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  • Track Your Progress
  • Create Your Mission Statement
  • Set Your Goals
  • Create Your To Do Lists
  • Manage Your Time

PeakSoft is a brilliant software service that encapsulates goal setting, project management, time management as well as counter-procrastination technology. With PeakSoft, you just need to feed any goal you wish into this breakthrough system and it will guide you though all the steps you have to take to turn that goal into a reality.

PeakSoft Overview

What Is PeakSoft?

Before we get started, please answer me this.

Are you glad to stay where you are today, or do you want to blaze a path in a new direction? Do you want your life to be exactly the same this time next year, or do you want to put your foot on the gas and push yourself to the next level.

There is no doubt that if you continue to take the same actions, you’ll continue to produce the same results. Nevertheless, if you can implement the steps other successful men and women take, then you will take a quantum leap in your own results.

So what if you can access to a software service that embodies ALL of the greatest success principles common to the world’s most successful people. Do you think it would help you to achieve your goal?

This software is grounded in scientific fact. It originated from a 10-year study into the world’s most successful people. In effect it took the things the world’s highest achievers do, and turned it into a system. You simply feed any goal, dream or wish into the software and it will help you to plot and execute a course to realizing that dream, goal or wish.

The software is called PeakSoft, a reference to the fact it will help you reach the PEAK of every goal you set for yourself. PeakSoft is the ultimate life management software. It’s an all-in-one product that combines goal setting, time management, to do lists and various counter procrastination technologies. The software effectively helps you to pinpoint the goals that really matter to you and then guides you all the way from goal setting to goal achieving.

PeakSoft will show you how to be, do or have anything you need regardless of your present circumstances. In addition, its unique features will allow everyone to manage their busy lives in the way that maximizes productivity and minimizes procrastination. This software is the perfect alternative to productivity apps, daily planners, to do lists, or make shift Excel time tables.

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How Does PeakSoft Work?

Special Features of PeakSoft:

Track Your Progress

The Dashboard provides you with a high level overview of all your pertinent stats. You’ll instantly get a snapshot of prioritized goals, upcoming deadlines, fines charged, points earned, levels of productivity, deadlines missed, and other mission important information. This makes sure you always know where you stand with every goal.

Create Your Mission Statement

The Mission Statement generator points out your core values and creates a statement of intent. This helps your vision become clearer and also gives you a sense of purpose, drive and commitment.

Set Your Goals

The Goal Setting Engine creates emotive goals for the 7 core life categories including Health & Recreation, Finance & Wealth Creation, Family & Relationships, Business & Work, Dream List & Bucket List, Contribution & Legacy, and Personal & Growth. By the end of this process you will find out exactly what you want, the reasons why you want it, how long you have to make it happen and exactly what you have to do to achieve your goals.

Create Your To Do Lists

The ‘To Do List’ Builder pinpoints every task you have to complete to make each goal a reality. This makes sure that you are always working on your highest payoff task, which greatly accelerates your success.

Manage Your Time

This feature divides your calendar into color-coded time zones, each zone dedicated to a major goal category. When you click on any time zone it pops up the goals and to do lists associated with that time zone, all rank ordered by priority.

Capitalize On Accountability

The Contract Generator creates ‘Commitment Contracts’ for each goal. You digitally sign the contract and commit to each deadline. A single click shares the contract on social media or emails it to your friends. The fact you’ve made public your commitment, makes you accountable and far more likely to meet your deadlines.

Leverage Visualization

The Mind Stream Engine creates animated vision boards with subliminal affirmations. This utilizes visualization to activate the law of attraction, boost motivation, and reduce procrastination.

Gamify Your Work

The points system uses a sophisticated algorithm to award or deduct points based on a multitude of productivity factors. This is an effective motivator that will boost productivity and counter procrastination.

Fine Your Failures

This optional feature allows you to set specific fines for goals or tasks not completed on time. The purpose of this is to eliminates procrastination through fear of loss.

Earn Rewards

The rewards system gives you the power to create a ‘Reward’ that is unlocked on the successful attainment of a goal. This increases focus, sharpens your attention and boosts productivity.

Generate Analytics

The reports module provides detailed analytical insights into how you spend your time. It highlights time leakages, areas for improvement, things you procrastinate on, the % of time you spend doing different things and it identifies ways to become more productive.

How It Works:

Below is a high level overview of the process PeakSoft will take you through when you purchase the software. Please pay careful attention to this cause it might take a while.

Step 1: You first need to create your mission statement that will combine your main values to build a solid foundation for goal attainment.

Step 2: Create smart goals by using the most scientifically proven methodologies.

Step 3: Make a detailed list of all the to-do items that need to be executed in sequence to reach each of these goals. Complicated technologies force you to pinpoint and rank order the higher value tasks.

Step 4: PeakSoft leverages it’s patented algorithms to automatically build a customized time table tailored to your unique life style. It can help you leverage the ‘time zone system’ to boost productive output and achieve work life balance.

Step 5: You can leverage the “Task Completion Technologies” to eliminate procrastination. Doing this will force you to take action and work on your highest value tasks every day until you reach your goals.

Step 6: Turn your goals into pictorial affirmations to drive them deep into your subconscious mind.

Step 7: Stunning graphics, charts and statistics are generated to give you unique insights into your progress, and to assist you in identifying short cuts to achieving the success you deserve.

As soon as you go through the entire procedure, you will have carried out the most scientifically advanced goal attainment process on the market. Your success is unavoidable.

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Who Should Use PeakSoft?

Even if you are a goal-setting novice, you will still be able to use PeakSoft. The software uses a network of step-by-step wizards to guide you through every step in the procedure. It’s very simple, all you have to do is answer the questions the software asks you, and it will do all the heavy lifting to help you achieve your goals.

Why Should You Get PeakSoft Now?

Unlike other software, PeakSoft is a ‘complete solution’ that takes you all the way from setting your goals to forcing you to do the tasks that lead to goal achievement. With it’s patent pending algorithms and exclusive Task Completion Technolog, it is the most complicated system on the market in this genre.

According to the producer, here are what you can do once you lay your hands on PeakSoft.

  • Set, track and achieve your goals
  • Increase your productivity
  • Manage your time more effective
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Pursuit what you really want
  • Make your busy life manageable
  • Achieve true work / life balance
  • Reach your maximum potential
  • Be, do or have anything you desire
  • Accelerate success and achievement
  • Get rid of the stress, frustration and overwhelm

Now let’s hear what others have to say about PeakSoft

“I would describe PeakSoft as the ‘ultimate life management app’. It’s my goal setting system, my time management system, my daily planner, my productivity partner, my visualization center, and my procrastination beater all wrapped up together in one easy to use software system. If you ever felt overloaded with work or life in general, then I highly recommend PeakSoft. It has made me super efficient, more productive, and ultimately led to greater work life balance.”

Cindy Donovan

“When you use Peaksoft you’ll set and achieve goals that you probably hadn’t the confidence to go after upto now. You’ll never say things again like ‘I’m under pressure’ or ‘I don’t have enough time’. With PeakSoft you’ll always have enough time because it focuses your efforts on the most important things.”

Cyril Gupta

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In summary, I hope that all of the information in my PeakSoft Review can help you gain more understanding about this product and then be able to make a wise choice. However, in case you are in need of any advice, please feel free to keep in touch with me anytime. Regardless, thank you for reading my PeakSoft Review.

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