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List Breakthrough

List Breakthrough

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User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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  • The Full 8-Part List Breakthrough Email Sequence Walkthrough
  • The Psychology Inside List Breakthrough’s Power
  • The “Oh Crap Tutorial” Email Template
  • The “Problem in the Flesh” Email Template
  • The “Solution Next Door” Email Template

List Breakthrough is a video-based training course that takes you inside the most powerful promotional email sequence you’ll ever seen. You can use these email sequence on your next promo to make more money than you’ve ever made on any email promotion.

List Breakthrough Overview

What Is List Breakthrough?

“The Money is in The List.”

You’ve probably heard that about 1000 times. And it makes sense, right? That you build an email list, send emails, and reap the financial rewards.

It should be easy to earn money this way. Right? The Crazy Thing is… Most Emails Are Junk. They just don’t convert into sales, no matter how many times you send or the even the size of your list.

Today I want to teach you something that has made a huge different in my email marketing… something you can apply to your own business right away.

Ready? Here it is: BE SPECIFIC.

This is how Being Specific can SkyRocket your List:

  • When Targeting an Audience, Be Super Specific.
The world of business owners tend to believe that if you get too specific with your audience that you will shut out potential customers and lose a ton of business. This is True. You will Lose the Interest of Some People when you are specific in who your opt-in giveaway is for… but that’s a good thing. I Learned that instead of using “The 10 Secrets to getting more Coaching Clients,” I needed to use a headline like, “The 10 Secrets to getting More Dentists as Coaching Clients.” That one extra word made me the expert on “Dentist” Coaching and therefore it made me stand out. Did I shut myself off to some potential business? Yes. Was it worth it to gain the perception of being highly specialized? Absolutely.
  • Be Specific about The Promised End Result.
The Headline above is good because it narrows down the exact type of client that we want to help, but we can do better by specifying a better end result. Instead of saying “The 10 Secrets to Getting More Dentists as Coaching Clients,” we should be saying, “The 10 things you can do this weekend to Get 5 New Dentists as Coaching Clients in the Next 21 Days”. Now… What we’re offering starts to take on the vibe of an exact system instead of “pie in the sky” theory that can add an unspecified value. If someone opts into this now, they know exactly what they’re going to learn. Even better… you have a better idea of who you’re talking to and what they are trying to do (this plays big into you eventually selling them something.)
  • Be Specific and Polarizing in Your Ad.
If you’re anything like me, you consider yourself to be a nice human being and it upsets you when you make someone uncomfortable (even if they’re wrong). Get over it. There are a million nice people out there who fade into obscurity. If you want to get people to opt into your email list and become a part of your tribe, you have to put people on edge (at least at first).

For Instance… The Ad that Leads to your opt-in page could say… “Face it.. You’re Terrible at Getting Dentists as Coaching Clients… and I’m Not.” I bet a few of you cringed when you read that (I did!) because it doesn’t fit your personality. The cool thing about a headline like that is that it’s going to get a ton of clicks and, once they make it to the opt-in page, it will get a ton of opt-ins.

And don’t worry… you can redeem yourself and let them know you aren’t awful after they opt-in with a simple video or welcome email.

If you use those 3 tips from above I can guarantee that you’ll start getting more people to opt into your list.

When I did those things with my email, list building took on an entirely different life. And with that I started making a lot more income with email marketing… Right?

Not So Fast Just because I was getting more opt-ins with this system didn’t mean my income went up right away.

That made it so that my email list started growing very rapidly. As cool as it was to have a decent sized list, it certainly didn’t equate to me making money at first.

So… What Was I doing Wrong when mailing my email list?

See if This Sounds Familiar:

  • I’d Pick out something I wanted to promote.
  • I’d open up my autoresponder.
  • I’d write an email talking about the features and benefits of the product and how it would help the person reading my email (keep in mind that this was a targeted list).
  • I’d Hit the Send Button…
  • I’d Check my Stats a few Hours Later and NOTHING.

I was absolutely devastated Every Time with those first few promotions. It got to the point where I wanted to stop sending emails to my list altogether.

I was spending all this time and money to build my list, and that part was working… I just couldn’t sell them anything.

