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  • Flexible attendance management
  • Course Management on Steroids!
  • Integrated with Social Media & Analytics!
  • Completely Barrier Free Setup!
  • Security that is second to none!

MarketerLive Webinar is a complete webinar and video conferencing solutions to delivering personal and powerful coaching, webinar presentations, and training sessions -live.

MarketerLive Overview

What is MarketerLive?

MarketerLive Webinar is a complete webinar and video conferencing solutions to delivering personal and powerful coaching, webinar presentations, and training sessions -live.

Loaded with a variety of features to help you deliver memorable training, our application not only makes it easier, you don’t need any other specialist equipment or add-ons either – and no need for client downloads.

With MarketerLive Webinar, you can keep your audience engaged with flawless, high density (HD) quality video streams and crystal clear audio, from wherever you are in the world.

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How Does MarketerLive Work?

Special Features of MarketerLive:

Live Webinar System

A complete webinar solution that allows users to deliver coaching services in real time. Crystal clear video plus crackle-free audio, without worrying about bandwidth constraints.

  • Live video and audio streaming for online coaching classes or conference style meetings.
  • Messaging and chat facility.
  • Whiteboard and markup tools available for making annotations.
  • Document and file sharing ideal for collaborative working, ideal for online team meetings.
  • Recording and archiving facility allows you to offer event recordings as part of a membership system.
  • Manage event details within the application including registration, scheduling, invitation emails and registrant tracking.


Complete Membership System

Why the MarketerLive Membership System?

A completely integrated solution with tons of options offering the ultimate in membership management, here is just some of the features:

  • Create unlimited membership levels to offer flexible content access to members. (Easily segment members into different subscription levels.
  • Offer flexible payment via integrated payment gateways making it easy for members to pay for access.)
  • Recurring subscriptions, offer coupons, discounts and trial periods to capture new subscribers.
  • Restrict Members from specific courses, or content and display member only content.
  • Integrated with GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact and more…


Content & File Management System

Create, manage and share documents and files seamlessly with your audience. You can view multiple documents simultaneously. Supports multiple file & media types including pptx, docx, xlsx, pdf, txt, wav, mp3, mp4, mpeg, flv, and avi plus many more. You can also convert files from one file type to another. Integrated players for different file sources including YouTube make sharing external information a breeze.

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Whiteboard presentation and Markup tools

Dynamic markup tools allow you to annotate your presentation to ensure your audience are with you every step of the way. Create and move objects easily, and use powerful drawing tools and annotation shapes.

  • Scales and changes page with content
  • Initial Toolset & Functions: Shared pointer, Select Tool, Highlight pen / Pencil / Free draw / Magic Pen, Line/Arrow tool, Rectangle, Ellipse, Triangle, Polygon, Star, Text, Undo*, Redo*, Cut*, Copy*, Paste*, Delete, Erase page
  • Multi-layer support
  • Object manipulation via drag handles: Rotate, Resize, Move up a layer*, Move down a layer*, Bring to front*, Send to back*,
  • Object parameters (where applicable): Line color, Fill color, Transparency, Line weight, Shape specific parameters
  • Save whiteboard snapshot*
  • Additional tools: Post-it tool for whiteboard with name/time/date, Stamp, Add Image/file*


Course Management on Steroids!

Deliver on demand courses and coaching classes with the leading online coaching platform, MarketerLIVE. This feature-rich platform works for you, whether you are selling a single course for a fixed price, or you run a subscription-based coaching model. The interface is simple and intuitive for both admins and students. Here are a few of it’s most powerful features:

  • Sell multimedia courses.
  • Personalise learning experience with tiered coursework delivery.
  • Reward and encourage learners with award certificates & points system for successful activities.
  • Manage the learning experience for participants through groups, forums and timed lessons.
  • And so much more!

Engagement with Achievements!

Increases information retention and improve learners engagement with a powerful achievement system.
The Achievement system of MarketerLive makes learning an fun experience, with goals beyond just learning new stuff.

Awards and achievement badges appeal to the competitive nature and encourages learners to do what it takes to achieve “bragging rights”.

Leaderboards, rankings and Social sharing of awards drive learners to succeed.
Allows learners to earn points as they work through the course material or nominate other users for awards.

MarketerLive provides all the tools needed to create an addictive and fun learning environment.


Webinar Attendee & User Management

Forget having to rely on multiple systems to send out your webinar invites and managing sign ups. The MarketerLive Webinar platform has all the features you need to schedule your webinar and manage registrations. You can quickly and efficiently send out invites and track sign ups too. If you run different coaching classes, you can create virtual classrooms, manage meetings, and access the content library all from a single interface.

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Integrated with Social Media & Analytics!

Social Media should be an integral part of any marketing strategy and MarketerLive integrates Social Media platforms seamlessly. Not only can sign into MarketerLive with just one click, the powerful inbuilt Social Media analytics tool provides incredible insights into various vital metrics. Measure follower or fan engagement, follower activity, and referral statistics on your Social Media marketing efforts.

  • Integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Google Adwords, MailChimp and many more coming soon!
  • Easy to setup and get configured.
  • Provides Analytics of Top Posts, Top Tweets and much more
  • Share Acheivements and awards on all the top Social Media Platforms.


Completely Barrier Free Setup!

