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Customer Support - Turn Around Time

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User guideline - Tutorials - Videos training - Bonuses pack included

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Flexible - Powerful potential - Monetize abilities

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  • 3,700+ Graphic Assets and Templates
  • Custom Drawing Tool
  • One Click Professional Color Tone
  • Embed HTML Code Inside Video
  • Hundreds of Apparel Mockups

PixelBolt is a WordPress plugin that ready to help you to create video, logo, flyer, banner, t-shirt and even a restaurant menu in a matter of minutes.

What Is PixelBolt?

I am sure in your mind at least you ever think “What Should I Do To Increase Conversion and Get More Sales, Traffic, And Make MORE MONEY!”

Maybe, you’re already experimenting with your sales letter, fix and tweaking the main product, or maybe you have to reduce the price as low as possible with hope if the price is suitable for everyone.


You still got a very low income and sales, or the worse is: “No Sales At All” or “No improvement.”

This is not your fault….

No matter how good your sales letter or how good your product is, you’ll fail to make sales if you are unable to grab the first attention of your prospects.

Your Visitor May Leave Your Offers in Seconds

Why? Because you’re failed to impress your visitors.

At least you need 5 seconds to grab their attention before they quickly close the [x] button.

And to create PROFESSIONAL Video and Graphics, you have 3 options:

  • Pay hundreds of dollars for a designer
  • Learning how to work with complex and difficult software
  • Or you can actually do it yourself, using a tool that Maulana and Ilham have been developing for over a year

Today, I’d like to introduce to you a world’s most powerful, easy to use & complete online image editing suite calling PixelBolt

PixelBolt is a WordPress plugin that ready to help you to create video, logo, flyer, banner, t-shirt and even a restaurant menu in a matter of minutes. The fact that PixelBolt is a WordPress plugin will even make you easier to optimize your site because we know that you can easily create website using WordPress BUT by default, it doesn’t haveproper video and graphic editing tool.

And PixelBolt helps you solve that problem. It helps you create amazing graphics in minutes and even creating a video without having to wait for render or exporting. It’s an instant solution!

How Does PixelBolt Work?

Special Features of PixelBolt:

Feature 1: PixelBolt Graphic Creator

With 700 Templates and 3,000 graphic assets, you can create beautiful banner, logo, flyer, restaurant menu, instagram ads, facebook cover, youtube thumbnail, and any other graphic projects

Templates 1 – 3,700+ Graphic Assets and Templates

You will have the privilege of using our high-quality templates including Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Flyer, Business Card, Logo, and Restaurant Menu. Templates are prebuilt and ready to edit and use in less than 3 minutes. They’ve prepared 700 High Quality Graphic and Design Templates PLUS 3,000+ Graphic Assets, giving you unlimited possibility to create design that stand out from the crowd.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 2 – Drag and Drop Editor

Easy to use drag and drop live editor graphic and video editor, make it super easy for the user to edit all elements. You just need to click image or text you want to edit without having to look at the layers. It makes you an overnight graphic design artist.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 3 – Custom Drawing Tool

Explore your creativity. Now you can draw inside PIXELBOLT. Create your own custom graphic design with unlimited creativity.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 4 – One Click Professional Color Tone

Bored with the classic colour tone of your graphics? Now you can add professional. Artistic/dramatic colour effect to your graphic in 1 click.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 5 – Custom Shapes and Font

Not only huge graphic assets, they also give you access to their custom shapes and hundreds of google font. You can easily combine all elements inside your graphic design

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 6 – Layer

No need to worry about combining huge elements, you can use layer to manage your graphic and or hide/show elements inside PIXELBOLT graphic editor.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Feature 2: PixelBolt Advanced Video Editor

Create Video Without rendering or exporting. Create video using PIXELBOLT and instantly publish it to your website!

