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Push Connect Notify

Push Connect Notify

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            • 100% Cloud Based
            • Email Intergration
            • Unlimited Contacts & Messages
            • Real Time Tracking
            • Full Personalization


              Push Connect Notify is a push notification app that’s designed by a marketer, for marketers, which allows you to leverage a powerful technology already built into your visitors computer.

              What Is Push Connect Notify?

              When it comes to traffic, you know how precious every visitor is.

              But why is it that we relay on an OLD outdated “pop up” or some opt in form on the right hand side to do the job that we need.

              Traffic is valuable and today, I want to show you a way to get in your face of 100% of your visitors.

              WITHOUT being able to be blocked, leveraging a technology that’s already built onto your visitors website and mobile phone.

              That’s why I’m excited to show you Push Connect Notify.

              Push Connect Notify leverages an existing technology that’s available on every 93% of computers and phones in the world, and lets you get in front of every visitor.

              And it’s fully customizable, allowing you to change the look, feel, and images you display, it also lets you position it where you want, AND display it as you wish.

              PLUS. it has an optional email capture that’s integrated with the top autoresponders or you can paste your own code!

              This is the next generation of the old outdated “pop up” technology that works every time.

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              CrownReviews - Review Trial

              How Does Push Connect Notify Work?

              Special Features of Push Connect Notify:

              • 100% Cloud Based: Nothing to install or download. Just copy and paste!
              • Email Intergration: Fully Integrated With Top Autoresponders OR you can paste your own code!
              • Unlimited Contacts & Messages: No limits and no restrictions!
              • 5 Minute Setup: Painless setup. Follow the 3 simple steps!
              • Real Time Tracking: Monitor and track your activity in real time!
              • Full Personalization: No more boring notifications. Customize your colors, logos, and messages!

              Other features of Push Connect Notify include:

              • Nothing to Install Requires
              • Copy and Paste of just 1 line of code
              • 100% Message Delivery
              • Use as many sites as possible
              • Scheduled And Real Time Push Notifications
              • Easy-to-navigate interface
              • No monthly Fees (Special)

              How It Works:

              Step 1: Push

              Setup in minutes. Copy and paste 1 line of code.

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              Step 2: Connect

              Available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Android Mobile Phones

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              Step 3: Notify

              Fully customized notifications with scheduling.

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              Imagining this, a website visitor is using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or any Android phone and they land on your website. Then Push Connect Notify allows you to display a friendly, customized soft-ask for their permission to connect with them in the future. And when the user says YES, it takes them through the 2 step process for browser permission. The producer even took it one step further by allowing you to ask for their email address as well.

              Now let’s see Push Connect Notify in action and how it works:

              CrownReviews - Trial Pack

              Who Should Use Push Connect Notify?

              If you have a website, blog, landing page, eCommerce store, sales page or any other presence on the internet…

              You need Push Connect Notify!

              Why Should You Get Push Connect Notify Now?

              So if you’ve ever been to a major site, like YouTube, CNN, or eBay, you’ve probably been shown a little “pop up” that says “NAME OF SITE wants to send you notifications.”

              That’s called a “Push Notification.”

              Now. here’s the cool thing about that – it’s UNBLOCKABLE as it’s built into the major 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

              And before you say it, these 3 browsers represent 93% of the world’s population of browsers!

              That little notification requires either a team of developers to code on your website, or you can short cut it with a simple 1 line of code with Push Connect Notify.

              Now – here’s what I love about it:

              1. It’s 100% marketer friendly, letting you fully customize everything from logos, colors, buttons, and more.
              2. It requires 1 copy and paste of code OR you can use the powerful 1 click wordpress OR shopfiy integration
              3. It captures emails for you too! Integrated with the top 8 autoresponders OR you can paste your own code!

              It’s literally the “perfect” way to capture 100% of your website traffic.

              This is a MUST HAVE for any serious marketer in 2017.

              Leverage the power of your web browser with an UNBLOCKABLE technology that you can start using today!

              Now here are a few Q&As about
              what Push Connect Notify can do for you

              Does It Work On PC & MAC?

              Of course, it’s all based on browser technology, so the Operating system of your computer does not matter. The Push Connect Notify Members Area is web based, so there is nothing to DOWNLOAD either. It’s all done over the web. And of course, Push Connect Notify is mobile friendly.

              Do I need to install or download anything?

              Nope! Push Connect Notify is 100% web based software and requires no download or installation. You simply log in, create your “PCN,” and copy and paste that single line of code on your webpage, landing page, blog, or eCommerce store

              I’m not tech savvy, how EASY is it really?

              Do you provide training? As long you can copy and paste, have some basic knowledge of where code goes, and can follow step by step instructions, you’ll be good to go! The system is super easy to use and straight forward.

              What internet browsers does Push Connect Notify work with?

              It works the ALL Major browsers. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (For Mac). These are in-browser built technology.

              What email autoresponders can you hook up?

