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  • Fast & Easy To Use!
  • Inspiration & Exploration!
  • Target Your Audience!
  • Grand Opening Special!
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MarketTapp is a Market Research & Inspiration Tool designed to Find Hidden Niche Opportunities, to Saves You Valuable Time & Money and to Exposes Buried PROFITS!

  • Fast & Easy To Use!
  • Inspiration & Exploration!
  • Target Your Audience!
  • Grand Opening Special!

MarketTapp Overview

What is MarketTapp?

You MUST Know Your Audience First…

The biggest question on the minds of most marketers is: Which Niche Should I Go Into?

For many, just knowing what niches are out there is confusing…and doing the research can be a time-consuming, confusing mess.

My friend, Bill Guthrie, for the last 5 years he has been helping folks just like you discover new and profitable niche markets.

Over the years he has read dozens (if not hundreds) of courses on internet marketing, affiliate marketing, product creation. And time after time, the “guru” uses the same market examples: Dog Training, Make Money Online, World of Warcraft, Weight Loss / Burn Fat, Survival…

Those are incredibly competitive markets, and ones that those “gurus” can possibly dominate because they’ve got the money to pour into Facebook ads, media buys, or outsourcing dubious SEO strategies. Good for them!!

But for the rest of us, the ones scratching our heads about the reality of picking a niche market we can actually compete in, well, where do we begin?


Traditional keyword tools, even Google’s own Keyword Planner, return the same results for everyone… at least everyone who doesn’t know any better. A tool is only as good as the hands it’s in, right?

MarketTapp is different. It was built as a way to see deep into a market.

Really deep…

Like so deep that you’re going to flip out and say out loud, “Damn, I never even thought of that!”

The Myth of Competition

Listen, you want to be in the markets where people spend the most money.

It stands to reason.

If given the choice between having a piece of the multi-billion-dollar Health market or some tiny Crafts market, which would you choose?

The reality is this: You don’t need to make very many sales each day to achieve your dreams.


Sell 9 $30 products each day and you’ll make $98,550 a year. Not too shabby!

Competition exists at the top of every market. Your ability to “niche-down” and identify the opportunities and audiences that the “big guys” don’t focus on — in ANY niche market — is how you’re going to succeed!

Buyers think DIFFERENTLY

To succeed online, whether you’re a content marketer or paying for your traffic, you need to know the language of your target audience. You need to understand them better than they understand themselves…

You most definitely need to understand the actual niche you’re marketing in!

That’s why you need to see all the opportunities for sales, growth and expansion! That’s why My friend, Bill Guthrie created MarketTapp!

Introducing MarketTapp:

MarketTapp is a Market Research & Inspiration Tool designed to Find Hidden Niche Opportunities, to Saves You Valuable Time & Money and to Exposes Buried PROFITS!

  • Fast & Easy To Use!
  • Inspiration & Exploration!
  • Target Your Audience!
  • Grand Opening Special!

MarketTapp Review and Bonus - MarketTapp

How Does MarketTapp Work?

Just SOME of The MANY Ways MarketTapp Will Boost Your Income & Business…

Categories are perfect for seed keywords for your research. Examples are headphones, web hosting, essential oils, calendars, etc. Connect additional modifiers that will reveal the audience’s intent. Modifiers like buy, discount, cheap, free shipping, free trial will give you massive competitive advantage and lucrative buyer keywords.

Simply enter a brand name and get hundreds of focused results instantly. When someone uses a brand, they are far along the buying path. They know what they want. And the more someone knows what they want, the closer they are to buying it… So why not from you? MarketTapp reveals endless opportunities for you to profit!

Product searches may or may not have a brand attached to them. Certain products, like iPhone 6, Big Bertha, and XBox can stand alone, without their respective company names. Others may be better suited to accompany their brands, such as Schwinn 270 recumbent bike. MarketTapp gives you the ability to drill into products with a click!

If you’re focused on local marketing, you’ll love MarketTapp’s ability to reveal a tremendous amount of local search phrases. In addition to standard searches like Boston chimney cleaner, incorporate modifiers and let the suggest engine take care of the rest. Top Dallas, Seattle DWI, free consultation are just a few examples.