Templates 1 – Instant Animated Effects

PixelBolt video editor allow you to put eye catching animated effects to ANY element inside your video. You can choose from huge animated effects library, customize the intro and outro, and combine it with any assets such as: clip-arts, lead form, shapes, custom HTML code or even graphic from your own computer. Seriously, it’s super flexible.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 2 – Leadform ‘Locker’ Inside Video

Get more leads using our opt-in form feature for video. Choose from their opt-in video template and put it right inside your video in exact time you want. Visitors will need to put their name and email before they can continue to watch the video.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 3 – Embed HTML Code Inside Video

You can put custom HTML code inside your video such as custom autoresponder code for lead generation and list building, as easy as copy and paste.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Templates 4 – Video Popup

GET More leads, increase conversion, and sales by putting your video as POP-UP right inside your website

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Feature 3: PixelBolt T-Shirt Creator

Create amazing shirt projects without having to deal with complicated tools. Instantly create professional shirt projects using PixelBolt with thousands of graphic assets inside.

Templates 1:  Hundreds of Apparel Mockups

Choose from our huge tees and apparel mockups. You can easily create design for t-shirt, hoodie, longsleeve shirt, sweeter and more!

Templates 2:  Easy To Use – Real Time Editor

With their real time t-shirt editor, you can forget all the hassle to create your t-shirt design. Create PRO T-shirt design without having to deal with complicated crop/cutting tools. All done instantly using PIXELBOLT.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt



Allow you to manage layer and graphic assets in your video, as easy as drag & drop


They understand your needs of unique font for a better design, so they put together hundreds of google font for you inside PixelBolt


You can put custom HTML code inside your video, as easy as copy and paste


Let your video appear as a pop-up on your site. It would steal your visitor attention and help you get better result!


Beautify your design using their editable custom shapes. Super flexible with drag and drop shape editor.


Back to Basic. They didn’t forget to put the basic editing tool such as crop, rotate, undo, redo, and resize


PixelBolt lets you to upload media from your computer in 1 sec even the image size is 10MB.


NEVER lose your projects! Because you can save and open projects created using PixelBolt.


You can save and export design created using PixelBolt in a high resolution even ready for print projects.


They covers your t-shirt design needs. They help you with hundreds of t-shirt mockup with various type such as basic t-shirt, longsleeve, hoodie, slevelees, and tees for kid


Tough they have 3,700+ (OR 10,000+ in PixelBolt Plus) templates and assets, you don’t have to worry about your server. They optimize the asset so you just need to pick asset / template you need before start working with PixelBolt. Easy and Fast


Don’t worry, they’re ready to help you maximize the use of PIXELBOLT in highest possibility. Contact them anytime for any problem you face during your work with PIXELBOLT.

See Some Works Created Using PixelBolt:

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Who Should Use PixelBolt?

PixelBolt Can Help Any Businesses and Marketers

  • E-Commerce

Make your ecommerce store design 10 times better using PixelBolt

  • Instagram Marketer

Create better promotional banner and make it stand out from the crowd

  • TeeSpring

Create Better T-shirt and Apparels design using PIXELBOLT

  • Blogger

Get more readers and visitors using pro graphics and interactive video

  • Internet Marketer

Make MORE money by opening Video and Graphic Creation Service

  • CPA Marketer

Make your promotion more attractive using eye-catching graphic and interactive video

  • Affiliate Marketer

Complete your promotion tool using high-quality design

  • AND No matter your business are

With attractive design, you can increase your conversion and sales

Why Should You Get PixelBolt Now?

Get Your Hand On The Most Advanced Video and Graphic Editing Suite Today, and get instant access to:


Best and most complete video and image editing suite integrated with Latest Drag and Drop technology will give wings to your creativity. Create Any Graphic and Video Design in Minutes


Although it’s super simple to use, they’ve done step-by-step training, so you are well versed with all the tools and features PixelBolt has to offer


Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact or friendly support staff anytime!


With thousands of templates and assets, you’re ready to create professional design even faster than ever.


