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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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  • Custom Lead Form
  • AutoFill Feature
  • Prebuilt Color Templates
  • Insert Email Address
  • Email Notification

LeadXplode is the World’s First Social Lead Capture System instantly tap into the database of more than 2.2billions social profiles to grab Leads.

What Is LeadXplode?

Some of you may be wondering what is a lead in sales?

Why the hell everyone crazy about getting more leads to increase their sales conversions?

A lead refers to the generation of prospective customer who is interested in your products or services. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. Lead usually is the contact information and in some cases, demographic information of a prospective customer.

Building a list of potential customers is an ultimately business builders for your business opportunity.

Today, I would like to present to you a whole system with an AUTOMATED technology to power brand new performance-driven engine on delivering even bigger, better, faster results. It’s called LeadXplode.

LeadXplode is a Brand New Solution That Gets You 10X Fresh Leads, Traffic & Engagement and accelerate revenue growth by $1000s per month.

LeadXplode is 1st & only Automated Lead Capture System in the World That..

  • Create Smart form for lead generation
  • Generate lifetime lead generation customer leads
  • Convert leads to deals
  • Send brandable lead notifications
  • World’s first all-in-one lead capture system

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How Does LeadXplode Work?

Special Features of LeadXplode:

Custom Lead Form– Create customized lead capture forms with form builder. No coding, no fuss, just easy custom fields to tailor your lead capture form and make it effective.

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AutoFill Feature– This feature will automate your lead capture with social autofill, your customer data can be exported from social platform like Facebook and Google and enhances the data entry process.

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Prebuilt Color Templates– LeadXplode comes with 9 sets of pre-built color template, choose the one that suits you best. Just select the color from given option.

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Insert Email Address– Insert email addresses where you want to get the notification of leads. You can insert multiple email ids and receive notifications on each.

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Email Notification– Send welcome email or subscription email to your customer. Your customers will notify automatically as soon as they subscribed themselves.

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Proper Backend Panel– There is a proper and well managed backend panel. You can view all your leads and also download the csv to make your data easily available in your system.

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Google Captcha Code– LeadXplode is integrated with Google Captcha to prevent spamming of your data. You can turn on/off this feature.

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Notable Features Worth Mentioning

Conversion Focused: Collect leads instantly and start selling your services.

3 Unique Designs: Create awesome landing pages using five beautiful layouts.

Customizable Leads Form: Create any kind of Form via FormGet

Features that make it more powerful


Built on responsive framework – Bootstrap. So variant is also a modern technology built and has a powerful front-end and backend.


Theme options panel gives you ability to customize the theme style using custom CSS options.


The theme has been made fully responsive. It looks great on all screen size devices ranging from smart phones. ‘Phones. to tablets.


Showcase your products and services and sell them directly from your website. You can also use payment page link in your form.


It has an inbuilt lead capture form with facility to store data in backend. Create custom lead generation form as per your suitability.


Variant Is an extremely simple and easy to use theme. It can be easily configured and customized via the theme options panel.

The Offer Doesn’t End Here..

They’re Also Offering 3 Templates Of Industry-Standard Pages and Professional Landing Pages With LeadXplode.

And now you can have professional-looking website/landing page in any business niche you want in less than 10 minutes.

All These Landing Pages for the Price of One.

This yummy piece of cake is not for selected ones but for every business.

Variant is a synonym of endless possibilities.

And here are some live examples.

Tour & travel industry

Let’s say you’re a tour organizer. You’d require to showcase your tour destinations and packages, and let the interested people make bookings for the tour packages directly from your website.

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Beauty, Health & fitness Industry

Create a custom form with required fields you need to accept online bookings from your clients to your fitness club.

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Wedding and Dating Industry

Get your wedding planning business on smooth track. With a comprehensive booking system you can help clients tell you all their choices and preferences and thereby you can serve them better.

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How It Works:

Step 1: Install the system

Step 2: Create Form for in 30 seconds

Step 3: Publish and profit instantly

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Who Should Use LeadXplode?

But LeadXplode will take the visitor’s data directly from the social apps. This will, in turn, capture the relevant information of your client while saving their time.