              Push Connect Notify is currently integrated with the major 9 autoresponder services. Get Response, Aweber, Sendlane, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, Convert Kit, Infusionsoft, and iContact.

              Does it work on mobile?

              Good news – it currently, it works with ANDROID devices! Being that android is the #1 phone operating system, you’ll be able to reach the majority of users.

              Where can I install Push Connect Notify?

              It’ll work on any website, WordPress, blog, eCommerce store, landing page, essentially anywhere that accepts your input of code! They even added bonus of a WordPress App and Shopify App to do easy and quick install!

              How many sites can I install this on to?

              What does unlimited personal license mean? So they decided instead of offering you multiple options of installation, they went straight for the best option for everyone. UNLIMITED personal use on any website that you own. If you’re interested in using it for their client sites, they do offer an unlimited developers license as Optional Upgrade #2. You must purchase the personal license in order to access it.

              And if you thought Push Connect Notify couldn’t get any better, they’ve got some limited-time bonuses for you for being a fast-action taker! This will allow you to go from ZERO to profit as fast as possible with Push Connect Notify!

              However, you must act before this offer closes. Because once it does, these bonuses will NOT be available anymore.

              CrownReviews - Start Now!

              Exclusive Bonuses From Push Connect Notify

              Bonus #1: PCN For Shopify

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              Got Shopify? They got you covered with their unique 1 click intergration. Place Push Connect Notify on your Shopify store in 1 simple step.

              Bonus #2: PCN For WordPress

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              Setup your campaign. Download and Install the plugin. It’ll automatically place Push Connect Notify on the pages YOU choose.

              Bonus #3: 30 Days of Sendlane

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              Not everyone has an autoresponder, so the producer wanted to give anyone who needs an autoresponder service 30 days for free. Of course it’s fully intergrated, too!

              Bonus #4: Exclusive Release Bonus

              Push Connect Notify review and bonus - Push Connect Notify

              A unique grab bag of tools and softwares to help accelerate your internet marketing journey. From viral traffic creators and mobile opt in apps to FB training and even social boost… These unique bonuses are FREE.


              Push Notifications have changed the way businesses retain customers. It is easily one of the most powerful and simplest methods to increase sales. Do your business and yourself a favor and pick this one up. This is the best way and my #1 recommendation on how YOU can capture 100% of your traffic today.

              I hope that my Push Connect Notify Review will give you more understanding about this software. If you have any confusion and questions, do not hesitate to contact me anytime.





              Bonus #1: Simple Offline FB Profits

              1-Simple Offline FB Profits

              Step-by-step blueprint revealing how to find the perfect prospects, how to quickly deviser value turning your prospects into raving fans, and how to convert them into hungry buyers.

              Here’s what you’ll discover:

              • How to find the PERFECT Prospects Waiting for Your Services in Less than 5 Minutes!
              • The fool-proof method for avoiding tire-kickers so you don’t waste your precious time!
              • The EXACT method to quickly deliver incredible value to interested prospects turning them into your BIGGEST Fans! (You will INSTANTLY stand out from your competitors and look like a true EXPERT!)
              • The word-for-word script I use that lights up my inbox with business owners interested in my services!
              • How to convert warm leads into HUNGRY Buyers without having to pick up the phone!
              • Two specific services to offer than can DOUBLE the amount of payments in your Paypal account!
              • Exactly where to go to outsource high-quality service fulfillment for pennies on the dollar!
              • How to get your business to go VIRAL even if you FAIL to land a client!
              • And much more…all delivered in a detailed

              Bonus #2: FB Post Engagement Profit

              2-FB Post Engagement profits

              Crank Up Your Traffic, Sales and Engagement with Proven Strategy

              • A proven 150+ killer Posts / Status Formula Anthology that gets you unprecedented engagement & your page’s reach better, faster and easier than anything else.
              • This guide solves the rampant issue of decaying engagement and throttling Facebook reach by enticing your community to engage with you.
              • These status formula are crafted after over years of research & studies of understanding the foundation of Social media and what matters the most in this platform.

              Bonus #3: EpicWin Tuber

              3-EpicWin Tuber

              Finally unveil the secrets to ranking any video in any niche for any keyword with any amount of competition on page one of Google every time.

              EpicWin Tuber will take you from wherever you are at the moment, whether you know nothing of SEO or video, or are an expert on the topic, and teach you how to not only rank your videos for any keyword, but give you the confidence you need to know you can rank any video on page one.

              Bonus #4: eVideo Rocket

              4-eVideo Rocket

              Increase conversions and boost sales with the most powerful video marketing system.

              Boost your sales instantly.
              Easily create high converting sales video.
              No more hiring expensive video designers.