Use MarketTapp for more than focused research. Throw in some “breadcrumb” terms that will get your creative juices flowing. Enter question phrases like which is, how do I, what kind, or leading phrases such as fastest way to, best product for, cheapest, discount.You’ll be amazed at the results you’ll get and will never be stuck again for ideas!

Informational searches can be another ingenious way to generate topic ideas and sales. Think of potential ways your prospects might ask for guidance. How might they describe themselves? Try phrases like weight loss for and over 40 and you’ll be blow away by the results. These are just a few of the ways you can dig into a niche to find gold!

Even More Cool Features!

Works On Macs & PCs!

MarketTapp Review and Bonus - MarketTapp

MarketTapp leverages emerging technology (like what Slack is built on), which allows you to have a downloadable piece of software that is completely stable on either PCs or Macs. This allows for lightning quick performance!

MarketTapp’s Mission

  • 3 – The work is never done. That’s a promise! MarketTapp is an organic solution — it will evolve and grow with your input and our continued efforts. There are still niches to be discovered — and you’ll benefit!

Exactly What You Get With MarketTapp

The starting point of your research. Simple & Easy. Mac & PC Compatible!

Take a new idea and Drill Down! Or search for anything else that’s on your mind!

See the related Reddit channel for a specific niche topic. Great way to tap into the conversation of your niche!

Search the Amazon database for related products. These are what your prospects are looking for!

Rest assured we’re here to technically support MarketTapp and personally support YOU!

Over 14,000 niches (and growing). Personally curated and organized. Like a Sitemap of Life!

Search FB for niche-specific Groups and Pages — this is where your prospects are hanging out!

There’s a lot of topic-specific content happening on Twitter. Now you can access it with convenience!

The world’s largest digital marketplace, and a perfect spot to find information-based products!

You will receive all the instruction you need on using MarketTapp and advanced marketing tactics too!

How it works:

  • Reveals Hidden UNTAPPED Niche Markets
  • Drills DEEP To Spotlight Ideas & Opportunities You’d NEVER Think Of On Your Own
  • Exposes Buried PROFITS!
  • Removes the Confusion of Knowing Which Niche Markets Are Actually Out There!
  • Saves you COUNTLESS hours of research so you can focus instead on the activity of making money & growing your business!

Here are the videos show exactly how it function:

Uncover New Ideas…

Find Your Audience…

Drill Down Further…

Discover Products to Promote or Create!

Who Should Use MarketTapp

Designed With YOU In Mind!

Essential For:

It Only Takes A Few Taps!

What Others Say About Our Niche Marketing Solutions

“What a tremendous EYE OPENER!” – Mike Carraway

“I never thought about half of these niches!” – Alessandro Zamboni

“One word: AWESOME!” – Mariel L.

“It will save hours of time in research!” – Kyle Macky

“Time is money. You just saved me a LOT of money!” – George Wright

“I am still amazed at the sheer number of niches you exposed!” – Paris Rose

“Don’t give it another moment’s thought — BUY IT NOW!” – J. Cooke

“Dude, do you have any idea how many hours of work you’ve saved me?!” – Quincy

Why should you Get MarketTapp Now?

Why Do It the Hard Way?

  • Doing all this research by hand is a huge waste of time and energy
  • There are no other “Inspiration + Exploration” tools out there
  • Missing out on hidden opportunities will cost you a lot of money
  • No more scratching your head trying to think of niches!

What Makes MarketTapp a Must-Have Tool?

Successful marketers know the importance of insightful tools that reveal opportunities uninformed marketers miss. When you have meaningful information at your fingertips, your traffic, your conversions, and your sales get a big boost! Here are just a few of the many reasons to start using MarketTapp today:

With over 14,000 Niches and MicroNiches at your fingertips, you’ll find endless opportunities!

Go beyond the same ole market categories into MicroNiches filled with passionate audiences.

The further into a market you go, the less competition you’ll face. Give yourself every advantage!

You’ll find new ideas and ways to monetize with MarketTapp’s data and audience identifier suite.


30-day money back guarantee included!!

This is your RISK-FREE opportunity to try MarketTapp for yourself. You can use it for 30 days, generate endless ideas for yourself and/or your clients, and should you not be entirely satisfied, get a full refund. No Questions Asked.




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