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PromoStar is a step-by-step, well planned strategy that promotes your offers automatically to targeted audiences.

PromoStar Overview

  • Homepage: PromoStar Official Site
  • Product Name: PromoStar
  • Type of Product: Training Course & Software Combination
  • Authors: Bill G.
  • Target niche: PromoStar handles the promotion for you – automatically. You create an offer and PromoStar promotes it! Quick & Easy! Just ‘Set it & Forget it’ Everyone doing business online is a prospective PromoStar user – even you! PromoStar is a step-by-step, well planned strategy that promotes your offers automatically to targeted audiences. These aren’t just random people – they’re highly targeted prospects that have expressed sincere interest in your offer. If these prospects are favorably impressed when they view your offer, they’ll become paying customers.
  • Official Price: $47
  • Special Discount: No! This is a real gems! You should give it a try and understand the true value behind this!  

What Is PromoStar?

You know, all business have one thing in common is that we all want more custormer..

It doesn’t matter how great your offer is – if no one sees it, you’re not going to make any money. That’s a fact!

You’ve invested your time coming up with the perfect design, refining your sales copy, setting up autoresponders, order pages and all the rest of the things to make your offer great, but if no one knows you exist, your sales will never get off the ground…

Moreover, building your online business can be frustrating… You know you need to promote your business if you want it to grow. But successfully promoting your business online isn’t a simple matter. There’s a whole world of competition out there and if you want to get your share of business, you need to be on top of your game. You need to make things work in your favor.

Ans have you tried to promote your offer… If you use ‘free’ methods to promote your business, you’ll be investing a LOT of time. You’ll be doing tedious, boring tasks for hours and hours. And you’ll need to repeat the process regularly. Do you really want to spend hours at your keyboard, performing mind-numbing routines, over and over. Most people don’t have the time or patience for this and they simply give up before achieving any positive results.

That is the reason PromoStar was created!

PromoStar is a step-by-step, well planned strategy that promotes your offers automatically to targeted audiences. These aren’t just random people – they’re highly targeted prospects that have expressed sincere interest in your offer. If these prospects are favorably impressed when they view your offer, they’ll become paying customers.

When you have PromoStar promoting your business, you’ll get lots of exposure QUICKLY!

  • Easy to use. You create an offer and PromoStar will promote it far and wide, for an influx of fresh, new targeted prospects, eager to do business with you. And the whole promotion of your offer is handled automatically.
  • Save time. If you want to promote your offers, but you just don’t have the time or patience to sit at your computer for hours at a time, PromoStar is for you!
  • PromoStar will do all the ‘grunt work’ of promoting your offer, so you can concentrate on running your business. You’ll make more sales, while skipping the tedious work of promoting your offer. That’s the power of PromoStar!

PromoStar - Review and Bonus - PromoStar

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How Does PromoStar Work?

What will you get inside PromoStar:

Take action right now and feel the special features of PromoStar:



These videos will make sure you’re on the right track for peak performance. What you’ll learn in these videos will put you way ahead of the game. Some extraordinary features that this software delivers such as:

  • How to harness the raw power of high traffic networks for a quick flow of fresh, new prospects for your business.
  • How to set up these networks for the best performance possible. Get the initial setup done correctly and the promotional power will be greatly enhanced.
  • How to get the most action from some of the most popular networks – This can bring a flood of new prospects that are eager to do business with you.
  • The highly effective way to launch marketing campaigns across multiple platforms to reach potential customers and get maximum results
  • Help to precisely reach target audience, increase exposure to potential customers, skyrocket sales conversion rates, and gather more leads.
  • Learn to apply the latest tactics in the right way to bring more customers, more sales and more profits.
  • The steps, methods and techniques to set up for success on the top traffic channels. These videos will delover an unfair advantage to help to finally break through and get positive results – quickly.
  • Can download WordPress plugin that will automate the promotional process, freeing up lots of time that users can devote to other aspects of running their business. This plugin puts them offer in front of the Most Targeted Buyers online – WITHOUT paying for ads!