              Bonus #5: Complete Traffic Domination v3.0


              Here’s What You will Get Inside Complete Traffic Domination 3.0 …

              1. The “GROUPS” Cash Avalanche
              2. The Forum Marketing Goldmine
              3. The secret Article Cash Cow
              4. The Hidden “Blogging” Treasure Trove
              5. The Blog Commenting Method
              6. The Classified Traffic Typhoon
              7. The Hidden Free e-book Cash Method
              8. The Instant Adswaps Cash
              9. The JV Partner Swapping Cashmine
              10. The ezine JV Effortless Cash
              11. The JV-Giveaway Cash Feast
              12. The Social Media Traffic Juggernaut
              13. The Perpetual Youtube Traffic Machine
              14. The Yahoo! answers Traffic Stampede
              15. The Traffic Exchanges Traffic Machine
              16. The Press Release Buzz Building Machine
              17. The Safelist List Machine
              18. The Social Bookmarking Auto Traffic Machine
              19. The Viral Marketing Traffic Bomb
              20. The “Pepsi-Coke” Method
              21. The EVERGREEN Amazon Traffic Spring
              22. The Autoblogging Traffic Avalanche
              23. The Document Sharing Goldmine
              24. File Sharing and Torrent Sites Autopilot Traffic
              25. The “Tutorial” Traffic
              26. The Free “Teaser” Method
              27. The PPC Rockstar
              28. The Media Buying Millionaire
              29. The Hidden PPV Cash
              30. The Underground “Paid Review” Method
              31. The Instant List Cash Cow
              32. The Co-reg Goldmine
              33. The Postcard Marketing Cash Machine
              34. The Absolute Forum Domination Method
              35. The Fiverr Method

              Bonus #6: Optin Hurricane – The Secret Files

              6-Opt-in Hurrican

              • Ex top 50 solo ad seller reveals how to reliably build a list from scratch and turn those leads into instant & consistent cash.
              • These proven and tested strategies work to build a list to sell solo ads, affiliate products or your own.
              • The exact same powerful list building systems you can use right now even if you never created a funnel before.

              Bonus #7: The 3 Minute Opt In Dominator

              7-The 3 minutes opt-in dominatior

              • The step-by-step blueprint that reveals the exact free methods for personally use to craft the perfect, profit pumping sales funnel that slams real money into your bank account all day and all night long.
              • The 3 Minute Opt In Dominator is a top quality solution that quickly and easily builds your entire sales funnel for you.
              • It provides you with an affordable and effortless way to build a subscriber list.


              Bonus #8: Ninja Funnels

              8-Ninja funnel

              • Discover our top secret sales funnels we are using for maximum profits.
              • These strategies allow up to take every dollar our customers spend and effortlessly multiply them by 4X, 5X and 6X like clockwork.
              • You are about to discover the exact sequence to taking leads and making as much money out of them as possible.
              • These proven Ninja sales funnels have been used time and time again in our biggest launches and basically creates free money out of thin air.

              Bonus #9: Lead Magnets

              9-Lead Magnets package

              Legally copy and paste 4 ready to go lead generating funnel that will effortlessly attract thousands of targeted hungry buyers to jump into your lists.

              • Superb step-by-step training videos done by experts.
              • Expertly written 7 days email campaign.
              • Professional and highly attractive lead capture page.
              • Optimized profit pulling thank you page.
              • Profitable affiliate offers to promote.


              Bonus #10: Found On Facebook

              10-Found On Facebook

              How to drive more traffic and customers to your business optimizing for Facebook graph search.

              You’ll discover:

              • The 8 steps to properly optimizing your Facebook page for graph search
              • Why it’s absolutely crucial for your business to be found on Facebook graph search
              • The best way to build up your Facebook likes
              • The best way to engage with your fan base and why it’s important to do so
              • The best way to use Facebook ads to get cheap likes fast

              Bonus #11: Facebook Advertising Secrets

              11-Facebook Advertising Secret

              You’ll know the hot spot in this course:

              • How to use Facebook ads the right way.
              • The information in this book will save you thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.
              • Introduction to Facebook advertisement.
              • Registering & learning tools for creation.
              • What niches you should look for and niches to avoid.
              • Creating the ad copy write.
              • Choosing the targeting settings for your campaign.
                Bid options and publishing the campaign.

              Bonus #12: FB cash master

              12-Facebook Cash Master

              What’s you will learn this in exclusive course:

              • Exact evergreen secrets and techniques to earn 4-5 figures per month.
              • The first secret to have a successful Facebook pages is hidden in the moment you create it. It’s a little step that you do or don’t that determines its destiny.
              • The 11 tricks of the new era to grow your page for free.
              • 2 super ninja methods that can make it possible for you to multiply the number of page likes for the same cost.
              • What networks you should join and what products you should promote to earn as much as possible.
              • Survive Facebook Algorithm changes and never care about them anymore
              • Easily discover the Hot Niches to build a Facebook page
              • Make sure from the very START that your page will be a success
              • Discover the Ideal Posting Sequence
              • Grow your page for Free like never before
              • Master the skill of getting 0 cnet – 1 cent likes on demand
              • Go tho the next level by mastering the 2 super ninja methods that make it Possible to Multiply The Number of Page Likes For the Same cost
              • Be sure to promote the right Products
              • Discover the great power of Adsense on Facebook
              • Increase your page engagement with little simple tricks
                Finally, Outsource everything … For FREE

              Bonus #13: Secret FB profit system

              13-The Secret FB Profit System

              3 simple steps to cranking out 4K to 50K per month on Facebook.

