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Launchify 360

Launchify 360

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  • Module 1: How To Create The Perfect Viral Product For Your Multiple 6-Figure Launch
  • Module 2: How To Decide The Perfect Sales Funnel And Pricing Strategy
  • Module 3: Building The Funnel Pages
  • Module 4: How To Select The Best Jv Managers For Your Product
  • Module 5: Setting Up Your Jv Page To Attract And Retain Top Affiliates

Launchify 360 system is an easy-to-follow step by step training, presented in video, audio and transcripts, swipe file and software kit etc, that literally takes you by the hand, and shows you how to easily create your 6-figure product; how to build your 6-figure sales funnels, and how to launch that product successfully for multiple 6-figures in 5 days or less on the internet marketplace.

What Is Launchify 360?

What if you could learn how to make multiple 6-Figures in sales with your very 1st Product, while doing a 5-day product launch on the internet, and at no risk to you whatsoever, Would you be interested?

Introducing: Launchify 360

Launchify 360 system is an easy-to-follow step by step training, presented in video, audio and transcripts, swipe file and software kit etc, that literally takes you by the hand, and shows you how to easily create your 6-figure product; how to build your 6-figure sales funnels, and how to launch that product successfully for multiple 6-figures in 5 days or less on the internet marketplace.

With over 8 hours of video, audio, power-point and transcript training, Dr Ope revealed EXACTLY what he did, how he did it, and when he did it, and then handed over everything he used to do what he did to make history on JVZoo!

With this NO-HOLDS-BARRED and nothing held back bumper product launch training, and toolkit package, he will also show you how you too can do the same, and have even a better product launch than he did, even if you have never launched a product before in your life.

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How Does Launchify 360 Work?

Special Features of Launchify 360:

Module 1: How To Create The Perfect Viral Product For Your Multiple 6-Figure Launch

Everything starts with your Product. Not just any good product, but a product that will capture the imagination of your customers, and make them reach for their wallets without too much hassle.

While they have discovered that it is ridiculously simple to come up with a product that can generate multiple 6-figure income, sadly most people have no clue how to do it. Launchify360 Playbook will hand you the secrets.

In Launchify360, Dr Ope will not only reveal the simple strategies to create the viral product that would get everyone salivating, he will also reveal the different places you can get hold of such products, for almost nothing, and get your multiple 6-Figure product launch ready, literally within days.

Module 2: How To Decide The Perfect Sales Funnel And Pricing Strategy

Multiple 6-Figure launches do not just happen because you have a great product. The FUNNEL for your product launch is the key.

Inside this module, you will come to discover how to create the framework of a product launch funnel that would suck out the last dime from the pockets of visitors to your product launch page, and make your customers very happy to empty their pockets for you.

You will learn the ideal number of products you need to have in your funnel to make multiple 6-figures, as well as how to connect them to maximize your sales.

This product launch sold less than 2,000 to garner N365,508 in Sales. Its all about the Funnel and this module will show you how to do even better.

Module 3: Building The Funnel Pages

Inside this module, you’ll learn how to setup the perfect sales funnel quickly and easily.

You will come get the different software he used, how he used them and download couple of samples that you can use for yours.

Module 4: How To Select The Best Jv Managers For Your Product

You are not likely to get to multiple 6-figures with your product launch, particularly if you are a product launch newbie, without the support of powerful affiliates and super affiliates.

To get these powerful affiliates to look at your product and promote it hard, you need a well-connected JV Manager in your corner.

Of course, Getting these top managers is a very difficult task, and almost impossible to do if you are a newbie.

In this module, he is going to show you where to find the most connected JV Managers, how to get them to manage your launch, and most importantly, how to negotiate the best deals with them so you still have some profits left after your multiple 6-figure launch.

If you get this part wrong, you can do multiple 6-figure and still end up with a loss at the end of this day.

Selecting JV managers and deciding on compensation for them is an art form he only learnt after the fact. He got a lot of the compensation part wrong and paid a heavy price for it. You want to avoid that at all costs.

Dr Ope will show you all the costly mistakes he made in this area and how you can avoid them in your own product launch.

He will also show you the 15 different critical considerations you must think about while negotiating with your JVs. As an attorney, he even included a DRAFT JV Contract to guide you and ensure critical issues are agreed upfront.