I was super depressed and exhausted… And then it happened.

I happened onto a webinar with a well known email marketing expert and learned about the power of “Sequencing” my emails together to take my readers on a Journey.

It is called “List Breakthrough” It’s the deceptively simple formula that Dr. Ben Adkins has been using to write emails that convert like crazy.

List Breakthrough is a video-based training course that takes you inside the most powerful promotional email sequence you’ll ever seen. You can use on your next promo to make more money than you’ve ever made on any email promotion.

Inside is 8 Email Templates fully explained, The Psychology Behind Each of them, and how to put them together for any promotion that you do. It’s a simple system that you can learn in an hour that will change the way you do email marketing for the rest of your life.

The advance package comes along with 12 of Ben’s most powerful closing techniques (to go along with the 8 email templates) to get even more powerful results. What’s even better is that you will be able to learn all of them in short powerful videos that don’t waste your time (just the good stuff).

Keep reading List Breakthrough Review for more specific information.

List Breakthrough Review and Bonus - List Breakthrough

CrownReviews - Review Trial

 How Does List Breakthrough Work?

Special Features of List Breakthrough:

Let’s take a look at what’s waiting for you:

The Full 8-Part List Breakthrough Email Sequence

Revealed: The exact formula that will make a whole lot more money with your email list.

The easy way to communicate with your list so they’ll pay attention and buy your promotions.

How to customize the List Breakthrough sequence to work for any product, service or promotion you want to make money with.

  • The Psychology Inside List Breakthrough’s Power

How to make your email marketing a predictable revenue stream so you can stop praying for results.

The obvious mistake that 99% of email marketers make and how you can focus instead on exactly where the money is made.

The right way to build your sequence for maximum results and the lowest friction with your subscribers. Yes! They’ll actually love your emails and look forward to opening them… and… buying!

  • The “Oh Crap Tutorial” Email Template

How to instantly capture subscriber attention so they’re engaged and attentive during the remaining emails.

Learn the “Shock Loop” technique that triggers deep psychological needs in your subscribers.

How this  “Teach & Tease” strategy builds positive anxiety in readers that can only be satisfied by your next email…

  • The “Problem in the Flesh” Email Template

How to correctly leverage the attention you generated in your “Oh Crap Tutorial” to get your subscriber to focus on the solution you’ll soon be selling.

The exact narrative you should use to draw subscribers into the world you want them to see.

The clever (and very “sneaky”) way to be entertaining so they will keep reading.

  • The “Solution Next Door” Email Template

How to execute the “Double Tease” technique that emphasizes your subscribers’ pain while promising relief (in the form of the upcoming offer).

The right way to “Recap & Remember” so every word you’ve written crystalizes into a “big picture,” priming them for the exact moment you will ask them to buy.

When to be ultra-specific and when to use generalities so your subscriber is left with no choice but to keep reading, keeping opening emails, and then buy when you say so.

  • The “Open Cart Stampede” Email Template

Ready to make some money? This is the “Big Payoff” for following the List Breakthrough formula! When you do this the first time, you’ll be shocked at how much more you sell right away!

The right way to introduce the product so your subscriber has a legitimate “Ah-ha” moment and realizes they need to buy right away.

The amazing secret tactic we use that actually gets subscribers to close themselves and hit the buy now link.

The exact structure of this essential email that typically works even better than the sales letter itself at pre-selling and priming your subscribers into quick and happy buyers.

  • The “One More Thing” Email Template

This “Special Touch” email is vital – it’s what most (unsuccessful) marketers won’t do – and it’s the #1 way to keep your promotion from bouncing like a dead cat.

This special “Buy the Bonus” technique that consistently knocks people off the fence and converts them into buyers.

How to frame the product price to give you an unfair advantage, rather than not mention it – a mistake most struggling marketers make.

  • The “Waterfall Close” Sequence

A “can’t miss” way to close out any email promotion with three carefully sequenced emails that ensure huge closing day results.

How to acknowledge and handle any lingering objections to set your most skeptical subscriber’s mind at ease and make even more sales.

The specific times to send these final emails, how to avoid repeating yourself, and, ultimately, how to continue the value-based pre-selling that attracts buyers like bees to honey.