              You’ll discover:

              • The hottest way to profit on Facebook.
              • The 4 step process to turning your Facebook account into a cash machine.
              • Little known Guerrilla marketing tactics to making sales with no marketing budget.
              • How to leverage in the paid advertisement to dramatically skyrocket your income.

              You will get:

              • 4 cut-to-the chase videos, 4 audios, and a complete guide where he explain the system step-by-step.
              • The PPT Slides to follow the videos or audios, so you never go wrong about implementing this easy cash system.
              • And finally a full list of the most updated resources you can check out to speed up the process as much as you want.

              Bonus #14: FB cash engine

              14-FB Cash Engine

              The first and only results based Facebook marketing training program that show you the fastest way to $100 days.

              You will discover:

              • How to get all the free traffic from Facebook.
              • How to choose truly profitable niches on Facebook.
              • How to create content that will pre-sell your CPA offers.How to choose the most profitable CPA offers.
              • How to put all of thes together to start generating $100-$400 per day.
              • How to use these methods to build a long term business.
              • And “The top-secret promotional method” that generate thousands of lead while still making you up to $400 on that very same day.

              Bonus #15: FB Cash Ninja

              15-Facebook Cash Ninja

              Discover top secret method allows you to land $1500 clients by posting simple easy to create Facebook ads.

              We have taken everything we know and have learnt about this cool technique and put it into a video course for you to feast your eyes on and engage with.

              You’ll learn in this course:

              • Module 1: The FB cash ninja system: The step-by-step action plan to teach you the easiest and fastest way to $1500 paydays with easy to create Facebook Ads
              • Module 2: Client attraction mastery: FRESS software to automate this entire process included

              Bonus #16: List Building Blueprint 2.0

              16-List Building Blueprint 2.0

              • Watch him live as he put over 450 hungry buyer leads into his Aweber account in under 48 hours.
              • What he have in this WSO is a simple but highly effective list building system that he has used to put 10,000 subscribers into his Aweber account in a very short period of time.
              • The system is simple. Anyone can set it up in under an hour and start having highly targeted subscribers on this list shortly after.

              Bonus #17: Traffic Authority

              17-Traffic Authority

              • The first thing you will have access to is what I call the traffic authority blueprint. Its the eBook that contains step by step instructions on profiting from other YouTube celebrities. Believe it or not it is actually possible as not only have I succesfully tried this, thousands of other smart marketers have done the same.
              • The eBook is 58 pages long and every section is complimented by a video in the members area. I really loved that about this course because there are times where I really dont feel like reading at all. For those of you who dont know I am a visual learner. I prefer to watch the video. However for those of you who like to read on the other hand, you have got this in depth manual.
              • Not only will you learn this priceless internet marketing technique, but Traffic Authority also comes with extras like:
              • How to build an email list,
              • Promoting affiliate offers,
              • Building a social presence and creating your very own product to sell.

              Bonus #18: 27 Secrets To Landing Page Success

              18-27 secrets to landing page success

              27 secrets to crafting a kickass high-converting landing page.
              Insider strategies that the world’s top web marketing firms don’t want you to know.

              Here’s what this report contains:

              • The magic number of headline words.
              • Button colours and moon landings.
              • How to use capitals in headlines
              • The golden rule of copyrighting.
              • Setting expectations for happy readers and happy buying.

              Bonus #19: Instant Opt-In Profits

              19-Instant Opt-in Profits

              • Easy to follow autopilot system shows you how you can build massive email list for free and profit up to $3 per new subscriber without them needing to buy a single thing.
              • 3 methods to make money and grow your list at lightening speed.

              Bonus #20: 7 Steps To Massive Lists

              20-7 Steps To Massive Lists

              The easiest money you will make.

              You will get:

              • The massively, high-converting squeeze page.
              • The giveaway report you should use to get subscribers.
              • All video pages.
              • These convert instantly and are going to explode the commission stats in your dashboard.

              Bonus #21: $1 Sales Funnel

              21-$1 Sale Funnel

              Imagine if you had 10,000 subscribers on a good list – can you even begin to start spending the potential money there?

              You’ll get:

              • 2 high quality squeeze page.
              • 1 high quality professionally written option report.
              • Your very own product to sell at the back end.
              • 10 high quality followup emails.
              • 2 solo ad swips.
              • An effective traffic blueprint report

              Bonus #22: 30 Minute Profit Funnel

              22-30 minutes profits funnel

              • The fool proof, step-by-step system that forces you to make $100+ per day on autopilot without spending a dime.
              • What are you about to learn is a never before tough method to cranking out 4100+ days, starting now.
              • Not only are you going to learn the system, you are going to be watching over my shoulder as he set up this fail proof system.