Easily update your PIXELBOLT every time we release new version of the plugin. You just need to click the update button right inside your wordpress dashboard


Their exclusive premium group with warm welcome and support. You can also share your work and ideas here.


PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

Exclusive Bonuses From PixelBolt

  1. Monthly FREE Customer Only gift

By buying PixelBolt, you’ll get exclusive access to RootPixel’s premium customer. All their premium customer will get at least 1 premium customer gift each month. Their customer only gift can be graphic templates, video templates, software and many more. 100% FREE for our customer

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

  1. Hundreds of Corporate Powerpoint Slide Templates

Now you can create professional presentation using powerpoint

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

  1. Hundreds of Explainer Video Powerpoint Slide Templates

Easily create professional explainer video using only powerpoint

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt

  1. Hundreds of Ready To Use Characters

Huge character set ready to use in various formats and poses, you can combine and import it inside PixelBolt too.

PixelBolt - review and bonus - PixelBolt


This is a must-have video & graphic editing suite for every website owner, online advertiser, offline marketer and ALL internet marketers.

You or your staff is probably wasting hours every week on tasks that PixelBolt can do for you in seconds.




1/ Rapid Video Funnels

1-Rapid Video Funnels

  • 10 done for you video powered sales funnels that generate windfalls of customers, sales or clients on demand.
  • You’ll get 10 of the most profitable video funnel templates so you can replicate the best performing sales funnels, campaigns and promotions in your own business.
  • Follow this proven formulas and get results today.
  • Most of these funnels are designed to be set & forget.

2/ Tubespy #1 Youtube Software On The Internet

2-Tubespy #1 Youtube Software On The Internet

  • Tubespy Allows You to Expertly Tap Into One of the Biggest Sources of Targeted Traffic On the Internet…And It Lets You Do it TODAY!
  • We all know Youtube is the largest video website around today and it’s indeed a huge cash cow to grow your business and to flood your Clickbank accounts with cash. The only problem is, most of you have no idea how to effectively get your links displayed.
  • This is the best YouTube tool on the Internet.

3/ Turbo Video Genie

3-Turbo Video Genie

  • Pick up a few quality review videos and you can earn up to $882 per video in passive income every month.
    The possibilities are endless.
  • You could simply: Upload Set It And Forget It affiliate review videos which bring you passive income.
  • Rank videos within an hour or less in SERPs and get instant traffic because search engines love video content.

4/ Video Bumper Pack

4-Video Bumper Pack

  • Take control away from youtube with the annotation methods used by pros.
  • All you need to do is add one of these bumpers to the end of every new video that you upload to Youtube, use the appropriate annotations and watch your views and subscription rate skyrocket.
  • You get the Video Bumper Pack which includes 60 awesome bumpers to use any way you like.

5/ Tube Dynamite

5-Tube Dynamite

The proven method for creating easy $300+ per month mini income streams over and over again.
In this case study you’ll learn:

  • How to get ranked 1 on Google for every profitable keywords.
  • How to get ranked fast.
  • How to create awesome videos in flat 45 minutes.
  • How to dominate any niche.
  • Exact services we should use (Backlinks, Fiverr gigs etc.).

6/ Video Cash Volcano 2.0

6-Video Cash Volcano V2

  • How an average joe uses a 3 step system to explode profits and rake in $100/day spending out emails.
  • Inside there’s a 12-page easy to read pdf that reveals the simple 3-step system.
  • And we are also throwing in 8 done-for-you volcano videos for 8 untapped niches.
  • Many have earned $100+ on their first day. This cash volcano system has been proven to work over and over again.

7/ eVideo Rocket

7-eVideo Rocket

Increase conversions and boost sales with the most powerful video marketing system.

Boost your sales instantly.
Easily create high converting sales video.
No more hiring expensive video designers.

8/ PLR Video Smackdown

8-PLR Video SmackDown

Done for you offline explainer videos turn fence sitting prospects into high dollar clients.
And they do it on complete autopilot so you never have to do any hard selling.