This section alone is worth 10 times what you would pay for this package because it will save you tens, if not hundreds, of thousands in your product launch.

Module 5: Setting Up Your Jv Page To Attract And Retain Top Affiliates

Your JV Page is a very important part of your launch. Without it you cannot attract the top shelf Affiliates. Even your highly-connected JV Manager may not be able to help you get affiliates, if your JV Page sucked.

That is why in this module, he will show you how set up a professional looking JV page that prospective partners and affiliates would have no choice than to join your launch.

It’s very easy to do. You just need to know what to do.

You will also learn how to make sure that you only get the best partners and affiliates who will make your product launch a massive success.

Module 6: The Momentum Creating Prelaunch System

Your Pre-Launch Strategies will ultimately determine the kind of momentum you generate for your product launch, and directly impact your multiple 6-figure sales.

So, pay close attention to this module.

One of the big revelations he got with his own multiple 6-figure launch is that what you do before the launch is even more important than what you do during the launch.

Do this wrong and you can forget having a 6-figure launch.

In this module, he is going to show you how the simple steps to take in your prelaunch phase that will all but guarantee that your launch will rock big time.

Module 7: The $100,000 Launch Day Strategy

Dr Ope and his team made over $108,000 on the 1st day of their launch, but it didn’t happen by accident. It was a result of carefully thought-out out-of-the-box strategies that all but guaranteed that first day triumph.

In this module, you would come to discover how to make so much money on the launch day using their Launch Day Kickoff strategy.

Module 8: The Mid Launch Cash-Flow Strategy

Normally, for most people, sales tend to drop drastically after the excitement of the 1st day.

Not with the Launchify 360 strategy.

In this module he is going to show you how he continued to make lots of cash even after the launch day without losing momentum.

Module 9: The 6-Figure Launch Closing On Steroids

For most people, the sales continue to drop after the opening day and by the 5th days there were hardly any sales coming in. On the contrary, using the Launchify360 strategies, his multiple 6-figure product launch with Mobimatic actually made MORE SALES on the last day than the 2 previous days combined!

In this module, Dr Ope and his team will show you the exact ninja strategies they used to close the 5-day Launch with over $81,000+ in additional Sales, and BEAT OUT $17 PRODUCT TO TOP THE SALES LEADERBOARD with their high ticket product selling for $297.

These Launchify 360 closing strategies were so impressive, JVzoo actually awarded them the unprecedented Product-Of-The-Day AGAIN, the day after their closed!

You will get an insider’s look into what they did and how they did it, in this module. It was epic.

Module 10: Launchify 360 Post-Launch Strategies For Making Even More Sales

It’s one thing to make multiple 6-figure income during your launch, but it’s a totally different thing to keep that money. If you didn’t know what to do, you can easily lose a big chunk of money you already banked through massive refunds from your customers who would be experiencing the dreaded buyer’s remorse.

During their multiple 6-figure product launch, they were hemorrhaging money in refunds because they didn’t initially know what to do. Eventually they got their act together saved themselves thousands in refunds.

You will get the full details of what they did wrong and how they turned it around.

Module 11: The Launchify360 Post-Launch Income Defense Strategy

When their Launch officially closed on A super note, they still didn’t quit making money. they implemented the Launchify360 AFTER-LAUNCH strategies to wring out even more money from their customers and prospects.

If you knew what to do, there is a lot more money on the table to be made after your launch officially closed, and your affiliates have stopped promoting your product.

These strategies can easily add another 25% to the total sales made during the launch. Provided you know what to do and did it right.

In this module of the bumper package, they laid everything out for you and all you need to do is execute.

Module 12: Premium Module – The 6-Figure Launch Complete Swipe File

This Is the Holy Grail of Product Launch training! And Dr Ope will be handing everything he used in his launch over to you.

That is no TYPO! It meant everything he used to make his $365, 508+ Launch a massive hit.

It’s one thing to explain or teach you how they did it, it’s quite another thing entirely to hand over to you the complete copies of everything they used to do it… You will only need to copy them, tweak them and go make your own multiple 6-figure launch.

I am talking about the sales pages, the complete funnels, the jv emails, the follow emails, the sales script, the graphics, the upsell and downsell pages, the product launch kit, the ppc adverts, jv adverts, the design templates.