              Bonus #23: Cash Funnel On Steroids

              23-Cash funnel on steroid

              Struggling newbie discovers the simple sales funnel tweak for maximising profits.
              Cash Funnel On Steroids is no-fluff 12 page PDF report that reveals the tiny tweak he used to make maximum profits from a sales funnel.

              You are going to discover:

              • The super simple steps for setting up your squeeze page.
              • The minimum tweak for maximizing profits.
              • Why changing the price tag on your funnel is more importantthan you think.
              • How you can actually get less upfront to make a ton more in the long run.
              • The single most important aspect of your sales funnel.

              Bonus #24: Done For You List Building and Sales Funnel

              24-Done for you list building and sales funnel

              • Get your own complete email marketing funnel that finally eliminates your list building struggles once and for all.
              • We have prepared all the landing pages and download pages and special offer sales page for you. All you have to do is insert your opt-in code, upload the files and drive traffic to that site.

              Bonus #25: 6-Figure Lead Gen Blueprint

              25-6-Figure Lead Gen Blueprint

              How a Chance Encounter with a $25K Per Month Lead Gen Expert Convinced Me To Change My Entire Business Model.

              6-Figure Lead Gen Blueprint gives you a step-by-step blueprint you can follow to set up Lead Gen sites quickly, get them ranked quickly, and start selling the leads…quickly.

              Here’s how the 6-Figure Lead Gen Blueprint system works.

              • You pick a niche and a location
              • You build a website using WordPress
              • You rank that website for your keyword phrase
              • You track the calls using very, very inexpensive online services
              • You sell a business on paying you to forward those calls to them


              Bonus #26: Auto Lead Explosion

              26-Auto Lead Explosed

              With auto lead explosion, you will be handed the keys to the exact same offline lead generation system our students have used and implemented to land 3 and 4 figure paydays, including the same day some have set it up.

              If you want to quickly and easily find high-quality Offline leads that are desperate for your services and many who want to say “YES” to your sales pitch before they hear it, we believe there’s no quicker way to do so then this course, as it will guide you through the entire process of creating your lead generation systems fast.


              Bonus #27: Lead Generation Made Simple

              Word Cloud "Lead Generation"

              He’d made up to $5,289 per month from one lead-gen client, and now he’s going to hand you the keys of his lead-gen empire.

              Here’s what we’re going to discuss in this course:

              • How to identify niches and how to decide what to get paid.
              • How to build your site to make money in that niche.
              • How to track leads so you know what to bill the client.
              • How to SEO that site to the top- the short two page version.
              • How to get paid even while you’re working on bringing the site to the top.
              • How to find your lead buying clients.
              • How to keep your customers forever.
              • How to bill you clients.
              • Advanced techniques to make some serious money.

              Bonus #28: Lead Generation Mistakes

              28-Lead Generation Mistakes

              • Learn How To Effectively Generate All Of The Leads You Want Effortlessly.
              • These Are The Skills and Strategies He Used To Take A Software Company from $20,000 A Month To Over $1,000,000 Per Month Back In 1993 and Have Used To Help Over A Hundred Businesses To Prosper and Grow The Past 25 Years.

              Bonus #29: Ultimate Lead Generator

              29-Ultimate Lead Generator

              • 1 system to obtain clients for design and development freelancers.
              • Saves you tons of time that you used to spend going out to different sources to find leads.
              • This system pulls in tons of different clientele. Whether you are a graphic designer, web designer, or developer… you will find an awesome amount of clientele here daily.
              • This training includes 2, top of the line, training videos and an easy-to-ready text guide. (yes, with pictures)

              Bonus #30: Lead Profits

              30-Lead Profits

              The easiest method on how you can, literally, profit from every subscriber that enters your list.

              In this simple report you will learn:

              • An awesome affiliate network to sign up with for quick affiliate commissions.
              • The correct offers to promote to rake in easy cash.
              • A secret that will allow you to advertise your affiliate links anywhere.
              • How to make special offers that your subscribers just won’t pass up.
              • How to make easy and consistent Warrior Profits as a newbie or experienced marketer.


              Bonus #31: Done For You List Building Funnel

              31-Done For You List Building Funnel

              Get your own complete list building and email marketing funnel that eliminates your list building struggle once for all.
              You are getting all of the ready to use templates you need to start your list building and email marketing empire included in this massive package.

              • High converting list building sales funnel.
              • High quality optin report with your name on it.
              • Video series product for you to sell & keep 100% of the profits.
              • Email series of highly persuasive auto-responder emails
              • Traffic, profits and how to scale your new business.

