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Pitchmaker App

Pitchmaker App

Easy to use - Easy to optimize

9.4 /10

Customer Support - Turn Around Time

9.5 /10

User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

9.4 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.4 /10

Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • 12 Step VSL Framework
  • Explainer Video Framework
  • Social Video Ads Framework
  • Quick Offer VSL
  • 300+ Copy & Paste Examples

Pitchmaker App – a useful app that enables you to create your best performing VSL in under 30 seconds.

Pitchmaker App Overview

What Is Pitchmaker App?

Are you getting tired of the sophisticated process of creating videos for your business?

There is no doubt that it’s such a long tedious time, but you cannot avoid it unless you hire a team of videomaker. It sounds exceptionally costly, right?

It used to be painful time to create high-converting videos and it seems to take days to get them done. Now that, you even no need to hire an unaffordable copywriter. And you, of courese, has extra time or money to wait for a long while if a software can do it all for you. The software I meant is Pitchmaker App.

Pitchmaker App is one of the most powerful software that can help you to make commercial grade VSLs on your own in just a few buttons. Thanks to its typical features, all you need is to open it up, fill in the blanks and let the software do everything. Then you can use it for sales videos , VSL’s explainer videos, webinars, Facebook ads, sales letters and much more.

Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

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How Does Pitchmaker App Work?

Special Features of Pitchmaker App:

Get Pitchmaker App, You will also get 6 specially designed, game-changing modules:

12 Step VSL Framework

 Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

Picture an elite copywriter crafting each and every line of your VSL script. That’s what the 12 step VSL Framework is, but without the expense, time, and hassle of dealing with a copywriter.

Just plug key info about your specific product into the VSL Framework and your top-converting video script will be created for you in seconds.

So you never have to stress about writing a single word of copy again.

  • Don’t worry about what to say
  • Don’t worry about benefits
  • Don’t worry about what comes next

Explainer Video Framework

Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

Raise value, get fans/followers/subscribers, and pre-sell ALL at the same time with done-for-you explainer video scripts.

These normally take work and some sort of expertise in an area, which is why only top marketers use them.

Now you’ll be one of the top marketers, even if you have no experience, because these Explainer Videos will do it all for you.

Quick Offer VSL

Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

Quick Offers/Upsells are where all the real money is made, and this upsell framework show you how to create profit-maximizing videos and rake in the money with your very next funnel.

Use this VSL framework to keep your customers buying and you’ll be surprised how quickly your bottom line explodes.

Social Video Ads Framework

Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

Tap into the world’s most successful Facebook banner & video ads, and have them generated to sell whatever you want!

Forget the months and hundreds of dollars you typically have to invest into testing, and harness the power to generate infinite profitable Facebook ads in minutes.

With these powerful features, you will easily bank more profit than before. You even reap more features as below:

1 Click PPT Export

You can automaticlly export your copy into beautiful power point, keynote or slides.

DIY Slide Break

Manually break the copy for perfectly crafted slides and zero editing time.

300+ Copy & Paste Examples

Pitchmaker is loaded with a ton of options to choose from at each step of the process.

Over 30 Slide Templates

The creator has prepared over 30 beautiful slide templates that you can choose from.

Custom Framework Creation

Create your own pitchmaker frameworks and share them with your clients in 1 click.

Proven Sales Frameworks

Our frameworks have been written by some of the highest paid copywriters on the market.

Over 50 Voice Actors

They have packaged a collection of professional voice actors that you can hire right from the dashboard.

Amazing User Experience

Our designers made sure Pitchmaker is the easiest and fastest way to create high converting VSLs in seconds

Proprietary Step by Step Editor

Pitchmaker makes copywriting easy using a step by step aproach that guarantees all your VSLs will convert amazingly well!

How It Works:

Just follow 4 steps below, you can easily get profit that you want:

Step 1: Log into Pitchmaker app, and select the type of material you want to create.

Step 2: Choose from award winning,  done-for-you lines and templates.

Step 3: Fill in the blanks with specifics like your product name, price, etc.

Step 4: Select from 30 amazingly designed slide templates and export your VSL in 1 click.

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Why Should You Get Pitchmaker App Now?

There are 3 reasons why you should get Pitchmaker App:

Launch Special: There will be a huge grand opening bonus package

Proven To Convert: Specially formulated  frameworks from the most successful sales videos in history.

Make Beautiful Videos: Over 30 Amazingly designed presentation templates that you can use right away.

Furthermore, you will not have waste time waiting to get your sales videos  or sales letter back as well as you can bang out sales videos, sales letters, Facebook ads, webinar copy in a few minutes.

There are lots of compliment on what this app brought in for users:

“I’ve been doing video marketing for the past year, quite successfully. This tool came at the right time, because I was losing a lot on copywriters & designers! I’ve just fired my  “video guy” and my business exploded: my posts get a ton more clicks… My products convert 3x better” Anca Slatineanu, an offline entrepreneur.

I’ve made 200x+ the price of pitchmaker from my first campaign! Check my stats – unbelievable !!! I’m still in a bit of shock. Thank you alex, you were right … Pitchmaker works!” –  Ionut M, an internet marketer

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Exclusive Bonuses From Pitchmaker App

FAST ACTION BONUS 1: Secret Advance Webinar and Sales MasterClass

Just 4 weeks ago Mario was hosting a top secret, closed door live event in Las Vegas.

Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

Attendees had to pay up to $1000 for their ticket plus flight and hotel.During this exclusive event Mario taught EVERYTHING he knows about Online Marketing & Sales from Webinars to Affiliate Marketing to High Ticket Coaching & More.

You’ll discover Mario’s highest converting Webinar Template, how to structure your offer to maximize profits, what makes prospects buy, how to boost conversions & so much more. This is the perfect Bonus for Pitchmaker and will take your Marketing & Sales game to a whole new level – making sure you create even better sales messages with Pitchmaker.

FAST ACTION BONUS 2: Secret Advanced Affiliate Marketing MasterClass 

Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

According to attendees one of the most appreciated sessions was Mario’s training on Advanced Affiliate Marketing.

Mario just finished a $18,000 Affiliate Promotion for InstaSuite 2.0, a $14,000 Affiliate Promotion for ThriveCart and a $11,000 Promotion for ConnectExplore.

Here is the cool part, every single promotion was sold through a simple little Sales Video Mario created on his Bonus Page. This Bonus will turn you into a Affiliate Marketing Machine, a true Super Affiliate.

Check out Mario’s Landing Pages, his Bonus Pages and how he structures his strategic promotions & Affiliate Videos.

Take Pitchmaker & your business to the next level by leveraging our software for Affiliate Promotions!

FAST ACTION BONUS 3: Hands On Live Traffic & Listbuilding Workshop With Mario

Pitchmaker App review and bonus - Pitchmaker App

Pitchmaker creates stunning & high converting sales videos and now it’s time you master how to drive traffic to your sales videos & sales pages.

In this hands on live bonus workshop mario is taking you by the hand showing you step by step, how to drive a flood of traffic & eye-balls to your offers and how to build your list fast.

His actual facebook ads, his best converting landing pages, his exact funnel – he’s going to reveal every detail so that you can start driving traffic today for your offers and videos. This will help you maximize your profits and get the most out of Pitchmaker.

Increate Profits, Build Your List & Learn Directly from Mario.


All in all, I do hope that you can find my review helpful for your decision. In case, you have any further question or need some more info, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Thank you for reading my Pitchmaker App review.

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