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Qilio 2.0

Qilio 2.0

Easy to learn - Easy to use - Easy to optimize

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Multi-niche purposes for specific demands

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Qilio 2.0 is the hottest trend in Facebook marketing! It shows you how to fix your very costly FB marketing mistake.

Qilio 2.0 reiview bonus



Let me ask you some questions:

Are you a FB marketer? Do you spend a good bit of your profits back in to advertising…? Did you get anything new?

Everyone is doing it. But may be there was a catch that you were not aware of. It turns out you could get FB to do about 95% of the pay-per-click work, without you actually paying for it!

You spent WAY too much money on FB ads. The ads that you paid for were OK, but if you knew then what I know now, you would not have spent that money. And you no longer have to spend as much money on FB ads. I’m talking about $200+ in unnecessary ad spend! Because while FB ads are still important, there’s something else that you can do on my fan pages to get me more fans, more optins, and more buyers.

This software is amazing. I’ve never seen anything quite as versatile as this one. It’s called Qilio 2.0. The new & improved FB fanpage content manager!

And it’s 100% ethical and 100% compliant with their T.O.S. This software has been examined by top experts in Internet marketing, and it has been very well-received by the I.M. community.

The first version 1.0 was released in April 2014. Since then, they’ve added a ton more new features, and they made it easier to set up. (Before, you had to do a complex installation that required you to get an account at the FB developer portal, but now, all you have to do is log in with your FB username and password).

It’s super duper easy, and it’s risk-free for 30 days. If you do any amount of social media marketing – especially on FB.

Qilio 2.0 is the most incredible scheduling & content-finding tool I’ve ever laid my eyes on. It’s not only beautiful and easy to use, but it actually does everything that the sales page says it does!


Here Is A Summary Of All The Features:

  1. Built-in RSS Feed Reader To Group Feeds – provides unique content for all of your fan pages.
  1. Content Library For Evergreen Niche Specific Content, And Keyword Relevant News Topics –  so you can discover related sub-niches within your large niches.
  1. 20+ Ready-Made Post Templates – with call to actions to promote your offers.
  1. 15 Top Google trending topics in real time – so you always know what people are talking about, right now.
  1. Smileys And Special Objects Library – effortlessly spruces up your posts.
  1. Image Background Library – lets you choose attention-grabbing backgrounds for all popular image posts such as quotes, coupons, memes and call to action image library.
  1. Public Domain Image Sources – lets you search using keywords from public domain sites, and attach images to the editor using the URL of image.
  1. Powerful Image Editor Module – helps you create custom image posts. Image editor tools include crop, rotate, add various filter effects, blur , and more.
  1. Video Posts Module – creates video post types. Select from latest online channels video feeds or search using keywords. Option to add your YouTube channels.
  1. Hashtags And Keywords Maintenance Module– automatically find dazzling content for all your fan pages.
  1. Post Schedule Maintenance Module – manages all your fan pages scheduled posts – reschedule, view the scheduled posts and delete scheduled posts.
  1. Post Analytics Module – lets you view the likes, shares, comments and other engagement and negative indicator data for your posts. Inbuild logic to identify viral posts.

13. Download CSV Reports – lets you get a snapshot of all for scheduled posts and post analytics modules.

New & Improved Features Found Inside Qilio 2.0:

14. Adding a separate section for top news sources – new option allows you to view the real time feeds of over 25+ news sites, for one-click posting

  1. Holiday Calendar Popup – gives you a list of ideas related to each and every popular international and national holiday
  1. Post To User’s Personal Profile – same features used for fan pages only, are now available for profiles
  1. Post To Multiple Fan Pages Or All Fan Pages At Once – save even more time than with the old Qilio 1.0
  1. Recent Posts Summary View – lets you plan future posts with better insight than any other similar software.
  1. Notes Section– lets you save notes for personal reference.
  2. Improved UI Layout – we added a home page dashboard for easier navigation.


Qilio 2.0 reiview bonus

Qilio 2.0 reiview bonus

Qilio 2.0 reiview bonus Qilio 2.0 reiview bonusQilio 2.0 reiview bonus

Qilio 2.0 reiview bonusNeat social media management tool for FB.

Steal this FB tool while you can!


Using this software, you can:

– Build MASSIVE facebook fan pages.

– Automatically post funny/intriguing/trending/informative content that will force your fan page to grow.

– Easily find new sources of new content- Quickly edit images and photos

– Schedule fanpage posts in advance, so you can “set it and forget it”.

I’m telling you my true story:

I’ve used this tool to save over $200 on Facebook ads (I used to WASTE that money, EVERY MONTH! But now I get to keep it, thanks to Qilio 2.0!).

I’ve also used this tool to build a fan page with over 1,000 followers, in less than 7 days. AND… I did all of this without wasting a penny on Pay Per Click, or anything of the sort. NO ADVERTISING. Just organic reach via Facebook.

If THAT’S not impressive, consider this:

– On average, 1 FB fan = $1 per month in income, if you monetize them well;

– Finding content is the HARDEST part of running a profitable FB fan page, but this software does the finding work for you, on autopilot;

– Once you have a new Like on a fanpage, you can shoot content over to that person’s newsfeed forever!

Is this all for real? You bet it is. If you’d like to learn more, you need to watch this short video explainer.

It’s no wonder that there is an entire industry of strictly “Facebook marketers.”Once you learn how to build audiences on FB using Qilio 2.0, a switch is going to turn “On” in your head, and the whole money-making process is going to finally make sense to you.


This is what it does:

  • Finds hot content for you to post, so if your FB fan page has not been updated recently, you need this tool!
  • Schedules posts (despite rumors that FB does not allow this, the developers of Qilio 2.0 got special approval from the FB development center to do this)
  • Lets you edit images without having to switch to Photoshop or learn some complicated image editing software
  • Video Posts Module, lets you schedule video posts too!
  • Post Analytics Module, lets you review your FB fan page performance.
  • Download CSV reports, so you can share your growth results with others This new v2.0 has 7 brand new features that were not available in v1.0.

I love the user interface! So GET ON IT right now, because if you do so later, you’re going to be up against a TON of competitors. But if you do it right now, you’ll be among the first to take advantage of this time-tested Facebook technology.

This software has been examined by top experts in Internet marketing, and it has been very well received by the I.M. community.

You can get it right now at its introductory price. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back within 30 days – so this is basically an offer for a month long test drive!  I really like the new dashboard that they put in. It’s got 6 big buttons on it, and it looks much less cluttered than it did in v1.0. I love it! I think you might love it too


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