  • Prelaunch Emails
  • In-Launch Emails
  • Pre-Launch Webinar Powerpoint Presentation
  • Pre And Post Launch Graphics,
  • Final sales page scripts (Main Sales Page, Upsell 1, Upsell 2, Downsell 1 , Downsell
  • Exact Launch Page Template Designs for the $360,000 Launch Mobimatic sales pages templates (JV Page Template,Prelaunch webinar page; Prelaunch Page, sales page, UPSELL 1, Downsell 1, upsell2, Downsell 2)

With these world class materials that propelled them to crush it on JVZoo for $365,508.00, I have no doubt that your own multiple 6-figure product launch is just weeks away, if you dare to implement them.

Module 13: Premium Module – The Rolodex Arsenal

This is an exclusive list containing names and emails of top JV managers in the business. These closely guarded list contain information about JV Managers with proven track record for delivering 6-figure launches year in, year our. Dr Ope and his team paid a lot of money to get access to this rolodex and you will get it as part of the Launchify360 XXL Package.

Top Affiliate Promoters Rolodex

This is Complete list of top 1,000 affiliates with proving record of bringing serious heat to any launch they choose to support. You get their names complete with emails. You only then need to hunt them down either by sending directed group adverts or one at a time on social media. Many would kill to even get access to this list of top affiliates.

JV Notifications /Calendar Sites Rolodex

This is the highly researched List of top JV sites to announce your launch for top Jvs to become aware and support your launch. This list contain the MOST RESPECTED AND FREQUENTED JV Sites where the Alpha Affiliates hang out. These big affiliates troll these sites to find interesting product launches coming out.

These sites are like the Wall Street Journal to stock brokers and those in financial business. Affiliates won’t even eat their breakfast until they have checked out what’s going in the jv Calendars. Many JVs wont touch your launch unless they see it listed on these sites.

You can join these sites, most of which are free, or charge a token fee, and begin creating relationships with the movers and shakers in the business.

Top Freelancers Outsourcing Rolodex

This is a compilation of the best and most affordable freelancers to help with all areas of your launch including Copywriting, Materials Designers, Technical Crew, Social Media experts and every kind of task you may need for your 6-figure launch.

Module 14: Ultimate Module – The 6-Figure Product Launch Software Toolkit [Whitelabel Copies]

Dr Ope and his team used an assortment of software and tools to wage the multiple 6-figure product launch and for the first time, they will give you access to the tools that allowed them to overcome their lack inexperience and name recognition in the industry.

These tools include

  1. MOBIVIRAL – A nifty tool that they used to anonymously to make their product launch posts go viral with minimum investment.
  2. MOBICONTEST – they had 5 contests during their product launch that kept their affiliates in a mailing frenzy. they could not have monitored the whole thing or garnered critical information from their affiliates without the Mobi contest. You get white label rights to this. This means not only can you use them during your own product launch, you can sell them as your own product and keep all the money.
  3. MOBIBRANDER – If you need to rebrand plugins for your launch, this is one of the great product you can us. Again, you get white label rights to it and can use it as well it for 100% of the money.
  4. MOBICOPY – they used this to get some of their sales copy written in-house even as they employed the services of experts. There were so many copies deployed in sales page, adverts, prelaunch etc. that they could not afford to pay for all of it. So, they used the MobiBrander
  5. LOCAL LEAD MAGNET – They used this nifty software to find clients that they sold hundreds of their software to both before the launch and after the launch for maximum cash. There is a lot of money to be made from local businesses from your product even before you launch it. They got companies to PAY them to beta test their product. Local Lead Magnet was an awesome tool that they believe will put a lot of smile on your face when used properly to secure local clients for whatever product you are launching.

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Why Should You Get Launchify 360 Now?

You’ll never be able to get access to the Launchify 360 at a price this low ever again. After the 5-Day Launch, Dr Ope intend to turn this huge 8hr+ course and proprietary tools into a 6-month training academy at $997.00

The step-by-step process inside the course is newbie friendly, PROVEN, and has already put thousands of dollars into his pocket… and it will do this same for you if you applied everything he has penned down in this course.

