop your photo or easy customize position your photo, and export you mockup.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 8: Smartphone Mockup Photo

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 9: Frame Mockup Photo

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 10: Name Card Templates

It’s elegant name card design. Your business Look like professional using this templates.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

MODULE 11: Resume/CV Templates

It’s elegant Resume/CV templates. Make your Resume/CV look like professional using this templates.

GrapVidTY MX review and bonus - GrapVidTY MX

How It Works:

You can use PowerPoint as design machine of graphic-video marketing in just three simple steps:

Step #1: Choose your templates ready-made fancy to match your graphics or video needs

Step #2: Click, edit text and replace your image, video, and audio onto your chosen template

Step #3: Export templates to JPG, PDF, MP4, etc. And you can see your own wondrous new, unique and original design.

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Who Should Use GrapVidTY MX?

This product comes with a lot of professional templates which will be suitable for Promotion and Marketing, Entrepreneur, eCommerce, Offline, and Online Business.

Why Should You Get GrapVidTY MX Now?

High-Quality Templates

With every purchase of GrapVidTY MX, you will get huge collections of the amazing graphic design and animated video templates. There are tons of graphics and video templates to create great marketing content.

Newbie Friendly

You can start creating engaging graphics and video design quickly without having to be a master. No tech skills, no relevant experience required.

Easy To Use And Edit

Use PowerPoint to replace image, video and/or audio, text, shapes, or customize color in your chosen template.

GrapVidTY MX allows you to create engaging graphics and video marketing quickly and captures audience’s attention.

You don’t have to spend any money for complicated software. Just by using PowerPoint and everything will be done quickly. With GrapvidTY MX, you don’t need to hire a designer or freelancer to create just a single template for just one business.

The best part is that if there is a problem with the product and their technical support cannot solve it for you, they will refund you within one month of your purchase.

Let’s see what people are saying about this product…

“This is the second volume from Sam and Bayu, and once again I’m super impressed with these beautiful and engaging video templates. Not only are they top quality, but the value is fantastic. Video templates like these with “Hollywood style” effects make it extremely easy for people to create super impressive videos at an affordable price. My recommendation: snap these up quick!”

“Another amazing edition!

As a repeating customer, I have to say – I love the different selections of templates, easy to edit yet the design is very professional. And if I do need help at some point there are always great tutorials. The creative possibilities seem to endless. At times it is hard to imagine that these are done in PowerPoint. Thank you for your great work.”

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