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Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

9.0 /10

Customer Support – Turn Around Time

9.5 /10

User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

9.3 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

8.5 /10

Flexible – Powerful Potential – Monetize abilities

9.0 /10


  • Create stunning and effective animated landing pages with ease.
  • Track visitor from start to finish automatically on all your landing pages.
  • It’s super easy and newbie friendly.
  • Upload your own unlimited background images, in-page images, & background music tracks.
  • Plays automatically on ALL mobile device.

Motion Leads stomps on all other landing page creation tools because it’s the only piece of software that can make your landing pages dance with motion and play like video.

It’s not just a single animated landing page. It takes multiple animated landing pages and plays them in order.

The days of boring landing pages that don’t convert are a thing of the past.




This New Animated Landing Page Creator called Motion Leads is a game changer for people like you and me.

Motion Leads allows you to create stunning and effective animated landing pages with ease. But it’s more than just animation…

Using the templates provided you can easily make multi-step animated landing pages that make the entire page look like it’s a video. Most people think it’s actually a full page

But the kicker is that they are MUCH EASIER to make than video.

The Days Of Boring Landing Pages

That Don’t Convert Are A Thing Of The Past.


Motion Leads can use Motion” that “Leads” your visitors step by step toward their buying decisions or opting in.

1. Animated landing pages. Done Easy With…

48 templates. 16 fancy text snippet. 200 background images. 35 motion backgrounds. 250 pro images. 29 animations. 8 background music tracks. Video tutorials.

Everything is included!

2. Unlimited Actions:

Unlimited landing pages can be made from a single admin area.

MotionLeads review and bonus

Creating multiple landing page for multiple products and build multiple lists all from one organized location.

Upload your own unlimited background images, in-page images, & background music tracks.

Plus, for a limited time get FREE Lifetime access to mew templates, animations and complete Done For You landing page.

3. Anyone Can Create:

If you can type your email, you can make your own animated multi-step landing pages with Motion Leads. It’s super easy and newbie friendly.

4. Mobile Responsive:

Plays automatically on ALL mobile device. Motion Leads will capture the attention of all your mobile leads and turn them into buyers/subcribers.

5. Use Anywhere

Use on Facebook, WordPress or ANY web page.

6. Fully Responsive On Any Size Device.

Motion Leads animated landing pages are completely responsive and will adjust to fit ANY device small or large.

7. Web Based

Set up Motion Leads ONE time and you’re ready to make UNLIMITED animated landing pages.

It can be used with ANY webhost, even a free one.

8. Fully Hosted

No web host? No problem. Your Motion Leads will be hosted by team creators.

Just click a button and Motion Leads will be AUTOMATICALLY INSTALLED on their lightning fast serve. No recurring fees!


1. Animation

MotionLeads review and bonus

Animate your landing pages so they play like video with 29 different animations

which can be applied to specific images and entire steps/scenes.

MotionLeads review and bonus

Choose from 29 animation that will grab your visitor’s attention and lead them to your Call To Action!!

Select from 5 different types that will magically “type” your text across the screen moving your massage from one scene to the next.

Instantly preview and select any animation you want right your admin.

2. Motion Backgrounds

MotionLeads review and bonus

Motion backgrounds will play on ANY device, including mobile, and even in EMAIL.

35 Motion Backgrounds are actually animated GIFs that have been optimized to load fast.

3. Template

MotionLeads review and bonus

48 Customizable templates are included to get you off to a fast start!

MotionLeads review and bonus

Use any template on any step and include text, images, video or sign up form.

Complete customize with the step designer: Select your template color, specify your dimensions; align your template.


4. Background Music

MotionLeads review and bonus

Pre-loaded background music tracks are super optimized for quick load times and will make any landing pages sound professional.

MotionLeads review and bonus

Preview and select background music right inside your MotionLeads admin.

5. Background Images

MotionLeads review and bonus

200 high quality background images are included and load fast.

MotionLeads review and bonus

Easily browse through your image library to select your choice.

6. Control

MotionLeads review and bonus

Your Motion Leads animated landing pages can play like video.

Choose from multiple controls themes and which button to include.

MotionLeads review and bonus

Easily control each step/scene from starting and pausing background music to displaying animated images to auto advancing to the next step or using a “next” button/image and so much more.

Your landing page have plays like a video so it can have controls like a video

7. Easy to use Web Based Admin Area

MotionLeads review and bonus

Use friendly Motion Leads admin area web base so it can be access from anywhere and works on PCs and MACs.

Quick video tutorials and hover over tooltips guide you through everything inside your admin area.

8. Analytics

MotionLeads review and bonus


MotionLeads review and bonus

Track visitor from start to finish automatically on all your landing pages.

Know exactly how your landing page is performing and where you need to change and optimize it!

Track how many visitors submit forms. Use the provide tracking pixel for seamless integration with affiliate programs and payment processor.

9. Smart Web Forms

MotionLeads review and bonus

Every time a Web form is submitted you can select 1 of 5 ways to display the Thank You page.

Thanks to the excellent Motion Leads tracking feature. For instance, with the click of a button,

you will can have your visitor do 2 things at the same time.

EX: sign up to your list then watch a sales video.

10. Works With Any Autoresponder

MotionLeads review and bonus

Seamless integration with Any autoresponder. Just copy and paste the html code right onto any landing page.

11. Free Update

MotionLeads review and bonus


FREE update for life. Easily check your new updates from button inside the admin area


MotionLeads review and bonus

Make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

If for any resion you are not, you will have a full refund

MOTIONLEADS ADD-ONS – Do More With Your Landing Pages:

MotionLeads review and bonus

1. Developer Rights With 1-Click Stand-Alone Sites

Developer Rights allow you to sell unlimited animated landing pages and keep 100% profit.

With 1-click you can turn any MotionLeads landing page into a stand-alone website complete with it’s own basic feature admin area.

Developer Rights Add-on is included with the Lifetime plan.

Available for $99 with all other plans.

2. Split testing

MotionLeads review and bonus

Create unlimited split tests for all your landing pages. Critical information to find out which pages are performing the best to make you the most money.

Split testing Add-on is included with the Lifetime and Plus plans.

Available for $99 for Basic plan.

3. Exit Pop

MotionLeads review and bonus


Exit Pop work! They stop the visitors as they try to leave and give you a second chance to offer them an incentive to buy or a free report to download. Often you get the sale at a slightly reduced amount or you get their email added to your list for future offers.

Either way it’s a win-win situation!

Value $49 for all plans.

4. Countdown Timer

MotionLeads review and bonus

Countdown Timers are proven to boots conversion rates. Add to any of your landing page.

Display date & time countdown ands plus different text for before & after date.

Value $49 for all plans.

5. Unlimited Self-Owned Sites

MotionLeads review and bonus

Unlimited Self-Owned Sites add-on will allow you to install MotionLeads on as many of your personally owned sites as you want.

This Add-on is included with the Lifetime option.

Available for $99 with all other plans.



MotionLeads review and bonus


MotionLeads review and bonus


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