Please take note that PromoStar uses a WordPress plugin for automating promotion, so you’ll need a new or existing self-hosted WordPress installation.



Need a ‘JumpStart’ for Your Business?

Discover high performance promotional tactics from a real master – a man who developed marketing techniques that propelled him to the lofty status of a millionaire, despite tons of competition. Even after unfortunate circumstances caused him to lose his entire fortune, he again used these same timeless techniques to bounce back and become wealthy once again.

If you have been struggling to succeed with your online business, learn from this master of promotion and finally put your sales over the top!



Struggling to get sales? Frustrated with seeing low conversions? Do you want an easy way to sell your offers? If you answered ‘YES’, you might want to reconsider how you’ve been trying to sell.

Are you aware of the power of video? Video can entertain, enlighten, engage and most importantly for business, video SELLS.

Video Marketing is an amazing way to enhance your business!

Just imagine somebody searching for the product or service you provide. They go to Google and your video pops up. Your listing with your video will stand out from all the competition, so youll likely get an immediate click.

Video is more persuasive than other types of advertising because people require emotional input in order to make a buying decision. No other form of communication is better at inspiring emotion than video.

Would you like to skyrocket your sales, boost your conversions and pull in leads with ‘hypnotic’ video messages?



This brand new, 6 part, step-by-step video course shows you how to create your own professional promo videos. You’ll finally discover how to quickly and easily create short promotional videos that will skyrocket your sales.

  1. How to Create a Promo Video plan: Learn the different types of promotional videos that are used. You will also learn what software maybe good for you to use, to create basic promotional videos.
  2. How to Create the Video Script: Writing the video script is a bit similar to writing sales copy, but it’s not in the same order.
  3. Voiceovers: In this section, you will learn how to create your own voiceovers, but it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional voiceover to do this.
  4. Sound and Visual Elements: In this video you will find highly recommended sites to find cool soundtracks, and visual elements on a low budget.
  5. Putting it all together: They are going to take everything you’ve learned above and put it all together. Ensure you can synchronize the audio voiceover track, soundtrack, and the visual elements together.
  6. Creating your landing page: Learn how to put a video on your landing page or sales page. Should you host the video on your own site or should you upload it to Youtube? All these questions, will be answered in this video series. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy to create promotional videos.



If you’d like to get a quick boost to your sales, WarriorPlus is the place for you!

This video will show you how to promote your product to prospects for more sales, and for a really BIG boost in sales, how you can get experienced online marketers to promote your offer for you. They’ll invest their own time and money to promote your offer! There’s no ‘out of pocket’ cost to you.



This Complete Video Walkthru will show you how to get started selling on JVZoo, create Conversion-Crushing sales funnels and get Paid Instantly to your PayPal account.

  • These videos are split up into bite sized chuncks that are straight to the point, with actionable steps to get you started quickly.
  • Learn how to properly setup your products on JVZoo, automate your sales funnels and get paid instantly. You can learn the best way to map out your sales funnel and see first hand how your upsells, downsells & one time offers flow together before getting started.
  • It is easy to follow, step by step Walkthro for setting up your sales page, thank you page and downloadable files so you can automatically sell & deliver your products.
  • How to make even more money on the backend with targeted bonus offers and related cross-sells.



A Collection of 20 Professionally Recorded Videos, 80 Minutes of Content – This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know about forum marketing.

