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Mobile Video Boss

Mobile Video Boss

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  • Video Equipment & Theories
  • Mobile Video Shooting
  • Mobile Video Editing
  • Stop Motion & Hyperlapse
  • Video Properties

Mobile Video Boss is a comprehensive course that shows you how to make videos on your own by only using a mobile phone.

Mobile Video Boss Overview

  • Homepage: Mobile Video Boss Official Site
  • Product Name: Mobile Video Boss
  • Type of Product: Training Course
  • Authors: Cham Altatis
  • Target niche: Video Marketing, Professional Video Shooting, Editing, & Publishing – All Done on A Smartphone (iPhone/Android)!
  • Official Price: $37
  • Special Discount: 30%-OFF DISCOUNT HERE! (It’s very limited for 200 fastest buyers)

What Is Mobile Video Boss?

Video is now a necessity in marketing, but it takes you tons of time and money to making engaging videos to boost your business.

So you have to come up with the solution that can help you reduce cost without the degradation of video quality.

Mobile Video Boss is a powerful training that teaches you how to shoot, edit and publish videos with your smartphone.

Mobile Video Boss review and bonus Mobile Video Boss

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How Does Mobile Video Boss Work?

Special Features of Mobile Video Boss:

Using Mobile Video Boss, you can feel how amazing it is. And these are some key features of Mobile Video Boss:

  • Generate great videos you have never thought that you can make by smartphone
  • Maximize the features of the mobile camera application and monitor the looks of your video as using a DSLR
  • Show how to frame your shots professionally and go beyond just selfie videos
  • Edit videos wherever you are, right on your smartphone

Besides bringing in lots of convenience to users, Mobile Video Boss also comes with 4 fantastic modules inside, each of them is a step that makes you easier to access to this software.

 MODULE 1: Video Equipment & Theories

  • First, you will learn the MINIMAL equipment that you need for your mobile to producing video.
  • Next, it will show you the types of shots you need to use for capturing more professional videos.
  • Finally, you’re going to learn a video script format that you can use to organize your video production schedule and save time during shooting and editing.

​MODULE 2: Mobile Video Shooting

  • First, you will learn how to maximize the use of the features of your camera app, and adjust settings for you to shoot videos professionally
  • Then, you will also learn a lot of tips on how to shoot videos indoors and outdoors.
  • After all, you will also discover how to do capture your screen while demonstrating something on your smartphone.

​MODULE 3: Mobile Video Editing

  • You’re going to learn how to edit videos professionally on your mobile device with free and affordable apps.
  • That is not all. This module is really powerful because you will learn how to edit videos wherever you are. Think of editing your videos while sitting on a bench in a park while waiting for someone. Heck, you can even do this while lying down on your bed. That is why you will not need an expensive laptop anymore to edit your videos.

​MODULE 4: Stop Motion & Hyperlapse

Here, you will learn how to create captivating stop motion and hyperlapse videos that you can use to get more engagements from your viewers. Here are some examples of stop motion and hyperlapse videos that you can create on your iphone or android phone.

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Why Should You Get Mobile Video Boss Now?

If you are looking for the method to make videos, Mobile Video Boss is a sound choice. You will save a lot of money by using this software instead of expensive devices such as DSLR, Tripod, Laptop and Editing Software at the same time or video producer.

Moreover, it will bring in massive profits:

  • Ready-made videos and videos just created from templates NO longer work as they did before (the bar has been raised and you should create unique live action videos showcasing the best of your products and services)
  • With your smartphone, you have the ability to create videos anytime, anywhere!

It is really more exciting because producer also provides some awesome bonuses.

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Exclusive Bonuses From Mobile Video Boss


Mobile Video Boss review and bonus Mobile Video Boss

For you to understand all the adjustments and settings in your camera app, you need to learn the video properties. This way, you can choose the optimal settings that work well with your videos for your business.


Mobile Video Boss review and bonus Mobile Video Boss

Although they already have a complete training on how to edit live action videos on your mobile phone in this course, there might be times when you want to edit on your desktop and laptop as well. And so in this bonus module, they will show you how to edit live action videos using their most recommended software for marketers – Camtasia.


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