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Levidio Vol2

Levidio Vol2

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.5 /10

Customer support - Turn around the time

9.0 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

9.2 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

8.5 /10

Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

8.0 /10


  • 10 high-quality modules and • complete tutorial videos.
  • High-quality graphic designs.
  • Hundred slides ready to use.
  • The most fully-equipped video assests ever.
  • Drag and drop, copy paste and replace, no more hardwork.

Are you struggling make your own marketing video? Levidio Vol2 is a game changer product that help you create your own animated explainer video in 5 minutes FLAT! Let’s see this review in detail below.

Levidio Vol2 review bonus



Did you know that in 2015, video marketing is the best tools to increase your conversion and sales

There are three reasons why your business needs video:

– Firstly, the video is probably increasing conversion up to 150%.

– Secondly, people love video and you can easily grab the audience’s attention and forced them to buy new product.

– Thirdly, videos are easily shareable. instant extra traffic but the problem with video .

But the problem is creating your own video may :

– You need a complicated and expensive software.

– It takes a long time.

– Need hire designers.

– Spend a lot of money.

But today, we have just found you a solution and I’m going to introduce to you now.

Forget about using an expensive and hard to use software!

My friend, Ilham Zulkarnain from rootpixel, has just released his brand new product, and it’s really make me stunned. It’s called : Levidio Vol2.

Levidio Vol2 is not a software, plugin or wordpress theme. It is an Amazing Powerpoint Explainer/Presentation Video Marketing Template.

With Levidio Vol2, you can easily create your own animated explainer video in just 5 minutes, using nothing but powerpoint!

At first time i saw the demo, i didn’t believe that this fancy and engaging animated video was created using powerpoint, and i bet you too!

Check out the demo here:

Watch the Following Introduction Video


It’s absolutely a game changer! Now i can easily create an engaging animated explainer video in 5 minutes.


Levidio Vol2 will save your time and money to create your own video marketing GURU without any expensive software, without thinking hard! Just click and replace.

>>> Full Features Overviews

  • Click and replace.
    All template elements can be replaced with your own, from colors to pictures, click and replace! All elements!
  • 10 high-Quality Modules.
    We work hard to prepare high-quality modules for you. Design, movement and audio are provided just for you.
  • Perfect Timming.
    We have adjustied the timing of every slide to meet your needs. But if you want to customize it by yourself, you can do it easily!
  • Complete tutorial videos.
    Of course we provide tutorial videos so you can use the Levidio templates easily, and if you still have some trouble, please do not hesitate to call us right away. Our support team will assist you.
  • High-quality Graphic Designs.

We know the best way to convince video viewers, we give the finest design to attract more video viewers.

  • Exclusive Audio.
    Believe us, audio is one of the video elements which cannot be separated, so we have provided special audio to use and you can use them for the video you create freely.

>>> What’s inside the package?

  • A bunch of Animated Explainer video powerpoint template collection (seriously, it doesn’t look like it’s created using powerpoint!)
  • Animation ready, all animation are ready to use without editing.
  • Beautifull eye catch flat design.
  • Step by step video training.
  • BONUS : Ton of music background for Marketing Video.
  • and a lot more bonuses inside.


Check out everything you get in Levidio Vol2

#1 – 10 High-Quality Explainer Templates

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

10 Amazing Video Presentation Templates

These 10 video templates have been stacked out and designed according to the niche you want, but are very easy to set up so there is no limit. You can use the video templates for every niche, the limit is only the sky!

Let’s See the Demo Videos below



Financial Consultant


Golf Court


Grand hotel


Gym Fitness


Parka London Boy


Product Designer


Video Service


Wedding invitation


Real Estate



#2 – 4 Slideshow Videos Templates

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Show your slideshow photos better!

Do you often feel troubled while creating slideshow videos? Are you feeling constrained by expensive softwares? You will no longer feel them, because you will be able to make the best slideshow videos just by using our powerpoint templates!

