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            • Covers about 50 topics
            • 60 tools to help users track theirs on the page and off page SEO efforts


              Local SEO Ninja is the search engine optimization tools that help users optimize Web content by analyzing content for on-site links, keywords as well as other SEO considerations.

              What Is Local SEO Ninja?

              As internet marketers, we always try to rank our local business website or clients on page 1 of Google, but it sometimes is stuck on page 3 or more…

              Paid search will let you get to page one rapidly, but it costs each time someone clicks on your link. Let’s learn more about the entire local SEO process from start to finish.

              In 2017, with all the search engine changes, it takes an important role to have a blueprint in place that users can follow to create and rank local business sites. It is the reason Local SEO Ninja comes to guide users and helps them achieve this.

              Local SEO Ninja is the search engine optimization tools which include more than 60 SEO tools inside it to keep track your SEO issues and help to improve the visibility of customers’ website in the search engines.

              Also, it helps users optimize Web content by analyzing content for keywords, on-site links, and other SEO considerations. It is the whole local SEO video training and software solution for ranking local business website.

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              How Does Local SEO Ninja Work?

              Watch this video below to learn more about this software:

               Special Features of Local SEO Ninja:

              Local SEO Ninja covers about 50 topics including:

              1. Introduction to Local SEO Ninja
              2. Getting Organised
              3. Your Audience
              4. Project Goals
              5. Local Business Website Design
              6. Theme Options
              7. Mobile Responsive
              8. Competitor analysis
              9. Keyword Research for Local SEO
              10. Local Keywords
              11. Long Tail Keywords
              12. Keyword Modifiers
              13. Google Keyword Planner
              14. Google Trends
              15. Google Alerts
              16. Creating Content
              17. Duplicate Content
              18. Sitemaps
              19. Internal Linking Structure
              20. Domain Name
              21. Hosting
              22. Rank And Rent Business Model
              23. Local Search Engine Optimization
              24. On Page and Off Page SEO Best Practices
              25. Local SEO Ranking Factors
              26. URL Structure
              27. Title Tags
              28. Meta Descriptions
              29. Heading tags
              30. Image Optimisations
              31. Video Optimization
              32. Anchor Text Optimisations
              33. Creating Location Specific Pages
              34. Schema
              35. Google My Business Setup and Optimisation
              36. Facebook Places Setup and Optimisation
              37. Bing Places Setup and Optimisation
              38. Citations
              39. Domain Authority
              40. Backlinks
              41. Local Map Pack
              42. Local Reviews
              43. Google Analytics Setup
              44. Google Search Console Setup
              45. Local SEO Audit
              46. Audit Your Competitors SEO
              47. Tracking The Progress Of Your Local SEO Campaign
              48. SEO Myths – The Truth
              49. + Bonus Videos

              Also, it consists of over 60 tools to help users track theirs on the page and off page SEO efforts. They are:

              1. Article Rewriter
              2. Server Status Checker
              3. Plagiarism Checker
              4. Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator
              5. Backlink Maker
              6. Page Size Checker
              7. Meta Tag Generator
              8. Reverse IP Domain Checker
              9. Meta Tags Analyzer
              10. Blacklist Lookup
              11. Keyword Position Checker
              12. AVG Antivirus Checker
              13. txt Generator
              14. Link Price Calculator
              15. XML Sitemap Generator
              16. Website Screenshot Generator
              17. Backlink Checker
              18. Domain Hosting Checker
              19. Alexa Rank Checker
              20. Get Source Code of Webpage
              21. Word Counter
              22. Google Index Checker
              23. Online Ping Website Tool
              24. Site Links Count Checker
              25. Link Analyzer
              26. Class C Ip Checker
              27. PageRank Checker
              28. Online Md5 Generator
              29. My IP Address
              30. Page Speed Checker
              31. Keyword Density Checker
              32. Code to Text Ratio Checker
              33. Google Malware Checker
              34. Find DNS records
              35. Domain Age Checker
              36. What is my Browser
              37. Whois Checker
              38. Email Privacy
              39. Domain into IP
              40. Google Cache Checker
              41. Dmoz Listing Checker
              42. Broken Links Finder
              43. URL Rewriting Tool
              44. Search Engine Spider Simulator
              45. www Redirect Checker
              46. Keywords Suggestion Tool
              47. Mozrank Checker
              48. Domain Authority Checker
              49. URL Encoder / Decoder
              50. Page Authority Checker
              51. All in One Website Reviewer
              52. Grammar Checker
              53. Check Gzip Compression and Get HTTP headers
              54. Mobile-Friendly Test
              55. Social Stats Checker
              56. Article Rewriter Pro
              57. Bulk Domain Availability Checker

              How It Works:

              See how you can use Local SEO Ninja in just three simple steps:

              STEP #1: Source

              Get high authority content from Youtube videos

              STEP #2: Spin

              You can spin the content to make limitless unique variations

              STEP #3: Syndicate

              Post content and syndicate around the web

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              Who Should Use Local SEO Ninja?

              Local SEO Ninja is the course which works well for all of the newbie.

              Why Should You Get Local SEO Ninja Now?

              By using Local Ninja Tools software, you can track your local SEO campaigns and much more.

              Local SEO Ninja provides a high-quality support, video training, and documentation: Local SEO Ninja comes with outstanding support as well as accurate, clear documentation and video training. This user-friendly software helps users get up and running straight away.

              There are a plenty of bonuses that users can get inside this software:

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              Exclusive Bonuses From Local SEO Ninja:

              CONTENT NINJA DEMO

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              By getting this product, users will also get its Content Ninja Premium WordPress Plugin. In fact, regular fresh content on your site is a Google ranking factor. This 3 step tool will help you generate Google friendly high authority content for your website.

              BONUS WEBINAR

              Local SEO Ninja - Review and bonus - Local SEO Ninja

              Dominate page 1 of Google in just 24-48 hours and own the latest technology to funnel all users’ traffic anywhere they choose safety and efficiently.


              Thanks to Local SEO Ninja video training, now users can understand they way to create and the requirement to rank a local business site. Also, it is the implement best practices strategies, techniques and proven methods to rank a local business website on the 1st page of Google.

              In this review, I hope you can find some useful information about Local SEO Ninja. Do not hesitate for such an amazing product.

              Thanks for coming by Local SEO Ninja review and bonus. See you with next review in the next days!

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