How It Works:

The insider information I reveal in List Breakthrough… the same information you’ll receive in just a few minutes:

  • How to stop selling and start telling in your emails… so you actually disarm and engage your subscribers… and… how to prime them to purchase!
  • Why the “sequence” emails you write (when you know our psychological tricks) may be 100 times more profitable than anything else you will ever write!
  • How to create a stampede of hungry traffic when it’s time to buy!
  • How to “ethically manipulate” your subscribers to remain engaged and excited throughout your sequence. This secret weapon will make even the most cynical of your subscribers…

CrownReviews - Trial Pack

Who Should Use List Breakthrough?

If you have an email list (even a small one) and you want to make more income from that list, this is for you.

Why Should You Get List Breakthrough Now ?

List Breakthrough and you’ll also get access to a list of Ben Adkins’ most closely guarded Closing Techniques that he has compiled over the last 5 years.

You can use these inside of the Email Campaigns that Ben Adkins is teaching you in List Breakthrough… to take your results through the roof.

The “Closing Technique” inside LB Advanced are:

  • “If You Only” Close
  • “Two Paths” Close
  • “Pillow” Close
  • “Mark Your Calendar” Close
  • “Puppy” Close
  • “Guarantee Escalation” Close
  • “Keep the Bonuses’ Close
  • “Walk With Me” Close
  • “Close Your Eyes” Close
  • The “Real Life Story” Close
  • “Unreal Excuses” Close
  • The “Yes Progression” Close

Each one of these has meant tens of thousands of extra dollars in revenue.

You will use them in your emails, webinars, and any other time you sell, and you can get access to them for an equally crazy price just by purchasing the advanced package.

Everything you’ll be Learning in List Breakthrough and the Advanced Package has made Ben Adkins Millions of Dollars and he normally reserve this information for those in his 15k Mastermind… but.. Today he has given me  the opportunity to open it up to my customers.

As Small as Your Investment will be if you are one  to get in, Ben is also offering a monster guarantee.

The List Breakthrough Guarantee…You’ve got 60 Days to Put this into action with your email list. If it doesn’t make you at least 10x what you invested in that amount of time, he will gladly have his team refund you in full.

Be One of the Smart Email Marketers — Grab List Breakthrough Today!

This is being sent out to my entire customer list… Please Make sure you don’t wait to grab your spot at this UNBELIEVABLE Price.


Everyone who has purchased List Breakthrough or the Advanced Package so far will also get access to….

Something I Call “The 75k Generating Bonus Call”

In this special pre-recorded bonus video Ben will walk you through how he took a free bonus webinar (with no product for sale on it), and turned it into an asset that generated around 75k in sales for him in the next few months.

You can use this to generate amazing products to sell to your list using the List Breakthrough system (without feeling like you’re creating a product).

I know you’re going to love this short walkthrough of how Ben did it and I can’t wait to hear your results when you use this with the List Breakthrough System.

CrownReviews - Start Now!

Exclusive Bonuses From List Breakthrough

Learning new techniques is powerful… seeing those techniques IN ACTION is quite another thing.

When you get List Breakthrough today, I will include these privately held Case Studies so you can see the real results of List Breakthrough for yourself.

That’s right. This is NOT theory. This is how we generate millions of dollars a year, and I’m going to take you inside to see two recent campaigns.

BONUS #1 The $22,000 Promo, valued at $197

In this bonus video, you will see how we used the List Breakthrough Sequence to generate over $22,000 in just a few short days.

You’ll see:

  • The exact email copy we used to prime and convert our list into buyers .
  • The precise times and days we opened and closed on .
  • And I’ll walk you through the entire campaign so you can actually apply what you learn in List Breakthrough before you put it to use in your own marketing.

BONUS #2 The $75,000 Bonus Call, valued at $297

  • How unique bonuses can help you compete for buyers during a product promotion .
  • How you can leverage “bonus creation” into huge paydays .
  • Learn the concept of “only create things that will pay you in multiple ways,” so you’re never wasting time and only focusing on activities that will continue to put money in your pocket.