              Bonus #32: Happy List Traffic

              32-Happy List Traffic

              • If You’re Not Using Any Of These 10 Tricks To Build Your List, You’re Missing Out On Thousands Of HOT Leads That’ll Buy Anything You Promote To Them.
              • Email marketing is quite literally the most profitable effort you can spend your time with online.
              • We took 10 ideas that we’ve successfully used in the past and brought them to you in an 88 minute video that’s going to give you everything you need to add thousands of high quality subscribers to your list… (No matter what niches you’re active in…)

              Bonus #33: List Building Breakthrough

              33-List Building Breakthrough

              • How Bryan built a list of 23,232 laser targeted subscribers for free on under 8 months and how you can too.
              • List Building Breakthrough is an 81 page guide that gets straight to the point on how to build a massive mailing list that you can use to make money from every single day.
              • This guide goes into detail on the exact list building strategies he use that put thousands of dollars in my pocket every single month.

              Bonus #34: List Building Locomotive

              34-List Building Locomotive

              Get 1000 subscribers added to your list in 2 weeks or less.

              This report is full of 23 pages on showing you how to build your list with targeted Subscribers in a very fast way. It also shows you how to turn those subscribers in to buyers at the same time you are building your list.

              Bonus #35: List Building Messiah

              35-List Building Messiah

              • How to use content created by other people to build your email list, send unlimited emails to subscribers and make $5-$100 daily in the process.
              • Simple strategies for building your list and sending emails by legally using other people’s content
              • The exact 1st email to send to your subscribers to ensure this strategy works well.
              • How to get the expert, whose content you use, to send you money and affiliate commissions.

              Bonus #36: Instagram Email List Goldmine

              36-Instagram Email List Goldmine

              • Gabriel will show you how you can attract targeted & profitable leads from Instagram on virtual autopilot.
              • He reveal how to start from ground zero, and build an insanely targeted and profitable email list without needing to pay for expensive PPC ads, needing an existing email list OR having to laboriously post content manually every day.
              • This method has never been documented in this level of detail.

              Bonus #37: Unreal Traffic

              37-Unreal traffic

              What’s you will get in this course:

              • How a free tool can download any minute from now can effortlessly push more traffic directly to your sale page
              • How to use community weblogs to build Stable and Quality traffic
              • How to quickly start your own social networking site like Facebook for free, and then use it for massive free traffic
              • How to secretly use chat rooms to build an avalanche of free traffic and get THOUSANDS worth of free content
              • How to maximize your traffic levels and increase your search engine presence with micro blogging
              • A fantastic traffic trick that will boost your traffic levels like a raging rocket
              • How to get large-scale traffic from the hottest news sites on the web.
              • How to magnify you search engine traffic by applying a secret trick to the articles you already have floating on the web.
              • Much Much more

              Bonus #38: Ultimate Traffic Monster

              38-Ultimate Traffic Monster

              When you get your hands on this, beginner-friendly blueprint, you will learn :
              • The special language that people on this visitors monster use – to enable you to blend in like a ninja & profit under the radar.
              • How you can select the great offers to sell on this traffic monster so that you get highest sales.
              • Methods to stay on top of the best trends for “magnetic” traffic.
              • Ranking factors and the exact ways of rank on the front page of the Internet – Don’t get worried, it is 100 times easier than ranking on Google!
              • How you can create viral content that spread like wildfire.

              • How you can effortlessly generate headline ideas that grab a lot of eyeballs with a little-known FREE tool.
              • The careless mistake that I made that almost destroyed my entire income stream, to enable you to avoid it.
              • And many,many more ways of dominate this 170 million page-view per month traffic monster.

              Bonus #39: Undercover Traffic Blueprint

              39-Undercover Traffic Blueprint

              Here You Do Not Need Any Professional Skill, Do Not Require to Do Any Link Building or SEO. This is 100% Real and Targeted Traffic. This is 100% Google Panda and Penguin Safe. This is Laser Targeted Traffic System that Works in Few Clicks for CPA, Adsense, and Affiliate.

              Undercover Traffic Blueprint Package:

              • Having The Best Secrets of Untapped Traffic for Earning that You Get Laser Targeted Traffic with Best Undercover Traffic Method and Increase You Sales and Clients
              • Without Needing Any Professional Skill, Do Not Require to Do Any Link Building or SEO.
              • This is 100% Real and Targeted Traffic.
              • This is 100% Google Panda and Penguin Safe.
              • This is Laser Targeted Traffic System that Works in Few Clicks for CPA, Adsense, and Affiliate.


              Bonus #40: Untold Traffic Source

              40-Untold Traffic Sources

              Untold Traffic Sources” is a 33 pages guide that shows 10 traffic creation methods totally out from ordinary, because I never thought about anyone of them, but they are as much outstanding as creative. This is a new product, not something seen and seen once more.

              In fact all the ten traffic sources are new and are really easy to use, but I’m sure you never thought too about them for traffic generation. Most of the methods shown are free, while some are paid but really cheap, and no costly methods. The maximum expense you may have are just a few dollars, for a good quality traffic.

              This is a book to read and test, and I recommend reading one chapter every few days taking the time to try the enclosed techniques one by one until you find what really rocks for your business. You can drive traffic to websites, to affiliate pages, to videos and wherever you want with these methods.