MarketerLive offers an all in one solution to start selling courses online, users do not need web hosting, a web designer, constant battles keeping their site up to date and secure or even a domain name!

  • Completely managed solution with no hosting, technical or set up issues
  • No limits on the amount of space (for Coach Packages and above) or bandwidth for user’s sites
  • Users with subscription level of Professional Coach and above can use their own domain name.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Continuous Site Monitoring
  • Fanatical support with online helpdesk ticketing systems



Flexible attendance management

The intuitive user list management process makes it easier to segment access to different parts of your webinar or online classes. You can select multiple users and apply user rights. You can also upload participant photos or use gender specific avatars, allowing you to connect with your audience even better. You can also assign different capabilities to each user, e.g. screenshare, cam or mic.

MarketerLive review and bonus - MarketerLive


Security that is second to none!

Cyber security is a real concern for online businesses and we take your privacy and the security of client’s data seriously. For your peace of mind, we have invested in robust security and data protection features to ensure data safety and user confidentiality.

The inbuilt security features within MarketerLIVE include the following:

  • Advanced, multilayer defenses for DDOS attack prevention.
  • High level Malware/virus protection.
  • Bank level SSL encryption to keep private data and intellectual property safe.
  • Realtime backup with multiple redundant levels to ensure 100% uptime and data safety.

Security of our clients is our top priority. We have deployed the latest technology to ensure that we provide a safe and secure platform.


Live Video & Audio Streaming

  • Redesigned for optimized screen space utilization
  • Different sizes of video for different users
  • Full Screen Video
  • Drag & Drop reordering
  • Start and Stop other broadcasts individually
  • Test your audio locally
  • Adjust individual user volume
  • Avatar image from user profile
  • Mute Incoming Audio when pushing PTT
  • HD and custom video settings for professional webcasters*
  • On-the-fly quality controls*
  • Integrated Audio/Video Wizard*
  • On-Screen Feedback if Audio/Video problems occur*
  • Take a video snapshot*


Screensharing & Remote Control

  • Powerful compression uses less bandwidth with higher quality
  • Support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
  • Share your screen or Choose individual windows and applications to share (Windows and OS X only)
  • Remote Control other users’ applications
  • Better feedback when sharing is stopped
  • Annotate (whiteboard markup) over a shared screen*
  • Floating chat, video, & other panels while screensharing for continuous control*


Messaging & Chat

  • Private Chat Messaging
  • Tabbed Chat
  • Moderator Chat
  • Chat colors
  • Choose text size
  • Show local times in status messages*
  • Emoticons
  • Question & Answer module with moderation*
  • Right-to-Left writing when required by language (Hebrew, Arabic, etc.)*
  • Allow editing of previous text chat messages*
  • Group chat*


Content Viewer, File Types, Document Converter

  • View multiple documents at the same time
  • Tabbed interface
  • Support for Additional document types: pptx, docx, xlsx, pdf, txt, video, audio
  • Improved converter architecture for higher stability and speed
  • Share converters across account centers
  • Sync of content with mark-up
  • Native support and shared player for MP3, FLV
  • Access shared content library
  • Cancel conversion already in progress
  • Improved feedback on duration of conversion and queue
  • Drag and Drop file opening
  • Select multiple files and perform single action (delete, convert, open)
  • Improved controls: zoom, rotate, dragging*
  • Integrated Player for external video sources such as YouTube*
  • Integrated Player for external image sources such as Flicker*
  • Integrated Player for external document sources such as Scribd*
  • Thumbnail navigation for multipage content*
  • Right-to-left paging when required by language (Hebrew, Arabic, etc)*


User Interface & System Architecture

  • Responsive layouts which are adaptable to you!
  • Powerful branding options (logos, background image and more)
  • Improved Security through encrypted protocol
  • Share short links to sessions; Customizable URLs


Account Center

  • All new Account Center (Dashboard, Schedule, Recordings, Message Center, Media, Address Book)
  • Real-time Search
  • Improved interface (auto-complete, data sorting and filtering, multiple select, actions)
  • Improved Quick Schedule
  • Advanced Event registration options and tracking features*
  • Scheduling templates*
  • Email invitations & templates*
  • Automatically create user accounts for invitees
  • Reply-to address for email invitations
  • Better branding management for users
  • Powerful Content Library with folder support
  • Manage content (add, save, delete, share, convert)
  • Message Center
  • Create permanent rooms that retain state as you leave/return
  • Indication of which meetings are active and a quick join link*
  • Meeting planner (for better timezone management)*
  • Public and private meeting schedule frontend*
  • Mass creation of user accounts*
  • RSS feeds for session and recording lists*


Recording & Archiving

  • Pause recordings during capture*
  • UI improvement
  • Auto-play*
  • Search recordings
  • Share from Account Center via link / embed
  • Share from recording
  • Edit recordings*
  • Chapters, cue points*


Participant List & Rights Management

  • Intuitive workflow
  • Multiple select users and modify rights
  • Avatars and profile pictures
  • Hand raising
  • User states
  • Memory of permissions on reconnect
  • Configure user roles and permissions via Account Center*
  • Gender specific user icons
  • Icons to display capabilities by participant (mic, cam, screenshare)*


Real-time polling module

  • Record polls*
  • Pre-create polls*
  • Export polls*
  • Analyse poll results*
  • Assessment features*




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