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  • Is Web-based, all-in-one, software for creating videos, monetizing AND driving traffic to them.
  • You can login to Profits Play from any device in the world with Internet access.
  • You can also create you own videos using Profits Play Avanced Mode.

Profits Play is a brand new product that can automatically monetize your videos by selecting a high converting, high priced Amazon product, and putting your Amazon affiliate link into the description of your video. And much more. Let see this review for more detail.

Profits Play review bonus



You know it and I know it, people these days are crazy about videos and video softwares, because it’s the ERA of videos.

The problem is almost all softwares can do just one thing (and mostly do it badly). Some softwares make videos but can’t rank them (what’s the point in making videos then) or some can rank a video but can’t produce a video.

Thus, the video market seriously needed some software that could do everything, from researching and making videos to ranking them and finally put some money in users pocket.

And that is exactly what Profits Play does.

Profits Play is a Brand New video traffic and niche marketing app which enables you to easily Create, Upload and rank videos first page of Google and Youtube for super profitable buyer keywords in hours anf creating a massive avalanche of traffic resulting in $53,243 Affiliate commission.


Profits Play is web-based, all-in-one, software for creating videos, monetizing AND driving traffic to them.

You can login to Profits Play from any device in the world with Internet access, MAC, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone.

Then, creating and uploading videos that share your affiliate links takes literal seconds.

Just like you saw in the demo video, you can have 91+ videos onlines, promoting your affiliate link in approximately 90 seconds.

Profits Play creates slideshow videos based on the niche keyword you enter into software. These are proven to convert to affiliate sales very well.

You can also create you own videos using Profits Play Avanced Mode, where you can upload your own images, and use your own Audio/Voice MP3 track.

What makes Profits Play unique is it can literally storm an entire niche or a market to dominate it plus we got so many proof that your list gonna literally EAT this video software up without even burping.

With Profits Play, everything is 100% automated. All you need to do is enter your keyword push one button.


You can achieve success in 5 easy steps:

Step 1:

Type your Amazon Affiliate ID into the Profits Play for instant, automatic monetization. Don’t want to promote Amazon products? you will have the option to paste in any link you want to be uploaded with your videos.

Step 2:

Type the keyword of your choice

Step 3:

Click “Create” and dozen – hundred of videos related to your niche, with your affiliate link, will automatically be created.

Videos will also  be automatically uploaded to Youtube with your affilliate link in the description.

A beautiful backlink structure will automatically be built for each of your videos – proven to drive real, fast, consistent traffic.

Step 4:

Watch as Profits Play automatically creates high PR and do-follow blog backinks from the world’s best authority sites… you don’t lift a finger.

Step 5:

Watch the views and affiliate commissions roll in!



It’s these 5 steps that are Responsible for all of

……$2,538 CPA income in just 1 week.

……over 15 first page rankings for one video created, uploaded, optimised and ranked by Profits Play.

…….and all we had to do was PUSH ONE BUTTON.

Want to be more hands on?

Profits Play Advanced Mode Has You Covered.

Inside your web-based Profits Play dashboard, you will have the option to go to “Advanced Mode”.

Inside Advanced Mode, you will be able to enter exactly which keywords and negative keywords you want to target, instead of having Profits Play pick them for you.

You will also be able to upload your own images, and audio or voice track. And you will be able to enter your own comment in Spun Text that gets distributes to all of the high PR, do follow blogs that will be featuring your new videos.

While all of this happens automatically in the standard mode, you will also have the ability to control these options whenever you want.

And while it is more hands on, it will still only take you approximately 2 minutes to get dozens of monetized, backlinked videos online.


Now I want you to think about something important…

If you were to try to enter and profit in the competitive world of video marketing all on your own… what would it take?

I will tell you…

You would have to research a niche and find great keywords… Ones that are searche a lot, but not too competitive… You’d need hundreds of these…

You would need to find an offer or product that you can promote that actually converts and pays you a high commission..

You would need to create your own video content: so you’d have to have knowledge in an area, and technical skills to create the video…

You would have to get your video online, and then…

You would have to spend hours of time doing BORING SEO work like creating backlinks upon backlinks…

And then, you would have to over and over again for every new video, every new product, every new niche, and every new keyword.

