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Pitch by Dropmock

Pitch by Dropmock

Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.3 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.0 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

9.2 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.2 /10

Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • Premium Video Ad Software
  • Advanced Editor
  • Professionally edited video templates
  • Licensed and professionally edited music tracks so you can take your video ads to the next level

Pitch By Dropmock Overview

  • Homepage: Pitch by Dropmock Official Site
  • Product Name: Pitch by Dropmock
  • Type of Product: High-end Cloud-based Software
  • Authors: Ashit Vora & Lee Pennington
  • Target niche: Video Ads Creator, At Pitch, we saw this process & decided to turn the art of video ad creation into a science introducing the simplest yet best ever “Cloud-Based Video Ad software.” Stunning videos that now take 60 seconds to create which include YOUR OWN content.
  • Official Price: $47
  • Special Discount: 10%-OFF HERE! (It’s very limited!)

What Is Pitch By Dropmock?

It is the truth that the video reflects your business, so make sure to present an image which you would like your customers to keep in mind.

Pitch by Dropmock is about to revolutionize the way you can boost your brand and business as well as do video ads. With Pitch by Dropmock, you can instantly create stunning video ads at a touch of a button.

Pitch by Dropmock is optimized perfectly for those who need attention-grabbing video ads draw your audience into your story driving conversions and ultimately sales. Thans to it, stunning videos that now take 60 seconds to create which include your own content. Professional videos with your own content directly result in a stronger brand, higher conversion, and more sales as well.

Pitch includes:

  • Premium Video Ad Software
  • Advanced Editor
  • Professionally edited video templates
  • Licensed and professionally edited music tracks so you can take your video ads to the next level

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How Does Pitch By Dropmock work?

Special Features of Pitch By Dropmock:

There are plenty of extraordinary features that you can profit with Pitch:

Facebook Video Ads: You can easily create high-converting Facebook Ads within 60 seconds with a pre-made selection of professional video footage.

Viral Facebook Posts: This function support users launch their viral Facebook campaigns leveraging the collection of professional edited music tracks and high-quality videos.

Product demos: Turn boring “physical products” into stunningly showcased hot off the shelf masterpieces that convert and sell.

Local videos: You can close your customers when you showcase a Pitch demo video to them.

Sales videos: Take sales video creation from 6 days to 60 seconds.

Everywhere Else: Videos are used everywhere to increase brand awareness and drive more sales as well.

How It Works:

You can use this Pitch by Dropmock within 60 seconds through 3 simple steps:


Choose A DFY Template From Pitch’s Collection Of Professional Videos


You Can Flexible Customize You Text And Logo In Seconds


Choose A High-Converting DFY Professionally Mixed Music Track

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Why Should You Get Pitch By Dropmock Now?

As soon as you use Pitch for creating videos, you can get:

20 video templates and 20 music tracks that are highly optimized for video Ads. This is not content curation of other people’s work. These music tracks are edited professionally to integrate with the Ad seamlessly.

The advanced editor that adds message and logo to your videos. It comes with designer curated fonts that help to make your video Ads hot and ready to convert.

In addition, Pitch videos also help you do in 60 seconds:

  • Reduce CPC, spart interest
  • Launch Video Promos, increase traffic and Create brand awareness
  • Close clients, maximize engagement and drive sales

Also, you can absolutely use these Video Ads as Facebook Video Ads because these video ads follow the guidelines which are recommended by Facebook.

On the other hand, Pitch video ads drive your profits because some studies show that 36% of online users trust in video ads, 80% of them recall a video ad they saw in last 30 days. Moreover, video ads increase purchase intent by 97% and 130% fro brand association. Companies which use videos in their marketing enjoy 27% higher CTR and 34% higher web conversion rates.

Pitch by Dropmock helps you create stunning video ads with your content usually require and result in:

  • An expensive design team
  • Hiring professional and expensive models as well as renting venues
  • An elongated process
  • A requirement to go through this painstaking process again and again

There are plenty of bonuses that Pitch delivers:

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Exclusive Bonuses From Pitch By Dropmock:



  • Create killer video review page in a few clicks
  • Collect buyer’ email and send bonus
  • Add bonus for affiliate purchase


Helps to enhance the user engagement of you Youtube videos and increase mailling list.


Create killer Facebook page graphics with no any design tool skills.



Turn the most boring vanilla blog into Social Powerhouse.


Create powerful video background landing pages and add optin form to increase your mailing list.


  • Create FB Connect Button
  • Collect Leads & Auto-Add To Auto Responder


Create engaging tweetable content with awesome tooltip popups using shortcodes. Quick tool to increase traffic and takes only 5 seconds to setup.


Create timed-video pages with just point and click.


To conclude, Pitch by Dropmock is the video Ad creation solution that is relatively simple and easy to use as well the prices is reasonable. I think it is the great choice for marketers to boost their campaign through professional videos.

In this review, I hope you can find some useful information about this Pitch. Don’t hesitate for such an amazing product.

Thanks for coming by my Pitch review and bonus. See you with next review in the next days!

If you are on the fence about getting this product or not, please notice that the product has 100% Risk-FREE along with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee that worth the try of everybody.

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