You’ll get:

  • 5 HD web commercial style videos with PLR rights
  • Slide source files for easy customisation
  • Professional scripts & voiceover MP3 source files
  • Background music in .MP3 format
  • Step-by-step video tutorials


9/ EpicWin Tuber

9-EpicWin Tuber

Finally unveil the secrets to ranking any video in any niche for any keyword with any amount of competition on page one of Google every time.

EpicWin Tuber will take you from wherever you are at the moment, whether you know nothing of SEO or video, or are an expert on the topic, and teach you how to not only rank your videos for any keyword, but give you the confidence you need to know you can rank any video on page one.

10/ Instant Video Sales Letters

10-Instant Video Sales Letter

The secrets to writing blockbuster video sales letters that converts at an impressive 5-10% conversion rate.

You will learn:

  • How to easily come up with engaging stories that grab your readers by the eyeballs and compel them to read your entire video sales copy.
  • What you can add to your sales script that makes people feel foolish if they don’t order.
  • The 4 emotional triggers that make you more money than your competitor.
  • How to guarantee that every video sales letter you write is super profitable.
  • And much more

11/ Niche Video Tycoon

11-Niche Video Tycoon

  • How To Build Your Own Empire Of Cash-Generating Sites In Ultra-Low Competition Niches.
  • He is Going To Teach You How To Make Tiny Sites That Only Get 30-50 Visits A Day Earn Over $1,000 Per Month…(you can do this with your existing sites too).
  • Easily Create Your Own Video Courses In Niches With Virtually No Competition.
  • Most of his sites get less than 50 visitors a day… but they all earn between $800 to $1,300 per month.


12/ Video Profits Fastlane

12-Video Profits Fastlane

Video Profits Fastlane is the step by step blueprint showing exactly how to use the online video phenomenon to your full advantage.
This insider’s shortcut guide is crammed with every tip and trick you need to get your video created and start seeing those increased sales.

You’ll discover:

How to triple your sales by harnessing the extreme power of video.
How to suck in new subscribers for your list like a Shop Vac on steroids.
How to promote any business the street-smart way.
The sheer magic of ‘how to’ videos.
Creating an army of avid followers for your blog.

13/ Video Profit System (6M)

13-Video Profit System (6M)

21 year old internet marketer shares insanely profitable system that brings home a full time income in seven easy steps.

Using this system, you can siphon off a minute percentage of YouTube traffic, and turn it into cold hard cash.

You will earn a realistic income using this system, even if you have never made a dollar online before.

14/ Video Scribing

14-Video Scribing

VideoScribe is pure magic. Create your own whiteboard-style animations with no design or technical know-how. Get your message across.

Discover how whiteboard animation came to be such a powerful form of communication and how to produce your own professional quality scribe videos.

15/ Video Profit Net

15-Video Profit Net

The laughably simple system to get the most influential people in your niche to spread your video around like wildfire.

This is a step-by-step documentation of the exact strategy that he use to profit from his videos without relying on the “major players” of search or social media.

The 4 Steps, yes just 4 steps, to set up a campaign and crush it with video marketing.

16/ Video Mystic

16-Video Mystic Pic

After Countless Thousands Of Hours Of Testing Here Are The Best Video Marketing Secrets He Has Discovered…

  1. How To Create Pro Quality Videos For A Few Bucks & A Few Minutes Of Time!
    How To Create Video Sales Letters That Convert Like Crazy
    3. The “12-second” improvement – it takes 12 seconds to master but once you do, your video skills increase 250%.
    4. How To Publish DVDs On Amazon
    And much more.

17/ Video Marketing PRO

17-Video PRO Marketing

Discover how to use video marketing in your business to attract more prospects and sales.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this guide:

How to use video marketing in your business to attract more prospects & sales.
The basics of video marketing – what it is and why it should be part of your marketing plan.
4 steps to creating online videos.
How to make your video stand out from your competitors.
Tips on how to stay motivated as an entrepreneur.
And much more

18/ Video Squeeze Machine

18-Video Squeeze Machine

Everybody use squeeze page to grab a lot of subscribers by giving them a valuable gift or information. If your squeeze page is professionally designed, it will rock up your email list like crazy.

