PrezHero Review – Unleash Ranking & Traffic Authority on Your Sites in ONE Click!


PrezHero software

PrezHero software

Easy to learn – easy to use – easy to optimize

9.3 /10

Customer Support – Turn Around Time

9.1 /10

User Guideline - Tutorials – Videos Training - Bonuses Pack included

9.2 /10

Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

9.1 /10

Flexible – Powerful Potential – Monetize abilities

9.3 /10


  • Create Beautiful Presentations On The Fly!
  • Image and Video Upload & Embed. Background Palette Selector
  • Create Responsive Presentations NOW! Drag and Drop Interface
  • Entrance and Exit Animations. Image and Video Upload & Embed
  • Ready-To-Go Image and Shape Library. 10 READYMADE templates

PrezHero – a brand new software, not only customizes my pitches to tailor made perfection but is the most powerful conversion tool I’ve ever seen! Let’s see how power if it at here!

PrezHero Review – PrezHero Overview:

PrezHero Review – What is PrezHero ?

BREAK the internet with all the traffic you attract to your pages with this smokin’ hot crackling technique!

I’ve spent years and far too much money in vain trying to create cool presentations that get noticed…

…I tried everything, looked high and low for a system that suits me and my selling techniques, something that gets me the kind of attention my product deserves and converts clients from the word go!

Then I stumbled upon THIS and it’s changed the way I market completely! My presentations convert faster than lightening.

This puts you in charge!

PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

PrezHero – a brand new software, not only customizes my pitches to tailor made perfection but is the most powerful conversion tool I’ve ever seen!

Just create your presentation and embed it on your pages, and boom!

…will start pouring in on complete auto-pilot.

Here’s a glance at what PrezHero brings to the table:

  1. Create Beautiful Presentations On The Fly!
  2. Image and Video Upload & Embed
  3. Background Palette Selector
  4. Create Responsive Presentations NOW!
  5. Drag and Drop Interface
  6. Entrance and Exit Animations
  7. Complete Control Over Color
  8. Image and Video Upload & Embed
  9. Ready-To-Go Image and Shape Library
  10. 10 READYMADE templates
  11. And a ton more…

PrezHero Review – PrezHero Key Features:

EMBARRASED of the endless times your video presentation abandoned you mercilessly in the middle of an important pitch?
Is the carefully crafted video made by you fail to play in a presentation before clients and is replaced with a butt ugly huge ass ‘X’?

I know what you’ve been through because that has happened to me more times than I can count and cost me some very important clients… and I am SICK of it!

So I want to make sure none of that nonsense ever happens to me again, and to you!

Now with PrezHero, you can convert your presentations into videos and put them on YouTube…rank them and leap-frog your competition in no time.

Here is what PrezHero could do for you!

PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

1/ DRAG AND DROP TEXT EMBED: Your presentation should be made your way! Drag your text and drop it anywhere you like, I mean anywhere! A 100% customizabale formula that ensures you can place the text where YOU want to instead of where the template allows!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

2/ X EMBEDDED FONTS: Avail the many advantages of embedded fonts. For starters, you can make changes to even the most prominent lettering without exporting to other software. You get a fantastic variety of fonts to choose from finding one that works well with the idea and aesthetics of your presentations is a sure shot way of impressing a client!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

3/ ENTRANCE AND EXIT ANIMATIONS: Connect with your audience in a contemporary way. Introduce entry and exit animations to keep your presentations engaging and unexpectedly refreshing! These not only add oodles of creativity but make you a popular choice for your presenting skills!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

4/ X ANIMATION TYPES: Don’t saturate your presentations and your clients with the same animations over and over again. Choose from our wide exciting range of animation types to liven up your now fast converting presentations!!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

5/ BACKGROUND PALETTE SELECTOR: Compulsion is a thing of the past. With their inbuilt background palette selector, you can paint each and every slide in the colors of your choice… whether it’s no match your style or your aesthetics, we’ve made sure you have the last say in the design of your presentations!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

6/ IMAGE UPLOADER: Now no more relying on shaky diagrams or sketchy illustrations, they’ve made sure you have the unique ability to upload images to your slides to make them rich and exclusive!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

7/ IN-BUILT IMAGE LIBRARY: Apart from using your own images, they’ve provide you with high quality miscellaneous images from our end to fulfil all your creative and professional needs!

PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

8/ INBUILT SHAPE LIBRARY: They introduce to you your very own in-built shapes library to magnify your constructive experience. With this addition, they want to make sure that you can do much more with vector graphics that you could before.


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

9/ AUDIO ADDER: Because your slider shouldn’t be treated for just the eyes, but the ears as well… We have thrown in an audio adder which allows you to select the audio of your choice to play in the background during your presentation!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

10/ VIDEO EMBED AND UPLOADER: Heralding a new dimension to your presentations, the video embed and uploader actually allows you to run your videos from within your presentation! This is practically your presentation selling itself for you!


PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

11/ RESPONSIVE PRESENTATION EMBED: Now this is a cool one! Pitch on the move! Don’t be restricted by laptops or computers… Be smart, pitch right out your smartphone! You slides can even work on a mobile and resize according to the browser dimensions!

>> Check out more 3 secret features of PrezHero here! <<

PrezHero Review – Why should you use PrezHero right here, right now!

Ever heard “Success Has No Shortcuts”?

I’m sure you have… and I’m writing to you to tell you how wrong that notion is… Don’t believe me?

If you’ve ever dreamed of living the ultimate dream…

…having the freedom to get up and go on vacation at the drop of a hat and having a free ‘n’ easy cash flow to spend your days living your life,
on your terms, at your pace…where phrases like ‘nine-to-five’ seem like distant memories from a previous lifetime…

…then grab your hat because I think you’re going to remember what I’m about to show you for a very long time!

Man I’m saturated of utilizing the same old BRAIN DEAD BORING STUFF to pitch for a new product again and again!

I mean no one size fits all…how can one style fit all?

And this stuff is so boring and over utilized that it fails to impress even a dead cat! Can’t afford to have my bread and butter depend on it!

We bring you a brand new technology which completely customizes you pitching for you…done your way!

This is EXCLUSIVE!! Nothing like this has hit the markets before!

It’s a 3-step simple formula that allows you to create attention grabbing and exciting presentations that sweeps clients off their feet!

This stuff spells –UBER COOL (But we are calling it PrezHero)!

PrezHero Review and Bonus - 2


It has videos in your slides that’ll have your clients eating out of your hand!

A pitch within a pitch…if that won’t get you conversions… I don’t know what will!

PrezHero is the shortcut to success…grab a copy and we’ll give you a Developer’s License.

That’s right…rebrand the whole thing and sell it as your own or earn bucket loads of cold hard cash each month…

…whizzing out the mother of all presentation for your clients!


PrezHero Review – PrezHero Exclusive Bonuses:

Bonus 1: PrezHero Graphics Pack (Value: $97)

PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

Download Now

This fabulous content pack comprising hundreds of images/icons to be used in sales pitches will add a brand new edge to your slides and make them a visual treat!


Bonus 2: Call To Action Professional Narration (Value: $97)

PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

Download Now

A professional customized narration for your presentations will add a personal touch between your pitch and the client and has been proven to speed sales through its powerful calls to action.


Bonus 3: PrezHero Advertising Course (Value: $97)

PrezHero Review and Bonus - PrezHero Software

Download Now

This is the real icing on the cake my friend! You can ace sales with PrezHero alone, but we’re not going to leave you high and dry… with this stellar advertising course, we make sure that you make sales LIKE A BOSS!



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Three simple steps to claim these massive bonus packs!

Step 1: Press (Ctrl + Shift + Delete) Or Clean/Delete all cookie and cache of your internet browser.

Step 2: Click Here to get PrezHero

Step 3: After completing the transaction, forward the receipt to our email at: [email protected] or The contact page of this site.

You will receive 2 bonus packs (Giant Pack at $12700 + Special Pack at $9700)