List Breakthrough is covered by my 100% “No Questions-No Hassles” Guarantee. Sign up and get access today, and watch the introduction video. Then watch the Psychology of Getting Your List To React video. Then, watch all six of the Template Walkthrough videos. Watch the 22k Promotion Case Study video to see how the List Breakthrough sequence generated $22,000 within a couple of days. Write your own sequences, mail them out, make money. If you get to the end of the program and you aren’t 100% satisfied with your results, all you have to do is email and ask for a refund. It’s that simple. You will receive your money back with no questions and no hassles. You have a full 60 days to put List Breakthrough to the test. You’ve obviously got nothing to lose, and only new sales and conversions to gain. That’s all.

Thank for reading my review.





1/ List Building Locomotive

1-List Building Locomotive

Get 1000 subscribers added to your list in 2 weeks or less.

This report is full of 23 pages on showing you how to build your list with targeted Subscribers in a very fast way. It also shows you how to turn those subscribers in to buyers at the same time you are building your list.

2/ Ninja Funnels

2-Ninja funnel

  • Discover our top secret sales funnels we are using for maximum profits.
  • These strategies allow up to take every dollar our customers spend and effortlessly multiply them by 4X, 5X and 6X like clockwork.
  • You are about to discover the exact sequence to taking leads and making as much money out of them as possible.
  • These proven Ninja sales funnels have been used time and time again in our biggest launches and basically creates free money out of thin air.

3/ List Success

3-List Success

So if you are a newbie or just need some extra list building motivation, here’s a great new ebook for you.

Here are just some of the topics covered in List Success:

Clearly defined calls to action
Writing persuasive messages
Length of copy
Reader keywords

4/ No Brainer List Cash

4-No Brainer List Cash

Copy & paste your way to $100/Day with my drop dead simple 100% option method.

Follow this easy 10 step formula to have the kind of list that makes good money with buying customers.

With a 100% optin rate you can’t go wrong, and you can use this to build your clients a list and charge more than you paid.

5/ Sales Funnel Commando

5-Sales Funnel Commando

Instantly discover how to create your very own profit pumping sales funnel that you can use to slam $100-$300 into your bank account per day online.

You’ll Learn:

How to actually make money when building your email list.
The perfect sales funnel recipe to use to profit when buying solo ads to build your list.
Why a high opt in rate could be damaging your one time offer sales.
The best type of one time offer that converts traffic into cash like Gangbusters.
The 1 strategy I use to build a rock solid monthly passive income.


6/ Buyers List Arbitrage

6-Buyers List Arbitrage

  • Discover how a six figure marketer earns $500-$1000 per day using hidden trick.
  • There is a secret method for building a very powerful buyers list quickly.
  • End your search for a system that will actually allow you to scale up to $500-$1,000+ per day and build a real online business.


7/ Optin Hurricane – The Secret Files

7-Opt-in Hurrican

  • Ex top 50 solo ad seller reveals how to reliably build a list from scratch and turn those leads into instant & consistent cash.
  • These proven and tested strategies work to build a list to sell solo ads, affiliate products or your own.
  • The exact same powerful list building systems you can use right now even if you never created a funnel before.


8/ The 3 Minute Opt In Dominator

8-The 3 minutes opt-in dominatior

  • The step-by-step blueprint that reveals the exact free methods for personally use to craft the perfect, profit pumping sales funnel that slams real money into your bank account all day and all night long.
  • The 3 Minute Opt In Dominator is a top quality solution that quickly and easily builds your entire sales funnel for you.
  • It provides you with an affordable and effortless way to build a subscriber list.


9/ List Building Blueprint 2.0

9-List Building Blueprint 2.0

  • Watch him live as he put over 450 hungry buyer leads into his Aweber account in under 48 hours.
  • What he have in this WSO is a simple but highly effective list building system that he has used to put 10,000 subscribers into his Aweber account in a very short period of time.
  • The system is simple. Anyone can set it up in under an hour and start having highly targeted subscribers on this list shortly after.