Unless you have been living under a rock over the past year, you probably have noticed that nearly EVERY guru is using dead-simple video squeeze pages templates to launch their products. Most of them have little to no copy on the website at all.

Doesn’t this tell you something?… VIDEO IS MORE PREFERABLE… Period.

AND you also know that a professional, attractive, and eye-catching squeeze page will hands-down beat a COMMONLY, plain, and ugly squeeze page in terms of opt-in conversion.

This package contains the BEST converting, with HIGH QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL design, and easiest to setup video squeeze page templates ever released. Now YOU CAN put up an attractive video squeeze page to skyrocket your opt-in rates or sales.

19/ Video Conversion Cash Machine

19-Video Conversion Cash Machine

Revealed : A simple 5 step formula for creating money getting video sales letters in 3 hours or less.

The Video Conversion Cash Machine is a simple step by step system for creating high converting, money-getting videos and video sales letters.

Now is your chance put the secrets used by the most successful video marketers, only known by an elite handful of insiders to work for you.

20/ Rapid Tube Launch Profits

20-Rapid Tube Launch Profits

Rapid Tube Launch Profits is simple system that allows you to rank short YouTube videos to very top of YouTube.

You are going to discover:

  • Exactly what you need to create your simple video.
  • The 3 hot-spots for finding profitable products, fast.
  • Killer product details that help you make the most profits.
  • The simple 6 step formula for what to include in your YouTube video.
  • How to attract more buyers to your video.
  • And much more

21/ Video Affiliate Pro

21-Video Affiliate Pro

Easily create video affiliate review pages & manage your affiliate bonuses inside of WordPress.

Create killer video review pages, add bonus for affiliate purchase and collect buyers’ email and send bonus.

  • WP Plugin
  • Unlimited Buttons
  • Store Leads Inside Of WP
  • Edit Lead Information
  • Button Anayltics
  • One-Click Auto Responder Integration

22/ Video Review Mini-Site

22-Video Review Mini-Site

Still wondering how to heck warriors make money with video?

Aren’t you sick of sitting on the side-lines watching others brag of their earnings when you know you can do better?

Have your cash-generating video review mini-site up in 2 minutes flat.

23/ Offline Video Explosion

23-Offline Video Explosion

Learn how you can generate easy profits offline selling simple before and after style videos that take all of 20 minutes to create.

Offline Video Explosion is about to show you:

  • How to transform before and after images into engaging professional videos in less than 30 minutes.
  • How you can create these videos without knowing anything at all about video creation.
  • The exact strategy of approach to sell these videos that works almost every simple time.
  • The exact service he offer, including how to price it.
  • How you can transform this into a standalone business offline easily

24/ Video Marketing To Page One

24-Video Marketing To Page One

He’s Going to Hand You The EXACT Step-by-Step Blueprint He Use To DOMINATE YouTube & Page One of Google ~ SIMULTANEOUSLY ~

The course is delivered over 8 MODULES including;

Market Research
Video Creation
Video Optimization
Video Marketing
Video Hosting
Grey Hat Tactics
Google Domination Strategies


25/ PowerPoint For Video Templates

25-PowerPoint For Video Templates

27 powerpoint for video templates animated with audio included.

  • No need for expensive software
  • Ready to edit and upload
  • No more hiring pricy freelancers
  • 16:9 ratio for YouTube
  • Audio tracks included
  • Create your own videos right now


26/ Powerpoint-Video Templates

26-Powerpoint-Video Templates

  • Create a professional high quality videos like a pro even if you have no experience & skills at all.
  • Brand new, attention grabbing videos created using a well-known powerpoint software.
  • You can do almost anything with these templates as it comes with PLR License.

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