Leader Boot – A Brilliant Cloud-Based Software Which Helps You Get Huge Results On Your Affiliate Promotions


Leader Boot

Leader Boot

Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.3 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.4 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

9.5 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • Sell your services to offline businesses
  • Send traffic straight to a sales page
  • Add Your CPA Banner as an Overlay on top of any authority blog posts
  • Super Charge Your Conversions
  • Build Your Audience

Leader Boot is a new cloud-based software which is easy to use and designed to allow you to provide bonuses right on top of a sales page with the click of your mouse.

Leader Boot Overview

  • Homepage: Leader Boot Official Site
  • Product Name: Leader Boot
  • Type of Product: Software
  • Authors: Ray Lane, Vick Carty and Yogesh Agarwal
  • Target niche: Easy-to-use and designed to help you get HUGE results on your affiliate promotions, CPA offers, boosting your video views and shares, and it even works GREAT for promoting services to offline businesses.
  • Official Price: $22

What Is Leader Boot?

The affiliate marketing is getting more competitive by the day, and it requires marketers stand out from the crowd if they want to make money. Also, it is the reason a lot of affiliates have turned to sending their traffic to a bonus page to get audience to buy through their affiliate link.

If you are looking for a software app which you can use to cut down your working time by haft when running promotions and converts better than bonus pages, I think Leader Boot is an excellent choice for you…

Leader Boot is a new cloud-based software which is easy to use and designed to allow you to provide bonuses right on top of a sales page with the click of your mouse. This tool helps you get huge results on your affiliate promotions, CPA offers, boosting your video views and shares, and even profit from offering services to offline business.

Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

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How Does Leader Boot Work?

Special Features of Leader Boot:

Let’s check out what using Leader Boot can do for you:

As An Affiliate Marketer

You can send traffic straight to a sales page with your bonuses overlaid right on the same page to eliminate traffic leakage in order to get more sales.

As An Offline Marketer

This software helps you sell your services to offline businesses by sending people engaging article with your own related advertisement right on top.

You can also use Leader Boot to overlay your review video on top of clients website explaining how your services can improve their business.

As A Video Or CPA Marketer

This software enables you to add Your CPA Banner as an Overlay on top of any authority blog posts and rake in easy CPA Commissions.

Super Charge Your Conversions

You can quickly add scarcity timers, videos, banners, text, images,  buttons, opt-in forms, animations, bonuses and any marketing element on your ”boot” to remarkable increase your conversions.

For Any Online Marketer

The opportunities for getting traffic, building your list, and making sales are virtually endless with Leader Boot!

Build Your Audience

You can even add your Facebook or Google retargeting pixel in your Leader Boot, building you a massive retargeting audience for free…

Especially, when you get this software today, you will get the step-by-step video training which you will discover:

  • If you are a total newbie or have no technical skills, this video gives you the guideline to easily get started.
  • Tips and tricks to get the most out of Leader Boot
  • How to use this software to crush it on affiliate promotions and make as much as $30,000 per month.
  • Other ways to use Leader Boot to make money on demand.

How It Works:

I think you will be surprised to know that you just need to spend only 60 seconds to supercharge your affiliate promotions and bypass your competition within 3 simple steps:


Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

You will be received the login information and then use it in order to log in to Leader Boot software.


Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

Secondly, add your JV link and the bonus page link, then customize the color or page frame size as you want.


Finally, click update, send traffic and start profiting!

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Who Should Use Leader Boot?

Leader Boot software is extremely easy-to-use. It is hosted in the cloud so that you do not need to install. Everyone can follow the step-by-step video training included to get big results.

It is ideal for those:

  • Affiliate marketers who would like to save time, get an edge over other affiliate and ultimately earn more money.
  • CPA marketers who want to get bigger and better results in their campaigns.
  • Who are currently using videos or social media to get traffic and want to get more results with just a few clicks.
  • Service providers who are offering services to offline business owners and looking for an easy method to make sales and profit.

Why Should You Get Leader Boot Now?

In my opinion, Leader Boot is a must-have tool for all online marketers because offers you a massive advantage over your competition. This brilliant software prevents traffic leakage when compared to sending people to a bonus page first. The bonus page is right there on top of the sales page so your visitor can look at the bonus page and the sales page at the same time and make a decision, right then in there without having to visit multiple pages.

And here are some feedback from its users:

According to Niranjan Ranade: ” I have worked with Ray and Vick personally and have seen them first hand use live videos to crush leader boards time and time again. While I knew what they were doing right, I never knew they had plans of making it public. These guys have done it, so if you are into affiliate marketing in any form, you got to get leader Boot. Doesn’t make me happy saying that cause you get it is more competition for me. But it is what it is.”

“Ray Lane, Vick and Yogesh are back at it again with a great launch. If you’re looking to increase your conversions and set up campaigns faster than ever, Leader Boot is the PERFECT option. Great software guys! Keep it up!”, said Joshua Zamora

You also will get several bonuses from this software:

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Exclusive Bonuses From Leader Boot:


Impressive Package of Landing Page Building Softwares

Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

With these two highly rated landing page building software you can easily build squeeze pages as well as video landing pages to nail every campaign!


One LIVE Strategy Call With Experts

Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

Hop on a group call with affiliate marketing experts and take notes as they reveal everything you need to know to rake in commissions… The same way they do it!


Newbie-Friendly Video Editing Software

Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

Quickly create and edit video sales letters, review videos and much more with this premium, easy-to-use video editing software!


HUGE Package Of Marketing Graphics And Images

Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

You will never run out of flashy and beautiful graphics with this premium package of sales materials, vectors, and graphics.


10 Done-for-You Bonuses

Leader Boot - review and bonus - Leader Boot

You will be provided with 10 complete, ready-to-go bonuses guaranteed to make your list go crazy!


To end with, you can get started to create your first Leader Boot page right away without any requirement and experience at all. You just need a JV link and your Bonus Page link which can be created using free resources or its bonus page builders in no time.

It’s all of my Leader Boot review and bonus. I hope that you can find some helpful information about this software. Do not hesitate for such an amazing product!

Thanks for your reading!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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