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IM Video Ads

IM Video Ads

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  • Module 1: Why Facebook Video Ads?
  • Module 2: Setting Up Facebook Video Ads
  • Module 3: Custom Reporting
  • Module 4: Breaking Down Reports
  • Module 5: Retargeting Audiences

IM Video Ads is a pack of 11 coaching videos showing you the method to drive unlimited amounts of traffic to any offer using YouTube And Facebook video ads.

IM Video Ads Overview

What Is IM Video Ads?

It’s obvious that capture your target market’s attention is one of the most difficult components of advertising your services and products. They are already beaten by advertising messages. Your potential customers don’t need to read some other lengthy income e-mail or product description.

If you want to get their interest, then you are advised to deliver your info in a way that they really want to interact with. Well, you’ve already knew the answer. Without a doubt, it is VIDEO.

Furthermore, Kelvin Fahey has put everything into this product. Over the past 9 years, he’s grown to be an absolute expert at video creation, editing, and using videos to generate an income online. He knows precisely what it takes to get results with videos, and inside IM Video Masters, you will learn how to do the same.

IM Video Ads is a training course including step-by-step videos and case studies on how to get unlimited traffic from Facebook and YouTube video ads.

Inside this course, you will get access to all the detailed action plans on how to build and develop high-converting video ads. Whether it is content creating, video editing or ads optimization, IM Video Ads will have them all covered.

IM Video Ads review and bonus - IM Video Ads

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How Does IM Video Ads Work?

What Will You Get With IM Video Ads?

Module 1: Why Facebook Video Ads?

Find out why Facebook video ads work in every single niche whether you’re selling your own physical, or digital products, promoting affiliate offers, or even for offline business owners. You’ll also learn about 4 different types of video ads you can run with Facebook.

Module 2: Setting Up Facebook Video Ads

Kevin will show you everything to create your very first video ad. Moreover, you can take a look at the video targeting, ad budget, and placement settings that will get you the least expensive traffic possible. That’s not all, the producer also teaches us the method to create multiple ad sets to get the best results possible and some simple tips to do it quickly, keep things organized, and how to get the best result.

Module 3: Custom Reporting

An overview of his actual Facebook custom ads reports along with an explanation of what everything means and what you’re looking for. You will learn the one thing that you should include in your custom reporting. Moreover, Kevin will show you exactly how to customize a report with the reporting metrics that are most important to you.

Module 4: Breaking Down Reports

In this module, the product’s owner will go through a real report and tell you the one thing you should focus on if you’re getting traffic but it’s not converting well. Besides, he will tell you what you should be looking at to get a good idea of which ads are worth keeping and which ads need to go.

Module 5: Retargeting Audiences

This module will explain to you the power of creating custom audience from people that have actually watched your videos so you can effectively retarget those audience and maximize your conversions. The method to access your custom audience to create retargeting campaign that will get you the lowest costs and the highest conversions.

Module 6: Video Lead Ads

You will discover the reasons why video lead ads are the best solution to build your list and capture leads, and how to properly setup a video lead campaign. Kevin will reveal to you the one thing every single video lead ad must have to give you the best results. You’ll also get real world examples of little tricks that work well to get people’s attention and engage your audience for the best results possible.

Module 7: Retargeting With Website Click Ads

The method of utilizing a “website clicks” ad to retarget people that have viewed your video to get low-cost clicks and conversions is included in this module. The creator will show us the exact settings, targeting, and include/exclude settings with your retargeted audience. In addition, he will tell you the types of ads and budgeting that work the most efficiently with this campaign.

Module 8: YouTube Ads Training Part 1

He will give his buyers the real life examples of YouTube video ads that you can run, and an overview of his YouTube channel, tips on what a proper YouTube channel should include, and the best way to use YouTube ads for traffic.

Module 9: YouTube Ads Training Part 2

You can learn how to setup a YouTube ad as the producer will guide you step by step and you can follow along and create your very own ad. The module also contains the best ad and budget settings to select to ensure you get the lowest cost ads with the highest rate of conversions.

Module 10: Google Adwords Tracking

Kevin will show you the method to track Google conversions for your YouTube ads. You will master Google AdWords and be able to setup tracking pixels on your websites. In addition, this module also teach you the best ways for re-targeting audiences with your videos.

Module 11: Video Captions

You will learn the easiest and quickest ways to add subtitles to your videos by using the best free and paid methods. Also, Kevin will show you the advantages of adding subtitles and how it can make a massive difference to the way your audience interact with your video ads.

Who Should Use IM Video Ads?

Even if you don’t have a big budget, getting traffic now seems to be easier than the past thanks to this training.

So if you’re ready to get high-quality traffic that actually converts, you need to lay your hands on IM Video Ads.

Why Should You Get IM Video Ads Now?

There is no doubt that these days, Facebook and Youtube video ads are extremely affordable, convert like crazy, and if you’re doing any online video, it’s a skill you need to master.

Although there are other courses out there that claim to teach Youtube and Facebook video ads, there’s nothing as in-depth and easy-to-follow as this training… No stones are left unturned, and you get a step-by-step guidance from beginning to end.

Now let’s see what others have to say about IM Video Ads

“I was lucky to get hold of Kevin’s IM Video Ads before the official launch and I just recently finished going through all of the 13 training videos. I like that these are over the shoulder videos where you can see exactly what Kevin is doing, so that you can easily replicate the process to drive you own traffic. I thought I knew everything there is about Facebook Video Ads, but after I finished the course I realized there’s so much more to it. And seeing that Kevin gets traffic for as little as $0.001 per click shows me that I wasted a lot of money in the past. In fact, due to the lower ad spent the training will pay literally for itself. So I highly recommend to get in on this training, and become a professional at video ads very soon.”

Torsten Müller

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They want you to be successful right out of the gate with this system, therefore when you get IM Video Ads today, you get these special Bonuses absolutely FREE!

Exclusive Bonuses From IM Video Ads:

Video Ads Setup

In this webinar, you’ll get to watch Kevin sets up a real video ad campaign from start to finish…

  • You get to see it all LIVE right in front of your very own eyes
  • Bring your best questions because Q&A will be offered at the end of the training
  • The live training will also be recorded so you can refer back to it anytime you want

Video Ads Tracking And Scaling

In this webinar, you’ll get to see how Kevin scales a real campaign from a $5 daily budget to $$$$ per month in profits.

  • You get to see everything live, with your very own eyes
  • Q&A will be offered at the end of the call, so bring your best questions
  • Everything will be recorded in case you miss the training or you just want to refer back to it in the future


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