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  • Stunning looking templates to please any marketer in any niche
  • Double & triple conversions and optins
  • Newbie Friendly & Easily Customisable
  • No tech skills required
  • Works with all major auto-responders

PageHat is the first ever Full Page Dynamic Call-To-Action Page Builder for the online marketer that wants a sure way to build a list of highly responsive YES buyers FAST… And that will start generating YOUR massive list in a matter of SECONDS, so YOU can start earning insane commissions INSTANTLY!

PageHat Overview

What is PageHat?

Attention Internet marketers that are pulling their hair out over the #1 problem facing every struggling Internet marketer on the planet…

The dreaded task of list building… it has been drilled in our heads that the only way to true internet riches is if we have hungry buyer lists….

The only problem is building a list is a long and tedious process…

Until now…

Now you can triple your optins instantly by harnessing the power of pagehat…

An easy to use wordpress plugin that will fill your auto-responder account with thousands of hungry buyers waiting to buy from you!

Introducing: PageHat

PageHat is the first ever Full Page Dynamic Call-To-Action Page Builder for the online marketer that wants a sure way to build a list of highly responsive YES buyers FAST… And that will start generating YOUR massive list in a matter of SECONDS, so YOU can start earning insane commissions INSTANTLY!

It’s called PageHat, and it’s going to help almost triple your conversion and make list building a breeze. This is a simple to use software created by Raul & Juber who have been online for many years, which uses a strategy used by multi billion dollar companies.

This software INSTALLS IN AS LITTLE AS 2 MINUTES and turns ANY PAGE into a HIGH CONVERTING page with PageHat.

PageHat displays a great looking, FULL SCREEN DYNAMIC CALL-TO-ACTION, that shows when visitors land on your site, blog and any other page where you would like them to join your mailing list, click your offers, register for your event or webinar, or any other call to action for your visitor.

PageHat review and bonus - PageHat

How Does PageHat Work?

Special Features of PageHat:

  • WordPress Plugin that creates full screen call to actions for any website in less than 60 Seconds.
  • A proven method to double & triple conversions and optins.
  • You save 100s or 1000s in designer and developer fees.
  • Stunning looking templates to please any marketer in any niche.
  • No tech skills required.
  • Newbie Friendly & Easily Customisable
  • Works with all major auto-responders.
  • A/B Testing to find your most converting Pagehat.
  • A strategy used by Multi Billion Dollar Companies like Apple, Uber, Spotify & Paypal.

PageHat review and bonus - PageHat

How it work:

PageHat review and bonus - PageHat

With over 50 templates to get you started, all you need do is select any of the templates and BOOM its created and start building a list or any action you would like you prospects to take.

You do not need to have any Technical Experience, List Building Experience or Affiliate Marketing Experience. You never have to touch a piece of code. You don’t have to hire expensive designers and developers, or redesign your website.

If you know how to click your mouse, all you need do is install the software and you can literally create the full screen call to action in less than 60 Secs!!!

Who Should Use PageHat?

You will discover how you can DOUBLE OR TRIPLE YOUR CONVERSIONS IN 60 SECONDS even if you’re a complete newbie. Turn your dead end pages into lead generating cash machines with PageHat! Within just a COUPLE OF CLICKS you can create unmissable Full Screen Call to Actions which appear above the fold prior to your content.

PageHat review and bonus - PageHat

Why should you Get PageHat Now?

All without having to waste hundreds of dollars on designers and programmers or spend hours, trying to create it yourself.

This couldn’t be any simpler.

The Possibilities of Pagehat and Marketing Your Business are ENDLESS:

PageHat can be used for much more than just gathering leads!

While that is probably the main reason that you are going to download it today, here are a multitude of other opportunities that you can use Pagehat for:

[+] Lead generation

[+] Special offers & Discounts

[+] Announcements

[+] Showcasing your most popular products

[+] Giveaways

[+] Showcasing your most popular blog posts

[+] Webinar Signups

[+] Affiliate offers

[+] Your next big idea

[+] Everything else that needs people to take action!

This is a software every entrepreneur & online marketers should have in their arsenal to quickly & easily build a list or with ease make your prospects take whatever action you need them to take.

Use PageHat to get email subscribers, leads, and show off your most popular posts, special offers, coupons, polls and anything else you can think of.

PageHat review and bonus - PageHat

With your own responsive hungry buyers list

You’ll Finally Be Able To:

  • Dominate your market so you become the “go to” person in your niche!
  • Communicate with your loyal customers who are eager to hear from you and willing to buy- a paycheck every time you email!
  • Maximize your website’s traffic instantly so you get a flood of readers and increase your page ranking
  • Make more money than ever before while minimizing your workload!
  • Scale up Your Business create as many lists as you want and generate massive lists and increase your lists month after month enabling you to scale up your business in order to generate more sales each and every month!


It’s only available for a short period of time, so I highly suggest you go here and check it out.

And the great part about this software is, it takes less than 60 secs to set up. Don’t miss out on the chance to almost triple your income .




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