              Bonus #41: Insane Traffic Method

              41-Insane Traffic Methods

              Hidden traffic sources that I have personally used to drive insane amounts of traffic to my offers and convert lead into buyers.

              You will discover:

              • A hidden traffic source that gets over 100,000 free unique visitors a day.
              • A cheap traffic source that can get you 300 – 400 subscribers for just $100 spent.
              • Another traffic source that consist of over 90% credit card in hand buyers in all the major profitable niches that you can think of.
              • Another traffic source that you can use to build up to 100,000 or more subscribers in a matter of months if you want to explode your list and income.

              Bonus #42: Simple Traffic Storm

               42-Simple Traffic Storm

              Simple Traffic Storm is a e-course that teaches how to use the best traffic sources – paid and free – to flood your websites with super-laser-targeted traffic and make a lot cash with it. The e-course will show you also how to build huge lists and downlines for any product you promote online and a lot more. Over 50 pages of NO-BS straigth to the point and powerful information to give your business a real boost.


              Bonus #43: The Traffic Rush System

              43-The Traffic Rush System

              • Traffic system generates $59,147 in less than 8 days for a complete newbie using free traffic.
              • This system is going to take you by the hand and show you behind the scenes of how a million dollar business drives thousands of laser targeted free traffic to any website you choose.
              • You will know how to go from zero to $332,178 in sales in less than 7 days without having a physical product to sell using only free traffic.

              Bonus #44: Paid Traffic Handbook

              44-Paid Traffic Handbook

              Discover the best paid traffic methods and strategies used by rich marketers because they get results fast.

              You will learn:

              • Exactly what Pay Per Click (or PPC) marketing is and why and how these ads make marketers and businesses lots of money.
              • 7 trade secrets to a winning PPC Ad campaign.
              • The 6 main advantages of using PPC ads and how you can get ULTRA targeted traffic from it.
              • The 6 actionable and important steps you need to get your PPV Ad live.
              • 7 secrets to a winning PPV Ad campaign.
              • And much more…


              Bonus #45: Youtube Traffic Crusher

              45-Youtube Traffic Crusher

              • Learn the precise method that the writer used to drive insane quantity of visitors to his video
              • Get rid of all of the crap you could have been as much as, and get this examined and confirmed to work video Traffic System
              • Stop losing hours on the web in search of a magic visitors formulation
              • Stop working so exhausting on typical Youtube Ranking strategies that don’t work
              • Stop scrambling and begin doing.You’re going to see large outcomes quickly


              Bonus #46: Warrior Forum Traffic Storm

              46-Warrior Forum Traffic Storm

              What’s you will get in this book:

              • Discover hidden traffic loophole that floods your site with traffic and forces you to make money.
              • Learn how to automate hundreds or thousands of targeted views weekly.
              • Learn simple ways to monetize that traffic to crank out consistent sales.
              • Learn the exact formula to generate over 200 targeted views and multiple affiliate sales within 24 hours.


              Bonus #47: Extreme Video Traffic

              47-Extreme Video Traffic

              • Who else wants to donate YouTube by putting videos on steroids and getting extreme traffic in just days.
              • The author has developed lots of tips and tricks to get videos on YouTube ranked higher and clicked more.
              • This course is a compilation of all his knowledge and expertise in creating free videos that suck in border of traffic.

              Bonus #48: EZTube Blueprint

              48-EZTube Blueprint

              EZTube Blueprint will show you how to get your YouTube videos on the first page of Google in minutes.
              This course will show you the exact step by step process. No need to purchase anything else to do this.

              We will teach you how to:

              • Easily get videos at the top of Google in minutes.
              • Easily get videos at the top of YouTube in minutes.
              • It will show you how to monetize your new rankings.
              • Rank one video for multiple keywords

              Bonus #49: Instant Video Guru

              49-Instant Video Guru

              • The Instant Video Guru online course will give anyone the tools to succeed with video.
              • It can give the complete newbie nearly ten years experience, showing you all the mistakes he made and how you can avoid them.
              • Not just that, it can give the already-savvy online video marketer something even more to chew over – ideas you may not have thought of, techniques you may not have tried or simply a framework on which to hang your own creative drive.

              Bonus #50: Instant Video Sales Letters

              50-Instant Video Sales Letter

              The secrets to writing blockbuster video sales letters that converts at an impressive 5-10% conversion rate.

              You will learn:

              • How to easily come up with engaging stories that grab your readers by the eyeballs and compel them to read your entire video sales copy.
              • What you can add to your sales script that makes people feel foolish if they don’t order.
              • The 4 emotional triggers that make you more money than your competitor.
              • How to guarantee that every video sales letter you write is super profitable.
              • And much more

              Bonus #51: Local Video Mogul

              51-Local Video Mogul

              These 5 secrets will make business owners want to crawl over cut glass to sign over $297 to you.

              Local Video Mogul will:

              • Open you up to a world of potential clients that nobody is touching right now.
              • Make everybody into the crowdfunding craze come to you for expert help.
              • Breathe life into the long and boring videos.
              • Show business owners evidence that your videos are working for them.
              • Force viewers to take notice, take action or take a hike.