Template #1


Template #2


Template #3


Template #4


#3 – 4 Logo Opener Templates

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Amazing Logo Opener

In a video concept, we need a punch in the intro, and we have designed it in such a way so you can create a high-quality opening video without using expensive software, Powerpoint is enough!



#4 – 4 LowerThird Templates

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Lowerthird Video

There are 4 interesting designs you can use in your video, lowerthird can ease the pain of giving explanation in a video, now you can easily use lowerthird design in your video just by using Powerpoint!





#5 – 4 Charater

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Character Kit

The module you certainly like! SVG Character, you can use it on the other editing softwares you like, such as After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Explaindo, Easy Sketch Pro, etc. with CDR raw format, along with PNG, EPS and SVG!

Levidio Vol2 review bonus Levidio Vol2 review bonus Levidio Vol2 review bonus Levidio Vol2 review bonus

#6 – 4 Monster Character Kit

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Monster Pack!

These cute monsters are going to make your viewers fascinated with the video you create. You can use them on the other editing softwares you likw, such as AE, AP, etc. with raw CDR format, along with PNG, EPS and SVG!

Levidio Vol2 review bonus Levidio Vol2 review bonus Levidio Vol2 review bonus Levidio Vol2 review bonus

#7 – 4 Monster Template Openings

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Monster Animation Template!

Video openings of the cute 4 monsters which are ready to open your videos, your viewers will have difficulties to take their eyes off your videos.





#8 – Character Kit + Monster Kit SWF Animation

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Animation Character!

Of course Levidio Vol2 also gives character kit + monster kit SWF animation which can be used on the other softwares to make your videos much better! Sample of our SWF Bundle!


#9 – Youtube Video Outro

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Boost Your Viewers!

In order to boost your viewers number, a video is very needed to end a youtube video, so the viewer is interested in checking out more videos. With Levidio Vol2 in hand, you can easily make an outro video!







#10 – Exclusive Audio

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

Exclusive Audio

We also have a music division which we proudly present for you, a high-quality audio, to  make your videos more attractive!


With its mega bundle of video creative template, you can start making Better, More creative videos today with most value packed and inspirational collection of video assets on the market.


  • How do you edit it?

It’s very easy. Just open your powerpoint software, click and replace with your own content.

  • And How’s about compatibility?

About compatibility, Levidio Vol2 will not work with keynote. This is just work with powerpoint. Levidio Vol2 work best with Powerpoint 2013, if you using Office 2007 or 2010, it’s will open but some effect and layout will not working perfectly.

  • How about product license? Music and Graphic?

Most all graphic is creating by Levidio Vol2’s team. We are working very hard to make this all impossible if we are are using image, the license for this images is free for commercial use. All the musics used in our templates are created by own. We have provided the additional music on the bonus download area. You can mix and match what the music background do you want.


Let me tell you something.

Do you know how much you have to pay for 1 unit template and have same (or less) quality than with Levidio Vol2 commercially?

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

I would like to announce that now you can stop buying overpriced templates, or imagine that having ton of high quality will cost you $10.000. It‘s pretty crazy!!

Why LEVIDIO is better than other?

Levidio Vol2 provides you high-quality video template but easy-to-use, click and replace, drag and drop!. You don’t need to use hard softwares. But you can now easily make your best powerpoint templates. No more wasted time. Stop struggling with ton of headaches to find creative inspiration for your videos. Stop paying high price for video template. And Start making money with Levidio Vol2.


Here are some outstanding features that you can see:

  • High quality marketing video templates.
  • Hundred slides ready to use.
  • Drag and drop, copy paste and replace, no more hardwork.
  • Basic training tutorial video are included.
  • The most fully-equipped video assests ever.

Levidio Vol2 is Animated Video Provider Secret Weapon. You can always compare the result with any expensive software, and Levidio Vol2 still BETTER!



Awesome PowerPoint Video Template

Levidio Vol2 review bonus

But remember, the early bird discount price is only available for 4 days! The time is limited.

Now, let secure a Levidio Vol2 copy and create your own animated video in 5 minutes!

Take this chance now, or your competitor will take it from you! I highly recommend you to check  this marketing tool today before the discount is gone forever.

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