  • The Importance of Forum Marketing: Before you start marketing, you need to understand the specific advantages of forum marketing so you know how to make the most of your time.
  • Things You Can Promote with Forum Marketing: You may already have something in mind to promote, but if you don’t they’ll help you find something.
  • How to Find The Best Forums to Market On: Not all Forums are “marketable”, they’ll give you a checklist of things to grade each forum you come across, so you only spend time on the ones that will return the most profit.
  • How to Create an Effective Signature: The creator will show you how to create a signature that will grab people’s attention without being too “pushy”.
  • How to Establish Yourself as an Expert: How to get people on the forum to respect you, and value what you have to say (this is super-important if you want people to buy from you).
  • How to Find the Best Posts to Participate In: Not all posts are created equal! Learn how to spot the posts and threads that you absolutely need to be involved in, and how to stay away from those you shouldn’t be.
  • How to Track Your Results: Not everything you do is going to work, it is so important to track everything you do so you can expand upon what works and cut your losses when appropriate.
  • How to Explore a Joint Venture on a Forum: Joint ventures are one of the most valuable relationships you can establish. They will show you how to initiate one on a forum.
  • The Five Keys to Forum Marketing Success: Five simple rules you need to be following if you want to be successful with forum marketing.

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Why Should You Get PromoStar Now?

Think of PromoStar as a non-stop promotion machine. Your own personal promotion machine that will deliver your offer all over the planet. You give your offer to PromoStar and your promotion runs on automatic. PromoStar delivers your offer thru the internet’s most powerful networks, reaching a potentially unlimited number of targeted prospects.

PromoStar builds your business by harnessing the power of high traffic networks. The search engines love these networks and visit them constantly, always looking for content to add to their databases. PromoStar promotes your offer to virtually compel the search engines to rank you higher. Your elevated ranking in the search engines will attract more targeted prospects that are interested in your offer.

By presenting your offer to a surge of new prospects who have already shown interest, you’re on your way to making MORE SALES! With PromoStar – The world is at your fingertips! Really!

There are a lot of bonuses here:

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Exclusive Bonuses From PromoStar:


Get The Traffic You Need For The Sales You Deserve!

PromoStar - Review and Bonus - PromoStar

Learning to effectively drive massive traffic to your offer is one of the most important things you can do to build a successful business, producing dependable, consistent income.

The creator has been marketing online for over 15 years and he has seen all sorts of ideas for getting traffic – some good, some not so good. Then he has put together this video course that will get you off to a great start.

Whether you’re actively promoting your offer or haven’t started yet, this informative video series gives you a powerful system for getting unlimited traffic with easy to follow step by step methods.


Social Media Domination

PromoStar - Review and Bonus - PromoStar

In this video course, you’ll discover the steps, methods and tactics to setting yourself up for success on the top social media platforms.

Social media marketing is an incredibly powerful tool and it’s one of the biggest factors that a marketer can use to build an online business empire.

You’ll learn the right way to set up accounts with all the major social networks for maximum performance. Build rapport with visitors and gain their trust by providing engaging content that people actually want to consume and share.

They will also show you how to interlink your social media accounts for maximum synergy to drive more traffic and faster growth.


Affiliate Profits

PromoStar - Review and Bonus - PromoStar

If you have your own product or service that you’d like to promote, that’s great, and PromoStar will help you to achieve success in your online marketing.

But here’s something to consider – Affiliate Marketing!

Affiliate marketing is where you promote someone else’s product and you receive a generous commission for referring prospects that make a purchase. The BIG advantage here is that you don’t need to have your own product or service. And the commissions are really good, especially with downloadable digital products. Commissions for digital products routinely are between 50% and 75%, and in some cases, commissions are even 100%!

When you promote products as an affiliate, you don’t need to concern yourself with product delivery, support issues or even credit card services to bill the customer. It’s all handled for you, so you can concentrate strictly on promoting the offer – that’s where PromoStar comes into play. PromoStar is great for promoting ANYTHING – including affiliate offers!

This video will show you how to get started with a video walk-thru of ClickBank and how to find profitable products to promote, how to get started as an Amazon affiliate, so you can actively promote the hottest products. You’ll also learn about Commission Junction, where you can find lots of profit generating products to promote.


Want to promote the latest, high selling digital products? This is the absolute best way for you to start generating profits online, whether you’re selling your own products or if you promote as an affiliate marketer – it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to doing business online or you’ve been at it for a while.

In this review, I hope you can find some useful information about PromoStar. Don’t hesitate for such an amazing product!

Thanks for coming by my PromoStar Review and Bonus. See you with next review in the next days!

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