Just one click and form autofill done. No more manual typing.This simple system enhances visitor experience & uplift your conversion rates.

LeadXplode is Truly Built for Online Marketers, Business Owners and Everyone in Between.

You can edit and create landing page for any business website, with lead capture form already integrated in.

Be a Marketing Master in Minutes with ZERO Coding or Design Skills…Just Click and GO!.

Why Should You Get LeadXplode Now?

LeadXplode 2017 – World’s 1st Real time mobile optimized lead capture system. This powerful LeadXplode system can enhance your LEADS 5X times more without you having to do anything special and that too from existing traffics.

How Will LeadXplode Help You In Business?

Suppose Your Website..

Has over MILLIONS of monthly visitors & THOUSANDS of daily visitors With

LeadXplode you can GRAB 48% of those PROSPRCTS every day Which means engagement levels are 48 TIMES HIGHER.. And higher the sales rate.

And with the huge updates made in LeadXplode in 2017, there has never been a better time to be a part of it, as it not only help you turn HUGE PROFITS, but also grow your business at an exceptional rate!

You can have success with this new marketing platform is EASIER than pushing a button…

  • 58% increase in Leads Conversion
  • 46% increase in Sales Productivity
  • 36% increase in Sales Win Rate
  • 42% increase in Revenue

LeadXplode Benefits:

  • Easily Integrated With Your Word Press Theme on Which Your Website Is Running
  • Get list of Hundreds and Thousands of high qualified sales leads
  • Mobile Optimized Form In A Single Framework With Less Hassle
  • Convert anonymous website visitors into marketable leads just in a click
  • Send Unlimited Traffic to your website and offers
  • Your Engagement will be 50 Times more Powerful than Present
  • Make lead capturing process super easy and quick
  • Grow your business every month

Having bad website designs and ugly landing pages for your marketing campaigns is the reason you’re struggling to grow your business and you have starving account.

And hence they thought of integrating LeadXplode with stunning Landing Page that is better, faster and more robust, to bring even more better results…

Well, they’re into business for more than 5 years and they have sold 1000s of products and made millions of revenue and that is only possible because of great website design and marketing tactics.

And using these years of experiences and knowledge they build this smart and intelligent WordPress theme for you – VARIANT…

This interactive and smart landing pages will help you to capture more leads and sell your products immediately.

Their customers have gone ahead to use it to reach, engage and interact with over 1 million customers world-wide, generated over 580,000 super responsive email leads and influenced over $3.6 million dollars in revenue.

The numbers are staggering & growing every single day.

Well, you can also use it to build a 6 figure business in any niche you want automatically in less than 30 days from now, as you have a lifetime customers begging you to sell something to them.

Join thousands of users who already use LeadXplode to capture leads, engage audience and grow their businesses every single day…

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This is a great opportunity to get your piece of profit pie with LeadXplode

LeadXplode makes your MONEY making easier with AUTOMATIC lead generation facility. Get your hands on more money and increased totally hands free.

If You are Tired of Struggling Online To Get More Leads & Sales then you need to Try LeadXplode Now!

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Exclusive Bonuses From LeadXplode

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LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode

LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode LeadXplode - review and bonus - LeadXplode


The LeadXplode Lifetime Access Provides:

LeadXplode Membership PLan– World’s 1st & Only Lead Capture System To Get More Leads, Traffic, Engagement & Sales In Your Business Using Your Website Traffic.

Custom Lead Gen Form– Create lead gen forms with custom fields, insert it in any pages/posts. Capture leads instantly and stored in WordPress dashboard.

Landing Page Templates– Get a powerful and coversion optimized landing page WordPress bundle. A Powerful Package with effective marketing Equipments to Boost your Business.

Powerful admin Panel– Powerful and easy to use admin panel to set up and customize your lead gen form and Landing Page templates without going near any code.

Instant Setup– The LeadXplode plugin and landingpage comes with one click installation process. The entire solution is easy to setup and customize according to own needs.

Conversion Optimized System– A powerful package with effective marketing equipments to give boost to your business. Drive search traffic to your page, collect leads and sell your business services.

24/7 Support Team– Got questions? For any query, problem, or question, get in touch with their friendly support staff, who will resolve all your problems instantly.