10/ List Building Breakthrough

10-List Building Breakthrough

  • How Bryan built a list of 23,232 laser targeted subscribers for free on under 8 months and how you can too.
  • List Building Breakthrough is an 81 page guide that gets straight to the point on how to build a massive mailing list that you can use to make money from every single day.
  • This guide goes into detail on the exact list building strategies he use that put thousands of dollars in my pocket every single month.

11/ Instagram Email List Goldmine

11-Instagram Email List Goldmine

  • Gabriel will show you how you can attract targeted & profitable leads from Instagram on virtual autopilot.
  • He reveal how to start from ground zero, and build an insanely targeted and profitable email list without needing to pay for expensive PPC ads, needing an existing email list OR having to laboriously post content manually every day.
  • This method has never been documented in this level of detail.

12/ Instant Opt-In Profits

12-Instant Opt-in Profits

  • Easy to follow autopilot system shows you how you can build massive email list for free and profit up to $3 per new subscriber without them needing to buy a single thing.
  • 3 methods to make money and grow your list at lightening speed.

13/ Done For You List Building Funnel

13-Done For You List Building Funnel

Get your own complete list building and email marketing funnel that eliminates your list building struggle once for all.
You are getting all of the ready to use templates you need to start your list building and email marketing empire included in this massive package.

  • High converting list building sales funnel.
  • High quality optin report with your name on it.
  • Video series product for you to sell & keep 100% of the profits.
  • Email series of highly persuasive auto-responder emails
  • Traffic, profits and how to scale your new business.

14/ Lead Generation Made Simple

Word Cloud "Lead Generation"

He’d made up to $5,289 per month from one lead-gen client, and now he’s going to hand you the keys of his lead-gen empire.

Here’s what we’re going to discuss in this course:

  • How to identify niches and how to decide what to get paid.
  • How to build your site to make money in that niche.
  • How to track leads so you know what to bill the client.
  • How to SEO that site to the top- the short two page version.
  • How to get paid even while you’re working on bringing the site to the top.
  • How to find your lead buying clients.
  • How to keep your customers forever.
  • How to bill you clients.
  • Advanced techniques to make some serious money.


15/ Offline Monster Lead Gen Pack

15-The Offline Monster Lead Gen Pack

Who else wants to land more clients, close more deals and turn prospects into clients?
The biggest Offline Lead Gen pack for offline marketers to be released ever. This pack is for offline marketers who are struggling to land clients.

This package is for offliners who want to land more clients without putting together the needed promotional materials.

16/ Tagged Leads Pro

16-Tagged Leads Pro

Tagged Leads Pro can bring you unlimited leads per day.

Newbie friendly. Tagged Leads Pro is literally a push of a button software. Put your account name and your password then click start. Nothing more.

Tagged Leads Pro can drive an unlimited amount of leads. You monetize them as you want.

You will be able to use Tagged Leads Pro to an unlimited number of computers. Run it anywhere you want.

17/ Fast, Good and Cheap Sales Letter Formula

17-The Fast, Good and Cheap Sales Letter Formula

Write a high conversion sales letter fast, good and cheap.

The Fast, Good and Cheap Sales Letter Formula takes a proven, 4-step sales letter formula, asks the right questions in a fill-in-the-blank formula and then outsources the entire deal to specialists with the skills you need – and it’s all done for under $30.


18/ Steal My Funnel

18-Steal My funnel

Steal our $3000/Month WordPress sales funnel.
Here is your opportunity to cash in on one of the most sought-after sales funnels to ever be publicly released.
Here’s what you are getting
A high converting sales page
OTO page
Thank you / Download page and
Steal my funnel 1.5

19/ LinkedIn Lead Labotomy

19-Linkedin Lead Lobotomy

  • How to got a newbie 7,156 high quality leads in 15 minutes of work and stopped playing Google game forever.
  • The fastest and easiest way for anyone in any niche to get hoards of free easy traffic with raving buyers.
  • Jump on the best free traffic source known that is free that doesn’t change & that can bring you thousands of visitors & build a massive quality list & promote your offer.


