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Media Caster Live

Media Caster Live

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  • Auto Like
  • Auto Comment
  • Auto Private Reply Message
  • Schedule your event
  • Preview your stream

Media Caster Live is the absolute easiest way to stream content on Facebook. With a lot of fantastic features, it helps you reach large amounts of new customers and start profiting on Facebook easier than ever before.

Media Caster Live Overview

What Is Media Caster Live?

It is undeniable that marketing on Facebook is growing to be one of the most efficient ways to reach out to massive new customers due to the popularity of this social networking site.  But the hardest thing you need to do if you want to market on Facebook is that getting “social proof.” It means your posts need to be seen by the huge amounts of audience on Facebook.

And we all know that it is not easy to attract audience’s attention as a lot of marketers have been frustrated and struggling to do this task. Fortunately, a brand new fantastic system has been developed to solve this problem instantly.

Introducing: Media Caster Live

Media Caster Live is a complete “set and forget” tool that allows you to tap into the future on Facebook: Live Streaming and generate tons of leads with a few clicks. This fantastic software helps you automate your Facebook posts, likes, comments… and make massive profits on their Facebook business.

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How Does Media Caster Live Work?

Special Features of Media Caster Live:

Media Caster Live allows you to easily schedule your event, upload your content, preview your stream and instantly stream your live feed. Besides, this ultimate software comes with a lot of incredible features:

Auto Like

When someone submits in Facebook a post including image, link, video, live video or live scheduled video, this post will be liked automatically by all other pages of the owner.

Auto Comment

If an auto comment is enabled for the post, a comment which is preset by the owner will be made. (Auto comment can also be given by other pages of the owner)

Auto Share

When auto share is enabled, the post will be shared across selected pages or all pages of the owner.

Auto Like On Comments

If you enable this feature, when anyone comments on your post, a “like” will be given on this comment automatically.

Auto Private Reply Message

Once “Auto Private Reply Message” feature is enabled, when anyone comments on a post, a predefined message will be sent to their inbox.

How It Works:

You can easily take advantage of this powerhouse streaming tool with just some easy and simple steps

  • STEP #1: Log-in
  • STEP #2: Schedule event
  • STEP #3: Upload content
  • STEP #4: Stream live event

To discover how easy it is to use Media Master Live, check out this quick demo video below:

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Why Should You Get Media Caster Live Now?

This system allows you to create and schedule live events from videos without any technical skills required. It can work with regular video and 360 videos. Also, you can see total insights from all videos streamed across Facebook and a breakdown of all metrics.

Media Caster Live is one of the most powerful software for your video marketing. With this amazing method, you can:

  • Reach a new and broader audience
  • Reach a more relevant audience
  • See aggregated insights for videos across all pages
  • Stop useless multi uploading

You can save massive amounts of time with Media Caster Live since the developers have automated everything for you.

This professional live streaming tool will push you towards success especially on Facebook.

You will have the ability to make massive profits just like this:

Media Caster Live review and bonus - Media Caster Live

And now after revealing all the features and benefits you can get inside Media Caster Live, they are not about to stop there. They include a very special bonus, designed to enhance your result with Media Caster Live.

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Exclusive Bonuses From Media Caster Live:


Media Caster Live review and bonus - Media Caster Live

This is live production, and streaming software comes with a full unlocked version without watermarks for your use for a full 60 days.


So, in short, Media Caster Live is one of the most profitable and successful solutions that you can take advantage of to achieve your goal on Facebook.

I will be really happy if my review could give you more information about this product and help you meet your needs. In case you still need any help, do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Thank you for reading my Media Caster Live review.

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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