Now let’s hear what other people have to say about Launchify 360

“I have always been paralyzed, confused and overwhelmed by what I thought I needed to do to create a successful product and then have a big launch. However, going through Dr Ope Banwo’s LAUNCHIFY SYSTEM, I am now so full of confidence that I could also have a great product and launch just like he did, by simply by following his very easy to implement step by step process. I am stunned that he would reveal these closely guarded secrets of how to actually get a product created and launched for 6-figures.”

 James Overton, Digital Marketer

 “When I saw Dr Ope’s first product launch topping the leaderboard on JVZoo for 3 days in a row and winning the ‘Product of the Day’ twice, I could not believe that was his very first launch on JVZoo. Now, going through his well thought-out step-by-step strategies, I could now see how it is possible to make 6 figures with your first launch even if you have never created or launched a product before. He basically demystified the whole process, revealed the secrets of the masters and made it easy for ANYONE to implement the Launchify360 System. He even included the complete swipe files and resources he used to make over $365,000 in 5 days. This is just amazing.”

Tira Stovall

 “WOW! I was completely blown away by the scope and practical step-by-step secrets revealed by Dr Ope Banwo in this bumper package. Now I understand how he could so easily have taken the JVZoo by storm with his Triple 6-Figure launch in 5 days. Frankly, I think this exhaustive package is a steal for the price he is asking for the ultimate version. This is easily a $997 product”

Daniel Adetunji, Product Launch Expert

“With Launchify360, Dr Ope has just changed the game for Product Launches in the industry. He has basically exposed the blueprint and toolkit to make a 6-figure launch a no-brainer for anyone serious about implementing his very simple strategies. 2 Thumbs up for the new genius on the block”

Luceroa Garcia

They want to deliver even more value to you, so here’s what you receive if you take action right now and grab this training course.

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Exclusive Bonuses From Launchify 360

Bonus 1

How to successfully sell your digital product on CraiglistLaunchify 360 review and bonus - Launchify 360

Bonus 2

Video training on how to list your product and funnel inside jvzoo even if you don’t have a website

Launchify 360 review and bonus - Launchify 360

Bonus 3

Quick report on how to successfully sell your digital product on ebay

Launchify 360 review and bonus - Launchify 360

Bonus 4

Strategies for generating product ideas and turning them into profitable business online

Launchify 360 review and bonus - Launchify 360

Test Drive The Launchify 360 Course At No Risk Whatsoever For The Next 60 Days…

To completely remove all the risk and make getting access to Launchify 360 today a no-brainer for you, Dr Ope is going to let you get access to the IM Launchify 360 for a full 60 days at no risk….

He knows the strategies described in the Launchify360 absolutely works because it is exactly what he used to record over $365,000 with his own product launch, even without any previous launch experience.

And he’s sure the strategies will work for you as well.

But just to prove that he believe in the Launchify360 strategies 100%, he’s going to guarantee your trial of it over the next 60 days.

So, if you implemented the strategies and tactics explained in this life changing product launch course, and you didn’t record a resounding success in your next product launch, just send an email with your results and then he’ll refund you every penny.


The Costly Mistakes That Cost Him Over $200,000 In Additional Income From The Multiple 6-Figure Super Launch

While making $365,508 in 5 days is definitely a major achievement for a first-time product launcher, the hard-to-believe truth is that Dr Ope and his team could very easily have made over $750,000, and possibly even $1million dollars, in the 5-day period if they did not make some very costly avoidable mistakes.

Yes, this is the bonus 10-part training where Dr Ope will take you deep into the inner war room of the launch organizers, and show you all the hilarious and tragic mistakes and misjudgments they made during the super miracle launch that cost them hundreds of thousands of additional sales, led to massive refunds.

To be honest, the last 3 days of the launch was brutal, as MURPHY’S LAW finally caught up with them.

Everything that could go wrong, went wrong, and it was a miracle that after the dust cleared they still had over $365,508 in sales to show for their effort.

This course is one of the most important training in the whole Launchify360 Play book, as they show you what they did wrong and how you can avoid the same fate.


If you haven’t picked it up, this is your second chance to grab it before the door CLOSED!

Yes… you haven’t missed out yet!

But today is the LAST day before it’s closed!

Remember, you won’t see the price keeps very low for long. You have to lock the massive discount right away… Trust me… this is the best chance you’ll ever have!

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