              Bonus #52: Make Money With YouTube

              52-Make Money With YouTube

              • How to make $2000 – $5000 a month from YouTube.
              • You will be provided with the same information that he use to generate these earnings.
              • He also have over 19,000 subscribers across 3 different accounts and his techniques will easily get you just as many.
              • The methods in this guide will maximise your views, subscribers and profits Guaranteed.

              Bonus #53: Niche Video Tycoon

              53-Niche Video Tycoon

              • How To Build Your Own Empire Of Cash-Generating Sites In Ultra-Low Competition Niches.
              • He is Going To Teach You How To Make Tiny Sites That Only Get 30-50 Visits A Day Earn Over $1,000 Per Month…(you can do this with your existing sites too).
              • Easily Create Your Own Video Courses In Niches With Virtually No Competition.
              • Most of his sites get less than 50 visitors a day… but they all earn between $800 to $1,300 per month.

              Bonus #54: Offline Lead Videos V 2.0

              54-Offline Lead Videos V 2.0

              • Which of these ten offline markets will you work with next?
              • Read on to discover these 10 profitable business types and how you can get their attention before your competition does.
              • With Offline Lead Videos V 2.0, he is pleased to offer you ten fresh new videos.
              • Your videos have been designed to help you generate prospects and clients from the following high-potential and “advertising-friendly” local businesses sand services.

              Bonus #55: Offline Lead Videos V 1.0

              55-Offline Lead Videos V 1.0

              • Which of these 10 desperate offline markets are you missing out on?
              • Discover these hot local prospects, how you can grab their attention and then turn them intro cash-in-hand offline leads starting today.
              • Offline Lead Videos V 1.0 is a collection of 10 lead-generation videos specifically written and produced for you to introduce the power of online marketing to local business owners in the 10 following high-potential markets.

              Bonus #56: Offline Video Explosion

              56-Offline Video Explosion

              Learn how you can generate easy profits offline selling simple before and after style videos that take all of 20 minutes to create.

              Offline Video Explosion is about to show you:

              • How to transform before and after images into engaging professional videos in less than 30 minutes.
              • How you can create these videos without knowing anything at all about video creation.
              • The exact strategy of approach to sell these videos that works almost every simple time.
              • The exact service he offer, including how to price it.
              • How you can transform this into a standalone business offline easily

              Bonus #57: Offline Video Hero

              57-Offline Video Hero

              • Learn how to make $197 easily with his offline video hero strategy that will amaze your offline clients.
              • In this product he is going to reveal his exact step-by-step video hero method and how to make money from offline business owners, by offering this service.
              • He show you exactly how to add value to your client’s videos and charge $197 easily.

              Bonus #58: PLR Video Smackdown

              58-PLR Video SmackDown

              Done for you offline explainer videos turn fence sitting prospects into high dollar clients.
              And they do it on complete autopilot so you never have to do any hard selling.

              You’ll get:

              • 5 HD web commercial style videos with PLR rights
              • Slide source files for easy customisation
              • Professional scripts & voiceover MP3 source files
              • Background music in .MP3 format
              • Step-by-step video tutorials

              Bonus #59: Powerpoint-Video Templates

              59-Powerpoint-Video Templates

              • Create a professional high quality videos like a pro even if you have no experience & skills at all.
              • Brand new, attention grabbing videos created using a well-known powerpoint software.
              • You can do almost anything with these templates as it comes with PLR License.

              Bonus #60: PowerPoint For Video Templates

              60-PowerPoint For Video Templates

              27 powerpoint for video templates animated with audio included.

              • No need for expensive software
              • Ready to edit and upload
              • No more hiring pricy freelancers
              • 16:9 ratio for YouTube
              • Audio tracks included
              • Create your own videos right now

              Bonus #61: Rank Youtube Videos to First Page

              61-Rank Youtube Videos to First Page

              • Rank the first page on YouTube in 1-3 days.
              • This guide includes exactly what he did to rank this video. From description, tags and more he will teach you step by step on how to make your video hit first page on YouTube.
              • You will learn how to make your video stay on page one after ranking it, and his personal methods that you can apply onto your YouTube video.

              Bonus #62: Best List Money Machine

              62-Best List Money Machine

              • Discover how a 23 year old generated 1571 new subscribers from scratch in only 28 days for free.
              • It is a proven and tested system that can be easily duplicated even by a complete newbie.
              • It is about getting a responsive list that buy stuff.
              • It almost feels like having little list-getting machines that bring me new subscribers on complete autopilot.

              Bonus #63: Buyers List Arbitrage

              63-Buyers List Arbitrage

              • Discover how a six figure marketer earns $500-$1000 per day using hidden trick.
              • There is a secret method for building a very powerful buyers list quickly.
              • End your search for a system that will actually allow you to scale up to $500-$1,000+ per day and build a real online business.

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