Instant Spokesperson Review – Pre-made local niche videos for marketers to sell to their offline clients


Instant Spokesperson

Instant Spokesperson

Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

9.2 /10

Customer Support – Turn Around Time

9.4 /10

User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

9.1 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.3 /10

Flexible – Powerful Potential – Monetize abilities

9.2 /10


  • Each video features a professional actor that reads the script for the video
  • Each video features a script that has proven to convert
  • Each video contains professionally shot b-roll (cutaway) images and video to support the subject
  • Each video leaves room for the marketer to brand the videos
  • Each video comes in three cversions... One with music, one without

Instant Spokesperson is a set of pre-made local niche videos for marketers to sell to their offline clients.

Instant Spokesperson Review – Instant Spokesperson Overview

Instant Spokesperson Review – What is Instant Spokesperson?

Instant Spokesperson Review - Instant Spokesperson

Instant Spokesperson is a set of pre-made local niche videos for marketers to sell to their offline clients.

Demo Video Of Instant Spokesperson:


Instant Spokesperson Review – Special Features of Instant Spokesperson?

Check Out The 10 Videos We Have For you!

These are ten of the HOTTEST niches in local marketing! (feel free to use these in your promos)

Plus a special bonus video just for their video business! And With Every Purchase…

They also get extra materials


They will get access to training on modifying the videos, as well as some offline strategies for selling them, and some special training on YouTube marketing!

Royalty Free Music

Each video comes ready to go with music, and with a version that has no music.  We have included some extra music tracks, so users can get creative

HD Backgrounds

Along with changing the music, they may want to change the background behind the presenter, or add an endscreen to the videos, so we’ve added some HD backgrounds and other video goodies.

Social Media Graphics

They get a set of social graphics to go along with the videos!  They can use these templates to make YT Channel, Facebook, Twitter & G+ Graphics!

Video Graphics

One thing we highly recommend is customizing the videos, so I am including some buttons and animations they can use to make the videos even more unique!

Get Social!

As an Instant Spokesperson customer, buyers will get access to a special Facebook Mastermind group, where they can share ideas, ask questions, make requests for future videos, etc.

And Some Great Bonuses For You To Give!…

Animations To Add To The Videos

Animated YouTube End Screens 

A Free Video Editor!

Today we are providing you with a video editing program that changes EVERYTHING!

Our new video editor offers the following features…..

Best of all… you get it FREE!

Instant Spokesperson Review - Instant Spokesperson

Is It Really Any Good?

Not only is it good, it’s REALLY good!  And this is still an early stages product, with new features being added all the time!

Here are some of the features…

This is a product still early in development.  Some training provided, and more is being created.  As an early development product, there may be features that do not work on some machines.  Product is 64-bit, and may not run on older computers.

Instant Spokesperson Review – Why should you get Instant Spokesperson Now?

Instant Spokesperson is a great product for any marketer to jump on, for a number of reasons….

Instant Spokesperson Review - Instant Spokesperson



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