20/ Funnel Cash Storm

20-Funnel Cash Storm

  • Stand over my shoulder and watch as he show you how to build your own quick start funnel that can have you seeing results the next day.
  • A fast easy to apply business model that you can use in any niche at any time.
  • The quickest way to convert your traffic into buyers and how to make more sales in the future.
  • The full $1000 a day blue print and the quick start version so you can go succeed and then come back and learn how to add put more money in your pockets.
  • How to automate the whole thing so the payments just keep coming in.
  • Plus much more


21/ Rapid List Profit Formula

21-Rapid List Profit Formula

Here’s How He Pull Down an Incredible Income That Most Could Only Dream Of…
…From a Handful of Small, Tightly Targeted Opt-In Email Lists That Most Marketers Would Laugh At…

All of Which He Built Without Spending a Dime.

Very simply, this is a highly detailed blueprint that clearly reveals…

  • How To Build A Lists FAST (and Free)
  • The Specific Greeting Process You Should Use To Create an Instant “Connection” With Any List
  • How To Sell Continually Without Ever Looking Like a Cheesy Bastard

22/ Local Freebie Funnel – Vol. 2

22-Local Freebie Funnel

  • How small businesses grow revenues by building an email list.
  • These are PLR products that are the entry level point that your local business clients can use to start generating leads and capturing email addresses.
  • Simply put this is a pre-made product so that experienced marketing consultants can save tons of time and massive amounts of money because 90% of the work is already done. You can simply update and customize the content as needed and its ready to go.


23/ 25 Minute Sales Letter

23-25 minutes sale letter

There are people in WarriorForum that are making 6 figures a year just because they know something you don’t.

The only real differnce is that they know how to write sales letters.


  • The secret “KTOTAMO Headline Method”
  • The “Six Frames” of sales writing.
  • The “Reputation to Ruin” principle.
  • The “Must Have” sales letter components.
  • The “Copy Roadmap” concept.

24/ Fast Attack Funnel System

24-Fast Attack Funnel System

  • Get more subscribers, more traffic and more profit for your list without driving any more traffic.
  • This isn’t a traffic guide – the fast attack funnel System shows you how to get more subscribers out of the same amount of traffic.
  • You won’t have to pay for more traffic.

25/ Simple Local Leads

25-Simple Local Leads

  • How to get local clients and generate leads without building & ranking websites, YouTube videos or messing with Facebook ads.
  • This simple method will have your client’s phones ringing and your bank account growing.
  • Simple Local Leads is about creating a simple system that gives your clients exactly what they want so they’ll continue to pay you month in and month out.
  • This step by step course will get you on track for making money in the next few days if you follow my steps.


26/ Lead Sellers Empire

26-Lead Seller Empire

  • Now you can get full access to a complete over the shoulder look at the Lead Selling Empire that generates over $3k per month for each client with prospects literally begging us to create a campaign for them.

The most effective training is when you can see someone actually do it in real time.

27/ Super Fast List Building

27-Super Fast List Building

  • If you can spare 30-60 minutes a day, this pack will show you how to get 1000 to 5000 new subscribers.
  • It will show you step-by-step how to go from no subscribers to 1000 to 5000 in a day.
  • Than It will show you how to take that list and make $1000 to $5000 with the same list on a monthly basis.
  • We have been doing this for 5 years now quietly making money on PLR Products, CPA Offers, Affiliate Products too.


28/ Sales Letter Titans

28-Sales Letter Titan

  • 100 sales letters targeting 100 of the most lucrative niches in the world and make a 6 figure income selling this to hungry market.
  • Use these full length sales letters to dominate 100 hot markets and save thousands of dollars without talking to a single copyrighters.
  • This is your cash cow. . . there are just too many ways to make money with these sales letters and copywriting tools.


29/ Android List Building

29-Android List Building

  • Who else wants to build a list of lazer targeted leads in any niche with a blazing speed of 1000’s of subscribers in just a week.
  • This course will show you how to build an android app in just 5 minutes from now. No complicated code or design.
  • It will show you the secret system that have been using for building the list with a blazing speed.
  • You don’t even need to be an Android developer to develop an App.

30/ Rapid List Builders

30-Rapid List Builders

Turbo charge your list building with these professional high converting squeeze page templates.

  • You are going to get instant access to 5 high converting, lead sucking squeeze page templates, each comes with 5 different colour variations.
  • Use with all auto responder companies.
  • They work perfectly in any niche.
  • Search engine friendly.
  • Fast to load.
  • Easy to edit and set up.

