Lead Gadget Review – Plug the time drain FREE traffic to your offers Get indexed and ranked in minutes!


Lead Gadget

Lead Gadget

Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

9.1 /10

Customer Support – Turn Around Time

9.0 /10

User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

9.2 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.4 /10

Flexible – Powerful Potential – Monetize abilities

9.6 /10


  • Saves you tons of money on buying traffic. (You get Free traffic)
  • You don’t need to pay for “Content Creation” (Done for you)
  • LeadGadget takes the “tech” out of site creation. (Saves you time and money)
  • LeadGadget creates and deploys your sites for you
  • LeadGadget has a top-notch Customer Service team that will bend over backwards to help you along.

Lead Gadget is a revolutionary website building tool that allows you to build large WordPress sites dynamically for local lead generation, CPA offers, Amazon affiliates, Adsense and more. A site with 30k pages can take minutes to set up and deploy, WordPress is installed and the site is built at the click of a button. The included plugins are one of a kind, allowing you to change the content displaying on the entire site with just a few clicks.

There is no software to download, the interface is all web-based. The Lead Gadget system is built for speed and scalability, allowing you to build sites in bulk, casting a bigger net for traffic, leads and sales.

Lead Gadget Review – Lead Gadget Overview:

 Lead Gadget Review and Bonus - Lead Gadget

Lead Gadget Review – What is Lead Gadget ?

Making money online is great, right?

Yet some parts of the “making money online equation” tend to be HUGE time drains…

Stuff like…

  • Creating sites and pages…
  • Generating search engine friendly content…
  • Figuring out how to get indexed and ranked (FIRST PAGE RANKING) on Google…
  • And all the technical back-end stuff…

If you haven’t gotten LeadGadget yet you really should check it out.

“What’s the big deal about LeadGadget?” someone asked me. Well, here’s the big deal.

Google loves LeadGadget sites.

Lead Gadget Review and Bonus - Lead Gadget

NOW, it’s time to get really excited. Because we’ve created a one of a kind software that DOES all of this for you… It plugs the hole in the time drain…

LeadGadget is the DFY (Done for You) web-based software that builds as many as 30 thousand content packed posts FOR YOU with lightning speed.

Your new pages will get indexed and ranked in MINUTES!

Here’s what we mean.

LeadGadget comes with a Content Creator that you can tie to Copyscape, so your content is unique. (which Google loves!)

It includes a powerful Graphics Creator so you can make stunningly gorgeous images and infographics for your pages. (Google loves images and infographics!)

LeadGadget automatically makes CloudFlare accounts for you… Remember, CloudFlare makes your sites run super-fast… which makes Google love them even more…


… Is great for driving FREE traffic to your offers.

… Works wonders for Affiliate Offers, CPA, Pay Per Call lead generation, Amazon products, and your OWN PRODUCTS!

… Saves you time and money.

Isn’t it finally time to plug this huge time drain and focus on other areas of your business?

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Lead Gadget Review – Lead Gadget Key Features:

Lead gadget review - FE1

LeadGadget is a simple, web-based, newbie friendly, “non-techie” tool that anybody can use to CREATE sites and drive fresh, highly targeted traffic to your business.

If you’re like a lot of marketers you might be a little “tech phobic.” Don’t worry. Lead Gadget is by the easiest site creation tool you’ll ever use. Plus you can use LeadGadget to get your sites indexed and ranked, AND utilize the built-in tools to make your site run lightning fast! (Which makes Google love your sites even more)!

Yes, it is possible to get first page Google ranking without shelling out all your money, and without driving yourself batty with all the tech stuff.

“I don’t sell products online. How do I know Lead Gadget will help my business?”

Well, you may not sell products or services online, but you need an online presence regardless. If you want your phones to ring and if you want people to submit inquiries on your site, you need to draw targeted leads to your site.

Because simply having a site isn’t enough.

“If You Build It, They Will Come,” only holds true for baseball fields in Iowa.

You must drive traffic going to your site at all times. Now, most small to medium sized businesses don’t have thousands of bucks to spend on traffic. But there’s a new tool that can help businesses of ANY size, drive free traffic to your site and offers.

There’s lots more benefits waiting for you inside LeadGadget… here are a few…

  1. ➔  Saves you tons of money on buying traffic. (You get Free traffic)
  2. ➔  You don’t need to pay for “Content Creation” (Done for you)
  3. ➔ LeadGadget takes the “tech” out of site creation. (Saves you time and money)
  4. ➔  LeadGadget creates and deploys your sites for you.
  5. ➔  LeadGadget has a top-notch Customer Service team that will bend over backwards to help you along.
  6. ➔  LeadGadget comes with a comprehensive library of video tutorials which hold your hand every step of the way.

AND the Lead Gadget team leads a live weekly webinar with Q&A to make sure you’re using the Lead Gadget tool to its fullest potential.

So when you get LeadGadget today, you don’t have to worry about tech roadblocks or feeling overwhelmed. Please be assured…

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Lead Gadget Review – Lead Gadget Exclusive Bonuses:

And… Here is another great things that come with Lead Gadget! You will rightfully get instant access to:

1/ Private Skype Group Membership

  • Fast answers from everyday MyLeadsMachine users!

2/ Private Mastermind Forum Membership

  • Marketers just like you share knowledge, tips and tricks.
  • Our team is there to help too! We are invested in YOUR SUCCESS!

3/ Private Facebook Group Membership

  • See REAL success stories, get guidance and feedback.
  • You will be the FIRST to find out about new releases and features!

4/ Video Library Membership

  • Videos that help you optimize your time spent creating websites. Step by step tutorials so you never get stuck!

5/ Weekly “LIVE” Training Webinars For Members

  • Ask questions LIVE, get answers LIVE, and Benefit From Other Marketers Experiences
  • LIVE! (Replays available.)

6/ 24/7 Support Ticket System

  • Help is a click away, any time, any day!

Lead Gadget Review – Conclusion:

Well, if you want to create and deploy Google loving sites, rapidly, (and without tech roadblocks), you need to get LeadGadget today.

Get your site indexed and ranked fast… with LeadGadget.

And because the content is unique… and the sites run with lightning speed…

… You’ll never get the “Google slap.”

You get loads of free traffic — qualified, relevant, local leads — all sent to your site.

Rest assured your leads and income won’t dry up every time the Google folks decide to change things up on you.

P.S. the LeadGadget team pride ourselves on top-notch customer service. If you ever get stuck or overwhelmed we’re a few clicks away. You also get a comprehensive library of video tutorials and live weekly webinars with Q&A. This ensures you maximize LeadGadget’s full potential. Questions?


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