LetImpact – A Web-Based Application Allows You To Add Social Proof To Your Pages To Increase Buyers Trust And Conversions




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  • Setup Viral Pages Within Minutes
  • Simply Install The Let Impact Pixel
  • Optimize Your Notification
  • Call-Out Preview
  • Choose Your Favorite Animation

LetImpact is a web-based application (SaaS) that enables you to add social proof to your pages to build and increase the trust and conversion of the buyers.

LetImpact Overview

What Is LetImpact?

As we all know that proof builds authority and authority build trust. It takes us a lot of time to get customer testimonials and place them on our website. Thus, making money online is not easy… That is the reason LetImpact was created for online marketers like you to support you to more simply build your list with content that everyone wants to share as well as create instant trust.

LetImpact is a web-based application (SaaS) that enables you to add social proof to your pages to build and increase the trust and conversion of the buyers. You can take advantage of this product to build Contest Pages using LetImpact’s Viral Campaign Builder and displays call outs to convert any visitor who lands on the page. Also, you can use the Viral Contest feature to create viral contest pages that use social sharing to drive traffic and build your list.

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How Does LetImpact Work?

Special Features of LetImpact:

With LetImpact, you will be able to get a lot of benefits. Here are some outstanding features:


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You can easily add your contest details and customize your content pages with the color setting, background choice that matches your branding. With Pre-made email messages and done-for-you terms and conditions, you are rapidly up and running.


In order to install the LetImpact social proof call-outs for your campaigns, you can simply copy the pixel code from the LetImpact Dashboard into the <Head> tag of your page or let your page administrator install it.


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You also know that the mỏe detailed your response, the better your proof will perform. With LetImpact, the Callout notifications is built based on the type of page at the place you have the call-out appear.


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You can use the call out preview window to design the call out, adjust it to accommodate your need and then see how it will appear on your pages. Implement the right phrase for your call out that shows your page visitor what activities took place, and you want him/her to follow!


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Letimpact Provides A Variety Of Animations For Your Call-Out

It allows you to select your animation, check the preview window to choose your favorite one as you want. Also, you can determine the place of bottom-right, bottom-left, top-right or top-left.


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This web-based application enables you to set the time to follow notification appearing on the screen conveniently. You are able to set 3 times in seconds.

You can also choose to disregard old records. For example, records that are older than 3 days should not be displayed anymore.


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Let Impact allows to make callout clickable and redirect to you order page, special offer, squeeze page, download page to any URL you choose.


You can use the play buttons or upload any square or round image to display on your call-out. It can draw attention to each callout displayed and make the number of clicks in a callout increase.


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You can change any setting in your Dashboard at any time and place. You also have the option to disable callouts on mobile or desktop if you prefer.


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With LetImpact you can easily Capture all user data required for your Call-Out Notifications. You will capture name, email address, geographical location, the exact time of the activity, and set the status for a record.

You can manually disable certain records if you choose not to display them on your website as per your discretion. Once you switch off the record, it will no longer be displayed!


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With campaign reports, you can analyze your Social Proof Campaigns. See the setup of your campaign at a glance. The page on which the campaign is being displayed, how the activity is being recorded, and from which location the activity is being recorded.

Easily analyze the number of visitors to your campaign, the number of records tracked for display in your Call Out Notifications, and the number of clicks on your notifications during your campaign.


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You can use the Image editor inside this product to entice your page visitors click your notification to maximize your click performance. If the play button is applied to your call out notifications, it will help you quickly double your click-through rates.

And much more…

How It Works:

It is quite simple to use within 3 simple steps:


Create Your Viral Contest Page

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Add Social Proof To Your Pages

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Double Your Revenues

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Why Should You Get LetImpact Now?

There are three key facts that: LetImpact works well in all browsers, on all devices and it is proven conversion.

I think it is the excellent choice if you pick it up for your marketing campaign because it can help you double your list with viral contests and convert visitors 3X faster with social proof. Let’s learn more details:

Double Your List With Viral Contests: You know that word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best ways to spread your news fast. And viral contests use this marketing type most effectively by asking every participant to share the-the viral contest with friends to win a valuable prize. Now you are able to target participants with similar products that spark their interest.

When every participant shares the content with 5 friends, and these friends do the same thing, traffic to your contest EXPLODES. But, how do you get people to enter into the contest if they don’t know you? Here is where Social Proof comes in!

Convert Visitors 3X Faster With Social Proof: People are afraid of doing anything new. Attempting new things always requires courage as you DON’T know what you might face in the future. Following the crowd gives you the cushion of comfort to do mistakes. Here is where this type of Social Proof CONVERTS your visitors into contest participants, and contest participants into buyers!

Now let’s see what people said about this product:

According to Robert Schoolcraft: Don’t waste your hard earned money on other products!

“I am so excited about LetImpact. The idea of capturing herd mentality is one of the best ideas ever. Especially when it is offered by LetX! I have purchased their other programs. If there is ever any kind of problem, it is like they have a whole team working with you. Danny, Kim, Vipul, Yogesh and more – if this doesn’t inspire confidence, I don’t know what does!

OMG! I know there are similar products to LetImpact but don’t waste your hard earned money on them. Why? Because you are not going to get the pricing, the features, the updates AND the customer service that you get with LetImpact. WowZA!!!”

Beside of several benefits that I’ve already shown you, Let Impact also give you some bonuses:

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Exclusive Bonuses From LetImpact


Join The Exclusive VIP Facebook Group

You can learn the best from your peers and will be an exclusive Facebook membership. Connect with like-minded Facebook and email marketers, entrepreneurs, agencies, and other LetImpact users! Strategize with the best in the field and get advice from your peers to get better and consistent results from LetImpact.


Get LetImpact WordPress Plugin

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Integrate with WP super fast. Let Impact offers you a WordPress Plugin for easy integration of your LetImpact Version. You can simply download the plugin and upload it to your WordPress site and you are done. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Get LetReach standard edition suite

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Re-engage your visitors with LetReach Browser push notifications! LetReach is a full-featured web push notification platform which helps in re-engaging users to the website. It includes Geo Targeting, Detailed Reporting and Works on both HTTP and HTTPS website and much more features.


Get LetSocify Standard Edition Suite

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Re-engage your visitors with LetSocify Facebook push notifications!

LetSocify is a Facebook notification tool which helps to deliver notifications right into your users Facebook Notification Inbox.


Get LetSharer – One-Click Facebook Posts

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Clickable Facebook photo posts! With this Photo Link creator, you can pull hundreds of Facebook users to your pages with a single Click. This tool allows you to take any link and add it to an image posted on Facebook, add any text you want, add a re-targeting Pixel, redirect users to any URL you choose.


To end with, with LetImpact now you can build your list fact with content that everyone wants to share. This is a way to make money online using auto-generated social proof quickly. I hope that all of the details about this product provided will help you have overview information about Let Impact. Thank you so much for your reading and see you soon in my next review!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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