31/ Avalanche List Building

31-Avalanche List Building

A blueprint to build your very own list building system that works on 99% Auto-Pilot, building your buyers list and sending you payments direct to your PayPal account.

You will learn:

How to build a list on autopilot and start making money in 12 hrs or less.
How to set up your sales funnel for maximum profits.
1 killer strategy to use in your campaigns which will sky-rocket your profits.
The most powerful way to build a list in combination with other sources.
The most powerful traffic method for building a highly responsive list super fast.
And much more


32/ Offline Lead Videos V 1.0

32-Offline Lead Videos

  • Which of these 10 desperate offline markets are you missing out on?
  • Discover these hot local prospects, how you can grab their attention and then turn them intro cash-in-hand offline leads starting today.
  • Offline Lead Videos V 1.0 is a collection of 10 lead-generation videos specifically written and produced for you to introduce the power of online marketing to local business owners in the 10 following high-potential markets.

33/ The Automated Lead Machine

33-Automated Leads Machine1

Discover our 6 figure automated email system that floods our inbox with responses from local businesses on autopilot.
This system essentially puts all of your local marketing lead generation on autopilot.
The exact funnel we use to squeeze every last drop out of every single business contact we have.
How we outsource the entire machine (all 4 steps) for less than $2 day.

34/ List Building Success Formula

34-List Building Success Formula

This is an expert interview on how to generate up to $1500 a day from your list.

In this interview you will gain useful information on how to build a quality list using PPC. As a successful list builder myself, I know how powerful paid search traffic is and there is no better person than Don who can show you strategies on developing a customer list via PPC.

If you are serious about building a 6 to 7 figure a year business, you cannot miss out on this report.

35/ No List, No Contacts, No Problem

35-No List, No Contacts, No Problem

4 simple steps in 4 simple weeks to quickly make money online even if you have no list, no contacts and no products.
The true and simple steps the world’s most successful marketers use to succeed online.

Build your brand.
Build an amazing list.
Leverage the assets of others.
Create expert building materials.


36/ Lead Magnets

36-Lead Magnets package

Legally copy and paste 4 ready to go lead generating funnel that will effortlessly attract thousands of targeted hungry buyers to jump into your lists.

  • Superb step-by-step training videos done by experts.
  • Expertly written 7 days email campaign.
  • Professional and highly attractive lead capture page.
  • Optimized profit pulling thank you page.
  • Profitable affiliate offers to promote.

37/ YouTube Lead Sniper

37-Youtube Lead Sniper

Discover how to get fresh, highly responsive prospects that are readily convertible into sales at no cost.

You will learn:

How to dominate leaderboards while paying nothing for traffic.
How marketers are getting highly responsive subscribers added to their list on a daily basis for free.
The secret traffic source that brings highly targeted leads to your opt-in page.
The techniques behind automatically monetizing these new additions.
How to boost your opt-in rates by over 200% – overnight.

38/ Local Leads Fast Cash

38-Local Leads Fast Cash

7 ways to make money from local lead sites before they rank and 14 ways to make money from local leads without SEO.

Local Leads Fash Cash is a hidden gem for any local marketer wanting to make cash beyond what the normal lead generation models are teaching.

  • How to got a business to call us in 2 minutes after sending out just 8 of these and within 24 hours they had paid us for leads from an unranked site a few days old.
  • How to get businesses to pay $29 per month by simply giving these away (and that is just the start).
  • How to build an army of local people sending calls to my numbers (and don’t even need a website) and we only pay them after we get paid, in every town we start in.
  • How to rank for a “money keyord” in days that gives us the proof we need when talking with local business owners.
  • If you are not doing this you are leaving A LOT of money on the table.
  • If you aren’t planning for this one thing you will regret it.

39/ WP Lead Explosion

39-WP Lead Explosion

A great tool for showing clients comparison of virtually every aspect of internet marketing. Compare mobile sites, web site designs, SEO results, PPC ads and even SMS campaigns along with the print components.