This ends up taking MONTHS of time before you see your first commission come in, if you ever even get a commisson…

And if you outsource it, it costs hundreds to thousands of dollars a month between video experts and backlink specialists… and you still have to wait months.

We know how a solid FACT that this is all the work it takes, because it is what we would do in our own business, and it’s what we taught hundreds of our students to do.


Picture those months you would spend working with uncertainty…

Picture the thousands of Dollars you would invest…

Just to hope you get it back.

…Disapearing. Forever.

Because that’s exactly what Profits Play will do for you. Eliminate all of work and all of the expense, and take you right to the pile of commissions waiting for you at the finish line.

You have already seen te TRUCKLOADS OF PROOF on this page.

And we want you to be the next person to stare these commissions of your in the face, with the only question left being…

“Why should I do with my money?”

“Pay off all my debt? Get a better car? Upgrade my home?”

“Or treat myself and my family a vacation?”

That will be entirely up to you… and you are going to be THRILLED when you get to face that decision.

It can happen for your quicker than you ever dreamed of with Profits Play.

All you have to do is get your hands on it.


When You Get Access to Profits Play Through This Page Today

You will Gain Exclusive Access To These Bonuses

That Will Spike Your Video Marketing Results!

BONUS 1 – Tube Sniper Pro

The ONE Software To Rank Your Youtube Videos On Your Command

Steal Your Competitors’ Best Secrets and Beat Them

Tube Sniper Pro is the ultimate video keyword research tool. If you do any video marketing you need TSP, it saves tons of time by analyzing the competition for you and once the analysis is complete, it builds loads of HIGH PR backlinks to your videos to rank them lightening fast.

(VALUE $197)

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BONUS 2 – Social Rank Tracker

The Ultimate Youtube Rank Tracking Software

Track Your Video Rankings and Social Metrics In Seconds

Social Rank Tracker keeps track of all of your videos from a single dashboard. You can track your ranking position in Google and Youtube, plus it also gives a detailed analysis of your social metrics so you could optimize your videos accordingly for maximum conversions.

(VALUE $97)

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Bonus 3 – Jack Jacker

Increasing Your Sales and Conversions Has Never Been Easier

Hijack Trust from Authority Sites To Make TONS of Sales

Jack Jacker lets you ‘borrow’ trust and authority from popular sites to double or triple your conversions and all of that without even using any iFrames making it the one newbie-friendly plugin that could increase your bottom-line effortlessly.

(VALUE $97)

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BONUS 4 – WP Video Slide Page

The Simplest Way to Build a HUGE List From Your Videos

Take ANY Youtube Video and Start Getting New Subscribers Fast

With this one plugin you will enhance the user engagement of your YouTube videos and increase your mailing list. Show each visitor what matters first; the video then slide in your auto-responder mailing list optin to build a big fat list.

(VALUE $97)

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BONUS 5 – WP Video Quiz 

Quiz Your Viewers About Your Videos To Supercharge Your Conversions

Easily Convert Your Videos Into a Powerful Video Quiz Page

With this WordPress plugin you can create unlimited, professional video quiz pages that visitors will interact with. Using a unique reward system and the one click social media sharing feature, visitors will spread your video quiz game page across the web and even compete with friends making your videos go viral in no time.

(VALUE $97)

Profits Play review bonus

BONUS 6 – WP Video Pops

Turn Your Videos Into Marketing Powerhouses

Target The Right Customer For Every Video You Embed on Your Blog

This point & click simple WordPress plugin lets you unlock the ‘hidden power of your videos’ to instantly boost your email leads, traffic and sales with your videos.

(VALUE $67)

Profits Play review bonus

And now… You will able to get Profits Play for the smallest risk-free investment ever.

An investment so small… that when you compare it to the $500 you would have to pay for a good video creator…

When you compare it to $500/month you would have to pay to a good SEO assistant…

And when you compare the hundreds of videos you will be able to make in seconds… you will realize that spending enven $5 a video is a TERRIBLE DEAL in comparison.

And you will know that the wisest decision is to  get your hands on Profits Play right now.

During this grand opening special, we invite you to access Profits Play for a risk-free $47, one time.


Because this invitation to access Profits Play for the low rate of $47 for lifetime access will not last.

Since such software requires regular maintenance, we will charge a monthly fee to people who get Profits Play after the introductory period.

So, grab it for yourself right now



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