40/ LeadGen Superstar

40-Leadgen Superstart

  • The lazy way to capture and sell endless hot leads to biz owners plus a cash loaded niche that pays huge dollars for your leads.
  • Premium video that automatically generates hot leads for your clients.
  • Done for you flyers to snag clients fast, without cold calling.
  • Custom wordpress theme to generate leads for clients.
  • Complete guide to lead generation.
  • Keyword list for your SEO:PPC lead-hen campaigns.


41/ Simple Micro Funnel Workshop

41-Simple Micro Funnel Workshop

The secret to quickly create a stable 5 figure income from scratch without the need to spend months researching, testing and guessing as to what actually works.

I walk you through my exact blueprint for creating simple micro funnels that are profitable from day one and rapidly scale to $10,000 or more per month.

This is 100% pure, uncensored, hardcore marketing content …specifically for A-Players who want to absolutely crush it online.


42/ WP Question Optin Now

42-WP Question Optin Now

Create The Perfect Question Opt-in Page in Your WordPress Blog.

Increase email option conversion & gain insight on each lead you generate.

Email lead opt-in
Micro survey
Customize your page
Works with latest WordPress

43/ 7 Steps To Massive Lists

43-7 Steps To Massive Lists

The easiest money you will make.

You will get:

  • The massively, high-converting squeeze page.
  • The giveaway report you should use to get subscribers.
  • All video pages.
  • These convert instantly and are going to explode the commission stats in your dashboard.

44/ Best List Money Machine

44-Best List Money Machine

  • Discover how a 23 year old generated 1571 new subscribers from scratch in only 28 days for free.
  • It is a proven and tested system that can be easily duplicated even by a complete newbie.
  • It is about getting a responsive list that buy stuff.
  • It almost feels like having little list-getting machines that bring me new subscribers on complete autopilot.

45/ WP OptinLinks

45-Wp optin Links

How to get 70% conversions without a squeeze page.

OptinLinks adds the Nitrous to the way you build your list.

OptinLinks turns any link or button on your site into massively converting two-step optin forms. This technology is proven to quadruple your optin rates while building a higher-quality and super-responsive list.

46/ Funnel4U Marketing Template

46-Funnel4U Internet Marketing Template

  • Your Marketing Funnel Completely Setup in 14 Minutes or less… Guaranteed!
  • He want to talk briefly about the guarantee in the headline. “Your Marketing Funnel Completely Setup in 14 Minutes or Less”.
  • He created the template for this EXACT reason. He was sick of doing the same stuff over and over again. He tweaked this thing so much that he can setup a complete funnel in less than 14 minutes.
  • Of course, writing the sales letter isn’t included in that but afterwards, it’s just copy and paste.
  • I will guarantee that you can setup your entire marketing funnel (minus the time for writing your copy) in 14 minutes or less.


47/ Power Leads Pro

47-Power Leads Pro

Amazing Secret Software Let’s You Grab Hungry Leads By The Truckload, Drops Your Offer In Their Lap… And Has Buyers Thanking You For Selling Them!

Here are just a few of the features you’ll find in this amazing lead generation tool:

Takes only a few minutes to get started.

Finds leads through your own personalized keywords

Get only the freshest leads using the timeframe that you specify.

Get leads locally, nationally, or internationally in just a few clicks!

Email your leads and directly and target their needs right inside the software.

You don’t need technical expertise or a lot of computer knowledge.

48/ Ultimate Lead Generator

48-Ultimate Lead Generator

  • 1 system to obtain clients for design and development freelancers.
  • Saves you tons of time that you used to spend going out to different sources to find leads.
  • This system pulls in tons of different clientele. Whether you are a graphic designer, web designer, or developer… you will find an awesome amount of clientele here daily.
  • This training includes 2, top of the line, training videos and an easy-to-ready text guide. (yes, with pictures)

49/ The List Builder Master Class

49-The List Builder Master Class

How an underground marketer with no experience and barely any money went from a list of 0 to a list of over 500 in one day.

The List Builder Master Class is a proven and step by step way for anybody to make passive income online.

With just a few bucks, about thirty minutes a day and some dedication you can build a sustainable and profitable business that make your bank account grow and grow for years to come.

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